10 Best Browsers For Android TV in 2023

Best browsers for android tv

Looking for the best browser for your Android TV? You’re in the right place.

Forget endless scrolling through app stores or diving deep into forum debates. We’ve done the heavy lifting to give you a no-nonsense list of top-performing browsers, optimized for Android TV.

Whether it’s speed, user-interface, or compatibility you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.

Why Install a Browser on Your Android TV?

Android TV is an operating system for smart televisions. Based on Android and developed by Google, it offers an excellent viewing experience.

Sure, Android TV delivers a killer viewing experience right out of the box. But it hits you with a curveball: no pre-installed browsers. Not even industry giants like Google Chrome or Firefox make the cut in the Android TV Play Store.

So what’s the game plan? You’ve got two routes.

First, a select few browsers are Play Store-approved for Android TV.

Second, you can ‘sideload’ mainstream browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. We’ll break down how to do that, step by step later in this guide.

But, why bother with a browser on a device built for streaming?


Sometimes, the content you want isn’t on Netflix or other big-name platforms. A web browser lets you pull from the wider web, delivering shows and movies that are otherwise off the grid.

But here’s the catch: crafting a browser that works seamlessly with Android TV’s limited hardware is no cakewalk.

That’s why the available options can sometimes feel like slim pickings—buggy, limited, or not free.

Keep reading for the definitive list of the best browsers that’ll turn your Android TV into a web-surfing powerhouse.

Best Browsers for Android TV

1. Google Chrome – Best Browser For Android TV

Google Chrome is a top browser choice across multiple devices including Android TV.

Strangely, Android TV doesn’t come with Chrome pre-loaded. Even more puzzling? There’s no specific Android TV version in the Play Store.

Many people want to use Chrome on their Android TVs. One of the benefits of using Chrome is that it syncs with Chrome on other devices.

In other words, if you are already using Chrome on your phone or laptop, you can sync your bookmarks and other saved data across devices so you can visit your favorite bookmarks on your Android TV.

However, Chrome is not available for Android TV, so you need to sideload it. However, many people have reported that it works well on Android TV.

You’ve got three straightforward options to install Google Chrome on Android TV:

  1. Google Play Store: Got a Google account? Use the Google Play Store on your Android TV to download and install Chrome directly. Easy. Download the app.
  2. Sideloading APK: Grab Chrome’s APK file from a reputable source and transfer it to your Android TV via USB. Then, install it using a file manager like ES File Explorer. Get the APK
  3. Third-Party App Stores: Some alternative app stores offer Chrome for Android TV. Install the app store, then download Chrome. Explore options

Caution: Sideloading can expose you to malware risks. Stick to trusted sources and consider an antivirus app for extra safety.

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2. Puffin Browser – High-speed, Lightweight Browser Designed for Android TV

Puffin TV Browser is a version of the Puffin browser designed for Android TV. However, while Puffin is generally a great browser, I’m not including it first, because it offers only a limited free version.

While you can download Puffin TV Browser from the Play Store on Android TV for free, it has a limited evaluation period; you can only use it for free for one hour per day. If you want to use it longer than that, you will have to buy a paid subscription.

However, it does have many awesome features, so if you can afford to upgrade, you will get access to a super-cool browser.

The interface is pretty user-friendly, and you can use it to browse the web like you would on any browser. In addition, you can watch videos and even adjust the playback speed within the browser.

Puffin is a fast browser, and the TV version is no different.

Controlling the browser is easy, as you can download the Puffin TV Remote app on your Android phone to control the browser on your smart TV screen from your mobile device. Using the Puffin TV remote app, you can also send links and URLs from your phone to your smart TV.

If searching for movies on your phone is easier, just do it on your phone. Once you find the movie you want to watch, send the link to your TV and watch it there.

There is even a Facebook Messenger chatbot built into Puffin TV Browser that you can interact with.

Network traffic on Puffin Browser, whether you’re searching the web or watching videos, is run on the Puffin cloud servers. Its servers are based in the United States and Singapore, so you’ll get the best experience if you use the browser in those countries.

Again, while the browser is free to download, it costs money for unrestricted usage. The current prices are $1/month or $10/year (check the website for updated pricing).

Overall, Puffin TV is one of the best Android TV options. It has some negative reviews on the Google Play Store, but most seem to be due to Puffin TV switching to a quota-based/subscription-based version instead of offering it for free.

Otherwise, it works well.

Before we continue, I want to quickly point out that the following browsers aren’t officially released for Android TV, so you won’t be able to find them on the Play Store on your television set.

Instead, you will have to download them from third-party sites and install them through a process known as sideloading.

If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. I’ll explain exactly how to sideload these apps and install them on your Android TV later in the article.

Let’s continue.

3. TV Bro

TV Bro is a browser optimized for TVs and TV remotes. Not only is it entirely free to use, but it is also open source, which most browsers are not.

It supports regular browsing and also voice search, which can be useful when browsing the web on a smart TV. You can save bookmarks to save time and select from your previous browsing history.

There is a built-in download manager, which makes downloading photos, videos, movies, and other files easier.

TV Bro is, hands-down, one of the best browsers for Android TVs. That’s not only because it’s open source and free, but also because it just works really well.

The interface can sometimes be a bit unintuitive, it might lack some features (it has limited zoom in/out capabilities), and you may need some time to get used to it. Overall, though, if you want to use a browser with a TV remote, TV Bro is excellent.

Check out the source code on GitHub.

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4. TVWeb Browser – Free Browser Designed For The Big Screen on Android TV 

TVWeb Browser is a free web browser designed for Android TV. You can use it to browse the web and you can even bookmark your favorite sites.

In addition, you can see your past browsing history. As it’s designed for Android TV, it should work well with your remote control, so you won’t have to use a keyboard or mouse.

There are some things to note when using TVWeb Browser, though. It may have some bugs, and some issues you may experience include needing to do a search instead of directly entering your URL into the browser bar and not being able to switch to a full-screen view while browsing.

Overall, though, TVWeb Browser has decent ratings, and it should do the trick for most of your basic Android TV browsing needs.

It has over one million downloads, so it is pretty popular.

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5. JioPagesTV

JioPagesTV is a browser designed specifically for Android TV devices. It is the most highly-rated Android TV browser on the app store out of all the other Android TV browsers listed here.

Unlike other browsers, it is entirely free to use, and there will never be hidden charges. You won’t be forced to pay to continue using it.

You can browse the web, read the news, and watch videos with the seamless browsing experience it offers. The download manager will make it easy for you to manage your movies and other downloads, and the voice search function allows you to search the web using your voice.

Check out the curated videos section, which has over 10,000 trending videos in categories such as lifestyle, movies, kids, and more.

In addition, it has a PDF reader that allows you to read ebooks on your smart TV.

When browsing the web, you can switch to incognito mode to avoid having your family members or friends see your browsing history. On both standard and incognito modes, you can save bookmarks.

While the app is based in India, English is one of the available languages, and many users based in the United States use it as well. Since there aren’t that many Android TV browsers available directly from the Play Store, I have included JioPagesTV on this list.

Besides, it works great!

6. Firefox for Android TV – Easy to Use Browser for Android TV

Some people have had success using the version of Firefox made for mobile devices on Android TV. Just sideload it using an APK file.

However, that’s actually not the most optimal method. Instead, I recommend using the APK version of Firefox for Fire TV.

Fire TV is a line of smart TVs developed by Amazon. In the past, Firefox did make a TV-optimized version of its browser – but only for Fire TV, not for Android TV.

Nevertheless, many people found that using Firefox for Fire TV on Android TVs (by sideloading it) worked out pretty well.

Mozilla later discontinued support for Firefox on Fire TV. However, the app is still available for download from third-party sites.

However, as support for the app has officially ended, you won’t be getting any updates. While no APK files will come with automatic updates, if you use Chrome, you’ll at least know that newer APK files will come out when new versions are released.

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7. Opera – High Performance Browser for Android TV

Another option for those willing to sideload a browser on their Android TV is Opera. It seems that although Opera made a version of its browser optimized for Android TV at one point, this version has been discontinued.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find the APK version of Opera TV 2.0 on APK Mirror. There’s no information on when it was released, but according to the information I gathered from Reddit, the original version of Opera TV was released back in 2015.

It’s only available for Sony Android TVs, according to APK Mirror. If you do have a Sony, it should be a good option if you’re looking for a fast browser that works decently on Android TVs.

What if it doesn’t work for you? You can also try the regular mobile version of Opera.

The advantage of the mobile version APK is that you will be able to install the newer versions as they come out. However, you may have difficulty using the remote, so you might have to use a keyboard and mouse.

Find out the best alternatives to Opera browser here.

8. Brave

Brave is a browser focused on privacy and anti-tracking. You can even earn rewards while using it.

The downside is that there is no official release for Android TV. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

According to a Reddit post, users have had success with sideloading Brave and installing it on an Android TV.

Not only that, but if you have Google services on your Android TV, you may also be able to earn rewards while using Brave.

On APK Mirror, you can find various versions and releases of Brave Private Browser. One thing worth noting is that some versions may work better than others, depending on your Android TV model.

9. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is another browser that has privacy as a top priority. It’s designed to be a simple, easy-to-use browser with a minimalist interface.

While there is no version designed specifically for Android TVs, you can sideload it and use it with a mouse and keyboard, according to a thread in the Vivaldi forums.

You can find the Vivaldi APK file on APK Pure.

10. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is a fast and quiet browser, designed to help you browse the web quickly, with minimal lagging and disturbances. It’s also a great browser for Android TV, as long as you sideload it.

One reason to choose the Kiwi browser, besides its fast speeds and privacy settings, is that it supports most Chrome desktop extensions.

You can find the APK file on APK Pure.

Sideloading Apps on Android TV: The Complete Guide

If you decide not to use any of the apps officially released for Android TV on the Play Store, you’ll need to sideload an app. If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry – the process is really simple once you get the hang of it.

What Is Sideloading?

Sideloading is a process that refers to transferring files and applications from one device to another and installing apps from third-party sources.

In our case, it refers to downloading APK files of apps from unofficial sources and then installing them on your Android TV, even when there is no official support for them.

APK stands for Android Package Kit or simply Android Package. It’s the file format for Android apps when downloading them from third-party sites.

Sideloading Android Apps to Your Android TV, Method #1

1. Install the Send Files to TV App

Send Files to TV is a really useful app to have if you own an Android TV, as it allows you to send APK files and other files between your different devices. It is available for:

  • Android phones
  • Android TVs
  • Windows PCs
  • macOS
  • Linux

You need to download the app both on your Android TV and on your phone and computer for it to work. Here is the link to the app on the Google Play Store, and here is the website.

2. Download a File Manager on Your TV

This step isn’t always necessary, as you should be able to open the APK file straight from the Send Files to TV app on your Android TV. However, some people have reported difficulties when trying to do this.

You can install an app like Solid Explorer or File Commander on your Android TV. Simply search for “file manager” in the Play Store.

3. Download the APK File and Scan It

The next step is finding a good APK file for the browser you want to download. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, there are numerous sources on the web offering APK files.

However, it’s important to download the APK file from a reliable site.

Some sites I recommend include APK Mirror and APK Pure. However, it’s critical to note that no site is 100% safe.

APK Mirror should be your go-to trusted site, but there are times when you won’t be able to find the file you want on APK Mirror.

In any case, you should scan each APK file before sending it to your Android TV and installing it. Scanning it allows you to check for adware, viruses, and anything shady going on in the file.

You can download antivirus programs like Avast to your phone, but scanning individual files instead of your entire phone might not be possible.

Instead, you can upload the downloaded APK file to a site like MetaDefender, which scans the file for malware using various anti-malware engines. If the file is safe, you can proceed to the next step.

4. Send the File From Your Phone or PC to Your TV and Install It

Once you’ve ensured that the file is safe, use the Send Files to TV app to send the file to your smart television. If the Send Files to TV app is installed on both devices, your TV should show up when trying to send the file from your phone.

After sending it, use the Send Files to TV app or the file manager app you installed to open and install the file on your smart TV.

One thing worth noting is that you might have to allow installation from unknown sources first. Android generally prevents users from installing apps from third-party sources, but you can change this in the settings before or while installing the app.

How to Sideload Apps to Android TV: Method #2 (Aptoide TV Store)

Not everyone knows this, but the Google Play Store is not the only app store for Android OS. It’s the only official app store, but third-party app stores exist as well, and Aptoide is one of the most popular ones.

Aptoide has an entire app store dedicated to Android TV, and you should be able to find browsers that are not in the official Play Store there. However, you will first have to download the Aptoide TV store.

Here’s how to do that.

1. Download One of the Supported Browsers

First, download a browser like TV Bro or JioPages TV on your TV. You can delete it later; you only need it to be able to access the Aptoide TV store.

2. Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

In your Android TV settings, allow installation from unknown sources. This allows you to download and install the Aptoide TV store.

3. Download a File Manager

Open the Google Play Store, and find and download a file manager. A file manager like Solid Explorer will allow you to install Aptoide TV.

4. Install the Aptoide TV Store

Go to aptoi.de/tv to install the Aptoide TV store. You’ll be given a few installation options; choose the browser installation option, as you’ll already have a browser installed.

5. Download Browsers

Once you’ve downloaded the Aptoide TV store, simply search for browsers in the store and download them. You should be able to find popular browsers not available from the official Google Play Store.

I want to note that you can use the two sideloading methods described above to install other apps on Android TV. It is not only for browsers; any app that isn’t available from the Google Play Store on Android TV can be sideloaded, though not all will work properly.

Also, if you are sideloading a browser, you’ll need to connect a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse to your TV. Sideloaded apps won’t work well with your remote control.

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Wrapping It Up: What Is the Best Browser for Android TV?

Google Chrome is the best web browser designed for Android TV. It’s the most highly rated, and it’s free and easy to use.

Puffin Browser is a close runner-up, though.

Depending on your specific TV model, one of them might work better than the other, so download both web browsers and try them out.