AmazeOwl vs JungleScout – Which One Is Better?

Did you know that there are over 6 million Amazon sellers across the world? That’s a staggering number, and it might be the reason that scares many potential sellers from starting their own Amazon business.

But, with over 50% of all Amazon orders coming from 3rd party sellers, you will need some good tools to be successful as a seller.

Today, I am going to go over Amazeowl versus JungleScout to help you decide which tool is right for you.

So let’s dive right in!

What Is AmazeOwl?

AmazeOwl is an amazing research tool with over 600+ million items and 11 marketplaces. They have some of the most accurate statistics and information when analyzing products to sell.

AmazeOwl has two applications for you to use this software. You can use it as a Chrome Extension or a web-based application for Windows or Mac.

Expertise and Experience

After selling his company in 2015, Oleg Zaidiner started selling products on Amazon. He then discovered that sellers need precise market data to make informed decisions. Oleg, a data scientist, found his own way to evaluate Amazon market data.

He and his cofounder Bob Rogers started the AmazeOwl company in 2016 to assist other merchants to succeed on Amazon. Now, over 4,000 sellers use AmazeOwl to create their own profitable Amazon business.

Product Search Capabilities

There are three different ways you can search for products on AmazeOwl. You can either search by Keyword, by Best Sellers, or simply search their database.

Hunting By Keyword

One of the ways you can search is by Keyword. In this case, I typed in the word “camping gear” and clicked the HUNT button.

What comes in is a list of products that are related to camping gear. You will immediately notice on the top right-hand side, a “Market Analysis” box shows the low potential products and high potential products.

In this case, AmazeOwl is showing us that for the keyword term “camping gear” there are 59 low potential products and three high potential products.

You can see the highlighted yellow item is a high potential item. At this point, you can save the item and go back to it later.

You can go through and do as many searches as you want and save products to your dashboard that you want to analyze deeper at a later time. We will look at how to analyze the products more in depth below.

Hunting By Best Seller

When you search by best sellers, Amazon will show you an updated list of products that are deemed as best sellers for all categories. They update this list by the hour, so it’s as accurate as it can possibly be.

But if you want to see specific best sellers in a specific category, you can click on one of the category links on the left to view the results. For example, if you click on the Automotive link, you will see a list of items ranked by best selling.

In this instance, there are 50 total best selling automotive products, but only one is showing as “high potential.”

Please always remember, just because these are best sellers, doesn’t mean they have a high potential for you in terms of making money.

Again, the power of AmazonOwl is allowing you to analyze products, in any way you can think of, to help you succeed at picking the right products to sell.

Hunting By Product Database

Using the product database is one of my favorite ways to search. You are the one who gets to set the initial parameters for the search and then you can dig deeper from there and validate your product to see if it’s worth the effort trying to sell.

The Search By Database feature allows you to filter by the following:

  • Categories
  • Price
  • BSR
  • Star Rating
  • How many reviews that product has
  • The weight of the product
  • How many units are sold on Amazon each day
  • How much revenue is sold per day
  • Product dimensions

And there are a few more search criteria you can add at the bottom, such as showing products that are found within a certain time period, whether or not you want big brands, search terms, and more BSR filters.

Once you’ve put in your filters, you will see a list of products that match your filter. In this case, I chose “Pet Supplies” and got the following results:

At this point, you can see that I got 422 results back! You will have a lot of work to do now in analyzing these products using the techniques I showed you above.

Start by first “saving as a potential product” and then analyze each product for competition, consumer reviews, daily sales revenue, etc. to determine whether this is a good product to sell on Amazon. We will talk about how AmazeOwl helps you do this below.

Track and Validate Your Ideas

So once you get a few saved items from doing your above product searches, those products will move under the “Potential Products” tab of your dashboard. From this screen, you can see how many reviews these products will have, the price, the daily revenue, as well as the daily sales estimate.

In the below example, you will see a “Scrubba Wash Bag.”

From here, you will start tracking this product to determine consumer buying patterns, keywords that are used to search for this product, etc. Here is where this software gets powerful.

To start tracking, you simply put in search terms related to the product. It even gives you suggestions below to keep an eye on this product.

Once the product is in my “Tracked Products” tab, now I can start really doing a deep-dive into whether or not I have picked a viable product to sell on Amazon. You will see a “Keywords Monitoring” tab and a “Research” tab towards the bottom of each product listing.

If you click on the “Research Tab” you will get the below screen.

On this screen, you can learn the following about the item you are thinking of selling:

  • Monthly Searches
  • Google Trends
  • How many competitors are selling this product
  • How many reviews there are for this product on Amazon
  • Ease of Entry
  • Consumer buy price
  • Median price
  • Net Profits

Pretty much anything you need to know you will find here to validate the choice to sell this product on Amazon.

Competitor Research

AmazeOwl has a wonderful segment of the software that analyzes what your competitors are doing within the products that you are interested in selling.

After all, how are you going to know the best price point for your products if you don’t fully understand what your competition is doing in that same category?

To begin, the screen above shows competitors and what they are selling for the keyword “self-inflating sleeping pads.”

One of the first things you can see is that you can sort by Best Seller Rank (BSR) scores. You can “mark all as competitors” or “mark all as not relevant.”

This will allow you to narrow down who you are going to need to pay attention to. In this first example, you can quickly check out the Stats at the bottom of the page for this product.

But the real proof is in the actual product details. If you click on the “Show Details” page you, it will open up a new window and show you “Current Stats,” a “History” tab, and a “Photos” tab.

The “Current State” tab will show you every fine detail you need to know about this product in one nice, neat profile page. It makes it very simple to find all of the information in one spot.

If you click on the “History” tab, you will see a BSR Historical Chart, a Price History Chart, and a Reviews Chart. You can quickly glance at this and see the trends for this product over time.

And then finally on the “Photos” tab, you can see all of the photos that are associated with the product.

As you can tell, there is plenty of information here to get all of the details you need on the product.

If we move across the top after the Stats tab, you will see the Keywords Tab. Here you will be able to see keywords that are found in your competitor’s listing. The bigger words mean that those are the more common keywords used.

As we move through to the “Monitoring” tab of AmazeOwl, you can track all of the products in one simple screen. You can see who the new players are to the particular product you are thinking of selling.

As you can imagine, there are many different ways you can use this software to analyze your competitors and find out what products will be the most successful.

I didn’t go through all of them today, but you can see there are still more analysis features such as:

  • Stats
  • Keywords
  • Ignored Competitors
  • Competitors and Reports
  • Share

This is an incredibly detailed feature when trying to determine what your competitors are up to on Amazon.

Support & Resources

You can get support on AmazeOwl using the FAQ page. The best way, however, is using LiveChat and you’ll get a reply in less than 3 hours.

Free and paid course content are available on AmazeOwl. Lessons are basic and include videos on how to use the company’s products. It also has two paid courses on how to discover and market products on Amazon.

AmazeOwl Pricing

AmazeOwl has one of the better-priced softwares and offers a free version to begin. This is a plus if you are just getting into the game and aren’t quite sure this for you yet.

The free version only allows for one niche, but if you need more, which you probably will, you only need the Growth Plan for 10 niches, or Established Plan for 300 niches.

On the other hand, the Growth Plan costs $19.99 per month for the monthly subscription, or $12.99 per month for an annual subscription.

Conversely, the Established Plan costs $29.95 per month for the monthly subscription, or $19.99 per month for an annual subscription.

All programs come with a free trial.


AmazeOwl has some great reviews that you can look at on Trustpilot. It’s important to read these reviews before deciding which product to purchase, because it will help you understand the nuances of what you are getting into.

AmazeOwl has 32 reviews total on Trustpilot and has earned a 3.6-star rating out of 5.

What Is JungleScout?

JungleScout is focused on helping you to succeed in your Amazon business. They give you free Amazon guides, tools, and webinars you can use to make sure you are getting the full skill set you need to be successful.

Like AmazeOwl, they also have a Google Chrome extension as well as a web version of their software. JungleScout provides you with the tools to make sure you don’t fall into the pitfalls that unsuccessful people make.

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Expertise and Experience

Greg Mercer created Jungle Scout to help fellow Amazon sellers run their businesses. After succeeding as an Amazon seller himself, he made the sophisticated data-driven platform to help others do the same.

Greg is an FBA specialist who routinely contributes to Jungle Scout’s educational content. The Software Report named him a Top 50 SaaS CEO and Best Amazon Expert (2017). (2019, 2020).

Customer Success and Marketing teams at Jungle Scout are also expert Amazon merchants. They share their knowledge through the Million Dollar Case Study, educational webinars, and other resources, as well as Jungle Scout’s industry-leading tools.

Product Research Capabilities

JungleScout allows you to search using two different ways – by Products and by Keywords.

Find Products Search

You will see that under the Find Products search feature it is made up of three tools:

  1. Product Database
  2. Product Tracker
  3. Niche Hunter

Product Database

With the product database, you can filter virtually anything you want here to find the products you want. To the left, you will see the different categories that you can select.

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Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

Save More Today with up to 40% OFF!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Once you select the categories, then you can choose as many filters as you would like as listed on the right-hand side. The possibilities are endless.

Product Tracker

The product tracker allows you to put the products that you found through your initial search, into this section. Here you can use metrics such as Average Daily Revenue, Average Price, Average Rating, etc.

This component is designed to track the product’s performance over time. One cool thing is you can create groups in this section and track how the entire group does over time. It’s another way to make things easier for yourself.

Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter is great if you are not quite sure what to sell. It helps you to drill down into different niches using a variety of different numbers and criteria. With Niche Hunter, you can see details on:

If you like to analyze numbers, you will love this feature of JungleScout.


Keywords finder is a very important way to search for products because if you think about how people on Amazon search for products, they use keywords.

So as a seller, you want to make sure your product appears when customers are searching for what you have to offer.

Keyword Scout

In the above example we typed in “yoga mats,” and with Keyword Scout, it will show the exact search volume for not only that keyword, but for other keywords similar to it.

This will help you determine which keywords are easy to rank for versus hard. You can also use this tool to see what keywords your competitors are using.

My Lists

Next is My Lists. This is where you can organize all of the keyword research that you’ve done. It’s a nice, easy screen than you can view all of your keyword research quickly from.

Listing Builder

The Listing Builder will help you take all of the keywords that you found from your research and design a listing based around them so that you have the best chance of appearing when people search for those highly trafficked keywords.

Get Upto 40% Off
Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

Save More Today with up to 40% OFF!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Tracking and Validating

Once you get your list of products using the search filtering capabilities above, you can then figure out which products are the best ones to sell.

Factors such as consumer demand, decreased competition, consumer reviews, profit margins, etc., are available.

All of these are extremely important when deciding which product to sell.

JungleScout checks product sales daily, so you can have a good pulse on the market of the products you are interested in.

Competitor Research

If you are going to be successful as an Amazon seller, you must always keep an eye out on your competition. Here is what you need to know:

  • What keywords are your competitors using with their products?
  • What is the price that your competitor is offering its products?
  • How competitive is the product that you want to sell?

There are a ton of different metrics you can look at, similar to AmazeOwl, that will tell you about the competition, including some of the ones I mentioned above.

Amazon Marketing

JungleScout does a nice thing for their users and gathers a bunch of expert Amazon seller freelancers to help you do the work. This is where JungleScout’s marketing tool comes into play.

It’s a nice feature they offer to their users, but keep in mind you still have to pay these expert Amazon freelancers to do the work.

Support & Resources

Jungle Scout offers 24/7 Customer Support, built-in training, and a massive library of free educational resources to help their customers succeed.

Sellers may use this enormous library of training resources to master Jungle Scout tools, solve Amazon issues, and improve selling skills. You can access step-by-step instructions on how to improve your selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout monitors consumer and Amazon seller trends. Seller guides are routinely updated to reflect new niches and Amazon marketplace changes.

JungleScout Pricing

JungleScout has three different pricing plans you can choose on the web-based application for both monthly and annual billing. This includes Basic, Suite, and Professional pricing plans.

Unfortunately, JungleScout does not have a free version of their software or even a free trial. Their product is billed either monthly or annually, which can be a little daunting for new Amazon sellers.

You can determine what plan you need based on users, products, and what features you need. If you choose the annual billing option, they will reduce your cost.

Get Upto 40% Off
Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

Save More Today with up to 40% OFF!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

For example, if you choose the monthly billing option, you will be offered $49/mo, $69/mo, and $129/mo plans.

But if you choose to pay annually, your price options drop to $29/month, $49/month, and $84/month.


One thing I love is that they post the reviews that they’ve received from their users. As you can see, they have a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Pros And Cons

AmazeOwl Pros

  • Large database
  • Product monitoring
  • Niche search

AmazeOwl Cons

  • No supplier database
  • No alerts
  • No listing builder

JungleScout Pros

  • Free trial
  • Large database
  • Listing optimizer
  • Analytics
  • Browser extensions
  • Product tracker
  • Inventory manager
  • Reliable support

JungleScout Cons

  • Expensive pricing


  • Both Jungle Scout and AmazeOwl are Amazon product research tools
  • They both feature a large database
  • Both AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout support competitor research
  • They both offer comprehensive statistics
  • With either Jungle Scout or AmazeOwl, you get support for niche searching
  • They both support product monitoring


  • AmazeOwl has no supplier database while JungleScout features one
  • JungleScout supports alerts while AmazeOwl doesn’t
  • JungleScout offers more in-depth analytics than AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl vs JungleScout – Which Is Better?

No matter which of these two product research tools you choose, you will not be disappointed. Product research is an essential part of having a successful business.

Having these types of tools helps you to jump-start the process of finding the right products for your business.

However, the better Amazon product research tool among the two is Jungle Scout. This is because it features advanced features for review automation, product tracking, keyword tracking, and listing builder.

Not to mention, Jungle Scout has more comprehensive resources than AmazeOwl, which makes it ideal for newbies in Amazon selling business.

Happy hunting!

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