AmaSuite 5 Review & Discount

AmaSuite 5 is a product research tool and training program for both affiliate marketers and sellers of Amazon products.

AmaSuite 5 is a fantastic tool for taking out the guesswork and the hours and hours of research it takes to find the best products to sell on Amazon.

For affiliate marketers, it’s most useful if you’re part of the Amazon affiliate program.

Many beginners make that mistake and spend too much time trying to narrow down the best selling products on Amazon manually. AmaSuite is also great for helping you to find opportunities you might have otherwise overlooked.

In this Amasuite 5 review, we are going to get into the specifics of what AmaSuite 5 is built to do for your Amazon business. So let’s dive right in!

Five Key Programs

AmaSuite 5 comes with five product research tools that make up the program.

Each one provides its own unique set of tools to help you succeed with selling your products on Amazon.

1. Ama Keyword Generator

AmaSuite’s Keyword Generator tool is a must-have when trying to determine a profitable strategy. Here are some of the main features of the Keyword Generator.

-Uncover Profitable Keywords – Uncover the most profitable keywords by extracting the exact keywords that people are searching for. This Amasuite tool does this by using four of the top online e-commerce websites around the world.

Increase your product rank and positioning on Amazon Marketplace by getting the exact keywords you need using this software.

By using the correct keywords in your Amazon marketing plan, it will dramatically help increase your traffic and sales as well. Furthermore, you’ll know the right keywords to include in your affiliate links.

-Get Instant Keyword Insights– The Keyword Generator tools have built-in Google Insights for seed keywords so that you can build a larger list of keywords.

There’s also an “instant search” feature that allows you to filter the results as you type in real-time. You will be using this tool to find the best keyword opportunities on Amazon right now.

-Keyword Rank Score –

You can instantly see the top performing, most searched keyword phrases organized by keyword rank score, and it’s a great tool for looking into the minds of your customers.

2. Top Product Analyzer

Ama Top Product Analyzer is designed to analyze the top 100 categories’ US and UK sites.

Ama Top Product Analyzer has the following key features and highlights:

-Ability to analyze top selling products – If you’re stuck on what exactly you want to sell, you can use this tool to dig in and find the top producing products.

-Has more data than ever before –

Get the main overall rank and overall category for each product. You can get product information and pinpoint any hidden profitable niches that you may be missing.

-Instant category searches – Instantly search over 37,000 built-in categories for any keyword.

-Export to interactive HTML reports – Export the top 100 data to interactive HTML reports. These reports will contain your affiliate links.

-Blazing fast filter technology – It’s easy to get the product information you want with this program. You can use a variety of different filter options the product analyzer has to determine what you should be promoting.

-More control over your data.

-Instant statistics.

3. Ama Search Analyzer

Ama Search Analyzer is an Amasuite tool with some fantastic features for you to help with identifying the right products to sell.

-Search and Analyze more products – This allows you to extract and analyze products for any keyword search. You can use it for anything. You don’t have to limit yourself to the top 100 products.

-Gorgeous layouts and easy to use – It has a very nice design with a simple user interface.

-New column features –

This new version of AmaSuite allows you to have more control of the columns you want to see.

-Get product history data – You can now get complete product history data for almost all Amazon products using the Ama Search Analyzer.

-New proxy feature – You now have the option of using internet proxies while you extract thousands of data points from Amazon at once.

-Powerful statistics with one click.

4. Ama Review Analyzer

As you know, reviews can make or break your business. This is why Ama Review Analyzer is vitally important to your store. The main features of Ama Review Analyzer are the following:

-Endless Product Ideas – This helps you uncover the best private label products which is an advantage as an Amazon seller.

-Sophisticated Word Analyzer Tool –

This tool will quickly analyze repeating word combinations that appear in other reviews. It instantly sees what people love and hate. This will save you tons of time trying to figure out what people like.

-Integrated “stop words” list – Helps reduce useless word combinations.

-Instant Preview Feature – Easily preview the reviews that have specific word combinations.

-Blazing Fast Search and Filter Filters.

5. Ama Inspector

The Ali Inspector tool is considered a bonus item and comes with their software package as of right now. Yet, it’s a powerful feature.

It helps with sellers who may be selling items on AliExpress. Here are some of the key highlights of Ali Inspector:

-Keyword Generator Tool – Instantly generates thousands of targeting keywords in seconds.

-Best Sellers Tool – Analyzes all of the top sellers on AliExpress under any category.

-Download AliExpress Products – A tool to make it easier to download AliExpress products to your ecommerce store.

-Download Reviews For Shopify – Has the ability to download reviews for any AliExpress product into a file for Shopify stores.

Bonus Amazon Training Course Included

You’ll also gain access to their Amazon training course. It is a proven Amazon course that walks you on how to sell and make a profit on the Amazon website.

It includes the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to selling on Amazon
  • Module 2: How to pick the right product to sell
  • Module 3: How to find a supplier
  • Module 4: How to get sales on Amazon
  • Module 5: How to get reviews on Amazon

Pricing & Discount

Sale! Sale! Sale! AmaSuite 5 is $100 off right now if you take advantage of their limited time offer.

Just make sure to go to their website and order it as soon as possible. You can get AmaSuite 5 for $97 right now instead of $197.

How To Use Amasuite 5

Amasuite 5 is a desktop software. After purchasing it on the website, all you need to do is to install the software on your computer.

The download package comes with all five tools – Ama Keyword Generator, Ama Top Product Analyzer, Ama Search Analyzer, Ama Review Analyzer, and Ali Inspector.

As a desktop software, you can install the Amasuite tool on Windows and Mac which are the two major OS.

For Windows, it will work on all versions from Windows XP to date. For Mac computers, you can only install the AmaSuite tool on OSX 10.8 and above.

After installation, you have to activate the software before you can use it. Activation is very simple, you just need to enter the email address you used in purchasing Amasuite 5. You can reach the support team for assistance if you run into any difficulties.

Can You Use The Amasuite Software For Free?

Unfortunately, Amasuite 5 doesn’t come with any free plan or version. You cannot use the tool on a free trial either. To use Amasuite, you must purchase it.

Nevertheless, you’re safe when you purchase the software for the first time due to the “no questions asked” 30-day money-back guarantee.

This implies that you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the AmaSuite tool if you’re not satisfied with it.

You don’t have to give any reasons or answer questions concerning why. Simply make a refund request and you’ll get your money back.

Is There An AmaSuite Chrome Extension?

AmaSuite is exclusively a desktop software, it doesn’t feature a chrome extension. Being an exclusive desktop software also means that you can’t use AmaSuite via a browser; it isn’t web-based.

These are major downsides of the tool compared to other alternatives, most especially Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is renowned for its intuitive Chrome Extension. Most affiliate marketers and Amazon store owners who choose Jungle Scout over the AmaSuite are those who prefer to work directly via a browser.

AmaSuite WordPress Plugin

The AmaSuite 5 major tools Ama Keyword Generator, Ama Top Product Analyzer, Ama Search Analyzer, Ama Review Analyzer, and Ali Inspector – aren’t available as WordPress plugins. Nevertheless, you can use them indirectly with the AmaSync WordPress plugin.

Basically, the plugin synchronizes your activities with the AmaSuite desktop software with your WordPress dashboard. It was designed to work hand in hand with the software.

With the plugin, you can access your Amazon listings, niche keywords, AliExpress products, private label products, and more which you discovered with the software.

AmaSuite 5 Customer Support

AmaSuite features a knowledge base for customer support. The knowledge base mainly contains answers to some frequently asked questions about using the software.

In addition, there’s a blog where you can get updates.

For personalized support, you can contact the support team via email or submit a support ticket. The Amazon training course mentioned earlier is also an advantage and as a user, you can join the AmaSuite Facebook community.


The AmaSuite software is one of the best out there with powerful features for analyzing and finding the best products to sell on Amazon.

If you’re not selling physical products, you can use the tool as an affiliate marketer for Amazon affiliates or other programs.

It’s been around since 2012 and continues to get better with new updates and features. Go to their official website today and get started!

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