15 Best Workable Alternatives 2024

Workable is a tool that helps companies of any size find and recruit new talent with ease. While Workable can automate most processes and even help keep things organized, dozens of such tools tend to provide better features.

Workable could have better access to hiring team structure and better customizable requisitions, and it could improve its capability to search the candidate’s past applications and searchability in general.

Therefore, these 15 Workable alternatives provide similar but mostly improved features that will make the hiring process easier, better, and more efficient.

Best Workable Alternatives

The great thing about hiring software is that not all of them are the same. With different features, these tools below fit different needs and hiring capabilities you might need help with.

Therefore, while any of these 15 alternatives makes a great pick, it’s important to choose the one that will fit your company’s needs the most.

1. TalentLyft

The TalentLyft system is a great Workable alternative because it integrates more than just finding and hiring talent. It integrates a tracking system known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and the recruitment marketing platform, sourcing, and talent CRM solutions.

It’s an all-in-one tool that includes everything you would need to find, hire, and then manage the talent, with an emphasis on a great job and management.

When it comes down to sourcing, TalentLyft’s biggest advantage over Workable is the omnichannel recruitment process. With this approach, you can combine various channels such as job boards, social media, referral programs, and others into one.

This makes it easier for companies to find and manage potential candidates, but it also improves the experience candidates go through, making a company’s approach to hiring professionals.

At the same time, TalentLyft also simplifies the hiring process by keeping everything you need in one place and keeping insights that ensure you have all information available to help you hire the right candidates.

For the latest TalentLyft pricing plans, visit the official TalentLyft pricing page.

2. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a slightly different Workable alternative since it focuses on the company’s needs first to help you hire the right talent at the right time, with an intuitive hiring process to make hiring new talent as smooth as possible.

What’s also different is that Greenhouse has an automated pool of candidates that the companies can utilize to engage with talent from anywhere in the world, across any industry you can think of.

This way, the company’s recruiters will have half the job done for them, so the only thing left to do is connect with potential candidates and pick the right ones for the company.

Greenhouse is really strong with its optimizing process where it allows companies to attract a specific type of talent, hire better people, and even improve the hiring team’s efficiency.

On top of that, Greenhouse also provides a better onboarding process for your future employees. They will appreciate a professional approach to one of the smoothest hiring experiences they’ll ever go through.

For the latest Greenhouse pricing, visit the official Greenhouse pricing page.

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3. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a Workable alternative that highly focuses on improving the time you need to acquire new talent for your company. It’s all about the efficiency of filling roles as quickly as possible while maintaining a decent talent standard.

Another Zoho Recruit advantage is that it’s fully based in the cloud, so you don’t have to keep the tool installed on-premise. You can access it from even out of the office without worrying about security issues.

It fits the temporary needs of a company looking for a workforce, but Zoho Recruit can also help incorporate HR and staffing agencies.

Besides sourcing talent faster, you also get to run a background check on anyone in the candidate hiring pipeline you manage inside the intuitive interface.

Zoho Recruit is also well connected with LinkedIn, so you can get all your candidates off the platform based on professionals.

On top of that, there are ways you can also automate parts of the hiring process. One great example is a blueprint creation that will keep the hiring team on the same page without any additional questions to answer individually.

For the latest pricing, visit Zoho Recruit’s official pricing page.

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4. iCIMS Talent Cloud

The iCIMS Talent Cloud proves to be a great Workable alternative because not only does it include a better hiring process that’s easy to oversee, but it also strongly focuses on attracting the talent and improving engagement.

Talent can be attracted from various career sites that will provide qualified talent within any industry. In addition, the hiring process is simplified and improved by artificially intelligent applicant tracking in combination with pre-built templates that can save you time.

On top of that, there are additional advanced features such as the ability to boost internal mobility with career paths, dynamic candidate profiles, and even analytics.

Also, the iCIMS Talent Cloud is available for integration with various tools you might be using.

While everything is saved in the cloud, you will only need an internet connection to access the dashboard from anywhere you are. But you won’t have to worry about security since iCIMS is committed to providing excellent security, reliability, and privacy through various privacy compliances.

For the latest iCIMS Talent Cloud custom pricing, visit the official see-it-in-action page.

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5. Jobvite

Some companies don’t have a problem recruiting people. Still, they have a problem keeping track of applicants and employees, which is one reason why Jobvite is a good Workable alternative.

Jobvite is based on an end-to-end process that helps you to attract and prepare potential employees, all the way to hiring and managing hired talent.

To attract the best talent, Jobvite’s best advantage over Workable is the job description grader. This integrated tool will grade your job ad and description, so any recruitment obstacles are removed. Also, this helps you quickly draft specific job ads that will attract quality talent.

In comparison to Workable, Jobvite helps recruit people with a specific purpose while maintaining a high level of confidence that the company’s making the right choice.

Speed and efficiency are also slightly improved, which results in a smooth and effortless process for both the candidates and the company.

For the latest Jobvite pricing, visit the official Jobvite pricing page.

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6. Lever

Lever is all about time efficiency, so, in comparison to Workable, Lever can help you fill positions, grow faster, and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion with a great all-in-one solution.

This hiring tool is based on a combination of two tools; an application tracking system and a customer relationship manager.

So in comparison with Workable, Lever helps you hire and manage talent at the same time. Lever includes everything from sourcing talent, interviews, hiring, result analysis, and even the ability to rediscover talent.

Even better yet, Lever comes with a Chrome extension where you can quickly check on your campaigns, applications, interview times, and talent.

But one of the strongest Lever points is the hiring manager dashboard where people in charge of hiring new talent can visually see data that will help them improve the pipeline, improve the conversion rates, keep an eye on diversification of the talent, but most importantly, have a clear insight on everything related to the hiring process.

For the latest Lever pricing, visit the official Lever pricing page.

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7. InterviewPass

If you are not worried about fulfilling the roles in an extremely short time, but you’re more worried about hiring the best talent for the money, InterviewPass is a better alternative than Workable.

InterviewPass is an ideal Workable alternative because instead of focusing on the process, it focuses on helping you create online assessments that will help you hire better talent.

Of course, at the same time, InterviewPass is capable of helping you set assessments that candidates can fill out. Assessments can include video, presentation, case study, written communication, or other types. You can even code custom assignments too.

This approach to hiring may add or simplify one step in the hiring process, yet you’ll be able to learn more about candidates than going through many CVs.

With the help of InteviewPass, you can do behavioral interviews, language tests, situational judgment tests, screening tests, culture fit tests, skill assessments tests, and more. This is something you can do with Workable, and yet this different approach can fit any company, ideal employee type you’re looking for, or industry you’re working in.

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8. Hire Funnel

If you’re having trouble hiring people, setting everything up, and managing job ads while you should be focusing on the interviews and candidates, Hire Funnel can help.

Hire Funnel is a great way to set the interview once, let the candidates sign themselves up, and then have a neat way of managing all interviews in one place.

This process automates plenty of small tasks that you’d have to do along the way. With Hire Funnel, all you have to do is set the job and open the interview.

From there, advertise the job ad and start receiving interviews. When interviews start coming in, you’ll be able to easily set up all meetings and truly get to know your candidates. Hire Funnel is also trying to help your candidates express themselves face to face rather than through a CV.

Since Hire Funnel is powered in the cloud, anyone can access it via any device that has a camera and is connected to the internet. Therefore, Hire Funnel won’t only simplify and improve how you hire people, but will also create a positive experience for candidates.

For the latest Hire Funnel pricing, visit the official Hire Funnel pricing page.

9. Recruitee

If Workable is not a good fit for your needs, is too hard to figure out, or you need something a lot more simple and efficient, Recruitee is a good alternative to look at.

Recruitee is a hiring tool that gives you full access and control over your hiring process. This means that you can create your hiring pipeline and replicate a hiring process in your mind to the tool, which will keep all things lined up for maximum productivity.

Recruitee’s interface is very simple, which is a huge advantage over Workable. You have three tabs; pipeline, activity, and reports. From this interface, you can launch your job ad and easily manage all interviews and candidates.

Even better yet, Recruitee is a great fit for hiring only a few people, but it is also the ideal recruiting tool for agencies and enterprises.

On top of that, you can keep an eye on the recruitment process on the go since Recruitee comes with a smartphone app that will always keep you in the loop, even when you’re out of the office.

For the latest Recruitee pricing, visit the official Recruitee pricing page.

10. Headstart

Workable is a very capable hiring tool, but if you need a twice as fast tool that helps you find twice as better hiring talent, and if you’re focusing on a diversity increase, Headstart is a great alternative to consider.

Headstart is one of the rare hiring tools that allows you to scan thousands of candidates instantly, improve the efficiency of the hiring process and decrease the time you spend on hiring new talent.

Therefore, Headstart’s three biggest strengths over Workable are the ability to help you find appropriate candidates faster, focus on tasks that matter with instant screening and automating the hiring process, and also the ability to be fair and treat all candidates equally.

Headstart also claims that they can help you spend half the time on screening, have a 91% application completion rate, and even help improve female hiring along the way.

For the latest Headstart pricing, visit the official Headstart pricing page.

11. Jobtoolz

Jobtoolz is a great platform for employers looking to keep the whole hiring process in the cloud and who want to keep their brand to increase their professionality.

Therefore, compared to Workable, you will get to keep all your tasks and features in one simple cloud interface. Still, most importantly, you’ll be able to create custom branding pages for your company.

This means that you’ll get access to the live editor to create intuitive and custom pages where you will be able to publish vacancy online, use it to promote your job roles, and even allow candidates to apply for an interview. Again, this is something Workable is missing, and Jobtoolz made the hiring process a lot more convenient by providing this feature.

On top of that, Jobtoolz is also equipped with ATS technology that helps automate repetitive tasks that consume a lot of your time.

And for things to get even better, compared to Workable, Jobtoolz also integrates recruitment marketing that helps you spread the awareness of your open roles to fulfill them with the best possible talent you can find in your industry.

For the latest Jobtoolz pricing, visit the official Jobtoolz pricing page.

12. Freshteam

Freshteam is a popular tool from Freshworks, which includes a lot more features than Workable, making it a much better alternative if you need a solution that won’t only help you improve the onboarding process but also help manage all HR tasks and help your business grow.

Therefore, Freshteam is a great Workable alternative because it focuses on more than hiring.

With Freshteam, you can automate repetitive tasks and routines, onboard new talent faster while dealing with fewer onboarding queries, organize all data better (manage not only the candidates but also employees), and even manage time off more efficiently.

With seamless applicant tracking, you will need less time to hire quality talent, you’ll be able to switch to paperless talent onboarding, and you’ll have great recruitment automation.

Therefore, Freshteam is a much better all-in-one option that could help with other HR-related tasks such as keeping an employee database, employee time-off tracking, etc.

For the latest Freshteam pricing, visit the official Freshteam pricing page.


TRAFFIT is very similar to Workable as it’s an all-in-one hiring tool that helps you source top talent, automate hiring processes, but with an upgrade of being able to collaborate more easily within your company to make the right picks.

The interface is a bit simpler than Workable’s interface, which allows you to easily navigate through a list of candidates, interviews, and features that will help you manage the recruitment tasks in one place.

One of TRAFFIT’s many advantages is the ability to scale the recruitment process, making TRAFFIT a great fit for the smallest and the largest companies out there.

However, the biggest advantage TRAFFIT has over Workable is the number of integrations you can integrate within the tool. This includes tools such as Gmail, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Talent, and many others. This way, you can source talent from almost anywhere and yet manage all of the talents in one place instead of keeping separate sheets.

For the latest TRAFFIT pricing, visit the official TRAFFIT pricing page.

14. Jobkitten

If you are on a tight budget and like Workable but can’t afford it, Jobkitten is a great free Workable alternative.

Jobkitten is an applicant tracking system that’s ideal for small businesses. It’s based on the web, you can use it for free by only signing up, and you can even sign up with your Google account.

This hiring tool helps you keep all your applicants in one place, no matter how many different sources you get them. For a free tool, Jobkitten has pretty great features, such as the ability to review candidates and interviews with your colleagues.

Jobkitten has a mobile application that helps you stay up to date and keep an eye on your insights from almost any device for things to get even better.

By being able to source contacts, candidates, and talent from anywhere, you’ll have the whole hiring process ready, and you’ll only need to focus on advertising your open job roles.

15. Wrk

Wrk is a hiring and recruitment tool that is strictly focused on making things simpler. That’s its biggest advantage over Workable and one of many reasons why it’s a great alternative worth checking out.

Wrk’s interface almost looks like a simple email interface that everyone is used to, which removes any learning curve and makes Wrk as efficient as if you were using your email to get around the hiring tool.

But what’s Wrk’s strong advantage is that it comes integrated with an instant job board that helps you brand your board and publish all your available positions in one place for candidates to see.

This is well-timed with candidate management, where you can track everything, keep insight into the process, and take action right from one dashboard.

On top of managing the whole hiring workflow in one place, you also get a chance to collaborate on it with your co-workers, so everyone is up to date and keeps track of everything.

You also get to customize most of the features inside the dashboard to your own needs so you can maintain a highly effective process.

For the latest Wrk pricing, visit the official Wrk pricing page.


While any of these Workable alternatives is a great choice, they’re all built differently, and they all offer different features to help companies keep up with the modern hiring requirements.

One of the best Workable alternatives is Talentlyft. Some of the reasons include integrating more advanced features such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a combination of recruitment marketing with talent CRM.

This way, you get much more for the price you pay, your hiring process improves, and you have fewer things to worry about since most of the time-consuming yet important tasks are automated.

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