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Is Wordle Too Easy? Try These 7 Harder Alternatives

Wordle is a word puzzle game where players are given six attempts to guess a five-letter word in 24 hours.

It’s really fun and addicting, which is why millions of people play it every day and talk about it on social networks.

However, if you’ve played this game for more than a few days, you know that it’s actually only challenging for a little while. After you’ve figured out some basic strategies, Wordle gets too easy.

So, what if you want something more challenging?

Fortunately, there is another level of word games that will have you scratching your head for hours, trying to figure out what letters can possibly make sense together.

In this post, I will take a look at seven more difficult alternatives to Wordle that will really push your brain to its limits.

Read on!

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Harder Alternatives To Wordle

1. Absurdle

Like Wordle, Absurdle is a five-letter word guessing game that can be played for free on any web browser. However, there’s a twist: the winning word on any given puzzle changes with each guess, making this one of the more insane alternatives to the addictive game.

Absurdle starts by displaying five blank squares on the screen, along with a keyboard. Your job is to fill in each tile with the correct letter so that all of the letters in a row appear in green.

The tiles will turn green if your guesses are in the right place, and yellow if they are present in the word but not in the right position. Those that are not part of the secret word will be highlighted in black.

Each time you enter a guess, the screen will reload with new blank rows.

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Absurdle is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that puts its own spin on this. It changes the answer every time you play until the very end, and you’ll only be able to guess the right word once there’s literally no other option.

This makes it more difficult to find the right word, but it also gives you the chance to take a risk and try out some words you wouldn’t normally think of.

The best thing about Absurdle is that, unlike Wordle, you can play it more than once a day and there are no attempt limits to hold you back. You also don’t have ads popping up every few seconds.

Besides, if you’re looking for something even more challenging, Absurdle offers four harder modes:

There’s a “Timed mode” that gives you 60 seconds to think over your choices before you make them. This version forces you to make decisions fast and not overthink your guesses, which is why it’s best suited for advanced players.

In the “Hard mode”, you have to make your guesses using the letters that have been revealed in green or yellow in previous puzzles. You can also choose the “Expanded word list” mode to make Absurdle’s AI word list bigger and be able to use obscure words.

The hardest though is the “Challenge mode”. This version of Absurdle requires you to know exactly what words will play a part in the secret word.

That means knowing how Absurdle’s AI plays inside and out, which is why it’s recommended for those who are already familiar with the game only.

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2. Kilordle

Kilordle is another tough substitute for Wordle. It’s a mind-bending word puzzle experience where instead of solving one single word, you’ll need to guess 1,000.

Here’s how it works: Kilordle’s game interface consists of multiple 6×5 grids and a minimalistic on-screen keyboard.

You have to make your guess by typing a five-letter word and then pressing the “GO button”. If you get it right, Kilordle will turn all the letters in the right tiles green.

If not, it turns them yellow. It will also show you all of your hits and misses on 40 puzzles so you don’t have to guess one at a time.

However, unlike other Wordle alternatives, Kilordle does not require you to solve all the word puzzles at once – in fact, that would be impossible. The ultimate goal of this game is to get five green letters in a row in as few tries as possible.

The trick is that once you enter a word in your first round, the tiles get locked, so you can’t go back and change your selection of letters. This adds an extra layer of challenge because you’ll be forced to think carefully about your choices early on in the game.

For example, in this game, your starting words are very important. Since there are so many possible solutions, it’s best to start with vowels so you can work your way up to form longer words.

In short, Kilordle isn’t just about making words with certain letter combinations while avoiding others; it also involves some strategy and planning ahead.

Besides, Kilordle doesn’t provide any additional hints or suggestions to help you find the right answer. If you get stuck in this game, you have to rely on your own wits.

The good news is that when you’re planning and formulating strategies for your next guess, there are no limits or boundaries. You can take your time and try different word combinations without worrying about being stuck at dead ends.

Another great thing about Kilordle is that it is completely free. There are also no in-app purchases, which means you won’t be able to buy any special features that can make the game easier. If you want to win this game, then you’ll have to work for it!

When it comes down to it though, I’ve found that Kilordle is all about practicing as much as possible. The more you play, the better you’ll get at it, so try your best and don’t be afraid to get creative.

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3. Sedecordle

Sedecordle is also a challenging option. It was created by Brad Bednar in February 2022, and today it has over 200,000 players every day.

In this game, there’s no clear way to organize letters into words. While in Wordle it is always easy to tell which letter is next, in Sedecordle you have to figure out 16 different secret words at once, and they all require different kinds of logic to solve.

On top of that, you only have 21 opportunities to guess them all. This sounds like a lot of pressure, but it actually makes the game more fun. It forces you to really think about each word and examine the clues with a more critical eye.

Sedecordle has a very simple interface. There are two 21×5 grids side by side and a simple keyboard on a black background.

You have to scroll down to see the other 14 boards, or you can click on the numbers at the top of the grid to switch between all of them. For example, if you click on the “5-6” box, you’ll be able to focus on those puzzles only.

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As you choose your letters, they will be applied simultaneously to all options. Once you press “Enter”, their corresponding spots on the grid will be highlighted in green if they are part of a correctly spelled secret word or yellow if they are incorrect.

In addition, you don’t have to download any application or software in order to play Sedecordle. The game is available completely free of charge on its official website and you can access it from desktops, mobile phones, or tablets.

It also doesn’t have any kind of ad, which allows you to fully enjoy the game without interruptions.

Besides, just like Wordle, the game includes a social element that helps make the experience even more competitive. If you manage to solve all 16 words, you can share your results with friends and family on any social network.

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4. Octordle

Octordle is another game that’s similar to Wordle, but it’s a lot harder. It uses the same basic premise: you’re given a grid of letters and you have to figure out the secret words.

However, instead of guessing one word in six attempts, the goal of Octordle is to guess eight five-letter words with only 13 opportunities.

This introduces a new element of strategy that isn’t present in Wordle: the number of words you attempt to cover simultaneously. You’ll need to guess eight separate secret words at once, which makes your starting words more important than ever before.

Now, the gameplay is pretty much the same: using the on-screen keyboard, you have to enter a five-letter word to find out if it is the right one or not and get clues to continue playing.

When you guess one of the secret words in a particular grid, that grid will be blocked off and you can continue trying to guess the rest.

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However, the most difficult part of the game is keeping track of the letters and words in each grid. Since there are eight different options for each word, it is impossible to cover them all on the same screen.

You will have to scroll down constantly to check your hits and misses. This is crucial because even if you figure out most of the letters in one of the words, they may not match up with any of the other seven solutions.

On the other hand, Octordle puzzles don’t have a 24-hour limit. You can play every day, but there’s also unlimited content in many other game modes – some of them with more challenging puzzles than the original version.

For example, there are thematic challenges and even a “Daily Rescue” mode that lets you solve as many puzzles as you like using fixed starting words.

These modes are available in the free version, but you can get even more features if you decide to become an Octodle gold member.

By making a one-time payment of $8, you’ll get access to an ad-free game experience, so if you want to play without being interrupted, this is a plus.

The premium version also includes progress backup and restore and sync options, as well as a set of starter words to make things easier.

This amount may change, so check Octordle’s pricing page for the latest information.

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5. Quordle

Quordle takes all of what makes Wordle great and then cranks up the difficulty by adding in four grids. This means that instead of having to guess one word, you’ll have to guess four secret words at the same time to win the game.

This sounds easy enough, but it can get very complicated quickly. This is because there are so many possible combinations for each set of letters that it could take forever to figure out all of them.

To play, you simply have to choose letters from the keyboard that’s at the bottom of the page and hit “Enter”. Once it’s done processing, it’ll show up which letters are correct in green and which ones are incorrect in yellow.

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Quordle also has some other neat features that make it stand out from Wordle. First, you will get only nine chances to guess the right answer.

Second, there is a special “Practice Mode”. If you get stuck during one of the daily games, you can use this mode to test yourself or get used to playing before going into the daily ranking.

And finally, you can play Quordle once every day and save your progress so you can come back any time in the next 24 hours.

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6. Dordle

Dordle is a fun, addictive word puzzle game for those who are looking for something similar to Wordle but with an added level of difficulty.

Dordle is also known as the “double version” of Wordle, because its goal is to guess two words instead of just one.

However, the number of attempts you will have to achieve your goal is not doubled. Instead of six, you will only have seven.

This forces you to completely change your strategy and think more carefully about each of your tries.

You will need to choose at every turn whether to get more information and clues and thus increase your chances of solving both words or sacrifice one of them in order to discover the other.

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In Dordle’s interface, you’ll see two grids side by side. To start playing, you’ll just need to enter a five-letter word – the correct answers will be highlighted in green and the wrong ones in yellow.

In addition, Dordle has an endless mode called “Free Dordle” that allows you to play unlimited new puzzles every day.

This opens up new possibilities for play, giving players more time to strategize and experiment with different combinations than they would have if they’d been trying to solve just one word at a time.

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7. Semantle

Semantle is another harder alternative to Wordle. It takes the same concept of Wordle and makes it more challenging by expanding the rules to include not just correct spelling, but also meaning.

Instead of simply finding words that contain letters in the right order, you have to find words that mean something similar to the secret word.

Fortunately, Semantle allows you as many attempts as you need to get the solution. However, winning this game can be complicated for several reasons:

For one thing, the game doesn’t provide you with any clues, and you will have to make the best out of each of your tries to get closer to the answer.

Semantle helps you out a bit along the way with a Hot and Cold meter that tells you how close or far away from the answer you are. If the word you select has little or no relation to the solution, the game will give you a similarity ranking on a scale of 100 – for example, 30.70 out of 100.

If you score a word that reaches 100, the similarity ranking will change to out of 1,000. This means your word choice is “hot” and you will be able to see how close you are to solving the secret word.

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However, there is another catch. For example, if the word of the day is something similar to “happy”, using words like “joyful” and “content” won’t necessarily guarantee you a high similarity score.

Capitalized words, terms, or phrases that are uncommon in everyday speech, or that don’t share a similar context to that of the answer, won’t help you much.

Besides, Semantle is powered by Word2vec, which is a neural network that learns word associations based on a 5,000 words data set.

The thing is, this algorithm seems to have figured out some slightly more sophisticated relationships between words – more abstract ones that you wouldn’t expect in a word puzzle game.

As an added bonus, Semantle also has some unique social and achievement features. Unlike Wordle, you can play this game on a team.

To do it, you just have to click on the “Play with friends” button at the top right corner of the screen and get the code that will give everyone access to a private game room. Then, you can share that code by email or text message with others so they can join.

On top of that, if you have a Twitter account and connect it to the game, you will be able to save your progress on any device. You’ll see the statistics of your solo games as well as those of your team.

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Wrap Up

While Wordle offers a lot of appeal in its simplicity, you may find yourself wishing for something a little more complex and challenging.

All the games I’ve listed above take the same concept and spruce it up a bit by adding some twists that make it harder, more engaging, and more fun.

However, the toughest option is Absurdle. The AI makes strategic decisions that can affect your gameplay and force you to constantly challenge your skill level.

It’s much more mentally stimulating than Wordle and better suited to satisfy hardcore word-game enthusiasts.