DataCamp vs Dataquest – Which Is better?

DataCamp and Dataquest are self-paced online classes that offer data science learning materials for any individual who seeks to gain knowledge in the field and even begin a data science career.

Both online platforms guarantee several career paths, including a detailed focus on Python or R with valuable portfolio projects. DataCamp and Dataquest are the best online learning options known to transition beginners to reputable data scientists or data analysts.

Since the two online platforms have similar objectives with slightly identical characteristics, it can be hard to tell which one is more beneficial. However, if you focus closely on each platform, you will realize a few aspects that set them apart.

With this in mind, this piece will provide you with a detailed comparison between DataCamp and Dataquest and later give an unbiased conclusion that will indicate which of the two online learning platforms offer the best curriculum and data science boot camp, thus affirming the desirable outcome.

What Is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an online platform dedicated to providing learners with the best data science learning material while focusing on R, SQL, and Python. The website also covers more than 300 other courses inclusive of Tableau, Spreadsheets, and BI.

The platform contains video tutorials, 50 or more curated learning paths, and real-life projects for better understanding.

Before completing your curriculum, you will have done practical assignments and other assessments whose purpose is to gauge your skills and test your understanding in specific areas.

Even though you will start learning for free, premium courses come at a price you will have to pay through the provided online payment options. With DataCamp, you are free to either take your desired courses individually or as a set.

Either way, you get to achieve your objective as an aspiring Data Scientist.

Find out similar tools to DataCamp.

DataCamp - The place to learn R, Python & Data Science

Whether you're a business or a professional, DataCamp helps you grow by sharpening your data skills. Its carefully designed video tutorials, real-life projects, and assessments make learning easier & faster. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What Is Dataquest?

Dataquest is a self-paced learning resource like DataCamp, offering online 24-week data science courses to aspiring data analysts and data scientists. Similar to DataCamp, Dataquest focuses on Python and R with a little more emphasis on data analysis.

The objective of the online platform is to provide you with excellent learning tools and resources equipped with helpful information that will give you the skills you require to become an expert in data science.

The curated data courses and career tracks are meant to prepare you to become job-ready with the brilliance required to perform optimally.

Even though the learning materials are designed for students passionate about data science, data scientists can use some resources to refresh their knowledge and advance their skills.

Like DataCamp, some of Dataquest’s courses are free. However, intermediate and advanced classes require a subscription.

Dataquest is currently one of the most valued data science boot camps, with most students opting for its curriculum. The platform is self-entitled as the number one data skills learning platform.

Datacamp vs Dataquest: Career Focus


The learning platform contains hundreds of data courses, with its main building block being data science career tracks. DataCamp’s materials focus on transforming students into reputable data scientists and work as upskilling resources to various data scientists.

It is considered one of the most helpful data science learning platforms for students seeking data science as a career path. That is because the platform has curated skill tracks that will guide you into the correct data career.

The courses are designed to produce dependable data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists with connections to most Fortune 1000 companies such as PayPal, Deloitte, Google, Intel, and Uber who are ready to absorb knowledgeable individuals.

To back up the courses and ensure learners are on the right track, DataCamp offers individuals projects and timed assessments. Furthermore, the resource has daily quick challenges meant to keep track of your progress.

Note that each section of their data course outline is meant to equip the learner with precise knowledge and data skills.


Dataquest follows a slightly similar approach to DataCamp. That is by providing learners with data science courses designed to impart essential knowledge to students that you can use to kickstart your career and even land your first job.

With Dataquest, you get to enjoy step-by-step dissemination of information that will help you gain important information and give you beneficial ideas on applying the knowledge gained.

The most important aspect is that Dataquest has an instruction team whose main task is to guide learners from the beginning to the end of the curriculum.

In addition to learning materials, Dataquest provides you with assessment tests tailored to help improve your understanding and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

It is the best place for data science beginners who want to ease through the field while enhancing their understanding and data science skillset. Generally, both DataCamp and Dataquest offer unique data science learning resources and assessments.

However, if you aim to start from scratch and become a skilled data scientist, you should consider Dataquest. On the other hand, if you wish to advance your data science knowledge and choose the perfect career path, DataCamp is highly recommended.

Datacamp vs Dataquest: Teaching and Learning Style


There is quite a massive difference in the teaching and learning styles of DataCamp and Dataquest. But first, you should know both online platforms entail learning, practicing, and assessing.

That means they will teach you the basics, show you how best to apply the knowledge acquired, and lastly, give you a test to see if you understand. However, when it comes to DataCamp, the teaching style is by using videos.

Most if not all data science information is passed through videos. Each video is elaborate but precise to make sure learners can easily interpret and understand what is being taught.

That means if you prefer video as a way of learning, you should consider DataCamp. After video tutorials, you will be provided with a hands-on coding task where you are required to fill in the blanks.

That teaches you how to fix a code without going through too many problems. With such an approach, the information becomes easy to grasp, preparing you adequately for the assessments.

Video tutorials are used to learn new technology, launch a successful data science career, or master specific skills. The entire catalog is designed by some of the best instructors who are well versed in particular data science fields.

DataCamp - The place to learn R, Python & Data Science

Whether you're a business or a professional, DataCamp helps you grow by sharpening your data skills. Its carefully designed video tutorials, real-life projects, and assessments make learning easier & faster. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Dataquest does not use video as a form of teaching like it is in the case of its counterpart DataCamp. On the contrary, every piece of information is passed through well-written instructions.

Each instruction is formatted and delivered depending on the level of the learner. However, you should note that the teaching style is project-based.

As a result, with hands-on learning, you are supposed to write a handwritten code. After that, you will be given practice problems whose purpose is to reinforce the knowledge acquired.

Lastly, you are given a project which you will use to apply your skills. That means you are prepared to solve problems at an early stage so that when you reach the advanced level, it becomes easy to convert your knowledge to a data science solution.

Note that both DataCamp and Dataquest teaching and learning styles are effective. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which mode of teaching suits you best.

Furthermore, you should know that the Dataquest curriculum is designed to pass information and motivate learners. According to Dataquest management, motivation is critical in determining whether you will land a job once your data science training is over.

Remember, the Dataquest team delivers the curriculum in a logical order while concentrating on concepts. You learn as you practice for better understanding.

DataCamp vs Dataquest: Learning Curriculum


Now that you understand the delivery methods of both online platforms, you should know the design of the curriculum. The video lessons provided by the DataCamp team are meant to equip you with adequate knowledge that will help you excel in your project work.

Furthermore, as part of the curriculum, students are tested as indicated earlier; however, the most crucial point is that DataCamp has a Practice Mode interface that provides accurate and custom feedback for every task or exercise done.

That means learners get to understand which steps to take and how well to perform a task. Moreover, they get instant corrections on the correct answers to particular questions.

Experts from different data science fields prepare each learning material at DataCamp. That is why the curriculum design varies from one course to another.

Another key detail to note is that DataCamp has dedicated staff tasked to develop regular content that is relevant and useful to students.

Such a curriculum design is impressive for learners who wish to advance their careers and beginners who want to become skilled data scientists, data analysts, or data engineers.


Dataquest’s curriculum is more inclined towards the project-based approach. Therefore, every material points learners towards project documentation and project concepts.

Another critical detail to note is that the online platform uses Dataquest Learning Interface to issue exercises. The interface is accessible using a compatible web browser, and it is convenient and adaptable.

Even though every learner enjoys a similar Dataquest Learning interface, the exercises differ depending on your level and course. So far, the entire course curriculum is grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

Similar to DataCamp, Dataquest provides instant feedback to exercises. If you are struggling to get an answer, the interface is built to give you helpful suggestions or hints that make problem-solving easy.

The features are mostly active when doing a coding exercise. But then, when compared to DataCamp, Dataquest’s code submission process can take a little bit longer.

The same applies when you are running even the most straightforward code. Such inconveniences are nonexistent when using DataCamp’s interface.

Lastly, Dataquest also depends on a team of expert individuals to develop their curriculum. Dataquest plans to start releasing new curriculum materials every two to three weeks to extend its course catalog.

Despite the slightly sluggish Dataquest Learning Interface, both online platforms have the best data science curriculum that learners can depend on.

Dataquest vs DataCamp: Customer Support


DataCamp has fantastic customer support for its members. For instance, the online platform provides all its learners a community page.

That is whether you are on a paid plan or a free plan. Furthermore, the paid plans have access to their unique Slack Chat feature.

The benefit of the Slack Chat is that you have access to discussions. Furthermore, you can share your progress on a particular task and help others.

Using Slack Chat, you can end up learning more and understanding better. However, the downside of DataCamp support and community is that you don’t get to enjoy counseling services whether you are on the paid plans or the free program.

DataCamp - The place to learn R, Python & Data Science

Whether you're a business or a professional, DataCamp helps you grow by sharpening your data skills. Its carefully designed video tutorials, real-life projects, and assessments make learning easier & faster. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Just like DataCamp, Dataquest has an active and beneficial Slack Community on all its plans. As a result, you will enjoy the community whether you are on the free subscription or the paid plans.

That is quite an advantage given that DataCamp only offers Slack Community to its paid plans. Another key detail is that their Premium Support offers resume help and career counseling, unavailable on the DataCamp online platform.

Hence, it is evident that Dataquest has the best customer support compared to DataCamp. That makes it dependable, primarily if you depend on discussions to understand better.

As a result, you should consider Dataquest if you want to enjoy the best support and community without spending too much.

Pros and Cons

DataCamp Pros

  • Great for beginners
  • Does not require program installation
  • Provides a convenient course switching option
  • Content is constantly updated
  • Has various selections
  • Cost-effective

DataCamp Cons

  • Offers less theory
  • Focuses too much on programming
  • Must pay for Slack Chat

Dataquest Pros

  • Slack Chats on all plans
  • Offers career counseling services
  • New resources are added regularly
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides learners with new skills

Dataquest Cons



It is important to note that the online learning platforms don’t offer their services for free. For instance, if you decide to use DataCamp as your data science online resource, you must choose a suitable subscription.

DataCamp offers five subscription plans, three of which are personal plans, whereas the remaining two are business plans. Each plan comes with different courses and benefits, which is why it is vital to be keen on the kind of plan you choose.

The first personal plan is called free. That is because it is the only plan that you can access without being billed.

The free plan is mainly used as an advertisement for DataCamp products and services. Once you accept the program, the online platform gives learners a chance to try them out and see if they are suitable.

Courtesy of the DataCamp free plan, you get to enjoy the first chapter of every program or course offered by DataCamp. Furthermore, you are given access to three practical challenges and seven projects.

You also get to enjoy a BETA workspace for coding. The next DataCamp personal plan is Standard.

Unlike the free personal plan, Standard is billed annually, with learners required to pay a subscription fee of $12.42 per month. The plan lets you enjoy everything the free plan offers.

Additionally, you are provided unlimited practice challenges and more than 50 skill tracks. You also get to enjoy community chat and live code-alongs, not to mention 14 career tracks and more than 350 courses.

The Standard DataCamp subscription is the most popular among learners since it is inexpensive and full of helpful data science resources. The last personal DataCamp plan is premium.

Premium DataCamp is the only personal subscription program that gives you access to projects. Hence, in addition to the resources offered on the Standard plan, Premium DataCamp gives you unlimited access to 80+ projects, Power BI, and Oracle content.

DataCamp - The place to learn R, Python & Data Science

Whether you're a business or a professional, DataCamp helps you grow by sharpening your data skills. Its carefully designed video tutorials, real-life projects, and assessments make learning easier & faster. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

On top of that, you are given unlimited access to priority support which is key to any student who aspires to become excellent in data science. However, to enjoy all those fantastic services, you have to part with $33.25 per month as a subscription fee for the Premium plan.

Moreover, DataCamp has a Professional subscription which is the first business plan. The subscription for the Professional DataCamp is $25.00 per user per month.

Remember, a business can only have a minimum of two users. The plan puts together everything the Premium plan offers. Additionally, individuals get admin dashboard, assignments, admin roles, and even live chat for admins.

However, you are not given access to Oracle Content, Tableau, and Power BI resources. The last DataCamp plan is Enterprise which is also part of the business plan.

To find how much you pay for Enterprise, you must contact DataCamp customer support. However, you will access the Professional Plan features and other new resources such as advanced reporting, data export, and LMS integrations.

Additionally, to make the plan complete and more helpful, the management gives you access to Oracle Content, Tableau, and Power BI, unavailable on the Professional DataCamp business plan.

Once you decide to opt for the Enterprise DataCamp plan, you get to choose whether you want to pay per user or go for unlimited usage. Keep in mind that each DataCamp subscription is calculated monthly, but billing is done annually.


Unlike DataCamp, Dataquest gives you access to only three packages. That means you don’t have the luxury to enjoy multiple choices.

The first package offered by Dataquest is the free plan you get to access without worrying about monthly or annual billing. The free package comes with practice problems, community support, and the introduction section of all the data science courses, just like DataCamp.

On the other hand, if you want to access more resources, consider the premium version. But then, to access the plan’s catalog, you have to part with $49.00 as a monthly Dataquest subscription fee for the premium version.

However, what is essential is that you will be provided with the free version programs in addition to guided projects, assessments, and certificates of completion. But then, you don’t get to enjoy any team support features.

Even though the plan is billed monthly, you can decide to pay annually. In that case, you will be charged $33.25 per month, thus saving $15.75.

The last Dataquest plan is Teams. Similar to DataCamp’s Enterprise plan, Team’s prices are only provided when you inquire.

The benefit of the subscription plan is that you get access to license management and rotation, volume discount, team performance, and every resource offered on the Premium subscription plan, including SQL paths, R paths, and Python paths.

If you compare DataCamp and Dataquest subscriptions, it is obvious that both offer similar pricing. However, the number of resources provided by DataCamp are many compared to those you get paying Dataquest.

Hence, DataCamp is much more profitable. Additionally, you get to enjoy more plans.

Similarities and Differences

DataCamp and Dataquest have similarities and differences. For instance, they are both online platforms dedicated to providing learners with materials and practices that transform them from beginners to experts in different data analysis fields.

Furthermore, both charge similar prices for their premium services. That is why most people find it hard to pick the best online resource for learning data science courses.

But then, as stated earlier, the data science resources also have considerable differences. For instance, DataCamp provides learners with more courses than Dataquest despite having similar pricing.

Furthermore, Dataquest has career counseling which is not present for DataCamp subscribers. Lastly, the Slack Chats at DataCamp are paid for, whereas Dataquest offers Slack Chats to students for free.

DataCamp - The place to learn R, Python & Data Science

Whether you're a business or a professional, DataCamp helps you grow by sharpening your data skills. Its carefully designed video tutorials, real-life projects, and assessments make learning easier & faster. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Wrapping It Up: Which Is Better, DataCamp or Dataquest?

After going through the detailed analysis of both DataCamp and Dataquest, DataCamp is the ultimate winner. That is because learners are provided a long list of resources inexpensively.

Furthermore, there are five plans to pick from, which is impressive. Lastly, DataCamp covers more than 180 countries. Each country has access to DataCamp’s Practice Mode, which gives instant feedback and is therefore dependable.

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