15 Best Wordle Alternatives 2024

If like me, you’re a sucker for word puzzles, you must have heard and tried playing the Wordle game. It has grown from being just a regular online game to one that has garnered fans from all over the world.

Owned by The New York Times, Wordle is a free online game that allows players to guess a five-word puzzle game in just six trials. After you’ve used your trials, you can’t play the game till midnight when it automatically resets in your country’s time zone.

The game is an interesting one and having to stick with just one puzzle for the day kills the excitement. Thankfully, there are other games like Wordle that you can play whenever you like, and some even offer an offline option.

I’ve compiled a list of these alternatives so that you can play and keep your competitive streak running.

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Top Wordle Alternatives You Should Check Out

1. Octordle

Octordle is an alternative that most Wordle players are gradually taking advantage of. The game is quite simple to play.

All you have to do is solve either different puzzles of five letter words with just 13 guesses after which the game resets. The word tile changes color to show how close your guess was to the correct answer.

You’re provided with a letter that is placed correctly in the word, one that is placed in the wrong spot, and one that isn’t part of the word. Octordle is similar to Wordle in the sense that you have to guess a five-letter word correctly to win.

However, the difference is that Octordle allows players to solve eight different five-letter word games with 13 guesses, unlike Wordle which allows six guesses.

I enjoy Octordle because it has different gaming modes. First, there’s the Daily Octordle which allows you to play the game normally and resets after the guesses have been used.

Then there’s Free Octordle for new players who are still getting the hang of the game. You can play this for as long as you want. Other gaming modes include Sequence, Rescue, Challenge, Easy, and Casual Modes.

Players are even allowed to reset their progress if they want. Octordle can be played on both mobile phones and PC via the game’s official website.

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2. Heardle

Heardle is another Wordle alternative, but unlike Wordle which focuses on words, Heardle focuses on music. If you’re a music lover, Heardle is the perfect game to relax and relieve stress.

Playing the game is very simple. You have to listen to the intro of a popular song that plays for two seconds and stops. You have to guess the correct name of the song or artist on time to win the game.

There’s the option of skipping the round, with every skip equaling a total of 16 seconds but you have only six guesses before the game ends. However, just like Wordle, Heardle allows users to copy and share their scores in the form of emojis with friends and other players.

Perhaps the biggest reason why I like Heardle is that whether you win or not, you’re allowed to listen to an entire sound and just enjoy the music.

It can be played with family and friends, and there’s a wide variety of songs to choose from whether you want music from the 60s or you want to listen to the latest songs. There is also a search box that lets you search for the music title or artist name.

Heardle is free to use, and players can enjoy this game once they log in to the official website on their phone or computer web browser.

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3. Waffle

Waffle is another spin-off of Wordle. It is a daily word game and players are to solve six different five-letter words with 15 guesses or less with information on where they’ve been placed.

To play the game, you have to switch the positions of the letters of the Waffle grid with just 15 guesses until they’re in the right order. If you guess a letter correctly, the Waffle grid shows green and gets locked.

If it shows yellow, it means you’re almost close to guessing the correct word. Waffle is almost a clone of Wordle because there’s almost no difference in how the game is played as long as you understand how Wordle works.

You’d have to make more swaps to ensure you get the solution word. Best of all, Waffle allows just one game for a day but it’s super fun and challenging. The game can be played via its official website on their phones and computer browsers.

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4. Who Are Ya

If you like word puzzles and are also a die-hard football or soccer fan, then Who Are Ya is a fantastic alternative to check out. It is very similar to Wordle but while Wordle tests your knowledge of words, Who Are Ya tests your knowledge of football.

Playing the game is pretty easy. Once you log in, you’ll find the number of the puzzle you’re working on alongside the game name.

Depending on your knowledge of football, you can choose the Easy or Challenge mode. The Easy Mode displays pictures, but the Challenge Mode doesn’t display pictures.

You also choose if you want to play from the 5 big European leagues – which are the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1.

You can also choose to guess players from other famous leagues. Depending on the mode you’re playing, a distorted blurry picture comes on the screen and you have just eight guesses to solve the game.

If you have a particular player in mind, you simply type his name (which can be swapped) and if the system brings it up, then other details about the players appear. These details include the player’s nationality, league, club, position, and age.

As you guess correctly and the game progresses, the photo starts to get less blurry. The trick to winning with lesser attempts is to guess the player’s correct nationality. Once you’ve guessed correctly, all grey tiles will be green showing that you’ve won the game of the day.

Although it is similar to Wordle, it is solely for football/soccer fans. There’s the option of sharing your score on other social media platforms. Most of all, the game can be accessed from the game’s official website.

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5. Byrdle

Perhaps a favorite on my list is Byrdle. It is another worthy Wordle alternative but is targeted at musically-inclined players. The game is very easy to play.

You have to guess six-letter word games with just seven attempts. The correct word is usually from choral music and appears in the form of plurals, musical terms from other languages, and proper nouns.

Once you guess it all correctly, the tiles change to green. Like Wordle, Byrdle players are also provided with a letter that is in the correct spot, one that is in the wrong spot, and one that is not in the word at any spot.

It is also a daily game that reset at midnight. The only difference between Byrdle and Wordle is that the word puzzles in Byrdle are solely from choral music.

I especially like Byrdle because it is not so complicated and it’s free to play. Users can play via their computer and phone using a web browser.

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6. Sweardle

Sweardle is a more controversial version of Wordle. If you converse a lot using swear words, you might want to have a look at this word game.

As the name implies, Sweardle is a swear-word guessing game. Playing this game is very easy, especially if you’re an expert with swear words. You have to correctly solve a four-letter swear word with only four guesses.

Once you type in a word on the four letter tiles, it’ll show green if the letter is correct and also in the right spot. Yellow appears if the letter is correct but in the wrong spot.

If the tile is grey, then the letter is not part of the word at all. Sweardle is almost the same as Wordle, with the main difference being that it has an adult twist.

I like that it is not so complicated. It also opens you to a lot of swear words that you probably have never heard before. The game is free to play via a web browser on your phone or computer.

7. Letterpress

Another impressive word game that you’ll love is the Letterpress game. It is unique in the sense that it is played between two opponents who have to create a six-letter word from a 5 x 5 tile grid.

Any letter on the tile can be used to create a word and you can also tap from anywhere on the grid. Once you tap a letter, it automatically turns blue while your opponent turns pink.

Letterpress has its rules and one of them is that both players can use words that have been used already. You’ll have to use letters that are entirely different from a played word.

Your tile will change colors if you and your partner continuously play the same words. I enjoy playing Letterpress because it has a twist – you can lock in your tile with surrounding tiles, turning it to a darker shade of its original color.

Once you successfully lock your tile, your opponent’s tile won’t change color even if he spells a word using your locked tile. Although Letterpress is an alternative to Wordle, I think it is more fun, especially with its cute effect and nice messaging system that allows you to chat with your opponent.

The game also allows two players and the player with the most tiles wins the game. Letterpress can be played via a web browser using a phone or computer.

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8. Crosswordle

If you’re extremely confident in your word guessing skill and want to show off, Crosswordle is definitely for you. It is almost like a combination of Wordle, crossword, and even sudoku.

One interesting feature about this word game is how it works using a reverse or backtracking Wordle method. There’s already a solved word provided in the last row. However, you’ll have to guess the correct letters in the other rows using letters from the solved word.

I love that Crosswordle is mentally stimulating because there are error indications that come up when the letter isn’t properly placed or is overused.

Another beautiful feature of this game is that there are green, yellow, and grey tiles that represent the correct letter in the right spot, the correct letter in the wrong spot, and a letter that isn’t in any spot respectively.

Each row of solved words must be a valid word. There isn’t much difference between Crosswordle and Wordle although Crosswordle, as the name indicates, features a crossword version. To play the game, simply visit its official website.

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9. SWordle

There was a time when Star Wars was the rave among movie lovers. Wordle is currently a rave among word game lovers. You can only guess that SWordle is the matrimony of Wordle and the Star Wars franchise.

Here, players are to guess a Star Wars word in just six attempts. Each word has to be a five-letter word which may be the plural form of the word. There is also the inclusion of numbers and symbols for other Star Wars characters like droids.

Just like Wordle, there are green, yellow, and grey tiles in this word game with each meaning the same thing as with Wordle. With over 14,000 words all centered on the Star Wars franchise, you can always show off by trying to solve a word.

One thing to love about this word game is that it gives players a hint once they’ve had three unsuccessful attempts. You can only play this game on the official website using a website browser either on a phone or computer.

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10. Squabble

Squabble is a combination of word and battle games. It is the perfect alternative for players who enjoy word puzzles and a bit of competition.

To play Squabble, you’d have to guess a five-letter word alongside other players. It is almost similar to Wordle in the sense that correct letters turn green, while letters that are part of the word but in the wrong position show green, and the wrong letters appear black.

Since it has the addition of Battle Royale, players can see each others’ screens and each will attempt to solve the word puzzle.

The twist to Squabble, which I like a lot, is that the wrong attempts or taking time to guess slowly ‘hurts’ the player. Once you make the right guess, you become healed and increase your chances.

Another thing I like about Squabble is that it features two game modes, one of which is blitz which allows from two to five players. There’s the Squabble Royale which allows up to 99 players to participate in the game at once.

Lastly, you can play the game with your computer and it’s free to play.

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11. Hurdle

Hurdle is a fantastic Wordle alternative for players who don’t like being restricted to just one-word puzzles like Wordle. If, like me, you are tired of being limited to one game a day, then you’ll enjoy Hurdle.

To play Hurdle, you have to solve five different word puzzles before the game ends. That is, you’ll need to clear up four-word hurdles before the final word appears and you have just six guesses for the final word.

For every word you guess correctly, it becomes one guess for the final word. That means if you solve four-word hurdles, you’re left with just two guesses to solve the final word. If you fail, you’ll have to wait till the next day to play a new game.

I like Hurdle a lot because it isn’t as limiting as Wordle and it’s also free to play. All you need to do is to visit the game’s official website using your phone or computer web browser.

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12. Redactle

Redactle is another awesome Wordle alternative that focuses on words, but rather than appearing in a grid, it comes in the form of missing words. That is, it appears in the form of an article with words that are blocked out.

If you’re an avid reader, especially one that enjoys Wikipedia articles, you will enjoy playing Redactle. To play the game, you first have to log in to a browser. A Wikipedia article appears with missing words.

You’ll have to read the article and guess what words fit in each box. Even though not all the words are redacted, they mostly consist of prepositions that do not offer any clue at all which is where the fun lies!

The more you can guess the words, the more you might be able to uncover the article’s subject. I love how mentally stimulating the game is and you have an almost unlimited number of guesses.

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13. Kilordle

Kilordle is another fun word game to check out. The game allows players to guess 1000 words simultaneously. Unlike Wordle, there’s no limit to your guesses. You’ll keep guessing until you get the correct answer.

A trick that works is simply adding a set of words that include variations of the same words in the dictionary. Kilordle is also mentally stimulating and will help boost your vocabulary.

Best of all, there’s a tracker that shows the number of words you’ve solved and how many are left. You can play Kilordle on your phone or computer via a web browser.

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14. SpellTower

SpellTower is one more Wordle alternative and one of my favorites. It is very simple to play and the rules of the game are easy to grasp.

The player is presented with a grid of letter tiles and you must create new words from words provided on the screen. As you create new words, a set of newsletter tiles will appear.

You have to keep creating correct words because if the letter tiles go above the line placed at the top of the screen, then you have lost the game. I like that it isn’t complicated and unlike Wordle, there is no specified number of guesses as long as the tiles don’t go above the top line.

I also like there are a variety of game modes like Daily Puzzle, Zen, Rush, Search, Tower, Double Puzzle, and so on. The game also has a tutorial that gets you all prepared before playing. That way, the game rules become etched in your memory, simplifying the gaming process for you.

Best of all, SpellTower is available as an app for both Apple and Android devices. You can also play the game via SpellTower’s official website.

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15. Letter Quest

Letter Quest – Grimm’s Journey is a word game that combines role-playing features to become a turn-based RPG. To play, you simply have to help Grimm and Rose, who are grim reapers, attack monsters by spelling words.

The monsters are not totally harmless as they can fight back by creating word tiles like poison, plague, whirlwind, and other elements to reduce your chances of winning. Challenges like this make the game more exciting to play.

There are about 40 stages in this game that you can play in four different ways and you’ll need to upgrade your books, weapons, potions, and other valuable tools to help fight against these monsters. I like that Letter Quest is kid-friendly and has lots of colorful artwork.

You can play the game from anywhere and on any device. Simply download the app from the Apple Store or you can visit its official website to play it.

Wrapping Up

Out of the Wordle alternatives reviewed above, my favorite is SpellTower. It is easily my top choice because it strikes the perfect balance between simple and difficult.

You almost grasp the basics of the game immediately. Thanks to the basic tutorial provided to get you all prepped.

SpellTower also features about 11 game modes which make for varied and exciting gameplay. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing as well and you can download the mobile app from Play Store and Apple Store for easy access.

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