15 Best Browsers For Windows 10

The browser market continues to grow as more tech companies launch what they believe is the best for internet users. The existing ones regularly release updates – fix bugs, add more features, and overall improvement – to make their browsers better.

For Windows users, the market is even wider since it’s the most used desktop OS in the world. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, all deliver a great browsing experience.

However, the best browser for Windows 10 is Google Chrome which is the most powerful of the pack when it comes to performance. Other browsers might give you more features, but Chrome is all about top-notch performance.

Here we talk about these browsers in detail. We will also talk about some other browsers to use on Windows 10.

Let’s begin.

Best Browsers For Windows 10

1. Google Chrome

No browser comes close to Google Chrome in terms of market share. The browser built by Google is the most popular web browser in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise it’s number one on this list. You can download and install Chrome on your Windows 10 PC for free.

Chrome is a popular browser because it works seamlessly with other Google tools. If you use platforms like Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Play, and others, Chrome will make a suitable browser option.

Furthermore, Chrome is a secure browser – from a company like Google, you’d expect nothing less. Chrome ensures security using security checks, password checks, privacy controls, and regular updates.

Chrome is a browser you can rely on for productivity thanks to the numerous extensions it supports. Many internet platforms and services feature Chrome extensions which you can access from the Chrome store.

Not to mention the browser is fast and convenient, notably, with dark mode support and the Google address bar. You can use the Google address bar as a Google search bar, weather forecast tool, calculator, translator, and currency converter.

You can easily sync your browsing activities across your other devices when you sign in.

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2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a privacy-focused browser. The browser uses a native Quantum-based engine which not only ensures privacy but also makes the browser fast and low-resource-consuming.

If you’re an online gamer, gaming with your Windows 10 PC will be seamless with Firefox’s multiprocess tabs.

With Firefox, you have a panoply of extensions – known as add-ons – to use. The Firefox Add-on store houses hundreds of add-ons and also themes to change your browser’s appearance. Thousands of themes are available, from different categories, so you’re sure to find an ideal one.

One advantage of using Firefox is that you’re in control of your privacy settings. You can manage content blocking by selecting a level of protection – Standard, Strict, or Custom. With Custom mode, you can choose what to block, what cookies to allow, and more,

For private browsing, you can use the Firefox Private Browsing mode – similar to incognito mode in Chrome and other browsers. Firefox Private Browsing mode prevents trackers which doubles as an ad blocker.

Notably, Firefox features several native ad blockers as add-ons. This includes the AdBlocker Ultimate and the Pop-up Blocker – exclusive for blocking pop-up ads. Ultimately, you enjoy decluttered browsing.

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3. Microsoft Edge

The default browser that comes with your Windows 10 PC is Microsoft Edge since Microsoft also owns Windows. You can choose to not replace Edge, it’s one of the best and, thus, a reliable browser.

As a browser from Microsoft, Edge is designed to be coherent with Windows. For example, Windows treats each Edge tab as a separate window. With other browsers, all tabs are contained in one window.

Furthermore, Edge is fast and comes with built-in performance and productivity tools. As a Chromium-based browser, Microsoft Edge works with Chrome extensions. You can visit the Chrome store and install extensions like you would with the Chrome browser.

No browser offers anti-malware and -phishing protection on Windows 10 better than Edge. For general safety, the browser features a SmartScreen, Password Monitor, InPrivate search, and Kids Mode.

Kids Mode allows only age-appropriate content and you can set the age for each browsing session. It’s an innovative feature you don’t get on most other browsers.

Are you a writer? If yes, you’ll appreciate the built-in advanced writing assistant – similar to what you get on Microsoft Word and other Microsoft 365 apps.

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4. Opera

Opera, although more popular as a mobile browser, is one of the best browsers for Windows 10. You can opt for this browser for a personalized browsing experience.

With Opera, you enjoy faster and distraction-free browsing. In addition, the browser’s innovative features make it easy to control and you won’t get bored while browsing.

Opera comes with a native VPN, tracker blocker, and ad blocker, all for free. Unlike other popular browsers, you don’t need an extension or add-on to use these features. The browser supports Workspaces, allowing you to organize tabs according to your interests.

You can chat on Messenger, Whatsapp, VK, and Telegram from any browser window. These social platforms are built into the sidebar. In addition, the Pinboards feature lets you easily save web content including music, links, notes, and more.

With Opera’s Private mode, your browsing history is deleted immediately you close the window; nothing is saved. Furthermore, you can control your browsing privacy and security using advanced settings.

Notably, Opera is one of the few browsers to support crypto. It comes with a native crypto wallet that works to send, receive, and pay using cryptocurrencies.

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5. Vivaldi

According to Wired, Vivaldi is “the best browser on the web.” With this browser, you browse exactly how you want it. You can switch from a “pure minimalism” browser environment to a “full-on crazy” one. There are three browsing layers – Essentials, Classic, and Fully Loaded.

Vivaldi’s high customizability makes it a unique browser. It comes with a lot of features – a lot – but you choose the features you want to display. Everything is up to you, you can play around until you find an ideal interface.

Some of Vivaldi’s built-in features include tab grouping, split-screen view, mail client, support for mouse gestures, notes manager, ad blocker, and custom macros. Most of these features are nonexistent in other popular browsers.

In addition, Vivaldi supports contemporary options like two-level tab stacks that come in handy when you’re working with many tabs. There’s a massive library of themes for you to use. Most of these themes were made by other users.

With Vivaldi, you don’t have to switch to private or incognito mode to prevent trackers. The browser doesn’t track your behavior by default, you can allow it or not.

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6. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is inarguably the most popular privacy-focused browser available. Everything you do with Brave Browser is private, you don’t have to worry about trackers.

This browser makes it easy for you to switch. You can import your passwords, bookmarks, and even browser extensions from other browsers. Brave is a chromium-based browser so it works with all Chrome extensions.

By default, the browser blocks ads from any website you visit. Without ads and trackers, your browsing will be very fast. This, in addition to Brave Browser’s native speed engine, results in a swift browsing experience.

Furthermore, you can easily turn on the VPN, private search, and incognito browsing with a single click. The browser also blocks cookies, fingerprint trackers, bounced tracking, and malware by default. These are altogether known as the Brave Shields. Brave supports Tor-level browsing; incognito browsing is in Tor browsing mode.

Brave is another crypto-supporting browser with a secure native wallet – The Brave Wallet – which supports major cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can import other wallets, manage NFTs, and connect with web3 DApps.

You can earn money browsing with Brave with the Brave Rewards. As you browse, you earn tokens that you can exchange for crypto and gift cards.

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7. Torch Browser

Torch Browser is an ideal browser for your Windows 10 PC if you download torrents. The browser comes with a built-in Torrent Manager that is easy-to-use, fast, and thus, makes downloading torrents hassle-free.

However, there’s more to the Torch Browser than downloading torrents. It also features a Media Grabber that lets you download videos and audio from any web page with a click. You need an extension for this with the popular browsers.

With the built-in Torch Player, you can play the videos you save directly from the browser’s environment. It’s an intuitively designed player for an awesome viewing experience. Likewise, there’s a built-in music player – Torch Music – for playing audio.

All of these show that Torch is a fun browser to use. The fun, however, doesn’t end there as the browser features tons of online games you can play.

Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the Torch Facelift if you’re a social media person. The feature lets you customize your Facebook feed using varying themes designed by other users. You can also design yours.

You’ll find this browser easy to use with features like drag-and-drop search, social media sharing, and a download accelerator – for faster downloads.

8. Tor Browser

The usage of Tor Browser may be a little infamous – since Tor is blocked in some countries – but the browser is one of the best. Unquestionably, it’s the best browser to use if you want to access Tor sites – the dark web

The browser primarily protects against tracking, censorship, and surveillance. In addition to being a free browser, the Tor Browser is open-source. Using the Tor Browser is like browsing with a VPN; you get high-level security and anonymity.

The Tor network consists of over 6,000 relays so no one can trace your location or track your activity. This, unfortunately, has led to some infamous uses of the browser. Nevertheless, users are responsible for what they do online – not the browser.

Notably, the browser isolates itself from other programs on your Windows PC to maintain anonymity. In line with its privacy and anonymity policies, Tor features DuckDuckGo as its default search engine.

Due to its features and uses, Tor may appear too different from other browsers. However, the browser still supports typical browser features like bookmarking among others.

9. Maxthon Cloud Browser

The Maxthon Cloud browser is an ingenious browser app, primarily, due to its support for blockchain technology. The browser is currently in its 6th version, and over 670 million people use this browser – not just on Windows but across all device types.

With Maxthon Cloud, you can create and manage blockchain identities using the built-in blockchain identity manager – VBox. It’s a sui generis approach to maintaining online privacy.

Furthermore, the browser supports the NBdomain protocol, useful for accessing blockchain content. This protocol, together with VBox, enables the Maxthon Cloud browser to support blockchain apps.

As a blockchain-technology-driven browser, you’d expect Maxthon Cloud to be very secure and private – it is.

Away from the blockchain tech; the Maxthon Cloud browser is effortless to use, thanks to the friendly UI, and it’s a fast browser. In addition, you can customize the browser layout how you want.

For your convenience, the Maxthon Cloud browser has a Night Mode feature that’ll automatically adjust brightness at night. The browser supports Chrome extensions as it’s Chromium-based – you can also import your Chrome browsing data.

Aside from your Windows 10 PC, you can also use Maxthon Cloud on your other devices and sync your browsing data across all.

10. Chromium

Chromium isn’t to be confused with Google Chrome. Google launched the Chrome browser along with the Chromium project. Chrome is based on Chromium – like some other browsers mentioned before, – and Chromium is still available as a standalone browser albeit being open-source.

Using Chromium isn’t very different from using Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge. It’s an option to consider if you need an open-source Chromium-based browser for your Windows 10 PC.

Chromium is also more private than the other two popular Chromium-based browsers. For example, by default, Chrome (and Edge) can send crash reports to Google (and Microsoft) but such a feature is nonexistent.

However, as an open-source browser, Chromium isn’t as stable as Chrome or Edge. Although the project is managed by Google, there is no official stable version. You, instead, get API keys to add more functionalities.

The advantage is that its open-source nature lets you customize the browser how you want – and even build your own Chromium-based browser. Like other Chromium-based browsers, you can download and install Chrome extensions in Chromium.

11. IceDragon Browser

The IceDragon – also known as Comodo IceDragon – browser is a lightweight browser that offers speed and security. Notably, the browser is exclusively available for Windows OS and it supports Windows 10.

IceDragon is based on Firefox, rather than Chromium. That means the browser will work with Firefox add-ons. It’s like Firefox with more privacy and performance enhancements.

The browser features a built-in antivirus that scans web pages for malware – the SiteInspector malware detection system. This is typical since Comodo is a cybersecurity company.

With the SiteInspector malware detection system, you’ll know if a website is safe before visiting it. After scanning, you get a detailed report on not just the website’s safety but also its domain registration details, previous history, contacts, and others.

Furthermore, the browser uses the SecureDNS service to protect your online activities. It uses a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful websites. SecureDNS also helps improve browsing speed.

The IceDragon browser features social sharing buttons – you can easily share what you’re browsing to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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12. Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser recently launched a Windows app version. Before now, the browser was only available for mobile devices, and users confirm its reliability. If you opt for Aloha Browser, you’ll be one of the first people to use the app.

Aloha Browser focuses on user safety. According to the developers, “privacy is a fundamental human right” and you alone should know about your browsing history. Therefore, the browser doesn’t track your activities and it has built-in measures to prevent third-party trackers.

In addition, Aloha Browser is a relatively fast browser. It comes with a built-in rendering engine. Particularly, the browser displays pages in split seconds since it doesn’t record or track.

The built-in VPN is one of the features mobile users applaud the most. This VPN is also available in the Windows app. It’s a free VPN – but only works within the app – and you can choose from a few countries. If you wish to access more countries, you’ll have to go premium.

With the secure file manager, you can download and manage music, videos, and images directly from your browser. Furthermore, the browser has a built-in media player and VR player.

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13. UC Browser

UC Browser is another mobile-famous browser, especially on Android devices. The Windows version was released in 2017 with almost every feature that made UC Browser a favorite for mobile users.

The UC Browser PC version is chromium-based and its core is speed. Already, UC Browser is renowned for its speed most especially for downloading files. With such a browser, you don’t need a third-party download manager tool.

UC Browser has a friendly UI, similar to other Chromium-based browsers. However, the UI remains unique thanks to the high-customization options and the native themes shop.

Furthermore, UC Browser helps you save data. It loads fewer resources which require less browsing data and ultimately leads to less spending. You can view the amount of saved data as you browse.

Just as it doesn’t use much browsing data, UC Browser also won’t use much of your system’s resources. With the built-in video manager, you can save videos from around the web for offline viewing.

If you need privacy and safety, you can use the incognito mode. In incognito mode, your browsing and search history are not saved. However, the browser does retain your downloaded files and bookmarks.

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14. SlimBrowser

SlimBrowser is described as a “fast, secure, powerful” browser. While it isn’t a popular browser, it’s a reliable one. The browser works on Windows 7, 8, and, of course, 10.

A key feature of this browser is the ad-blocker. It comes with a native ad-blocker which facilitates lightning-fast browsing. Without ads, the browser claims to be 10x for downloading.

With Enhanced Tracking Protection, you won’t worry about your privacy being compromised when you browse with SlimBrowser. In addition, browsing is convenient as the browser supports mouse gestures and has a fully customizable toolbar.

There are so many other features that make the SlimBrowser one of the best for Windows 10. The browser lets you directly download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3.

It comes with a built-in ultra-fast download manager. Aside from the download manager’s speed, you’ll appreciate the ease of resuming broken downloads. As you browse, you can easily share anything on your Facebook page thanks to the One-Click Facebook Integration.

The SlimBrowser also features an add-on library where you’ll find not only plugins but also themes and styles. This means more functionality and more personalization.

15. Falkon

Falkon, formerly known as QupZilla, is a KDE (K Desktop Environment) web browser. It’s a lightweight browser as it uses the QtWebEngine rendering engine. The browser is available for all major platforms including Windows 10.

Falkon is a simple yet feature-rich browser which makes it one of the best. You’ll find all of the typical features you’d expect from a web browser including bookmarks, history, and tabs.

The browser comes with a built-in AdBlock plugin to block all online ads by default. As a privacy-inclined browser, Falkon features DuckDuckGo as its default search engine.

From the browser menu’s accessible settings, you can access the intuitive session manager. The session manager helps to recover recent browsing sessions which can be a life-saver in some cases.

Furthermore, Falkon supports extensions although not Chromium or Firefox-based extensions. The extension library is limited.

Bottom Line

The browser to go for will depend on your browsing activities. You’ll most likely consider the popular options like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

However, supposing you want high-customizability, you’d want to consider a browser like Vivaldi or Maxthon Cloud.

Likewise, if you’re particular about online security and privacy, browsers like Brave, Aloha, and Tor would be among your options.

If you need a browser for fun, available options include the Torch Browser, UC Browser, or the SlimBrowser. Again, it depends on your browsing activities.

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