30 Best Animal Crossing Zoom Backgrounds 2024

Video conferencing can happen when you least expect it, and being able to do it anywhere is one of the perks of tools such as Zoom.

However, another great perk is the ability to add a background to your video input to either hide your current background or even showcase your personality.

Animal Crossing is a very popular game simulation by Nintendo, and believe it or not, dozens of Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds could add a touch of personality to your meeting.

And if you’re a true Animal Crossing fan, you’ll love the 30 best Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds you can find below, so keep on reading!

Best Animal Crossing Zoom Backgrounds

These 30 Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds will have every true Animal Crossing fan excited. The choice will be hard, but the best thing is that these backgrounds are lightweight, so you can download many and still change them any time you’re in a Zoom meeting.

1. Animal Crossing by Isabelle Foreground

One of the best Zoom backgrounds you can use from Animal Crossing is the Isabelle Foreground, making you look like you’re in a virtual Animal Crossing office.

The layout is very simple, there isn’t too much going on, so the background won’t be a distraction. It is a great way to showcase your love for Animal Crossing and hide your true background.

Even the colors won’t bother anyone since they’re ideal for background use, focusing on you during the meetings.

2. New Leaf HD

You can’t get a better Animal Crossing Zoom background than the cover image of New Leaf, which gives you the best of everything.

With this background, you’ll catch people’s attention, and you’ll even get compliments since this background is colorful.

Even though this background has a lot going on, you won’t blend in, and you’ll stand out from the background during your meetings.

3. Animal Crossing HD Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a static wallpaper that is pretty minimalistic, doesn’t show a lot, and yet shows your true love for Animal Crossing, this is the perfect Animal Crossing Zoom background for you.

It consists of darker neutral colors with a pop of pink color and very little text. Depending on where you position yourself during your Zoom meetings, you will be able to subtly show your love for Animal Crossing to other true fans, or you’ll be able to keep it subtle if no one notices.

One thing is for sure, you won’t create any distractions, and you won’t blend in the background during your Zoom meetings.

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4. Animal Crossing HD Wallpaper #2

This is yet another colorful Animal Crossing HD static background that will bring a great vibe and multiple colors to your Zoom meeting.

Even though you might have to be careful of your clothing, so you don’t blend into this type of background, there’s no better way to fit more Animal Crossing elements into one Zoom background.

Since there’s so much going on in this background, you can use it for almost any purpose, as long as it isn’t a distraction in a serious meeting.

5. Animal Crossing HD Wallpaper #3

When you need a simple yet attractive Zoom background that still has elements on Animal Crossing that aren’t very visible and require a second look for people to figure it out, this is the perfect Animal Crossing Zoom background you can get.

In this background, all of the elements are located at the bottom, so you have a simple background behind you. You’ll have the elements visible from the shoulders below if you position yourself correctly.

This way, Animal Crossing elements will be visible yet they won’t be highly visible, so you can still use this background in professional meetings.

6. Pocket Camp HD

If Pocket Camp is your favorite Animal Crossing game version, there’s no better Zoom background than this one.

In this Animal Crossing Zoom background, you’ll have all the favorite elements of Pocket Camp displayed in a wide-angle static wallpaper.

Even if you position yourself in the center of this background, there’ll be plenty of elements surrounding you in your Zoom meetings to showcase that you’re a true Animal Crossing fan.

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7. Animal Crossing Isabelle HD

If you’re a big fan of Isabelle from Animal Crossing, this is a perfect and minimalistic Zoom background you will love to have.

This background comes in a neutral color, yet the Isabelle character on the right side ensures a perfect blend. If you position yourself in the middle, you’ll have your favorite character right next to you, which won’t be a distraction at your Zoom meetings.

Since this background is fairly minimalistic, it will go well with any occasion.

8. Animal Crossing New Leaf HD

If you’re a true autumn lover, but you’d also like to showcase your love for Animal Crossing, especially the New Leaf version, this might be the most suitable Zoom wallpaper to showcase your personality.

This background comes with various elements from the New Leaf version. Yet, it is themed around autumn, providing incredibly soothing colors that won’t shift anyone’s focus from you during the meeting but will leave a great impression on others.

9. Animal Crossing Spring Grass

Spring grass always looked incredibly good in Animal Crossing, and it’s clear that they put a lot of effort into its creation.

And if you appreciate the spring grass and yet need a simple and minimalistic Zoom background, this background makes a perfect choice.

This background provides soothing spring grass colors with only a couple of elements, making it perfect for any purpose and any use.

As long as you don’t dress in green, you’ll stand out from your background, and yet this background will subtly be the main spotlight of your Zoom meeting.

10. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Characters

If you’re an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fan and you can’t decide which character you like the most, this is the ultimate background you must have on your Zoom meetings.

This background includes all Pocket Camp characters, yet the background is a light color that’s easy on the eyes with a simple pattern, so it still goes well with any purpose without creating a diversion.

Depending on where you position yourself during your Zoom meetings, you’ll showcase various rows of characters which seems like a fun way to show up in a video meeting.

11. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

If Amiibo Festival is your favorite Animal Crossing version and you’re not afraid to show all your love for this version of the game, this is the ideal background you’ll love to have.

This background is full of Amiibo Festival elements, it is colorful, and a lot is going on in the background.

You’ll have to be careful about what you wear to your Zoom meetings if you choose this for a background, as you don’t want to blend in the background.

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12. Animal Crossing New Leaf Super T’n’T

When your favorite place in the New Leaf version of the Animal Crossing game is the Super T’n’T market owned by Timmy and Tommy, you shouldn’t look further than this Zoom background.

This Zoom background is very minimalistic yet colorful, with the elements of the supermarket and two of the favorite characters at the bottom right corner.

With that being said, this background won’t be too much for any meeting, and if you position yourself in the center of the background, Timmy and Tommy characters will be right next to you, making you look and feel as if you were in their supermarket.

13. Animal Crossing Official HD

If you’re looking for an Animal Crossing Zoom background that will show the respect you have, not only for the game but also for the game developers, this is “the one”.

In this background, you’ll find that Animal Crossing is written in Japanese to show respect for the game developers and this game’s history.

Various Animal Crossing elements are included on top of the relaxing and light green color that will go well with any Zoom meeting.

14. Animal Crossing Tom Nook

If Tom Nook is your favorite character from Animal Crossing and you’re looking for a simple Zoom background that you can use even during the most professional meetings, you shouldn’t skip checking out this background.

This background is based on a relaxing green color with a huge Tom Nook element that’s wisely put on the side. Therefore, when you center yourself, you’ll have a Tom Nook character next to you, showing your fun side without creating a huge distraction.

15. Animal Crossing Cheri, Anabelle, and Lottie

When you are looking for the most colorful Animal Crossing Zoom background that will help you create a distraction during your fun and relaxed Zoom meetings, this makes a perfect background.

This background is based around the Happy Home Designer, which is full of smaller elements at a wide angle, so you get almost everything included in one background.

Depending on where you position yourself during your Zoom video meetings, you’ll be able to showcase a lot of your background or keep it a bit easier on the eyes by putting yourself in the middle of the background.

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16. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

If you’ve enjoyed Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, you’ll love this themed Zoom background.

This background is very simple, and it includes all elements neatly to the bottom right of the background, so they’re not in your way and they’re not a distraction.

The colors are very light and soothing, so this background will likely make a much better background, especially when you’re having Zoom meetings on dark days.

17. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Zoom background is ideal for all fans of the unique Pocket Camp game version, and yet it makes a great background because it combines colors well and isn’t overwhelming to the eye.

Therefore, you won’t blend in the background, and you’ll stand out and still be able to showcase your favorite Animal Crossing game version all around you at your Zoom meetings.

18. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp #2

If you’re a fan of the Pocket Camp version of the game and you need a Zoom background that won’t be overwhelming, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This background is based on the yellow color that’s easy on the eyes and has three characters in the background, Carlo, Beppe, and Giovanni.

You can fit well into the background as most of the background will be visible, showing your favorite elements of the Pocket Camp.

19. Animal Crossing Close-Up

While most Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds are keeping more elements by minimizing them and spreading them across the background, this Animal Crossing background is different.

In this background, you’ll see fewer elements, but they’re really large, so they’ll almost feel like they’re your size in the video.

The background is pretty colorful, so you’ll have to be careful how you position and dress, so you aren’t blending into it. Therefore, this background makes perfect use for casual Zoom video meetings.

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20. Animal Crossing Winter

There’s no better way to start winter than with the Animal Crossing Zoom background that symbolizes winter.

This background showcases a lot of natural light combined with warm colors and elements you’ll love to have next to you while you’re in a Zoom meeting.

Most importantly, the background isn’t overwhelming, and you’ll be able to easily stand out, even if you wear white. And if you end up positioning yourself in the middle of the background, you still won’t cover too much of this Animal Crossing background, and you’ll feel the only thing missing are the snowflakes in the background.

21. Animal Crossing Christmas Night

If you’re looking for a darker Animal Crossing background for Zoom, this is an ideal background since it’s based on Christmas night.

There are plenty of colors, yet they’re blended well to represent a dark but glowing night with many elements, including characters, gifts, and others.

If you place yourself in the center of the background, you’ll fit well into the magical surroundings, but it’s advised to wear lighter clothing, so you don’t blend into the background with darker colored clothes.

22. Animal Crossing Halloween

Halloween has always been a cool occasion in Animal Crossing, and if you would like to relive the Animal Crossing Halloween night, this is an ideal Zoom background for your needs.

There are mostly darker but vivid colors present in this background with fewer but larger elements that will be displayed well even when you’re on the video.

While this is probably a seasonal Animal Crossing Zoom background, it’s worth having it around for when the time comes, as it can change the mood of the Zoom video call.

23. Animal Crossing Fishing

Fishing has always been a fun activity in Animal Crossing, and if it was one of your favorite things to do, this is the ideal Animal Crossing Zoom background you can get.

This background represents the beautiful dock on the water, with colorful and bright colors representing the water and surrounding natural beauty.

When you put this background on your Zoom, not only will you look incredibly good, but you’ll also provide a zen-like experience to everyone in the meeting.

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24. Animal Crossing Punchy

Punchy is an awesome Animal Crossing character that could easily be your favorite character, and it almost appears in all game episodes to date.

If you’re a big Punchy fan, you’ll love this Animal Crossing Zoom background as it represents Punchy in a diner with warm colors and large elements, which just create a great vibe.

On top of that, no matter where you position yourself in the video, you’ll always seem like you fit into Punchy’s dinner at any moment, which just makes this background even more awesome.

25. Animal Crossing Sea

Seeing the sea just makes things better, and if you’re looking for a simple yet eye-catchy Animal Crossing Zoom background, this is probably a good choice.

This background is unique because it is made from a bird’s eye perspective, showing the sea full of details, the shore, and a boat. Even though there are mostly dark colors, this background is perfect for covering your actual background without distracting other members in the Zoom call.

It’s very appealing even as wallpaper, so you can rest assured other Zoom participants will love your chill Animal Crossing background.

26. Animal Crossing 4K

The better the image quality, the better the Zoom background will be, and this is one of the qualities of Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds as it comes in a 4K resolution.

It’s also a bold background as it provides a huge character image without too many details on the surroundings.

Therefore, you’ll be able to choose how much of a background you’d like to show to other Zoom participants by wisely placing yourself in front of the camera.

27. Animal Crossing Ankha

If Ankha is your favorite Animal Crossing character, your search for the best Animal Crossing Zoom background is over.

This Zoom background features the Ankha character in a large 4K resolution, where the character is large and well-detailed.

Therefore, you’ll be able to wow everyone in your Zoom meeting with your high-detailed background, and yet you won’t be overwhelming anyone. The character is also placed in the middle so you get to decide how you’d like to place yourself in front of the camera to show the best parts of the background.

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28. Animal Crossing Drawing

If you’d like an Animal Crossing Zoom background that looks like an actual drawing, you shouldn’t look further.

This background is drawn with attention to detail and as if it was painted with watercolors, yet it still comes in high quality. Therefore, when you put this for your Zoom background, it’ll look like you have actual wall art right behind you.

The colors are wonderful and positive, and you could end up staring at the wallpaper for hours, so needless to say, everyone in your Zoom meeting will love it, yet it won’t overshadow your presence.

29. Animal Crossing Kid Cat, Raymond, & Merry

There’s nothing better than having an Animal Crossing Zoom background that features Kid Cat, Raymond, and Merry, and if that’s what you’ve been looking for, this is the perfect background for you.

This background represents Animal Crossing characters that are happily asleep, and in combination with the vivid colors, it just brings up the mood, and it will do the same in your Zoom video meetings.

30. Animal Crossing Ankha #2

If you’re looking for the most realistic Zoom background of Ankha from Animal Crossing that you’ll be able to showcase to your friends and family, this is the background you should get.

There’s so much effort and work put into this background to make it look as realistic as possible. So when you put it as your Zoom background, you’ll feel as if Ankha was right next to you instead of behind you.

With so much attention to detail, it’s safe to say that this background will attract a lot of attention, so use it carefully when you’re in casual Zoom meetings!


Animal Crossing has a huge legacy built over the decades, and no matter what your favorite version or character is, the chances are you’ll love one of these 30 best Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds.

Any high-resolution wallpaper will do well as a Zoom background, so don’t forget that you can even make your own Animal Crossing Zoom background by taking high-quality Animal Crossing screenshots on your computer.

If this huge variety of high-resolution Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds doesn’t work, this can be a backup solution to consider!

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