50 Best Professional Zoom Backgrounds 2024

Zoom backgrounds let you attend or host video meetings in a virtual environment, different from where you’re at. Any image out there can be used as a virtual background on Zoom, but not all images make good backgrounds.

If you’re attending a business or office-related Zoom conference, you’ll need a professional background. We’ve gone through the millions of options available to filter out the 50 best professional Zoom backgrounds.

Check them out below:

Best Professional Zoom Backgrounds

1. Minimalism

Photo by Samantha Gades Via Unsplash

Nothing appears more professional than a simple, clean background. This is a simple background suitable if you have to attend a professional Zoom meeting at home. The only features in the background are the desk lamp, wall clock, and the flower pot. There’s a lot of space to position yourself while making your call.

2. Empty Conference Room

Photo from Pixabay

This background gives the feel of being in an actual conference room rather than a virtual one. The black chairs, silver tables, walls, and see-through windows are all to love in this background. Not to mention the table tray with a plant and pencils. It’ll make an ideal professional background if you’re the host of the Zoom meeting.

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3. Conference Room With TV

Photo from Pixabay

Here’s another interesting professional conference room background. However, this one features no see-through windows; instead, you get a TV on one side of the wall and boards on the other side. There’s also a central tray with pens and flowers. While it seems there’s a lot going on in the background, it’s still very minimalist and professional.

4. Silver iMac on Desk

Photo from Pexels

Want to display a sleek virtual home office? If yes, then this free background should catch your attention. The standout feature here is the iMac on the desk but there’s also a bookshelf, some stacked books, flowers, and a wall light. You can see the calendar date on the screen of the iMac. By any chance, it could coincide with the date of your Zoom meeting.

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5. Black Poster Frame

Photo by Vanitjan Via Freepik

If what you’re looking for is a dark-themed professional zoom background, you should check out this black poster frame background. Although it’s a dark background, it features just the right amount of lighting. The flowers, bulb, book, and wristwatch all add to the grandeur of this background.

6. Blurred Lobby

Photo by lifeforstock Via Freepik

This is a blurred background of a hotel lobby. Nevertheless, the seat and desk arrangement could well pass for an open office. This is an ideal professional background if you’re a participant in a Zoom conference. What makes the background appealing is its brightness. In addition, the blurred background offers an advantage since you’ll be more visible.

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7. Tub Chairs

Photo by Eunice Lui Via Pexels

At number seven, we have a very interesting background. You would like this background if you don’t want to be the only person in the room (virtually). It features tub chairs and a lovely plant. Notably, someone is sitting in one of the chairs. Also, the view outside the window shows it’s the top floor.

8. Clean Minimalist Office

Photo by Roman Bozhko Via Unsplash

The background description says it all. As mentioned earlier, nothing appears more professional than a simple and clean background. There are some notable features to love in this Clean Minimalist Office background. Among them is the calendar in bold black and white colors. Then, there’s the white chairs and the brown Formica table.

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9. Wall Art

Photo by Jonny Caspari Via Unsplash

Wall art is an ever-present feature in many offices, conference rooms, and lounges. If you’re the type that loves wall art, your office – at work or home – should be filled with it. You can bring the feeling to life in your next Zoom video meeting or conference using this background. If you count, you’ll find that there are more than 25 pieces of wall art in the background.

10. Office Room Perspective

Photo by ricardorv30 Via Pixabay

With this background, you can give your co-participants an interesting perspective of your virtual office. It’s interesting as the perspective aligns with the design of the office desk. In addition, the office is professionally decorated with drawers, carpeting, and wall art. The items on the table also add to the beauty of the background.

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11. Computer Set

Photo by Mateusz Dach Via Pexels

An office won’t be a professional one without a computer set. However, the main interest in this background is the dark theme. If the first black poster frame background didn’t meet your interests, this should. The computer set is switched on which translates to activity and then there are the flower pots that bring the background to life.

12. Minimalist Room

Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano Via Unsplash

Do you want to attend your Zoom conference in a room rather than an office? You can still appear professional and this background is a testament to that. What’s most interesting is the angle and distance from the wall. The wall features colorful wall art that compliments the radiant appearance of the background.

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13. Minimal Office Room

Photo from Pixabay

We’ve had quite a number of minimalist office Zoom backgrounds on this list and here’s another. This background passes for a professional one thanks to the sleek white background. On the desk is a desktop computer, a pencil cup, some artwork, and a lamp. The background gives you enough white space for your Zoom call.

14. Modern Panoramic Office

Photo by Ylanite Via Pixabay

Here’s another ideal professional background to use if you don’t want to give your co-participants a city view. It may not be ideal as a host as your audience could get distracted by the tall buildings in the background even if it’s blurred. Instead, this background features a smartphone, flower pots, and notepad on a white table.

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15. Floor Lamp Background

Photo by David van Dijk Via Unsplash

You can choose to take your Zoom call just beside your floor lamp. Well, you can also do this virtually with this simple yet professional background. It’s another ideal background to use if you’re attending a Zoom meeting at night. The background simply features a bright floor lamp close to a wall.

16. People In Conference Room

Photo by Christina Morillo Via Pexels

If you’re attending a Zoom virtual conference and you want to appear like you’re in a real conference room, you can use this background. The background features a group of people in a conference room using laptops and other gadgets. The conference room is well lit with a large window.

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17. Premium Modern Office

Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij Via Pixabay

This is another professional Zoom background on our list. It’s a modern office background with a chair, table, and laptop. The table also features a coffee cup and a digital camera. Notably, the background is clear, while you can still notice the plant.

18. Office Room

Photo by Skylar Kang Via Pexels

With this background, you get a virtual workstation. The background features an elegant office room with a long black desk, two chairs, and computers. There’s also a lamp on the table and the room features blinders, a clock, and boxes on a shelf. You can see a little of the city from the tall windows.

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19. Hallway Background

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel Via Pexels

You may have to take a quick Zoom video call while walking down the hallway, before getting to your office. You can recreate that scenario from anywhere using this hallway background. It’s a business setting from the perspective of the hallway. Although people are walking around, the background features enough room in front for you during your meeting.

20. People Inside Building

Photo by riciardus Via Pexels

Here’s another background to use if you don’t want to be alone in your virtual room. The background captures a top view of a room full of people. It’s a very bright background thanks to the array of windows all around the room. Also, the plants on one side of the background add to its beauty.

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21. Silver Laptop on Tabletop

Photo by EVG Kowalievska Via Pexels

This is a three color professional background – black, ash, and white. It’s another background that shows activity with the laptop turned on. However, the beauty of the background is in the see-through glass. It’ll appear like you got a table closest to the window in an office complex; many people love this position.

22. White Room

Photo by cottonbro Via Pexels

Using this white room background is a professional alternative if you’re considering a plain white background. The background is as simple as it can be. Besides, it is characterized by the white executive chair and white table. Interestingly, there is a flower vase and a lampstand which makes the background attractive.

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23. Copernico Blend Tower

Photo by Copernico Via Unsplash

This background image was taken inside the Copernico Blend Tower in Milan. The standout feature is the other people working at the end of the room. With this background in your next Zoom meeting, you’ll appear to be in a professional working environment with your co-workers. Aside from the people, the others features in this background are just stunning.

24. City View

Photo by Daan Stevens Via Pexels

Want to give other participants a view of your professional office and also that of the city? If yes, then, nothing beats this background. The large windows give a wide view of a city with tall buildings and white skies.

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25. Silver MacBook & Wooden Table

Photo by Binyamin Mellish Via Pexels

This background is an ideal setting for a conference room. Rather than show the entire conference table, it features just one end of the table with two black chairs and a silver MacBook computer. Other things to note and love about this background are the wooden table’s exquisite finish, the notebook on the table, and the wall art.

26. Close-up Modern Desk

Photo by freepik

In this background, you can see a table and chair with a book, pen, and a bookshelf at the back. However, the standout feature is the globe. The color cohesion contributes a lot to the professionalism of this background. You can easily position yourself where the chair is during your Zoom video conference.

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27. Empty Conference Room

Photo by DCStudio Via Freepik

Here we have another conference room background. This background displays a closer view of a conference room. Although empty, there are laptops and mugs on the table. In addition, the table at the back is turned on, displaying some project details. The background only lacks people which you’ll add once you use it on Zoom.

28. Minimalist Furniture

Photo by Liana Mikah Via Unsplash

Once again, if you’ll prefer a completely white professional background, this minimalist furniture background should suffice. It’s a very simple background with only three features – the chair, cupboard, and planter. The furniture and the wall all feature a white/ash color. This background is ideal if you’re a host and you want participants to have their attention on you.

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29. Room With Bookcase

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych Via Pexels

If you’ll love a little complexity, you should check out this background. While there’s a lot in this background, it stays professional as each feature is relevant. In addition, the neat layout makes the background more likable. It’ll make an ideal background if you’ll be attending a Zoom conference from home.

30. Modern Apartment

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych Via Pexels

This is another professional background if you’re attending a Zoom meeting from home. It’s a modern apartment featuring a desk, desk lamp, flower vases, and wall art. Notably, there’s a wall poster of a city map on the farthest wall. With this background, you can make other Zoom participants a little jealous of the beauty of your apartment.

31. Office Design

Photo by Uneebo Via Unsplash

This Office Design background was taken in a location in San Francisco, California. It’s a very professional setting with different desks for different staff. From the floor finish to the color of the desk and chairs to the greenery-covered walls, there’s everything to love about this background. In addition, the angle of the background makes it ideal for virtual calls.

32. Large Wall Art

Photo by cottonbro Via Pexels

If you’d prefer a black and white background, as the description states, the standout feature in this background are the two empty picture frames. Nevertheless, there’s still enough white space. The background also features two sitting chairs and a table whose arrangement could pass for a conference room.

33. Night Work Room

Photo by Sharad Kachhi Via Pexels

Perhaps you’re attending a Zoom meeting at night and you want your co-participants to get that night feel, look no further than this night workroom background. The background features everything you’ll need in a home office but with alternative blue lighting for night work. The time on the monitor also suggests it’s after midnight.

34. Night Conference Room

Photo by Slidebean Via Unsplash

This background simply captures an empty conference room with a view from the host chair. Nevertheless, you can use this background whether you’re the video conference host or not. The conference room is as organized as you would expect. There’s the sleek table, black office chairs, and proper lighting.

35. Private Office

Photo by Pexels Via Pixabay

Looking at this background, you would wish to have a real-life private office like it. It’s an elegant background and the most fascinating feature about it is the lighting. The office features windows on both sides so there’s enough sunlight in addition to the room light. Notably, the chair, desk, and wall are all white.

36. Business Room

Photo by MagicDesk Via Pixabay

This is a unique business conference room background; you can hardly find a conference room more professional than this. Like most other conference room backgrounds on this list, this one is empty. The white and silver decór with black furniture is what makes this background unique. It’s a clean conference table except for the telephone on top.

37. Grayscale Conference Room

Photo by Christina Morillo Via Pexels

Here’s another black and white professional background to use. It features a conference room with a few people. However, they won’t pose a distraction as they are distant and behind the door. You can use this background for a quick Zoom conference. The conference room and people make you appear to be in a professional environment.

38. Business District Office

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko Via Pexels

When in a business district, you would expect to see tall buildings all around. That’s what you get from the outside view of this professional background. This business district background features an office table and chair. The tall see-through windows contribute to the brightness of the room and also give a view of the business district.

39. City View

Photo by Produtora Midtrack Via Pexels

This is another Zoom background but this one features a broad view of the city. The background gives the feel of a CEO whose office is at the top-most floor and with glass windows. It’s a good professional background if you’re hosting a Zoom virtual conference. The laptop on the table and the executive chair are the stand-out features.

40. Animated Office Background

Photo by Freepik

If you love animation, you can take your next Zoom video conference using this animated office background. It’s a simple and well-made animation of an office with two desks, chairs, a laptop, and a computer. There are also hanging lights and wall art. However, what you’ll love most about this animated office background is the choice of colors.

41. Low Angle Building View

Photo by Lina Kivaka Via Pexels

This background will make a good option if you want an out-of-office view. It’s a low-angle view of a white building and except for the silhouette of someone on one of the floors, the building is empty. The top of the building is well lit while the lower floors have shadows – a perfect mix.

42. Meeting Room Background

Photo by Pixabay Via Pexels

In this background, you get a close view of an empty conference room with a large desk surrounded by several black chairs. In the distance is a large projector screen and a whiteboard. Unlike most other backgrounds featuring desks in this article, there’s no laptop, or mug on the desks.

43. Architecture

Photo by Joel Filipe Via Unsplash

If you would prefer something abstract, then you’ll like this architectural background. It’s a well-designed background of a glass façade edge. This would make an ideal professional background for your Zoom meeting if you work in the engineering industry or your conference is related to the industry. It will also be ideal as an alternative to a plain white background.

44. Scandinavian Furniture Background

Photo by Rachel Claire Via Pexels

Only the most professional office rooms feature Scandinavian furniture. However, the furniture alone isn’t what makes this background one of the best. The brown color of the shelf in addition to the accessories and potted plants makes the background unique. It can also appear like you’re in a living room other than an office.

45. Sofa and Dresser

Photo by Alexandra Gorn Via Unsplash

With this background, you get an indoor feel. You can use it to appear like you’re attending the conference from your living room. It’s a minimal room with a couple of furniture items. This includes a sofa, dresser, floor lamp, framed art, and two plants. In addition, there are pillows on the sofa with the door in view.

46. Reflective Hallway

Photo from Pexels

This modern factory background is another background that gives an out-of-office experience. It features the type of factory hallways you only see in movies with reflective walls. It’s a narrow wall hallway but the reflective walls make it appear unending; it’s a very unique background.

47. Modern Meeting Office

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Here we have an image depicting a modern meeting office due to the presence of a table and an array of chairs. Notably, there’s a white wall in the image background where you can position yourself while attending a Zoom conference.

48. Wooden White Shelf

Photo by Taryn Elliott Via Pexels

Do you work in the writing, editing, or publishing industry? If yes, then you can impress your co-participants with this wooden white shelf background. What you get is a close view of the inner edge of a bookshelf with books everywhere. Nothing says writing or publishing more than books.

50. Empty Classroom

Photo from Pexels

The last Zoom background on this list is an empty classroom. The background features a chalkboard and a close view of some classroom seats. Also, there’s a clock on the wall. If you’re a teacher hosting a class on Zoom or even a student attending a class, you can make use of this background.

Bottom Line

Simply pick any of the 50 Zoom backgrounds in this article that matches your video conference mood.

Interestingly, all of the entries are available for free.

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