Quizizz Review

Looking for a learning assessment tool that can help you engage your students or team members and allow them to acquire knowledge or execute assigned tasks more easily?

You’ve probably heard of Quizziz or come across it in your research. You might even be considering adopting it but you might be wondering if it’s the best option for you and what can be expected if you select it.

This Quizizz Review will walk you through everything there is to know about the digital learning solution.

I’ll take you through the platform’s main features, key benefits, and disadvantages so you’ll know whether it’s worth it or if you’re better off with an alternative.

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Quick Summary

  • Quizizz is an interactive tool for creating learning presentations, course videos, and quizzes to test knowledge extent and information recall.
  • The platform has two main use cases: for school and workplace training. Each module offers general and case-specific features that you can leverage to manage learning activities in the classroom or office, either in person or remotely.
  • Quizizz is highly intuitive with a straightforward layout that requires no technical aptitude to navigate easily.
  • Teachers can use Quizizz to transform their classroom learning experience for free.
  • Quizizz supports different kinds of learning methods such as social learning, game-based learning, peer learning, and microlearning.

About Quizizz

Quizizz is a gamified learning and engagement platform that helps you create immersive educational and training programs.

It’s primarily designed to help teachers empower their students with live and asynchronous learning activities either in person or remotely.

With Quizizz, it doesn’t matter where your students are or what topic you’re teaching, you can tap into the rich vein of available learning materials on the platform to promote knowledge mastery.

Before you launch a new curriculum, Quizziz can help you measure how much your students already know about the topics you plan to cover. You can also use mid or post-lessons to assess their understanding of the subject so far.

Quizizz can be adapted to suit students and classrooms of all levels from Pre-K through college, and even beyond.

It integrates with various learning management systems and collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.

This makes it an ideal tool for conducting online classes and training, administering tests, and even running team meetings for new hire onboarding, training feedback reviews, and more.

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Usability and Accessibility

One thing you’re going to love about Quizizz right out of the gate is how easy it is to use. The web app has a very simple layout, allowing you to easily figure out where to find the pages and functions you need.

When creating quizzes or presentations, Quizzes guides you step-by-step through the process, so you can take full advantage of its tools to create dynamic learning experiences that engage and motivate participants.

The experience on the user end is just as intuitive as it is for administrators. All participants have to do to join a live learning session or take a quiz is to enter an access code that will be provided to the administrator.

Once they’re in, they can start providing the answers to the questions or consuming the provided learning content.

Quizziz makes signing up to use the platform optional for students and participants. If all they’re going to be doing is taking quizzes and learning from course materials, all they need is a passcode to access the content on any device of their choosing.

However, teachers, learning and development managers, and participants who want the ability to create quizzes, design gamified learning programs, view reports, and provide feedback to learners will need to create an account.

Quizizz partners with Level Access to make its product accessible to users with physical disabilities. Some of the assistance technology solutions available on the app include voice commands, text-to-speech, visual click assist, a hands-free mouse, and an on-screen keyboard.

Core Features

What exactly can Quizziz do for you? What pain points does it solve for your classroom, learning group, or even your business? Here are some of the key functionalities and benefits waiting to be unlocked on the platform:

Learning categories

The learning materials available on Quizizz span across different fields from social studies to health education. Teachers can create interactive lessons and quizzes on all kinds of topics to suit their curriculum expectations and lesson planning needs.

Quizizz offers more than 30 million customizable activities, covering many different learning categories like maths, languages, science, computers, creative arts, and career education.

It provides ready-made templates for lessons and quizzes that you can modify for your classroom or group to improve their understanding of the topics they’re learning about.

This way, you don’t always have to come up with new material or design your lessons from scratch. You can devote more time to connecting with participants and giving each one the support they need to excel in the coursework.

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Quiz Setting

Quizziz’s famous quiz tool allows you to set quizzes to quickly review the lesson of the day and encourage deeper learning and gauge where participants may require further instruction.

You can create standalone quizzes or weave them into your lesson slides to keep students engaged and help them recollect facts.

Make them live so they can submit and review the answers right away or assign the quizzes as homework to be completed at their own pace.

There’s a vast quiz bank and question library on Quizizz that you can take advantage of when you don’t want to make up your questions from scratch.

All you have to do is choose a discipline or enter the topic you want to find quizzes for and let the algorithm work its magic.

Bear in mind, that you don’t have to use quizzes as they come. You can remove questions that don’t apply to your students, edit the language, or add other relevant questions to the quiz before sending it out.

Quizziz gives you ample leeway to design and structure your quizzes the way you like. For instance, add custom feedback after each question to expand on the answers or give students something to think about.

You even bring more fun to your quizzes by adding memes after each question to amuse and delight participants.

Rather than scoring quizzes yourself, you can set the answers to show at the end of the quiz so students can cross-check their responses to see which questions they failed or got right.

If you want to push students to recall information faster, you can add timers to each question. Also, you can encourage students to practice their knowledge of a given subject by creating quizzes of their own for their peers to complete.

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Content creation

Quizziz makes it easy to create and upload your original content on your account in minutes. You can create presentations, infographics, course videos, interactive lesson plans, and more and share them with participants just like a quiz.

If you have existing presentations, slides, questions, or documents that you’d like to use, you can import them into Quizizz from your local or cloud storage.

Teacher dashboard

Quizziz understands that the quizzes aren’t just meant to test students’ knowledge. They also help teachers identify which concepts students are struggling with and modify their lesson plans and instructions as needed to ensure that no one gets left behind.

This is why it offers a personalized dashboard where teachers and administrators can track and view post-quiz and lesson results over time. It shows you the accuracy of each student as well as the accuracy percentage of the overall group or class.

You can leverage this feedback to inform the kind of support, learning reinforcements, and extracurricular activities to recommend or offer to each student based on their performance.

Although participants won’t be able to go back and review a quiz after the class or session ends, teachers always have access to historical records of results for past quizzes.

For further analysis and reporting, you can download the Quiz results into Excel spreadsheets.

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Microlearning content

In addition to comprehensive lesson plans, Quizzi allows you to create bite-sized content that learners can easily consume and absorb. Participants will be able to access this content on any device, including their mobile phones.

This way, they can learn on the go and they can easily take a few minutes out of their schedule to go over the content, no matter how busy they are.

Gamification and social learning

Make learning more exciting and inspire your students to push themselves by using Quizziz’s gamification features to your advantage.

In addition to the traditional testing method where each individual answers a set of quizzes on their own, you can make things more interesting by allowing quizzes to be completed collaboratively in class.

You can divide the class into groups, display each group’s question on a large screen, and then time the answers. The group with the most points wins. Quizizz enables you to set up leaderboards and power-ups for each class and have students compete to get to the top.

The tool also allows you to set up your own games to take the stress out of learning and energize your class to sit up and have fun mastering new concepts with their peers.

Test mode

Quizizz helps students prepare for formal exams, shed some of the anxieties and pressures that accompany the process, and get familiar with all the essential skills they need to improve exam outcomes.

You can set a time limit for the completion of the tests, the same as or close to the usual time allotment for normal exam conditions.

Quizziz even lets you jumble up the arrangement of the questions that each student sees, making it harder for them to cheat.

Interactive lessons

When you’re creating quizzes or lessons, Quizziz gives you the option of adding interactive elements like images, video, and audio to make the learning experience more personalized and engaging.

Instead of text-based questions, you can record audio clips, and ask students or participants to record their responses as well. You can create polls, ask participants to label presentation slides, or make some kind of drawing.

Quizizz facilitates online learning by providing video support so you can upload learning videos for participants to consume at their own pace.

The videos you upload can be your own recordings or videos from platforms like YouTube that adequately address the topic you’re currently covering.

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Workplace onboarding and training

Interestingly, Quizziz doesn’t cater to academic institutions. It also has business applications. You can use the tool to create interactive content and surveys around topics that are relevant to your employees or customers.

Using Quizizz to manage your workplace training, onboarding, and communication activities can result in higher engagement levels, faster time-to-productivity, and stronger compliance.

Quizziz also provides additional features like whiteboard for brainstorming and notetaking, and spin the wheel to help you gamify tasks and build an agile and productive workforce.

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Quizizz Pricing

The cost of Quizizz depends on what you intend to use the software for, how many participants you’re working with, and the features you want to access.

Individual teachers create an account and start using Quizizz for free. However, they won’t be able to assess features like audio and video responses, custom feedback, LMS integrations, unlimited library access and storage, and more.

These features are gated behind the paid plans for schools and districts.

However, Quizziz does not publish the prices of these plans on its website. You’ll need to contact the company directly to get a quote.

If you’re a nonprofit, startup, or company looking to use Quizizz to revolutionize your employee training and assessments, you can subscribe to the Quizziz for Work Essential plan. This costs $50 per month, billed annually for up to 5 administrators and 100 participants.

If your team is bigger, you can request a custom Enterprise plan for your organization with a starting price of $1000 per year. You can consult Quizizz pricing pages for further information.

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Pros and Cons of Quizizz

Here are some of the limitations and highlights of this online learning tool:


  • Multiple modes of learning.
  • Little to no learning curve.
  • Extensive library of ready-made and in-depth quizzes and lesson plans.
  • It provides accessibility features to ensure disabled participants are carried along.
  • Doesn’t require any additional equipment to take advantage of its features. Participants will have quizzes and lessons delivered directly to their screens.
  • There’s a free plan that gives you access to the tool’s essential features.


  • The app’s editing functionalities and interactive elements are only available to premium users.
  • The free plan restricts you from using the accessibility features and limits the number of questions you can use in a quiz or presentation.

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Wrapping Up

Quizizz is an excellent tool for gauging and improving understanding of learning or training materials.

You can use it to support your students or employees in their learning and foster engagement using gamification and interactive content.

When used correctly it can give you a sense of how well participants are taking to the materials and information being taught and where modifications are needed to boost understanding and knowledge retention.

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