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13 Best WTFast Alternatives 2022

WTFast is a solution that improves the speed of your internet connection.

It works by utilizing a Gamers Private Network (GPN) that routes traffic through private servers which are closer to you.

This allows for improved ping times and increased download speeds, especially when playing online games.

Although WTFast reduces the ping and packet losses, it is not entirely adequate when it comes to lag prevention.

Well, there are plenty of alternatives to WTFast that can help you improve your online gameplay.

However, this is not an easy task as some GPNs who claim themselves as the best for gamers actually don’t work well with all games.

No solution allows you to change how packets reach your computer so they all have the same speed.

Here are some alternatives if you don’t want to use WTfast or have issues with it.

Best WTFast Alternatives

1. Haste

Haste is a free alternative to WTFast that is compatible with most games.

It uses the same technology as WTFast, but it’s limited in some ways because it’s completely free.

The speeds are not quite as fast and you may be limited with server selection due to bandwidth restrictions on their servers.

You can use Haste to quickly fix latency and ping issues.

It has a quick setup process that will let you get online quickly to start playing with low latency pings.

This software is known as a next-generation network utility that can help you enjoy online games.

So, if there are some latency issues with your current internet service provider then Haste may be the solution to fix those problems.

Haste has recently added support for Overwatch so if you’re looking for a WTFast alternative that is free and works with Overwatch this would be your best choice.

2. SmoothPing

SmoothPing is a free micro tracker software for Windows.

Its purpose is to help players who want smoother gameplay on online games such as Counter-Strike, QuakeWorld, and Unreal Tournament.

In addition, it also supports offline mode which helps you monitor your ping in single-player games.

SmoothPing has over 40,000 users and unlike WTFast, it works with all internet service providers without the need of creating an account.

Some advantages of SmoothPing over WTFast are:

  • It’s free. There is no trial, just download and use it for as long as you want.
  • You don’t need an account. Just install the program and start using it to see how much your ping varies over time in single-player games too. And unlike WTFast where you have to create an account to use it in offline mode, you can do so with SmoothPing without having to sign up or provide any personal information.
  • You don’t have to upgrade for more features. SmoothPing is a one-time payment and provides all the essential functions that are needed when playing games online, just like WTFast does.
  • It supports more games. Although it’s been reported to work with all the popular online games, SmoothPing has an advantage since it can be used in almost any game that uses TCP/IP connection, something WTFast cannot do. This means you can use this program for single-player as well as multiplayer gaming or surfing.

The setup of SmoothPing is also simpler compared to WTFast. The only thing you need to do is run its executable file and choose your location and port. Afterward, you will be good to go.


MUDFISH is a WTFast alternative that is free for personal use and has an extremely simple interface.

MUDFISH provides gamers with the opportunity to test their network connection in order to find out if it needs improvement or not, this feature makes MUDFISH one of the top alternatives on our list.

Another great thing about MUDFISH is that it is lightweight and easy to set up.

Just like WTFast, MUDFISH does not store any log files, which makes it one of the safest choices on our list.

The one downside that we can think of about this service is the limited amount of servers available, as well as the fact that not all games work with it.

That being said, MUDFISH is still feature-rich and offers great speeds.

It is capable of reducing the gaming speed by up to 25%, for a lower ping.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this tool does not affect the overall system performance and even reduces CPU usage by as much as 50%.

Last but not least, MUDFISH offers support via email only. It has no live chat or ticket submission available.

MUDFISH can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

To sum things up; MUDFISH was created by gamers for gamers and its great features make it a force to be reckoned with on the market.

MUDFISH is also available for free, which makes it a great solution in terms of WTFast alternatives.

4. Battleping

Battleping is a great alternative to WTFast.

It claims that it will reduce your ping by up to 70% and this is achieved by routing your connection through one of their servers which are located all around the world in high pings areas, therefore decreasing the time for data transfer between you and these servers.

Just like other similar services, they charge a monthly fee, but unlike them Battleping is cheap. They also offer discounts for students. Currently, they give 50% off the monthly fee.

Another thing that differs them from WTFast is that there’s no need to download any software because instead of using dedicated gaming software they use your default browser in a clever way.

Other than that, Battleping provides many useful features such as tracking when you have been disconnected from the game and automatically reconnecting you to it or when you are lagging behind others because of high ping so-called lag-switching protection.

The list goes on with other interesting options like allowing you to pick your favorite server and even have a list of servers where other people with the same ISP as yours are playing which can help you choose the best ping for gaming purposes.

5. ExitLag

ExitLag is a free alternative to WTFast that works on all of the same games.

The only difference between this and their paid service is you can’t choose your own server or ping, however they have servers in every major country that should work for most people.

ExitLag has been around longer than WTFast but hasn’t updated much since 2015, so it can be a little buggy at times.

The big benefit of ExitLag is that you don’t need to put anything in the advanced settings and it automatically detects your game which means there’s no messing around with scripts or proxies before getting started.

The biggest downside to ExitLag is how unappealing their website looks, as well as the lack of manual server selection.

Despite that, ExitLag has a range of tools that boost the overall speed of your game online by reducing the amount of time it takes to send and receive information.

It supports all the major video games so no matter what you play, it’s not going to be a problem at all.

You can also add specific games for ExitLag so that when they launch, the service will automatically detect them and start working its magic on your network.

In general terms though, ExitLag is one of the most effective tools available right now for fixing slow online games.

One thing to note is that both WTFast and ExitLag require a client on your computer, so you will have to deal with those annoying pop-ups every time Windows starts up.

6. Latency Optimizer

Latency Optimizer is a free tool that you can use to analyze your connection and find the best WTFast server for you.

The application has a real-time game ping overlay so that it is able to show pings in games (if supported by the game).

Latency Optimizer provides information about servers available on each location with their current load/ping.

This way you can choose the location with the best server for you just like with WTFast.

Latency Optimizer is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (32-bit & 64-bit)

Please note that our free service includes only a limited number of locations/servers. You might need to upgrade your account to use all available servers.

You can find all your current WTFast-certified locations.

Other major features of Latency Optimizer include:

  • Ping test (the tool sends a virtual packet to the selected location and measures the time required for it to come back)
  • Server load information
  • Game ping in all supported games/apps. You can also use this feature as an alternative to Hamachi or Tunngle if you want other people on your team to see pings
  • Virtual device to test connection with your ISP (it is a great way to check if the problem is on their end)

The service works as an application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. It supports all modern versions of those systems.

Please note that you will need an active subscription for using these services. You can purchase a plan on their website.

7. Kill Ping

Kill Ping is a similar service to WTFast, which works by sending your connection through their server.

It’s very simple and you don’t need any extra setup on your computer or console.

You can pick from different locations around the world too if that makes sense for what game you are playing at the time.

This is similar to WTFast, but it’s cheaper.

With Kill Ping, you can increase your winning probability in PvP by cutting down your ping.

The tool is available for free, but if you want to enjoy some additional features then it has a premium version.

WTFast is a rather pricey service, so it’s nice to have some similar tools like Kill Ping for those of us who want to enjoy the benefits of reduced ping but don’t quite have the budget available.

The speeds are still fast and have won awards too. It also offers connectivity to consoles, not just PC too.

8. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is one of the best WTFast alternatives out there. It is free for PC gamers, but you can also purchase it on Xbox One and PSN Store.

While this software doesn’t have all that many features compared to other ones in its category, it still manages to provide an excellent ping improvement when playing online games.

The interesting thing about this software is that it’s actually developed by Razer, the company known for manufacturing gaming peripherals.

This means that they really know what gamers want and need in order to get a competitive edge when playing online games.

Razer Cortex will offer you access to more than 100 optimized game servers around the world, which are mostly located in Asia.

You will be able to play with reduced ping both in competitive and casual games, as it’s a great tool if you’re looking for fast-paced action online.

The software is free but offers some basic features that can help you improve your gaming experience – however, we recommend getting the premium version because of all the awesome features it offers.

Razer Cortex is also compatible with DirectX and OpenGL, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues either.

As mentioned earlier, Razer Cortex will automatically optimize your game settings for all popular games like Dota Two, League of Legends, or CS: GO – but that’s not the only thing it does.

Razer Cortex also comes with a built-in video recording utility, so you can record your gameplay and share it online through popular sites like YouTube or Twitch.tv without any issues whatsoever.

The major difference between WTFast and Razer Cortex is that Razer Cortex can be installed on both your PC and laptop, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

9. PingEnhancer

PingEnhancer is the best alternative to WTFast because it provides a free version.

It has been tested that PingEnhancer reduces ping by up to 45%.

It is a fast, lightweight, and feature-rich gaming solution that can optimize your connection for high-speed internet gaming.

PingEnhancer will decrease delay by improving the way the data packets from your computer reach their destination.

It is compatible with a variety of games and works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008.

The best thing about PingEnhancer is that It supports all types of video games currently in use.

Even newer games like World of Warcraft, Battlefield series, Diablo III are now compatible with PingEnhancer as well.

PingEnhancer will provide a better gaming experience without being too complicated to set up or configure for your connection settings.

The major difference between Ping Enhancer and WTFast is that it is not a dedicated gaming solution.

Instead, Ping Enhancer can be used to optimize your connection for both online gaming and internet browsing.

Like WTFast you can enjoy reduced pings, faster data packet delivery which will result in faster downloads and smoother videos.

The free version allows you to test PingEnhancer and see if it is the right solution for you, so download it today.

The program has been tested to work flawlessly for both Steam and non-Steam users.

10. Leatrix Latency Fix

Leatrix Latency Fix is another great program that allows you to reduce your online gaming latency.

The difference between Leatrix Latency Fix and WTFast is the fact it only works for World of Warcraft (currently).

Leatrix Latency fix is a comprehensive tool that comes with many tweaks and options.

It allows you to control your World of Warcraft game update packets, resolve DNS issues, configure Windows packet prioritization, implement TCP/IP optimizations, and much more.

The installation process of Leatrix Latency Fix is an easy one and takes a few seconds. The program does not have any complex settings or options, but it still allows you to control some of the features with ease.

When you have successfully launched it, you can access the tweaks panel by clicking on its icon placed in your taskbar.

The program lets you optimize the game update packets, which are the main reason why WoW games lag.

It is a very useful tool for all gamers who want to improve their gaming experience and overall connection quality.

Leatrix also offers an automatic fix option that can be used if you are experiencing problems with your connection.

This option is very useful because it can solve the most serious latency issues without any effort on your part.

Another awesome feature of Leatrix Latency Fix is its ability to fix errors related to the DLL missing error, which means that even players who have this problem will finally be able to enjoy a smooth online gaming experience.

11. NoPing Tunnel

NoPing Tunnel is a tool like WTFast which claims to reduce ping but actually does a little bit more than just that.

It is already being used by gamers around the world and has been praised for its fast connection speeds, user-friendly interface, etc., but if you’re looking to save some cash then NoPing will provide an excellent product without breaking the bank.

NoPing is one of the best WTFast alternatives when it comes to price and performance, but if you’re willing to pay a little more then it might be worth checking out.

It uses a proprietary protocol named SteamDat which ensures minimal delay in online games and provides faster connection speeds than other GPN providers such as WTFast.

NoPing Tunnel is not as big and popular as WTFast so it doesn’t have the same coverage of server park that they do.

However, what makes NoPing unique is their lack of requirement for client-side software installation which can be a huge turn-off from players who are trying to perform a clean installation of the game.

Instead, NoPing Tunnel uses UDP protocol and encrypts it with AES 256-bit cipher which provides faster connection speeds, more stable connections, and lower ping for players worldwide.

It is easy to use and makes the game more enjoyable for most users. You will get faster responses that will put you ahead of your competition.

In a nutshell, NoPing Tunnel is a worthy contender to WTFast and it provides an excellent product.

NoPing also offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy.

12. GameGain

GameGain is a new software designed for gamers by gamers. It is one of the best programs to optimize your computer’s performance in order to play games smoother and faster.

In addition, GameGain gives you access to great features such as an automatic setup, graphics card configuration with just a few clicks, or customizing registry parameters on Windows OS.

This easy-to-use program is available at a very affordable price, which I think it’s a great investment if you want to get the most out of your computer for playing games online or offline.

When compared to WTFast, GameGain is easier to install and configure, plus it can be used on any computer.

I personally recommend this product because I have been using it for over a year now without any problems or issues with my Windows OS.

13. PingZapper

PingZapper is a free service that allows you to optimize your internet connection.

It’s best for gamers who are looking for faster ping times with less lag in online games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS:GO, and more.

Like WTFast, PingZapper is a gamer’s private network (GPN) service.

This means it uses data security to get your game traffic past the internet service provider and into the hands of the game servers you want to play on.

It’s easy to set up, but there is some required configuration that needs to be done before playing games with PingZapper.

It lowers the average ping time by reducing the distance your game packets have to travel.

It’s also easy on data usage since you can switch it off when not playing games if needed.


In summary, it is unquestionable that WTFast is one of the best gaming GPN services, offering impressive speed and reliability.

However, not everyone can afford to pay every month to use this service so they are looking for other alternatives that work well enough.

Using a WTFast alternative works great in most cases and can still afford you the same if not an even more superb experience.