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Voluum Reviews, Pricing, Coupons, And The Three Best Alternatives

Tracking your affiliate campaigns properly is important for achieving success. By analyzing data about their advertising campaigns and affiliate offers, affiliate marketers can weed out ineffective campaigns and unpopular products.

Voluum is a popular tool for affiliate marketers who want to track their campaigns.

In this article, you’ll read a brief overview of Voluum. We’ll also provide pricing information and coupons, as well as a list of three popular alternatives.

Voluum Overview

Voluum provides affiliate marketers with an all-in-one campaign tracking service. Let’s go through some of its main features.

Track Your Campaigns

With Voluum, you can track all aspects of your campaigns, including creatives, referer links, carriers, browser versions, device models, and more.

Not only can you track each and every event, such as clicks and views, but you can also track your costs and profits. There are different ways to track campaigns, including using cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, cost-per-action, and other revenue models.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

For multiple lead entrance points, you can set up custom tracking campaigns for each point and track each customer’s lifetime value. For example, you can set up different tracking campaigns for demo signups, ebook downloads, and purchases.

There’s no need to use redirects with Voluum as they have a tracking pixel that can be used instead. Many advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, frown on advertisers who use redirects.

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Analyze Your Data

There will be in-depth reports about each campaign or event you are tracking. For each visit, there will be more than 30 data points.

Data points can be grouped together in order to analyze trends and potentially profitable areas. All data will be updated instantly and in real-time.

Just log into your dashboard to see a quick overview of your most important campaign metrics.

Traffic logs with raw data will be generated as well.

To make it easier for its users, Voluum has designed a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Not only can users access real-time reports straight from their mobile devices, but they can also set up alerts about changes in activity in their campaigns.

Optimize Your Campaigns

All of the data you will get from your Voluum reports, such as demographics and age groups, will allow you to improve your targeting.

In addition, with Voluum, you can set up automatic campaign optimization. With this feature, visitors will automatically be directed to your best performing offers and landing pages.

Another way to direct your traffic to specific landing pages or offers is by setting up custom rules.

Conversion caps can also be put into place to prevent going over the allowed limit for an offer (many CPA offers will have a limit as to how many leads they will reward you for during a specific time period).

A/B split testing can be used to optimize your campaigns as well.

With Voluum, you can also compare different affiliate offers straight from your dashboard. This way, you can stop wasting time on sub-par offers that have lower earning potential.

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Security and Fraud Detection

All of your tracking domains will be secured via SSL encryption. Suspicious visits and clicks will be recorded.

What constitutes a suspicious or low-quality visit? Here are the 10 metrics that Voluum uses:

  • Badly-ranked websites
  • Unsupported OS versions
  • Fast clickers
  • Frequent events
  • Frequent campaign events
  • Unrecognized devices
  • Library robots
  • Traffic from known data centers
  • Unrecognized user agents
  • Time to convert metrics

You can also get evidence about fraudulent activity from publishers.

Protection measures can be put into place to prevent future invalid traffic without slowing down the speed of your redirects.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

As we mentioned above, a traffic log with raw data will be generated. There will be over 25 details for each visit, including information about traffic authenticity.


Reports can easily be shared with those on your team and other third parties. You decide who gets access to which data.

Create working groups and grant access to specific associates. You can also set up a multi-user Voluum account.

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Voluum Customer Reviews

Voluum has mostly positive reviews from customers, with some mixed opinions. A quick Google search will bring up a number of positive reviews from bloggers.

On G2 Crowd, Voluum currently has an average star rating of 3.8, with one 5-star review, one 4-star review, and one 3.5-star review.

On Capterra, Voluum currently has an average star rating of 3.5 as well, with 10 reviews in total. However, most reviewers rated it 4- or 5- stars, with only one 1-star review, one 2-star review, and one 3-star review.

In addition, while Voluum got 3.5-stars on average for both its overall rating and its ease of use, it got 4-stars for customer service.

Voluum Customer Support and Resources

Voluum offers a number of free resources to its users.

There is a blog with helpful information, as well as a video tutorial center. There, you can find a series of videos that will guide you on getting started with using Voluum.

There are also step-by-step user guides you can follow and recorded webinars you can watch.

To get in touch with the Voluum team, you can send them a message via their online contact form.

Voluum Pricing

Voluum has a few different pricing options:

  • Entry ($69/month): This plan lets you track one million events. You can use one custom domain and one dedicated domain, and you will have access to the past three months’ worth of reporting at any given time. Basic tracking features will be included.
  • Basic ($224/month): Track three million events each month. Use three custom domains and one dedicated domain. Access six months’ worth of reporting. Get access to individual onboarding, anti-fraud features, automatic campaign optimization, custom notifications on mobile and desktop, and more.
  • Advanced ($449/month): Track 10 million events. Use five custom domains and one dedicated domain. Get one year of reporting. Add two additional users and get a dedicated account manager.

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Voluum Coupons

Let’s go through some coupons and discounts that are available for first-time Voluum users.

Free Demo

While Voluum does not offer a free trial, it is worth requesting a free demo account. This way, you can get a feel for how the dashboard will look and how it will feel to be a Voluum subscriber before you actually pay for an account.

Go to this page to request a demo. You will get seven days of full access to the Voluum platform, but with sample data.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Yearly Billing Discount

You can also get up to a 53 percent discount if you sign up for yearly billing.

Instead of paying $69/month, you will only pay $49/month for the Entry plan. It will be billed as $588 upfront, saving you $240 over a 12-month period.

25% Discount on Basic and Advanced Plans

Voluum is currently running a 25 percent promotional discount for the Basic and Advanced Plans.

For the Basic plan, you can sign up for $224/month when you pay monthly (instead of $299) or $139/month when you pay yearly.

For the Advanced plan, you can sign up for $449/month when you pay monthly, instead of the usual price of $599. For yearly plans, it will be $309/month.

The discounted plan is only valid for the first 12 months.

Discounted Monthly and Yearly Billing Through Mobidea

Voluum is currently offering discounted billing options for those signing up through Mobidea.

For the Entry plan, you can sign up for $62/month billed monthly or $44/month billed yearly. This translates to a savings of 10 percent.

For the Basic and Advanced plans, you can sign up for both monthly and yearly plans at a 30 percent discount.

For the Basic plan, this translates to $209/month billed monthly and $119/month billed yearly. For the Advanced plan, this translates to $419/month billed monthly and $248/month billed yearly.

This discount is subject to being discontinued at any time.

To access this offer, go to this page to sign up through Mobidea.

The discounted prices are only valid for the first 12 months.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Voluum Alternatives

Not everyone will like the way Voluum is set up and the feel of its interface. Here, you’ll discover three popular Voluum alternatives.

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1. AffTrack

AffTrack is one of the only affiliate tracking services that lets you track unlimited clicks. In addition, it has all of the features and tools you will need as an affiliate to track your campaigns.

Real-time analytics are available. You will also get full postback and redirect logs.

You can set up redirect rules so that your traffic always stays monetized. Limits can be set on your offers to avoid going over affiliate caps.

It is possible to set up a team account with AffTrack’s access control features. You will also get full API access to help you manage your account.

Affiliate networks are able to leverage AffTrack for their networks as well.

For $499/month, all new clients will get “unlimited everything.” After that, the price will increase to $799/month.

However, there will be a one-month free trial available to all new users.

2. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a popular tracking service that can be used by individual affiliate marketers and advertisers. It’s simple to use and has affordable pricing options.

It has robust targeting features that allow you to redirect traffic based on things such as a visitor’s country, language, and device type.

You can also set up IP rotation and random redirects. Redirects can be time-scheduled and password protected, and you can add countdowns as well.

You can set a maximum number of clicks for each redirect. Their redirects are search-engine friendly and can be branded with your own domain; you can also edit the destination URLs.

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There are a number of things you can track with ClickMeter, such as IPs, times, countries, languages, browser types, cities, regions, keywords, device types, custom parameters, and more.

You will get in-depth reports about your campaigns, including information about the top browsers, countries, cities, nations, sources, and IPs for each day, week, or month. There will be trend reports, key performance indicators on your dashboard, lists of clicks, and more.

You will also get access to your conversion rates. Reports can be exported or downloaded, or you can send them via email.

Reports and data can be filtered as well, and you can search for specific reports and data points.

There will be a world map to give you a quick overview of where your traffic is coming from. In addition, ClickMeter will generate comparison reports, which will allow you to quickly compare different traffic sources and campaigns.

ClickMeter has a number of great collaboration features, such as the ability to set up sub-accounts, send emails, and share reports.

ClickMeter integrates with a number of third-party services and tools, such as Adwords, Analytics UTM, affiliate networks, Chrome, and more.

ClickMeter can be used by four different types of people:

  • Individual affiliate marketers
  • Agencies
  • Advertisers
  • Publishers/traffic sources

ClickMeter has three default pricing options:

  • Medium ($29/month): You can track 25,000 events per month and generate reports with up to 2,500 data points. Get one branded domain and one year of reporting storage.
  • Large ($99/month): Track 200,000 events per month and generate reports with up to 20,000 data points. Get 10 branded domains, 10 sub-accounts, two years of data storage, and built-in fraud protection.
  • X-Large ($349/month): Track up to two million events per month and generate reports with up to 200,000 data points. Get 100 branded domains, 100 sub-accounts, three years of data storage, and dedicated engineer support.

The great thing about ClickMeter is that each of its plans can be customized for your needs. You can add to or subtract from the number of events and data points that you get per month.

Let’s use the Medium plan as our example. The default Medium plan is $29/month for 25,000 events and 2,500 data points.

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Here are the three possible variations of the Medium plan:

  • 5,000 events per month and 500 data points at $19/month
  • 50,000 events per month and 5,000 data points at $49/month
  • 100,000 events per month and 10,000 data points for $69/month

3. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is one of the more well-known Voluum alternatives, and it has a few useful features for affiliate marketers that other alternatives do not have.

ClickMagick offers all of the reporting features that you can expect an affiliate tracking service to have. You will have access to real-time reports and analytics.

However, what makes ClickMagick stand out is not its reporting features but the tools it offers to affiliate marketers.

For example, you can set it up so that it constantly monitors your campaigns and automatically picks out your best-performing offers.

You can also set up your own rules for which offers should be shown to visitors. For example, you can show different offers to people from different countries or different age groups.

When you create a redirect to a webpage, you can set it up so that your own pop-up appears on that webpage, even if you do not own that website. There are five kinds of pop-ups available, and you can set these pop-ups to appear on a delayed timer.

Another thing you can do instead of having a pop-up appear on the page you are sending visitors to is display a countdown timer. This will create a sense of urgency and can increase conversions.

ClickMagick makes it easy to promote any page on a vendor’s website. This way, you don’t have to send visitors straight to the main homepage or sales page; you have more flexibility.

ClickMagick has a number of fraud detection and security measures in place. They will filter out bot and fake traffic and assign each of your traffic sources a quality score.

ClickMagick can be used to track your visitors and leads throughout your entire sales funnel. This way, you can determine your customers’ lifetime values.

ClickMagick will constantly monitor your links to make sure they are running almost 100 percent of the time. If they are down for whatever reason, you will be notified.

ClickMagick is especially popular in the solo ad industry. Solo ad buyers use it to make sure that they are getting quality clicks from sellers, and sellers use it to rotate traffic so that only the predetermined amount of traffic comes from tier one countries.

ClickMagick has a few plans:

  • Starter ($12/month): 10,000 clicks per month, two domains, and six months of data storage
  • Standard ($33/month): 100,000 clicks per month, five funnels, 10 domains, and one year of data storage
  • Pro ($66/month): One million clicks per month, unlimited funnels, unlimited domains, and two years of data storage

All plans are billed yearly and offer a free 14-day trial.

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Wrapping It Up

Voluum, AffTrack, ClickMeter, and ClickMagick are great tools for affiliate marketers, and they all offer a great way to make the most out of your affiliate campaigns.

Use the above discount options to save money on your Voluum subscription.

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