Print Aura Review And 3 Best Alternatives

Print on demand (POD) is a digital technology that involves printing or publishing of products such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, covers, and other things, when a need arises.

POD is beneficial to both the company offering the services and the business owners, designers, and/or artists creating the beautiful graphical designs.

One of the companies that provide POD fulfilment services is Print Aura, which, apart from printing and publishing designs, also offers shipping services to its customers.

When selecting a POD fulfilment company, you have to consider factors like where and how you’ll get sales, order processing and fulfilment, price margins and related costs, plus customer data.

Without the need for multiple platforms, Print Aura helps online business owners in the POD vertical to achieve all these and more as we’ll see in the following review.

What Is Print Aura?

Print Aura is a white label, on-demand, dropshipping solution that converts ideas into products under your brand, and also provides logistics so you can focus on doing what you love.

The POD company prints and ships customers’ orders, but only handles returns when products are faulty, images are incorrect, placement issues arise, or if they send the wrong items out.

It also offers free-to-install and configure apps, which print and ship items automatically to customers of stores like Magento, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and StoreEnvy. This makes it easier and safer to test the service, as users just install it, upload designs, and publish for free.

Once sales are reviewed and finalized, Print Aura automatically fulfils your customers’ orders, and this can be done on more than 100 kinds of t-shirts in a variety of colors. The print technology is based on the direct-to-garment (DTG) process, plus they offer branded labels for shirt necks.

Partnering with Print Aura means you relax and focus more on your work, while they handle the stresses and hassles of order fulfilment.

The company works with small and large businesses, with more than 100 product categories available from posters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, leggings, tote bags, pillows, and more.

The products are proudly organic and eco-friendly, with American-made options available. Top brands like American Apparel, Bella Canvas, Royal Apparel, LAT, Rabbit Skins, among others, are some of the suppliers of products on which you can place your designs.

Furthermore, there are no membership fees or minimums on orders, and your customers receive the items as though your own brand shipped them.

You don’t even have to worry about the delivery times. More than 90 percent of Print Aura’s items are delivered into your customers’ hands in 3-5 business days from the order date.

The company strives to do everything they can to see you succeed, with great customer service, and they even stand behind their product quality and print technology. So if you have any complaints or concerns with customers’ orders, let them know and they’ll help resolve it.

Why Use Print Aura?

Here are some of the reasons you should use Print Aura as your preferred POD fulfilment partner:

No minimum orders or membership fees

Print Aura doesn’t cap on orders so you shouldn’t worry about the number you can place as a minimum upfront. You can order even one t-shirt minus setup costs, as they print everything on demand.

You don’t need to pay to join or use Print Aura, so there aren’t any monthly or membership fees. Just sign up and create an account, and you’re good to go.

There are no issues with stock, as they print and ship orders as they come in. This also means you pay only for what you sell.

Wide range of products

A huge high quality product variety of 100+ different garments is available in different colors, sizes, styles, and brands. There are also product categories like bags, mugs, phone cases, hats, and much more. The items are also organic, eco-friendly, and there’s an option for American-made items if you want.


Print Aura will ship out your products to customers under your brand, and they also have various branding options – some complimentary and others paid – so your brand can stand out.

Affordable service

Besides no membership fees or minimum orders, Print Aura offers affordable printing services for products, plus shipping and order fulfilment.

Fast turnaround time

A standard 3-5 business day turnaround time is designed to ensure your customers’ orders are delivered to them, but if you need faster or expedited processing, there’s a 48-hour slot available.

Large daily printing capacity

Print Aura can print at least one, or up to 500 items per day, if you want, with their Kornit DTG printing technology. As long as you send it to them, they’ll print it.

High-quality printing

No one likes receiving sub-standard goods, and Print Aura makes sure of this by printing t-shirts in full color through DTG printer technology for standard and oversized t-shirt prints.

Brand care

Print Aura cares about your brand, which is why they offer complimentary and paid for opportunities to brand your items like packing slips, return labels, neck labels, and much more.

High-quality images

With Print Aura’s product mockup tool, you can create high quality images of your designs for products you can display on your online shop.

Shipping options

The company ships to almost any location in the world at affordable prices.

Print Aura Guarantee

This ensures the products are defect-free as they take extra care on printing, and ensure no errors from either manufacturing or printing occur. If they make mistakes, they’ll pay to replace them.

Fantastic customer support

Print Aura’s support team cares about your customers and brand and will respond to your queries or concerns on order fulfilment quickly.

Print Aura Features

Direct-to-garment (DTG) Printing

With Kornit’s Avalanche printers in place, Print Aura prints t-shirts via DTG printing technology, with full color on light or dark garments. This translates to excellent image quality, and the garment is not only soft but also very durable, and breathable.

The printing is done using environmentally friendly water-based inks, which is a great eco-friendly solution.

DTG is great for full color prints and has no limitations on color, so you don’t have to keep designing images with just one or two colors to make up for the shortfall. You can have as much as 16 million colors in a design.

Branding Services

Print Aura helps companies and individuals build their brands through its white-label service, which means your customers won’t know that they do the printing, shipping, and order fulfilment.

Complimentary branding services include:

  • Custom packing slips with every order, which is a free service for all Print Aura members
  • Auto-generated packing slips which include your logo, a custom brand message, information for customer support (email, postal address, phone number), and package contents like size/quantity/mockup images

  • Manually uploaded packing slips are for manually placed orders, and are free of charge too
  • Packing slips are all printed in black and white on 8.5”x11” paper, and don’t have pricing of the items included on them.
  • Return Labels (personalized shipping labels) are also free. You can use your own address or Print Aura’s address.

Paid branding services include:

  • Neck label removal, such as the t-shirt neck tag removal at a cost of $0.50 per piece. When placing orders, you can choose to have the tags removed with each order, and all the tags for the items in that order will not have tags. Only the brand tag is removed, not legal tags.

  • Tagless label application at $0.50, which is added on individual orders to your shirts, if you provide Print Aura with transfers that can be applied via heat press. Print Aura doesn’t produce tags currently, but you can get them made at TransferExpress and give them to Print Aura to apply for you

  • Hang tags at $0.50, are applied to your garments if you provide them to Print Aura. A hang tag gun is used to apply the tags, and you have to send them first before using the service.

  • Custom shipping packaging/bags at $0.25 per bag, restricted to simple lightweight packaging
  • Individual bagging at $1, with each shirt put into its own polybag and a size sticker applied on the bag upon your request.

  • Branded pack-ins like business cards, stickers, flyers, or even buttons are available for $0.25 per order

Mockup Tool

With this free tool, you can add your designs to mockups on Print Aura that can be added to your online t-shirt store so that your customers can see previews of what they intend to purchase.

Mockups also tell Print Aura where you want your designs to be when printed, and you get a license to use the tool on your website and when you submit POD orders.

This mockup tool only offers mockups for shirts, and has mockups for featuring models. This way you can choose a specific t-shirt style, brand, and mockup set.

You can also edit the mockups by adding text and effects onto it.


Print Aura integrates with Ecommerce solutions like Shopify, Etsy, Storeenvy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Opencart, and more.

There aren’t any minimum order requirements, so you just pay for the orders they print or ship under your brand. You also pay for any other fees the ecommerce cart you work with will charge.

An API is available for sellers who have their own t-shirt ordering system or cart, and you can integrate it with Print Aura’s systems. Their technical team will support and guide you on how to carry out the integration with your own system.

How Print Aura Works

It is easy to sell your designs through Print Aura, whether you’re a business owner, designer or artist, or someone with a fun idea for t-shirts and wants to convert them to marketable items.

Print-Aura’s solution will convert your ideas to products in your brand, and take care of all the logistics. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and create a free account on Print Aura
  • Login and authorize the app
  • Upload your designs to your account
  • Add products by selecting the type of product, size, color, and markup. Your store will display the products
  • Once you make a sale, i.e. a customer buys from your store, the order is sent to Print Aura
  • They’ll prep, print, and ship the order to your customer under your brand
  • Your customer will receive a tracking number in Shopify soon as the item ships out

The Print Aura Package

Print Aura offers the following in its package of services:


Items on a separate line get shipped in separate packaging because of how they’re packaged and shipped. All orders are provided with tracking, and shipping packaging is mostly in white poly bags with no branding on them, except a return label with your business name.


Your customers will receive shipped packages which vary based on the options you select from Print Aura’s branding services. If you choose a basic package with no branding options, Print Aura will send the items with a return label and standard packaging, plus a garment care card and packing slip.

Other services as mentioned above, are paid for like neck tag removal, custom packing slips, and more.


Print Aura pays you in four different ways:

  • Time of sale payments for one-time samples or orders paid at the time of the sale, and is offered currently over phone only
  • Credit card on record for commercial level accounts
  • Automatic payments charged to your credit card or PayPal account
  • Manual deposit of funds. For larger payments, there are options available for lower fees. Contact Print Aura support for details.

Replacement policy

If there was an issue with your order as a result of an error on the Print Aura team’s part, they’ll replace the item if the sale data is within the last 30 days only.

Print Aura Pricing

Print Aura is free to use, just sign up and create a free account to start using the service.

Print Aura Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use interface
  • Tutorials for support
  • Variety of integrations
  • No setup costs or monthly/membership fees
  • API available for custom solutions
  • Mockup tools makes creating products and mockup images easier
  • Direct manual ordering available


  • May be expensive if you’re selling to lower-end market
  • No sublimation products yet
  • Interface and order process may be complicated

3 Best Alternatives To Print Aura

1. Printful

Printful is a popular POD fulfilment service, which also integrates with ecommerce sites like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon, among others. It is convenient and allows you to automate your business fully, using its apps.

A variety of t-shirts are available in different styles, colors, and brands, plus other clothing items like dresses and leggings. But, you also get home items like throw pillows, wall posters, and more available with Printful.

It uses a high-tech and sophisticated DTG printing service, with embroidery, all-over sublimation, and screen printing.

Each product meets Printful’s high quality standards, and it also gives you the ability to custom brand your shipping packages. They also give your packaging a thoughtful and personalized touch so your customers think it came directly from you.

Worldwide shipping is available no matter where your customers are located, and the items will be dropshipped to them.

Their customer support is fantastic, with 24/7 support via email, phone, or in-person encounters.

The downside with Printful is that their products and shipping may be expensive, and startups may not get direct integration with marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon where potential clients are.

Is Printful Better Than Print Aura?

Realistically speaking, we cannot say that Printful is better than Print Aura. If you look at the breakdown of their services above, you will see that they operate almost in similar ways.

From facilitating product design for users to providing shipping and order fulfillment options for customers.

However, Printful has a wide integration options and high quality products which indicates that Printful is better than Print Aura.

Special: Printful Offers Free Signup, No Monthly Fees & No Minimum

Printful helps you design and sell products online with ease. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

2. Printify

Located in the USA/UK, Printify is a top-notch POD service.

Although it isn’t a manufacturer, Printify connects you to manufacturers who are part of their network, and they’ll create your products for you.

Their user-friendly interface lets you upload your artwork once, and from this, you can create as many items as you want, and add different layers for product variants just as you imagine them.

It manages automated POD order production and shipping, plus products are fully labeled with your own brand, with no minimum requirements on orders.

However, the challenge with Printify is you have to install its app to use the service, and while services are free, some factors may make you incur some costs eventually.

Is Printify Better Than Print Aura?

Just like Print Aura, getting started on Printify also does not require a monthly fee. Printify seamless integration with the Shopify platform is definitely a plus.

However, we should not be quick to forget that Print Aura also integrates with WooCommerce and a bunch of other popular eCommerce platforms. It’s definitely a tie on this ground.

The differences might start becoming obvious in the aspect of mockup generator, and shipping cost. Printify seems to have a very strong structure in place for that.

Overall, what matters is the ease of access and customer experience. So, we can admit that Printify is better than Print Aura.

Printify | Your Print-On-Demand Partner Of Choice

Give shape to your dropshipping dream. Printify gives you the liberty to create, design and sell your custom prints using 3000 plus products. What's more, it is absolutely free!

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3. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is a POD app you can use to make customized products.

Once customers order from your store, Teelaunch automatically creates fulfilment orders in its system, with tracking that ensures the orders are immediately updated in your Shopify store.

These tracking numbers will be displayed in your order dashboard, and update the status of shipping, which Shopify delivers directly to your customers.

Some products you can create include bags, mugs, phone cases, pillow cases, apparel, and jewelry, among others.

Teelaunch has no upfront costs, automates everything for faster processes, and incorporates white-label shipping so your name is put on the shipping label.

The downside with Teelaunch is it only completely integrates with Shopify, so it won’t allow for manual ordering.

Is Teelaunch Better Than Print Aura?

Here, the bout is very close. Both POD platforms operate their dropshipping model in a similar manner. But, maybe we should focus on the demand service here.

Although, your choice of delivery as a customer is another important factor. The delivery timeframe of 3 to 5 working days on Print Aura is very hard to beat. If that is not fast enough. Print Aura will make it happen within 48 hours.

Print Aura reviews generally show that customers are happy with their product deliveries and the quality and condition of goods delivered.

What’s more? Print Aura outperforms Teelaunch.

Is Print Aura Legit?

The best way to confirm is to ask the customers. Those who have conducted transactions on Print Aura are in the best position to give feedback and honest opinions.

A look at Print Aura’s reviews on TrustPilot shows that, of the 47 total reviews it has, 66% of these reviewers gave Print Aura an excellent score with 5 stars rating.

Some of the reviews also show that despite the recent pandemic effects on many businesses, Print Aura still delivered promptly.

There has never been any report of scams or any form of fraudulent activity so far on Print Aura. The platform is legitimate.

Is Print On Demand Profitable With Print Aura?

If you are just starting out as a dropshipper, or you are still contemplating on getting started, Print Aura offers you one of the best platforms for print on demand products. If there is one guarantee, it will be that the custom prints business is profitable with Print Aura.

To get started, you require no money to sign up. After registration, create your designs and upload them on different unique products. Then, use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even paid ads to get buyers for your products.

After your customer makes their orders, Print Aura will handle the customization and order fulfillment. All you need to do is to pay the base price for the products, and that is it. You will not incur any cost in the process.

Final Thoughts

Print Aura is a great, free-to-use POD fulfilment service that does a lot more than other options in the market.

From its white-label service, to shipping, it allows for several integrations with top ecommerce platforms.

However, you can experiment with other best print on demand services to find the best one for your needs, but you will find Printful to be easy to use and start with if you’re just getting started.

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