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REIPro vs PropStream – Which Is Better?

Real estate is a lucrative business, but it can be time-consuming. The challenges of getting things working for you can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper tools.

From building relationships and generating leads to securing deals, you need a strategic mindset and a competitive edge to reap the benefits.

A good competitive advantage is a must, even if you have an excellent network with the best lenders, contractors, wholesalers, and investors. This is where tools like REIPro and PropStream come in.

PropStream and REIPro let you generate comprehensive and reliable real estate data nationwide sourced from country recordings, private data sources, and MLS records.

If you want to access a wealth of valuable data to help you create effective and targeted marketing campaigns leading to profitable real estate deals, stick with me as I compare the two.

Here’s PropStream vs REIPro.

What is REIPro?

REIPro is a fully-fledged lead generation and marketing tool that helps you grow your real estate business.

Established in 2024 by Chris Goff and Bo Manry, REIPro takes you through selling and buying property from a single centralized system. It lets you search for property, communicate directly with prospects, run marketing campaigns, analyze deals, and more.

Over the years, this software has grown to be a game changer. Its notable features include a direct mail system, workflow system, lead generation, CRM, print marketing tools, deal analyzer, MLS comparable, and property search function.

It is built with free postcard and letter templates to help you with direct mailing campaigns.

What is PropStream?

PropStream is another software like REIPro with ample real estate and investor tools, data, and marketing solutions.

It is ideal for agents, brokers, property managers, contractors, appraisers, loan originators, and investors looking to utilize its tools to drive business growth and success.

This tool will guide you to find hot investment deals, seller data, marketing solutions, contact aggregation, and more. Using PropStream, you can analyze large market data like vacant property and pre-foreclosures to generate leads.

Most of its features are tailored to market intelligence, marketing and prospecting, landing page building, and direct mailing.

REIPro vs PropStream: How do they Work?


REIPro has a workflow methodology that walks you through each stage of your real estate investment process. It lets you access vital information about potential buyers and sellers, including their email addresses and phone numbers.

You’ll also review properties, their mortgage amounts, and tax details dating back ten years. The investment process is streamlined in a way that you’ll search for homes, review transactions, etc. The software allows you to centralize and manage all your business data from a single location.

REIPro integrates with plenty of third-party software to streamline your real estate marketing and campaign processes.

These include:

  • WordPress
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Jotform
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Google Suite
  • Woofoo by Survey Monkey
  • Trello
  • ClickFunnels
  • Mailchimp
  • Squarespace
  • And more


PropStream is a comprehensive platform that provides solutions for real estate investors looking for current data on available properties. Being a web-based platform, this tool provides the latest data on real estate properties across different regions.

Real estate agents, investors, contractors, lenders, brokers, and property managers can use it to access market insights and other reliable information that will guide their decision-making.

With PropStream, you can research and analyze your data before visiting the property site, saving you time.

Whether in the office or on the go, you can search particular markets to equip yourself with information on particular locations and property profiles to help you act quickly on hot deals.

Once you find a property, you’ll be able to view the details, investment opportunities, and comps.

Save properties and skip trace to find crucial information about the property owners. You can even send them postcards directly from the app.

Its desktop version provides detailed analysis and helps you get more organized, with helpful charts and batch skip trace capabilities. PropStream also has a driving for dollars app that lets you record routes and spot property in real time.

REIPro vs PropStream: Lead Generation


REIPro offers you the opportunity to look up properties in more than 150 listings. Its lead generation tool helps you to narrow down your property search by filtering the properties in different categories like vacant, pre-foreclosure, bank-owned, trust-owned, and potential equity by type, price, age, size, etc.

The tool is updated to ensure you receive current data with viable listings. This allows you to compare property value with loan amounts and assess property margins.

As a real estate investor, you’ll find REIPro very simple to use when implementing direct marketing. The tool gives you email transcripts, which you can customize when sending personalized messages to prospects.

It also has contracts and offers templates to use during the legal processes of selling and buying homes. You can use this software to design marketing campaigns and send messages via the integrated mail platform. It’s easy to track campaigns and evaluate your strategies.

REIPro researches county tax assessors and courthouse records to provide updates you can use to obtain property leads.


PropStream has a List Automator to help you target and manage lead lists without a hassle. By automating your lists, you’ll receive accurate information to get you to close those deals. The List Automator provides new leads in line with your search criteria.

It also removes outdated leads to ensure you’re left with something other than accurate data and currency. PropStream appends your lists with up-to-date information, even if you obtained them from another service.

It conducts daily updates to furnish you with the latest information. The built-in marketing tool lets you engage with property owners and generate leads. It makes it easy to target your lists using email systems, postcard generators, etc. This gets you to prospects faster and close deals.


REIPro wins here. The platform is simple to use and has templates that make creating and customizing messages easy. It also updates listings on a daily basis to ensure you have current and accurate information at all times.

REIPro vs PropStream: Marketing Tools


REIPro has a vast marketing library consisting of a variety of materials, including postcards, emails, budget sheets, flyers, letter templates, and checklists. It also lets you upload your own materials to personalize your campaigns.

With 90 unique postcard design templates, you can tailor marketing messages to different prospects based on their status.

The Skip Tracing tool helps you to locate property owners’ contact details from single or multiple leads. The software provides three landline phone numbers, three mobile numbers, and all the email addresses linked to a lead.


PropStream has a wide range of marketing tools too. They include creating custom landing pages, the ability to get information on property owners, creating in-browser ads, and sending ringless voicemails and personalized postcards to prospective customers.

PropStream enables you to build a consistent approach that will help enhance your overall business performance. Its marketing features simplify the process of sending automated postcards and emails, including creating custom landing pages.

Its custom landing page builder drives more leads even if you don’t have a website. It provides a self-hosted solution while eliminating the need to set up a web hosting server.

The platform does skip tracing with DNC scrubbing to streamline and boost the quality of contact information. This allows you to perform whole marketing and prospecting.


On marketing tools, PropStream has the upper hand because of its ability to create custom landing pages using its custom landing page builder. This tool helps you to generate more leads, with or without a website. It is a self-hosted solution that doesn’t need you to set up a web hosting server.

REIPro vs PropStream: Direct Mail System


Direct mailing with REIPro lets you build tailored marketing campaigns to drive leads effectively. You can develop multiple campaigns without restrictions on what and how you want your campaigns to be done.

It enables you to print letters and postcards, add leads, and monitor all your mailed correspondence. You can also send postcards with the in-house printing service, export lists, create follow-up campaigns, and identify the campaigns you no longer need.

REIPro’s LISTMaid service tidies up your database to remove address errors and duplicates. This leaves you with a clean and accurate list of contact information that minimizes returned emails.

With the direct mail system, you are empowered to create postcard campaigns, export campaign lists, print letters on demand, order postcards from an in-house printing service, and archive your campaigns for follow-up.

It also has a service for mailing postcards and tracking all the people you’ve mailed.


PropStream lets you use custom images or pre-designed templates to create postcards. When creating new postcards, the software automatically applies your profile details and the prospect’s contact information.

It provides customization options, allowing you to change images, add logos, modify background color, and include dynamic messages.

The platform sends your postcards directly to the addresses in your database.


The winning platform in the direct mail system category is REIPro. Besides creating postcards and exporting lists, you can print your letters and order postcards from its in-house printing service and track all the contacts you’ve mailed. It also has a LISTMaid tool that cleans the database of duplicates and errors, leaving you with accurate contact information.

REIPro vs PropStream: Workflow Management


REIPro has a workflow system that encompasses stages and tasks to complete before you close the deal.

From property information, inspection, offers, buyers, affidavits, and more, the system will guide you through each step. Its workflow is connected to a CRM to take care of the buyer, seller, and other connections.

The workflow system furnishes you with details on property owners, including their age, demographic, status, and more. It has a library of questions and phone scripts to use when dealing with property owners.

At the inspection stage, you have auto-calculating tools and inspection forms to calculate property repair costs and the worth after every repair. The All-Access Comparables Pass lets you access data from MLS sales dates and prices, including country record sales.

You can sort your data and get a comparison report from the workflow system. It is a deal analyzer that lets you perform financial analysis in any circumstance. It also allows you to offer cash, lease, and seller financing possibilities.

Through collaboration with Rocker Lawyer, REIPro lets you make contracts with property sellers, create affidavits, find buyers, and close deals.


PropStream comes with team collaboration features where you can add teams and set permissions during projects. This way, you’ll seamlessly collaborate on running comps, sending postcards, building marketing lists, and skip tracing.

Your team members can share and discuss projects, make notes, set tags, and assign tasks to each other to make work easier.

PropStream shows market trends analytics to help you find the right property to prospect. It offers heat map overlays, equity and values, neighborhood statistics, and reports and calculators.

It allows you to get analysis reports, comps reports, cash flow reports, county assessor maps, market analyses, and more. With these reports, you can calculate the market values of properties and evaluate new listings, price changes, equity values, and other crucial details for the properties you’re interested in.

Its Rehab Estimator is PropStream’s deal analyzer. It estimates the repair costs to help you evaluate property worth after repairs.


Regarding workflow management, REIPro does a better job of guiding you through each step of your investment until you close the deal.

REIPro vs PropStream: Mobile Responsiveness


You can access all desktop features of REIPro on your mobile devices and work on the go. The app lets you search property listings by geo location and skip trace homeowners, just like you would on your personal computer.

This makes it easy for you to work and collaborate with other investors and teams regardless of where you are.


PropStream also has a mobile app to help you save properties on the go. The app is available on Android and Apple devices, and you can use it for driving for dollars.

You can access the same features available on the desktop, like property owner information, comps, property details, geo-location, drive history, session recording, skip tracing, marketing, team collaboration, and more.

The mobile app does more. It is equipped with drive logs to prevent you from going through the same territory. It also has filters that work well with your phone’s built-in GPS.


Both platforms have apps you can utilize on the go. The apps are fully featured to ensure you complete your tasks efficiently and on time.

REIPro vs PropStream: Search Functionality


REIPro’s search feature lets you find properties quickly depending on what you want. Other than the basic data, this functionality allows you to access a property’s potential equity and estimated value.

Besides, you can filter the search results based on various parameters, such as property attributes, property type, bedrooms, price, potential equity, owner types, transaction history, comps, and more.

The information obtained from these results can buttress your marketing campaigns, making them more interesting, personalized, and unique to your prospects.


The platform has an easy-to-use search feature that allows you to search properties and access valuable data within seconds.

PropStream has five major searches. The first and most interesting one is the county-level search that lets you type the county name followed by a comma, spacing, and the state’s abbreviation. Recommendations will quickly appear below the search bar.

You can also perform a city-level search and see the recommendations. Third, you can type in a zip code and search to see various recommendations. The zip code search lets you search up to five zip codes and displays relevant results for each.

What I like about PropStream’s search is the draw feature, which is found on the map itself, in the upper left section, shaped as a pencil icon. Use the pencil to draw a shape of the area you’d like to search on the map and the results under the area drawn will populate.

Lastly, you can search using a specific property address. Recommendations will appear, and you can see the neighboring records around the property.


PropStream wins hands down. It has more robust features to make your searches easy and more meaningful.

REIPro vs PropStream: Pricing


REIPro has a 14-day free trial with three paid plans with more advanced features to use as a realtor. Its Standard Plan is designed for one user and costs $99/month.

The Standard Plus Plan is for five users and costs $139/month. The Team Plan is designed for ten users and costs $249/month. Find out more on REIPro pricing from its pricing page.


PropStream offers a seven-day free trial. Its pricing plan is designed like a building block where you purchase a basic package with main features at $99/month.

After that, you can buy the features lacking from this package at a fixed monthly price. More pricing details are indicated on its pricing page. Additional charges are on a per-usage basis.


REIPro offers clear pricing options that don’t require purchasing extra features to use with your preferred package.

REIPRo vs PropStream: Customer Support


REIPro provides excellent customer support. The moment you get to their page, you’ll see its Live Chat at the bottom right side of the page.

The platform also avails information through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You will find helpful information through text and videos.

On its Contact page, there is a contact form, phone number, and email address through which you can contact its customer support team.


PropStream has a wealth of resources, including free videos, social media platforms, blogs, and an academy with courses to help you navigate the platform like a pro.

Its glossary contains real estate terminologies to equip you with industry knowledge. The resource page is full of videos and live webinars that will equip you to become a renowned real estate investor.

On the blog, you’ll receive the latest updates on tools to use in your real estate venture. The customer support team is available via phone, email, and live chat. Other resources include the FAQ page, help page, and mobile app.


PropStream wins when it comes to customer support. It has plenty of information sources you can utilize to get help from its support teams.

REIPro vs PropStream: Pros & Cons

REIPro Pros

  • It has a user-friendly design
  • Offers a 14-day free trial to test drive before subscribing to paid plans
  • It gives you easy access to a direct mail campaign system with tracking capabilities
  • Finding and promoting deals is very convenient
  • Straightforward subscription plans
  • Plenty of integrations with familiar tools
  • Easy to connect and collaborate with other property investors
  • Plenty of educational videos to learn from
  • Streamlined real estate investment process through the 10-step workflow system
  • Collates business information in a centralized place


  • No landing page builder

PropStream Pros

  • PropStream streamlines processes by consolidating data in a simple, single solution
  • It has an extensive knowledge base that helps you get started and provides quick access to the customer support team
  • It offers a flat monthly fee
  • Has pre-built filtering options for targeting motivated property sellers
  • Great direct mail, skip tracing, website building, and email marketing capabilities
  • It lets you view records before downloading lists


  • It has a learning curve making it challenging for beginners to master.
  • No search function in the Help section
  • The paid package has limitations. You have to pay for extra add-ons
  • Lack of integrations with other useful apps
  • Designed for house investors mostly and not land investors

PropStream vs REIPro: Similarities and Differences


  • They both let you track and monitor your leads and close more deals
  • Both software have mobile app enhancements
  • Both have a rich feature set for real estate investment
  • They both offer excellent skip tracing
  • Both software offer marketing automation, allowing you to contact sellers directly through postcards and email
  • Both offer team collaboration features


  • REIPro has plenty of third-party integrations, but PropStream has none
  • PropStream seems to focus more on house owners while REIPro targets both homeowners and landowners
  • REIPro updates its data daily to give accurate, up-to-date information. The same cannot be said about PropStream
  • REIPro comes with a workflow system that guides users on every stage of real estate investment. This simplifies the process, unlike PropStream, which has a learning curve.
  • PropStream comes with plenty of educational resources compared to REIPro
  • PropStream offers a seven-day free trial, while REIPro comes with a 14-day free trial
  • While REIPro has standardized pricing, PropStream offers a flat fee with priced add-ons for you to use based on your needs

REIPro vs PropStream – Which Is Better?

I recommend REIPro for property data processing for its extensive features and capabilities. With this tool, you can quickly look up property and owner information and perform your prospecting and marketing campaigns on time.

The tool enables direct mailing, with plenty of templates for various property types and owners, including for sale by owner, absentee owners, and more.

The best part about REIPro is that its features align with the workflow stages you have to go through as an investor until you close the deal. The platform provides supporting tools and documents your office will need, including contract templates, mortgage calculators, business plans, etc.

The platform offers many third-party integrations to help streamline your processes. It also has educational resources that guide you through every stage of your operations.