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AmaSuite 5 vs Jungle Scout: Which Is Better For Amazon Sellers?

There are dozens of software tools that are designed to help you uncover profitable Amazon products to sell, use for your dropshipping business, or promote as an affiliate. Jungle Scout and AmaSuite are two of the more well-known ones.

Today, we’ll take a look at these two products and see what they have to offer, how they stack up against each other, and which one will be of more help to you, either as an Amazon seller or as an Amazon affiliate.

Now, let’s get started with the AmaSuite 5 vs Jungle Scout comparison.

What Is AmaSuite 5?

AmaSuite 5, as the name suggests, is a suite of five tools to help you do research on profitable Amazon products. It is available as a download on Windows and Mac devices.

These 5 tools are:

  1. Top Product Analyzer
  2. Search Analyzer
  3. Keyword Generator
  4. Review Analyzer
  5. Ali Inspector (3-in-1 tool suite)

There are also three bonuses included:

  1. Amazon Seller Training Course
  2. Amazon Affiliate Training Course
  3. Private Facebook Support Group

Let’s dive into each tool one by one.

Top Product Analyzer

The Top Product Analyzer is a tool that will give you a list of the top 100 products for any category or sub-category.

AmaSuite claims to have over 30,000 sub-categories that you can search for, besides the main categories. This means that you can find top products for any sub-niche or any small market.

When searching for the top 100 products in a category, you can choose how to determine what goes into the top 100. There are two ways to do this.

One way is to choose how the software picks the top products based on certain criteria. This includes Best Sellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most GIfted, and Most Wished For.

Another way is to use their parameter filters. You can use maximum and minimum parameters for any data subset.

For each product, you’ll get data subsets such as the ranking score, opportunity score, number of reviews, price, average rating, product weight and dimensions, and more. All of these subsets can be used for filtering purposes.

You can even delve deeper into each subset and see statistics such as the average, minimum, maximum, and summation of each data set. This applies to data that can be found using the Search Analyzer tool as well.

You can also see the data history for each product over time. This will help you keep track of trends and see whether a product is losing or gaining popularity.

Search Analyzer

This tool helps you find detailed data for products quickly. The data here is for all products, not just those that are in the top 100.

You can search and filter by category, price, rating, and so on.

Shown data subsets include rankings, reviews, weight, dimensions, category, price, average rating, opportunity score, and so on.

Data from both the Top Product Analyzer and Search Analyzer can be exported into HTML reports. History reports are available with the Search Analyzer as well.

It’s worth mentioning here that the AmaSuite 5 software comes with hundreds of free proxies that you can use to extract thousands of data points.

Keyword Analyzer

This is a great tool that helps you discover popular keywords on four ecommerce sites: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target.

Simply type a few basic seed keywords or categories into the search tool and you’ll get a list of hundreds of related keywords, along with their search data. Each keyword will come with a keyword score for each of the four ecommerce sites mentioned above.

You can also double-click on any keyword and access Google Trend data for that keyword over time.

This is a great way to boost the rankings of your products. Simply use popular keywords in your product titles and descriptions.

Review Analyzer

This is an awesome tool to help you analyze Amazon product reviews. Using this tool, you can discover profitable products and come up with inspirational insights for new product ideas to sell or white-label.

You can enter an Amazon link or an ASIN to uncover reviews. You’ll get access to data on each review, such as its rating, the number of comments on the review, the number of upvotes marking it as helpful, and more.

You can filter reviews based on things such as verified purchase, rating, and more.

The Review Analyzer also comes with the “Word Analyzer” software. This tool will analyze word combinations that are repeated often throughout reviews.

This will help you get an idea of the most loved and most hated aspects of a product, allowing you to search for products that have the good aspects and avoid products with the bad aspects. You can add stop-words or use any of the 175 default stop-words so that the Word Analyzer doesn’t include those in its results word combinations with words such as “they.”

Ali Inspector

The Ali Inspector software has a suite of three tools to help you scour AliExpress for profitable products to sell on Amazon.

If you are doing dropshipping, a great place to source your products from is AliExpress.

  1. Keyword Generator: Use seed keywords to come up with hundreds of keyword ideas along with AliExpress search data.
  2. Best Sellers Tool: Discover the best selling products for any category on AliExpress.
  3. Keyword Search Tool: Search any keyword to discover related profitable AliExpress products, along with product data.

You can also download product information and details to make filling in product details on your own store easier. Reviews can also be downloaded for your Shopify store.

AmaSuite 5 Training Programs

AmaSuite 5 has two broad category training programs. One is the Amazon Seller Training Course and the other is the Amazon Affiliate Training Course.

The sellers’ course teaches potential Amazon merchants how to use the platform to sell products successfully. It comes as a free toolkit.

The affiliate training is offered as a crash course. The training teaches you all you need to know from how to do product research and use niche keywords, choose a product, product listing, create good content, and drive traffic on Amazon.

AmaSuite 5 Customer Service

In terms of customer service, AmaSuite 5 is on the low side when compared with other Amazon selling tools.

For instance, AmaSuite does not feature a direct contact form. Also, they have an outdated blog which was last updated in 2017.

However, AmaSuite provides users with a resourceful knowledge base that incorporates helpful answers to frequently asked questions. Plus, they facilitate social media support via the AmaSuite Facebook community.

Nevertheless, inquisitive customers can reach their support team by submitting a support ticket.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a web-based suite platform that comprises several tools for selling products on Amazon based on comprehensive market intelligence. Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 and has evolved to become a reliable Amazon research suite.

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Some of the tools that Jungle Scout incorporates include:

Product Database

This is similar to the Ama Search Analyzer. You can search for products in any category or subcategory and get detailed data on each product. Filters can be used to narrow your results.

Product Tracker

This is a great tool that lets you track any product’s performance over time. This helps you stay on top of whether a product is still popular or whether it is losing popularity.

Opportunity Finder

This lets you search for profitable niches. If you are not sure which categories or sub-niches will be profitable, use this tool to find profitable niches, and discover the top performing products in each niche.

Keyword Scout

This tool gives you detailed Amazon search data for any keyword. This tool will help you come up with ideas for good keywords to use in your products’ titles and descriptions.

The Chrome Extension

You can quickly acquire comprehensive product data from the Amazon online marketplace by using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension. Just click on the extension and you’ll get data such as the price, average rating, an opportunity score, and so on.

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Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

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Other Jungle Scout tools include:

  • Supplier Database
  • Alerts
  • Category Trends
  • Rank Tracker
  • Listing Builder
  • Review Automation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Manager
  • Promotions

Jungle Scout Customer Service

Jungle Scout has helpful customer service that can be reached via live chat, social media, and email. Also, users can submit support tickets via their help center.

Several product research tools and resources are provided for Jungle Scout users to guide them in making good business decisions by selling on Amazon.

AmaSuite vs Jungle Scout Pricing

AmaSuite Pricing

Thankfully, you can purchase AmaSuite at a one-time fee of $97. This purchase includes Keyword Generator, Product Analyzer, Search Analyzer, Review Analyzer, Ali Inspector, and other bonus training courses.

Jungle Scout Pricing

On the other hand, Jungle Scout has three standard plans, which includes:

  • Basic – $49 per month for monthly subscription or $29 per month when billed annually
  • Suite – $69 per month for monthly subscription or $49 per month when billed annually
  • Professional – $129 per month for monthly subscription or $84 per month when billed annually
Get Upto 40% Off
Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Pros and Cons

AmaSuite 5 Pros

  • Comprehensive suite of Amazon market intelligence tools
  • Affordable pricing
  • Helpful Amazon merchants and affiliate training courses
  • Comprehensive keyword ranking data

AmaSuite 5 Cons

  • Limited support
  • Blog page has not been updated for a while.

Jungle Scout Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient Amazon marketing intelligence tool
  • It has Chrome extension
  • Large access to suppliers database
  • In-depth and accurate historical sales and ranking data
  • Excellent customer service

Jungle Scout Cons

  • No mobile support

Similarities and Differences


  • Both AmaSuite and Jungle Scout are Amazon product research tools.
  • They both provide access to product suppliers.
  • They are both ideal for optimizing Amazon product listing.
  • Both Jungle Scout and AmaSuite facilitate keyword rank tracking.


  • Unlike AmaSuite, Jungle Scout enables you to monitor inbound Amazon FBA consignments.
  • Although Jungle Scout features superior Amazon market intelligence tool; however, AmaSuite is relatively affordable than Jungle Scout.
  • Jungle Scout has more product suppliers than AmaSuite.
  • Unlike AmaSuite which has an outdated blog page, Jungle scout regularly updates their blog page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AmaSuite 5 Worth The Money?

For a price of $97, users are provided with a suite of Amazon selling tools which include Keyword Generator, Product Analyzer, Search Analyzer, Review Analyzer, and Ali Inspector. So, yes, AmaSuite 5 is worth the money.

With this tool, both inexperienced and experienced Amazon merchants can make more money.

Is Jungle Scout Worth The Money?

In essence, Jungle Scout is among the best Amazon FBA tools in the market. Although it is a bit pricey; however, it is a unique suite that incorporates several efficient tools for selling products on Amazon.

In fact, Jungle Scout scored 4.7 over 5 rating on Trustpilot due to its effectiveness and great customer support. So, yes, Jungle Scout is worth the money.

Does AmaSuite 5 Work?

In my opinion, AmaSuite 5 works well as a helpful suite of tools for both amazon merchants and affiliate marketers.

Not to mention, users are provided with video training courses upon purchase to enable them to familiarize themselves with the Amazon online marketplace.

Does Amazon Own Jungle Scout?

Due to Jungle Scout’s market intelligence prowess, one of the questions that prospective customers ask is – does Amazon own Jungle Scout? Or, is Jungle Scout part of Amazon?

Well, the answer is no, Amazon does not own Jungle Scout. In fact, Greg Mercer created Jungle Scout in 2015 to help entrepreneurs and businesses to improve their Amazon selling capability.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is reputable for providing accurate product information. You are guaranteed to get close to the exact number of product units sales that your competitors make within a specified timeframe.

Based on this, merchants or affiliate marketers can quickly identify the top-selling products in different product categories, and then use these estimates to make their planning and estimate sales.

AmaSuite vs Jungle Scout: Which Is Better?

Based on this comparison, it is evident that Jungle Scout is better than AmaSuite. Although Jungle Scout costs more than AmaSuite; however, it makes up for it through its collection of efficient Amazon marketing intelligence tools.

On the other hand, most of what you can do with Jungle Scout can also be accomplished with AmaSuite.

If you are using Jungle Scout for any considerable length of time, you will also end up spending more than you would with AmaSuite, regardless of which plan you choose.

However, there are a few reasons why you may want to choose Jungle Scout. For example, if you don’t own a Mac or Windows desktop, you should choose Jungle Scout so that you can use the web app or Chrome extension.