30 Best Holiday Zoom Backgrounds 2024

During the holiday season, you probably won’t be able to travel and join your loved ones like before. But this doesn’t mean you can’t share the holiday cheer with them from where you are.

Through Zoom video conferencing, you can turn any festive season into a virtual celebration and put a smile on every single face. Make all your virtual gatherings cheerful as you get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Here are the thirty best holiday Zoom backgrounds to liven your virtual get-togethers.

Best Holiday Zoom Backgrounds To Use

1. Classic Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Your festive season doesn’t have to be lonely, especially when you’re far from your loved ones. Spread some love with a classic Christmas tree close-up background during your zoom calls.

The tree is adorned with gold and beige ornaments to show that you’re all set for the holidays. This will show your family and friends that you can still share in the celebration despite the distance.

Nothing beats family holiday time, and your Zoom call over a Christmas tree backdrop will make everyone’s day.

2. Maldives Beach

The Maldives Beach background can make people dream of an ideal vacation. Use it in your Zoom call to entice your audience to plan their holiday. The sand looks whiter than white while the water seems bluer than blue; quite a dream vacation beach this is.

You can kill the afternoon heat with cocktails after strolling down the beach at sunset. And the rest is nothing but a dream come true.

3. Private Jet

There’s no better way to spend this festive season than traveling to a magical place with your family. Crown your Zoom meeting with this travel background to let them know that spending time in a faraway location is the best and most precious gift you can give to your family.

Rent a private jet and take them to the end of the world if possible.

After all is done, you deserve some quiet time with your loved ones to rekindle your love and bond. A place away from home will help you make memories that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Do something extraordinary with your family, let them enjoy life far from home as you reward yourself for a time well spent.

4. Holiday Party

Feel like celebrating Christmas under the stars? Well, don’t be left out this season. As you plan for the upcoming festivities, let others in on all your plans with a festive stars Zoom backdrop. Make your Zoom call with friends and colleagues count today.

Under the colorful stars, you can savor the moment with your buddies and forget your past encounters.

What matters is that you have your best time of the year surrounded by the people you value, such as those who support you when you are at your weakest.

5. Winter Wonderland

Forget the fireplace, Christmas tree, and your cozy living room, and take your Christmas to a winter wonderland. The small, well-lit cottage in the middle of the woods will do you wonders this Christmas.

The serene winter scenery is a perfect virtual hangout for your next Zoom meeting. It brings the festive mood into the meeting, allowing everyone to contemplate their plans for the coming festivities. It is always good to brighten the atmosphere to allow ideas to flow freely.

6. Christmas Happy Hour

Even if you can’t be with your favorite crew this coming holiday, you can still bring the happy hour to your Zoom call with this virtual holiday happy hour backdrop.

Let them know that not even your busy schedule can prevent you from enjoying a happy hour with them.

Bring a bartender along to serve the holiday cocktails and help everyone enjoy the fun at your Zoom cheers virtual session. Set the festivity mood and let your friends go with the flow. They are bound to surprise you when you least expect.

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7. Fire Burning in Fireplace

This cozy living room holiday hearth will make an excellent backdrop for your next Zoom call. You can warm your chilly self while talking to your business partners.

Even on this night, the gold and wood accents give this backdrop a modern feel. Let them know that despite the chill of the holiday night air, you are still cheerful and ready to get things done.

The brick fireplace has fresh fire with excellent metal holders to warm your room. And with no light, it feels free to just enjoy the peace and calmness of the night before finally retiring to bed. Sometimes peace and tranquility are what you need to deliberate on things.

8. Perfect Holiday Getaway

When all is done for the year, all you desire is to get away to some quiet place where there are no files to go through and no statistics to compute, nothing at all about business or work. This perfect holiday backdrop on your last meeting with stakeholders will be refreshing. Who knows, most of them might copy your idea.

It is always rewarding to give yourself a holiday present by taking a trip to your favorite holiday destination. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the daily tasks of your hectic job schedule.

A place where you get what you need when you need it; at least for a few days until you get back to reality.

9. Christmas Lights

You don’t want to spend your holidays cooped up in the same place. You need to feel the holiday spirit even if you are on your own. An evening holiday walk backdrop can get you closer to your loved ones during your Zoom conversations.

Call them up over this backdrop, and it’ll seem like you’re walking together down Main Street on an evening. The blanket of snow filling the air and the twinkle lights in the surrounding trees make this particular evening so special as you walk hand in hand with your beloved.

Let them know how special they are to you; that not even distance will come between what holds you close.

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10. Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos islands backdrop is the one thing that makes one want to leave everything behind and disappear. Using it as your Zoom backdrop can make people yearn for a vacation on an island, far from the daily chaos of work and other responsibilities.

Make everyone’s day with this background as you contemplate how you’re going to spend the holiday season.

11. Santa’s Reindeer

The kids are very eager to see Santa this coming holiday. Why not drop a pleasant surprise with a Santa’s Reindeer Zoom background in your next call?

They’ll definitely love it as they recollect their memories with Santa over the past years.

Meeting Santa is every child’s dream. And when you bring Santa home on his sleigh and with reindeer on the trail, it’s like a dream come true to them. Wait until the real Santa shows up at their doorstep; the real thrill of Christmas. So go on, make their day with this eloquent backdrop.

12. Sesame Street

This favorite Sesame Street resident cannot be left out this holiday. Cookie Monster is at it again; doing what he’s good at. It makes for an excellent backdrop when sharing your holiday plans with your family on Zoom.

This will definitely make their day.

13. Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be more inclusive with the right backdrop. A flowery background wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day is just what your family and friends need, now that you’re not physically present.

This backdrop takes you closer to a Thanksgiving get-together, reminding you of the good things you’ve had in your life, including your family.

What better way to express your appreciation than by sharing a Zoom call with your colleagues, family, friends, or even your customers over an extraordinary Thanksgiving backdrop? It’s a day of appreciation and everyone who had a hand in your success is included.

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14. Hot Chocolate & Cookies

It’s a holiday! But it’s cold and snowy out there. You look outside the window and change your mind about going out with your friends. So you decide to do something much more wonderful; a Zoom video call over a cup of hot chocolate and cookies.

This backdrop reminds everyone that it’s time for tasty warm drinks. Whether you are indoors alone or out for a good time with friends, what matters is that you are feeling the holiday spirit around you.

Sharing the moment with them will put you in the mood for sharing your break with some cookies and cocoa.

15. Holiday Market

With the holiday season around the corner, you’ll want to be part of the holiday shopping frenzy. Someone back at home is expecting a new dress, a toy, or a surprise, especially now that you’re away.

Call them up over a holiday market Zoom backdrop to remind them that you haven’t forgotten your promise. This will look and feel like you’re walking through the holiday marketplace, looking for ornaments, trinkets, and other gifts you can think of for your loved ones.

And it will also be a reminder that you should take a much-needed break to get them something that will enhance their celebratory mood.

16. Aquarium Adventure

Want to take your kids on an aquatic adventure this holiday? Or do you wish to indulge your inner child? Take this aquarium backdrop to your screen and make it feel like you’re swimming with the sharks.

This is a great backdrop to use when conversing with the kids on Zoom. Give them the excitement of visiting an aquarium.

17. Happy New Year!

This celebratory virtual background is perfect for your Zoom New Year party! We always expect good tidings while welcoming the New Year.

When it’s time to spend the past year far away, you should do so in style with a classic backdrop bursting with fireworks over Cinderella Castle.

This Disney World New Year backdrop will see your last Zoom meeting booming with expectations from your coworkers, stakeholders, family, and friends. This is while ushering in a much brighter year full of anticipation and new goals.

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18. Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Halloween isn’t Halloween without a spooky costume and some mad rave. Everything gets spookier when you get together with your closest allies to end the day in style. Lights blazing, Jack O’Lanterns all lit up; the stage is all set for an eventful Halloween night.

Although you aren’t physically present, a Jack O’Lantern backdrop on Halloween makes you feel like part of the celebration.

All you need is to dress up for the night and call your friends or family. Everyone will feel your presence, and you’ll feel theirs too. At the end of your Zoom conversation, no one will feel left out.

19. Holiday Dinner

What better way to create the holiday mood than by sharing a dinner over a Zoom call? Whether you’re conferencing with your clients, stakeholders, colleagues, or family, a holiday dinner background will do the trick.

This West Elm background is just what everyone needs at this time – a dining room with modern furniture decorated with greenery and a Christmas tree at the corner to remind them it’s Christmas.

It doesn’t always have to be about work, especially when everyone else is in a celebratory mood. Bring some cheer to your meetings with a backdrop portraying sumptuous meals.

This will bring some excitement to the virtual room and keep everyone excited and active. You’ll be surprised how new ideas will pop up to make the meeting extra productive.

20. Easter Bunny

Easter is often one of the cheeriest seasons of the year. While it’s emotional and cherished in the Christian faith, it also brings together a lot of things that spark joy in celebrants.

Faith or not, everyone celebrates Easter in the most memorable ways, from beautifully colored Easter eggs to bunny-shaped sweets. It doesn’t matter if you’re home with the family or not, but you can add to the cheer by making a Zoom call with an Easter Bunny backdrop like this one.

Since most people are at home, they’ll be thrilled to share Easter moments with you over a Zoom call. So make it count, spread the Easter love across with this backdrop, and you’ll definitely make someone’s day.

21. A Latte Situation

Celebrating holidays isn’t complete without hot beverages, right? Cappuccino, mocha, Americano, latte, tea, you name it!

You invite the holiday mood on your Zoom call with this peppermint latte background. Creating tree-shaped latte art isn’t easy, OK? But using this background makes it look possible.

Those you are talking with may be inspired to pour a hot beverage to get the meeting going.

22. Tropical Paradise

How about a trip to a tropical paradise in Soufriere, St. Lucia? This particular backdrop can leave many craving an island break. It shows the open windows of a beautiful restaurant close to the water. Use it for your next Zoom meeting and give everyone a taste of the Caribbean.

It will look like you’re calling directly from paradise. Imagine the perfect blue skies, white sand, and crystal clear waters. What else could one ask for?

23. Spring Garden

Do you want to celebrate Easter in style? A spring garden with a bunny in a raincoat can be an excellent backdrop for your next Zoom meeting.

While it puts you in the Easter holiday spirit, you can either join your loved ones in a post-brunch catch-up or take part in the virtual Easter egg hunt in the garden.

We all know that Easter brings people together, and when you can’t be with them, a spring garden Zoom backdrop will bring the Easter bunny to your virtual party and help brighten up the celebration. And with fresh florals and all that, your space will be all spruced up.

24. Happy Holidays

When you have limited time to discuss essential points in a virtual meeting, you might forget to send happy holiday wishes to your audience.

But don’t worry, as you can say it perfectly via this “Happy Holidays” Zoom background. The white font color and the fancy font type make the message pop out so people can read it quickly.

Add it to the other elements, including the Christmas tree, gift boxes with ribbons, bells, stars, and lights, and you’ve sent the message perfectly.

25. Holiday by the Poolside

A holiday by the poolside backdrop is just what you need to make your next Zoom meeting a relaxed one for all participants. A serious office reflection during a meeting can sometimes create tension, blocking the flow of ideas.

This background can help ease any tension and allow everyone the freedom to participate and share opinions.

Such wallpaper helps everyone feel the calmness and tranquility of relaxing by the poolside without worrying about business and any other problems one may have. It gives them the feeling that everything will be alright.

26. Christmas Ready Living Room

Although you’ll be busy working, it’s good to retain the holiday spirit. Keep this spirit alive by using a holiday-ready backdrop during your virtual meeting. Your audience needs this to feel the holiday season’s vibe like everyone else.

This backdrop can brighten your Zoom session, bring about new objectives for the coming year and new ideas because everybody is in the right mood.

Once in a while, people need something positive to jog their memories and revive their thoughts. In the end, only a positive mindset will deliver the results needed.

27. Easter Pup

For all dog lovers, having an Easter pup show up at your virtual party will be quite a pleasant surprise. Call up your family with an Easter pup Zoom backdrop to make their day even brighter. Besides attending the virtual Easter party, you’ll get everyone excited when you bring pups along.

Your virtual Easter egg hunting spree would be more adventurous with pups around. You bet he will collect more eggs than everyone else then show off by relaxing himself among beautifully colored eggs. This backdrop will surely lighten up everyone’s spirit.

28. An All-Out Holiday House

A holiday house wouldn’t be a bad idea this festive season. Surprise your family with a getaway to the countryside in an elegant, modern-looking, fully furnished holiday house. This Zoom backdrop will make way for more festivities with family.

An all-out holiday house is what every family dreams of. It also offers an excellent bonding place for friends who’ve spent the whole year apart – a great place to relive the good memories of the past, share life stories, and make new memories.

29. Christmas Party

Christmas can never be fulfilling enough without a party. Ace your Zoom virtual meeting with this backdrop to remind your friends, colleagues, and family of the joy of Christmas. Even when you’re preoccupied, a party can help you relax and unwind.

You’ve worked so hard throughout the year to accomplish your goal. A Christmas party will be the breather you need to reflect on your success. And you can share your joy with those close to you.

30. Walt Disney Spaceship

When the clock ticks to mark the beginning of the new year, you’ll be in front of spaceship Earth talking to your family on Zoom call.

It feels good to usher in the New Year in style. This is especially when you know that you managed to pull through, despite the previous year’s challenges.

Make this spaceship earth backdrop from Walt Disney your gateway to another year of expectations and new achievements.


The holiday season is probably the best way to spend quality time with those you love. But hey, don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to be with them.

You can still bring the holiday to them via Zoom calls. With fun holiday backdrops, it’s easy to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere that will enrich your conversations.

This article gives you the most beautiful backgrounds available, whether you’re holding a business meeting or talking to friends or family. So, make use of your time to brighten the mood in your Zoom calls.

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