15 Best UC Browser Alternatives 2023

Best UC Browser Alternatives

UC Browser is one of the most highly rated web browsers packed with features for a fast, smooth, and personalized web browsing experience.

However, it is key to understand that UC Browser has a couple of weaknesses that you can barely overlook despite its amazing reputation. For instance, the application is prone to intrusive ads and notifications and is heavy on RAM and storage space consumption.

Additionally, UC Browser does not provide users with the utmost privacy. As a result, it is not the ideal web browser to use if you are after speed, privacy, and an ad-free experience.

However, you will be glad to know that UC Browser is not the only web browser for accessing the internet. There are a handful of UC Browser alternatives with better features.

With that said, below is a list of the best UC Browser alternatives, especially if you want the best web browsing experience.

Best UC Browser Alternatives

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a renowned web browsing utility that provides users with incredible browsing options. Like UC Browser, Mozilla Firefox is fast and effective, thus one of the best options if you want to surf conveniently.

Furthermore, Mozilla comes with the private browsing mode, which allows you to surf the net without keeping your history. That means cookies, history, and site data of the pages you are browsing don’t remain on your computer.

Even though the UC browser has the same function, Mozilla’s private browsing function is much better and safer to use. Besides having some undeniable similarities, there are areas where Mozilla reigns effortlessly.

For instance, when it comes to accessibility features, Mozilla comes with Pop-up Blocking, Access Keys, Caret Navigation, and Incremental Finding, most of which lack on the UC browser. That means with Firefox you get more than just a capable internet browsing utility.

Another area where Mozilla Firefox reigns over its alternatives is that the browser is global. That is because it supports nearly every language, thus usable almost everywhere.

On the other hand, UC Browser only supports several languages making it less suitable compared to Mozilla. All these features make Mozilla Firefox an excellent alternative to UC Browser.

2. Google Chrome

For years, Google Chrome has been considered the best internet browsing application due to its myriad of features. The internet browser is unique with capability like no other.

Similar to UC Browser, Google Chrome is fast and dependable. Furthermore, it is designed to blend well with almost any operating system.

To make Chrome even more superior to UC Browser, its developers made it possible to open many tabs. That means Google Chrome is more resourceful, especially if you are a heavy internet user.

Furthermore, Google Chrome comes with multiple extensions capable of holding more than enough extensions for swift browsing. If you want to install extensions in UC Browser, you have to source them from Chrome Web.

Chrome also receives regular updates compared to UC Browser and other alternatives. The updates aim to keep the web browsing application current.

For example, among the current updates is the password checker. Unlike UC Browser, Chrome can help you to generate secure passwords for your portals and online accounts.

Furthermore, it is designed to notify you whenever there is a breach. That means as soon as you start using Google Chrome, the best UC Browser alternative, you are certain of your safety.

3. DuckDuckGo

Since its invention and launch in 2008, DuckDuckGo has been marketed as a privacy browser, an innovation that has seen it gain a significant following. Like UC Browser, DuckDuckGo is a dedicated internet browser.

It allows you to access different web pages effortlessly, with multiple capabilities and distinct features.

However, what sets the DuckDuckGo apart from UC Browser is its dedication to user privacy. DuckDuckGo has been designed to provide its users complete protection while surfing the internet.

The application has a forced HTTPS function, which makes sure every website you are accessing is safe. Furthermore, it has a website security grading scale ranging from A to F.

That means you are provided with a clear idea of how safe a website is before you start browsing. All these are unique inclusions that you will not benefit from while using UC Browser.

Additional aspects included on DuckDuckGo to ensure user privacy and security is the tracker blocker which keeps advertisers from tracking your web navigation. Moreover, DuckDuckGo does not track your search.

In summary, most features offered by DuckDuckGo guarantee user satisfaction without invading privacy.

4. Maxthon

Maxthon is yet another UC Browser alternative known to provide millions of individuals with the best internet browsing services. The web browser application is similar to UC Browser in many ways, with only a few disparities.

For instance, Maxthon is designed to speed up web browsing by increasing how fast different web pages load. Moreover, the browser comes with a speed dial function allowing you to save your favorite web pages for easy accessibility.

Similar to UC Browser, Maxthon reduces data usage regardless of the website you are accessing. The web browser reduces the quality of images when necessary, courtesy of the Smart Image Display tool.

Despite the numerous similarities between Maxthon and UC Browser, specific aspects make the application more desirable. First, Maxthon comes with a much better user interface which makes web browsing enjoyable.

Additionally, the site has a unique note-taking tool that UC Browser lacks. Other exciting functions include a fully functional and customizable web clipper and a blockchain utility that increases technical support for blockchain apps.

Lastly, you will be impressed to learn that apart from the light mode, Maxthon has a dark mode which changes the entire appearance of the web browser giving you a unique feel.

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5. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the best UC browser alternatives that allow users to surf the internet at full speed. That is one of the main features that makes Brave Browser better than UC Browser.

To maintain the exciting internet surfing speeds, Brave Browser blocks unwanted ads and disables ad trackers. That means the webpage loads easily without any interference.

Even though browsing at full speeds is one of the fascinating features of the Brave browser, it is not the compelling reason why it is on the list of top UC Browser alternatives. The application is worth mentioning since it guarantees user privacy, especially if compared to UC Browser.

First, Brave Browser has a private mode that provides ‘real privacy,’ enabling you to surf without leaving traces of the sites they have visited. Also, once you activate the private mode, your browsing is rerouted through different servers to mask your location.

That is a useful aspect that you will not enjoy from the UC Browser incognito mode. Due to its good speed and amazing privacy features, Brave is one of the top UC Browsers that you should consider.

6. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is a useful and customizable application designed to provide users with exemplary browsing services. The Web Browser is as unique as UC Browser, though not as fast.

The Kiwi browser is highly recommended as a UC Browser alternative because it comes with amazing features, most of which will see you enjoy an amazing internet surfing experience. For instance, Kiwi Browser has an interface that supports nearly all Chrome extensions.

Furthermore, it protects user privacy. But then, similar to UC Browser, you must make the privacy configurations to hide your content from the pages you are visiting.

As part of privacy, there is a function that prevents screenshots. Therefore, you are certain nobody can screenshot the pages you are surfing once the privacy mode is on.

Kiwi browser also comes with an ad blocker tool that features a pop-up blocker. Courtesy of these two features, you don’t have to worry about viewing ads or pop-ups that you don’t want.

Unlike UC Browser, the Kiwi browser has its address bar placed at the bottom of the screen. That gives it a unique feel, something that most UC Browser alternatives cannot do.

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7. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the most reputable browsers available today. Just like Chrome and Mozilla, Microsoft Edge is respected and widely used.

The main reason why the browser is one of the best UC Browser alternatives is that it comes with amazing features such as the Kids Mode function that UC Browser lacks.

Microsoft Edge’s Kids mode is age-appropriate, with themes and images that are appealing to kids. It also protects kids from certain content.

Generally, the Microsoft Edge web browser is fully functional with bookmakers and sync password functions like UC Browser. The browser also has in-built security features that prevent information phishing.

Additionally, you are provided with the InPrivate search function, which is similar to UC Browser’s incognito mode. Each of these privacy features added to the password monitor function ensures you browse faster and safer.

The most beneficial aspect of Microsoft Edge is that it undergoes regular updates, which means you are guaranteed to come across new features regularly. Since the browser is run by one of the biggest companies in the world, it is dependable and continues to grow in popularity, with most devices having the browser pre-installed.

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8. Opera

Opera has become one of the most used web browsers known to cater to different individuals, including gamers who are served Opera GX, a gamer’s browser that UC Browser lacks.

Furthermore, Opera comes with privacy features and not just the regular private browser mode. The browser gives you access to a terrific VPN whose purpose is to make sure your location is anonymous.

You also get to enjoy a useful ad-blocker feature and pop-up blocker that keeps the pages you are viewing clear. Such elements and many more are the reason why the Opera browser is fast, just like UC Browser.

Like UC Browser, Opera has the best news updates, which you can view in the background. You can also decide to receive notifications in case there is any breaking news.

What will thrill you most is the Opera in-built messenger. The communication method allows you to keep in touch with your family and friends while surfing.

That is an incredible function that you will not find on UC Browser and most other alternatives.

9. Surfy Browser

Surfy Browser is one of the most exciting applications that provide you with unique access to billions of web pages and websites. The browser is known for its customizable interface, which allows you to browse in style.

Notably, Surfy Browser has more themes and outlooks than UC Browser, making it famous among young users. The browser also allows you to build a unique menu that suits your needs.

That means by the time you finish customizing the platform; you will have a unique interface that matches your needs.

Another aspect that you should expect on Surfy Browser and not UC Browser is the text-to-speech function. The feature converts text to audio and lets you listen to the material on the website you are surfing.

Additional components that will capture your attention include swappable pages and the ability to turn on the full-screen mode. The browser also has amazing surfing speeds that will see you waste minimum to no time loading websites.

Surfy Browser is so far among the notable UC Browser alternatives that you can count on for a better browsing experience.

10. Vivaldi

Despite being a new web browser, Vivaldi has proven an incredible UC Browser alternative for many reasons. First, the web browser assures users the utmost privacy.

The entire site is fitted with security functions that prevent information phishing and web owners from tracking their online activities. Like UC Browser, Vivaldi comes with a tool that blocks ad trackers, so you don’t have to worry about being monitored without your consent.

Moreover, the web browser is fast. You can enjoy maximum speeds, especially if you are not a heavy internet user.

Once you launch the web browser, you are provided with different themes. It is thus up to you to decide which of the provided options is suitable. Even though UC Browser provides such an option, it is not as exciting as that of Vivaldi.

Lastly, to ensure absolute user satisfaction, Vivaldi allows you to make some tweaks to end up with a fully customized and functional browser. That is why Vivaldi continues to grow in popularity.

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11. Stargon

Stargon is a lightweight web browser designed to make sure users enjoy safe internet browsing. The site has undergone numerous updates, which have seen it become a capable application.

Some of the main features you are guaranteed to find on Stargon and not UC Browser include a recording feature and an intuitive interface that gives you a stunning appearance.

Note that the web browser is still under development and so you should not expect high-end features. But then, if you want a web browser that loads web pages fast and without interference, you should consider Stargon.

What is most striking about Stargon is that it has been designed to provide an unmatched browsing experience regardless of the device you are using. That is thanks to the use of HTML5, which is known to make browsers versatile.

Additionally, the web browser recently added a YouTube tab just like UC Browser. However, on Stargon, the tab is situated on the address bar.

The main advantage of Stargon is that it does not include banner ads. Additionally, the web browser does not have video ads which means you will browse undistracted.

12. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is among the fastest-growing browsing applications. The entire utility is designed to ensure user privacy, so you don’t have to worry about data phishing.

Compared to UC Browser, Tor’s privacy is far better. The site uses a proxy network and hides your browsing activities from your internet service provider.

In addition to assuring private surfing, the Tor browser prevents user surveillance, blocks any ads, and you don’t have to manually clear cookies once you finish surfing.

Users also get to enjoy unrestricted browsing, making Tor one of the best UC Browser alternatives. You can easily unlock blocked web pages and websites without any problems whatsoever.

It is by far among the few browsers championing user privacy, an aspect that makes it better than UC Browser.

That is why every traffic is encrypted three times before it passes Tor Network, preventing data loss and information theft.

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13. Ghostery

As its name suggests, Ghostery is an incredible web browser that allows you to surf untraced and untracked. It is, in fact, among the few browsers that beat UC Browser when it comes to user privacy.

The browser is also fast, which means you will flip through web pages and websites with ease. So far, with its latest browsing suite, you are promised a lightning-fast browsing experience.

Another aspect you should not expect while using Ghostery is ads. The browser clears every ad from your searches, leaving you with clean and clutter-free websites that are less distracting and easy to navigate.

You should also keep in mind that Ghostery is designed to prevent user tracking and surveillance. Thus, you don’t have to worry about other websites using your information to track your online activities, such as the pages you visit.

It is also one of the ways Ghostery speeds up website loading speeds. Lastly, unlike UC Browser, Ghostery comes with a neat website layout suitable for any user.

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14. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is a free web browser that you can use on any device and still get an amazing user experience. Like UC Browser, Dolphin comes with multiple capabilities making it one of the best alternatives.

With Dolphin, you can easily open multiple tabs and enjoy perusing through different sites without any problems whatsoever. Dolphin also has flash support which lets you watch videos while browsing the internet.

Most notably, Dolphin allows gestures, a feature that will see you browse with ease. You can also get the feature on UC Browser despite it not being quite the same.

Like UC Browser, Dolphin allows voice search courtesy of Sonar, a smart voice search feature embedded on the Dolphin mobile app. That means, unlike UC Browser, you don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading and installing the voice search extension.

For easy functionality, Dolphin allows you to sync your data across multiple devices. Remember that each Dolphin feature is meant to ensure you have a fantastic browsing experience, whether you are a light or a heavy internet user.

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15. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser is an incredible web browser for anyone who wants to access the internet with ease. Unlike the UC Browser, Puffin is designed to cater to personal, family, business, enterprise, and educational use.

That is because the web browser is broad compared to UC Browser, with impressive features that will see you enjoy online surfing. For instance, Puffin guarantees secure web browsing, which means you are fully protected while on the internet.

Furthermore, the web browser comes with incognito mode, which allows private surfing. Once the incognito mode is activated, you don’t have to worry about leaving your search history on your PC.

The interface and browser design are even better than UC Browser, which guarantees an enhanced user experience. Lastly, the web browser is designed to avert cybersecurity.

Users don’t have to worry about attacks by hackers whenever they visit malicious sites. The stated functions and many more are why the Puffin browser is an excellent option for heavy browsers.

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Wrapping Up

From the list above, it is clear that UC Browser is one of the best applications to access the internet but not the only option.

There are better UC Browser alternatives such as Brave and Chrome that are much faster than UC Browser with much better layouts and extensions.

You can also opt for options like Ghostery and DuckDuckGo if you want utmost user privacy. Nevertheless, consider any of the listed options if you are looking for a fast, safe, and feature-rich browser.