15 Best Wix Ecommerce Website Templates

There are millions of Ecommerce stores, but starting one requires hard work, several steps, and decisions coming together at the right time.

So, there’s no better time to set up your own ecommerce website.

Going shopping no longer implies walking circles around malls and food courts, lingering for hours to find stuff that you want or like.

An ecommerce store will help you expand the reach of your physical store.

However, if you have a website but don’t know how to improve its performance, you need an ecommerce website builder that’ll not only inspire you, but deliver a customizable and beautiful store.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Why Use Wix Ecommerce Templates For Your Website?

While there are a number of solid website builders you can use for your ecommerce store, all with amazing templates and designs, Wix has so much more to offer.

With Wix, you get rich ecommerce capabilities from the store element that adds a shop page from the main toolbar, with a product gallery whose sample products you can replace with your own.

It also offers a web store that can have its own pages including a product page, shopping cart, and thank-you page.

You can group your products by collection, and use the detailed product-editing panel in Wix to tailor it to your liking, plus offer coupons.

There are different payment methods available like cash or PayPal, besides credit card processing options like Square and Stripe. If you prefer Bitcoin, Wix has the Snapcard app that allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments.

If you want to sell digital downloads, however, you’ll need a third-party app from either Sellfy or Shopify, but for music, Wix’s Music App lets you sell without transaction fees.

Finally, to market your products, Wix’s ShoutOut mail-blast app allows you to send up to 5,000 emails each month, with third party email marketing integrations from CakeMail, MPZMail, and V.I. Plus.

This great ecommerce system isn’t just flexible, but lets you import your whole online store to social media with ecommerce apps.

We’ve handpicked some of the best Wix ecommerce templates here.

Ready to take the plunge? Browse on for inspiration!

Best Wix Ecommerce Website Templates

1. Stationery online store

This template has a welcoming homepage that’s sure to attract and lure in visitors and buyers alike.

It features a pop of color, GIFS, and vivid product images that will propel your ecommerce store to the next level.

The simple, white background is great as it allows you to put the spotlight on your products, but, you can show off depth using GIFs as product images.

If you run a stationery and school supplies store or boutique office accessory shop, this fun template is perfect for featuring all your chic and beautiful products.

It is bright, easy to use, playful, and inviting – the perfect combination for a great shopping experience.

2. Energy Snacks Store

What an adorable template to get visitors and buyers to want to grab what’s on the screen already!

Sellers of delicious and healthy food products, organic eats, and snacks can take advantage of this template’s appetizing look as they promote and sell their treats.

This ecommerce website template combines photos and graphics to illustrate your products better, regardless of what you’re selling.

It is separated into strips so visitors can focus on one product or item at a go, while soaking in what you have to offer, slowly.

You get the whole package here, plus you can add all your locations for your physical store, making it easier for customers to find you. Beef up the contact page for better accessibility.

Promote your latest sale or unveil your newest flavors and let your customers know where your products and brand can be found in stock.

3. Fashion Designer Boutique

Fashion designers, online clothing retailers, or clothing boutiques will love this template.

It boasts a professional, yet sleek design to help you strut all your fashion stuff in one place.

A great interface with a burger menu at the top right is included, so your prospective buyers can see what needs to be seen, plus extra-large photos of your stuff on the homepage to sell with detail.

Further down, a social touch is available that connects to your Instagram feed for even more wow looks your visitors can drool over.

Let your clothing collection influence social attitudes and culture through this template, and link your Instagram feed easily to promote your brand on social media.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

4. Toy Store

Looking for the ultimate playground for your toy store website?

This Wix ecommerce website template offers a colorful design enhanced by white space in the background that makes it come alive.

It’s great for kids’ boutiques and toy stores. Whether you’re selling puzzles, blocks, or games, this template will help spark the creativity and imagination that toys bring out in a child.

A playful color palette is combined with professional design for visitors to discover and purchase the perfect toys easily.

When you hover over a product on the site homepage, an ‘Add to cart’ link is displayed that takes you right to the checkout page.

Additionally, there’s a large, rich footer that indexes your site’s important links for easier navigation between pages.

5. Plant Boutique

This fresh ecommerce template is perfect for florists, plant shops, garden supply stores, and other boutique businesses.

Plants offer various vibrant and fresh feels that are bound to complement any space, so what better way to display the diversity of greenery for your store than with this stunning template?

Its layout is designed to entice your visitors to start shopping upon landing on your website.

Included are features like the Wix design stars that work their magic making your collection the main agenda of focus.

What’s more, if you want to announce a sale, the site has a strip that you can customize to your liking and start raking in the profits in no time.

Let your customers experience the ease and convenience of online shopping as they browse through your botanical collections.

6. Poster Shop

For creative retailers or design shops, this fresh and simple theme offers a great platform for you to sell your products online.

Besides the generous space in which you can upload your images, the template’s asymmetrical layout and slideshow helps captivate the attention of your visitors from the word go.

This means you can attract even more customers using eye-catching banners for your promotions. Its white background makes products stand out, and the trendy background pastel colors offer a soft appearance.

If you have a range of products you’re selling, the sort and filter option is available to make your visitors’ buying experience a breeze.

They can sort the products by color, price, name, and other parameters before making a purchase.

7. Home Accessories

This template takes you straight to a tropical paradise what with its energizing, yet vibrant, layout.

If you’re a fashionista, or you run a home decor, textile, or fabric store, you can leverage on the attractive, eye-catching design to display and show off your products.

Control the tone by changing images to reflect the feel and style of your store, upload products via Wix Stores while highlighting the latest items, and customize the FAQ section.

A parallax scrolling one-pager is included with pretty icons that display necessary details that your visitors need to know.

This gives your site the dimension for a successful online business.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

8. Outdoor Bags

If you’re an adventure-freak, an outdoor gear retailer, or run an accessory boutique, this template has so much in store for you.

It’s realistic and practical vibe lets your visitors feel immediately immersed in nature, as they seek for as much information as they can before purchasing.

The rugged and sleek demeanor coupled with a mod layout makes it tailor-made for stores selling a lifestyle, not just products.

On the homepage, the newest arrivals are placed prominently, and each product page has all the important elements from description, to social media sharing, and the refund policy.

You also get to manage your inventory easily, upload product images, descriptions, prices, and start selling immediately.

9. Kids Apparel

This ecommerce template offers playful elements that make it fun to scroll through, plus a simplified shopping experience right on the homepage.

It is perfect for those whose target audience is kids, like online apparel stores, children’s clothing stores, and fashion retailers.

Fashion and fun come together here, so visitors can happily browse through your stylish product collection, refine searches by type, color, price, and size.

The sliding gallery, quick view of latest arrivals, and its overall layout make it easy to envision how your final product website will look.

It offers a convenient and satisfying shopping experience online.

10. Makeup Store

If you’re an online beauty product retailer, or you run a makeup store, then this Makeup ecommerce website template by Wix is for you.

It features a polished, yet minimal layout that is perfect for you to highlight your makeup and beauty products.

Showcase and sell your items easily through the online store, while promoting any special offers to your website visitors and sales.

Make it your own by customizing text and using high quality images that are aligned to your brand, and you’re good to go!

11. Textile Designer

Are you an artist, designer, or digital creative?

This Textile Designer website template by Wix is fantastic for creating an online portfolio for professionals in the field of art, fashion, and design.

If you want to boast your beautiful designs and creations, you’ll enjoy templates designed with an attention-first focus drawn to your works.

The typography of this template was chosen by Wix designers, instead of having social media links, which actually complements the classy but clean overall design.

Wix added a great bonus through its built-in online store so you can sell your works or creations directly through the site.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

12. Natural Soap and Candle store

Owners of health, wellness, home goods, and beauty ecommerce stores will find this natural soap and candle store template helpful.

A calm and welcoming atmosphere is generated through the color palette, which was carefully selected, and shines the spotlight directly on your products.

An effective but simple text box logo is placed to the right.

You can also add as many collections as you desire to get your shoppers to browse through every category on the site separately, or browse through the whole catalog in your store in one go.

The fresh online store is beautifully designed, easy to use, and you can connect to your Instagram feed while sharing more about your business and philosophy.

13. Paperie

This Wix ecommerce template is great for stationary stockists, ecommerce, and gift stores.

Its clean and elegant design allows you to reach out to handicrafts lovers while telling the story of your business.

Add a helpful FAQ section or page and customize your product galleries to display and show off your products.

The blog page is a great place to keep your visitors updated on your latest activities.

Paperie is easy to use, minimal, clean, fully liquid and responsive, and highly customizable.

Although it was created especially for online shops that sell paper products, the template can be used with other store types too.

14. T-Shirt Store

At number 14, we have a minimalist eCommerce template from Wix’s library. While it’s described as a T-Shirt Store, it can work for any product you sell.

It is an SEO-optimized template which makes it friendly to search engines. Your customers can find everything they want on the homepage. The template still features many other pages.

At the top of the page is a bar where you can display special offers and discounts. Next, there’s a section to display your store name.

The subsequent sections are where you can display your products. You can display up to eight products on the homepage. It’s a perfect way to highlight the best products in your store.

From the menu, there are options to navigate to the men and women stores. You can add more menu links when you customize.

The T-Shirt Store uses only bold fonts. As a result, all information on the site is clear and cannot be misread.

Furthermore, the lemon green, black, and white color complement each other superbly. Nevertheless, you can adjust the colors to match your brand’s identity when you customize the template.

At the footer, you can display your contacts and link to your social media handles. The footer also links to other pages like About Us, FAQ, Store Policy, etc.

15. Home Goods Store

If you sell home goods like rugs, chairs, tables, etc., you can make use of this template. Even if you don’t, it’s a highly customizable theme, so you can adjust it to fit your brand.

The Home Goods Store Wix template has a relatively lengthy homepage. In other words, you can feature a lot of details and even products on the homepage.

To make it easy to navigate, the template features a scroll up button at the bottom-right. No matter where you are on the page, you can click the button and it’ll take you back to the top.

Most templates feature just one top bar for displaying discounts and other special offers. However, the Home Goods Store features two.

Interestingly, you can display up to four special offers in the two top bars.

The template features a cart icon at the top left of the menu. As customers browse the store, it updates as they select goods they want to purchase.

Another interesting feature of the Home Goods Store theme is the Live Chat button. Undoubtedly, a Live Chat is one of the features you’ll want to have in your eCommerce store.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Is Wix A Good eCommerce Website Builder?

Wix offers an exclusive eCommerce builder in addition to being one of the best website building platforms. In fact, Wix integrates with dropshipping companies like Printful.

The builder is especially well-optimized to assist you in setting up, managing, and expanding your online business.

It’s a platform that isn’t difficult to use. The entire process, from signing up to maintaining your online business, is easy.

Currently, Wix powers more than 700,000 eCommerce sites from across the globe, a testament to its reliability.

Finally, you won’t spend much on Wix compared to other eCommerce platforms. The platform literally lets you create a website for free.


Wix is a full-featured and easy to use website builder if you want to create a free yet highly customized ecommerce website. It offers a breadth of options besides ease of site building, plus you can get true responsive designs from its template collection.

Its interface is extremely intuitive, with loads of site gadgets, hundreds of templates to choose from for specific stores and other uses, plus free site options.

All these plus other features such as a large third-party gallery, online media storage, a clear, minimal but well thought-out interface, rich web-store, and excellent support, keep Wix a top ecommerce website builder of choice.

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