24 Best Geoguessr Maps 2023

Geoguessr is a famous geography game. Here’s how it works: You are shown random places on Google Street View, and you have to guess where in the world it is on a map.

For example, you might be shown a random street in Croatia and have to guess where it is. The more you play, the better you will get; you might recognize it is in Zagreb, Croatia, based on road markings, the language on the sign, the roads, buildings, and more.

The closer you are to the correct location, the more points you will earn.

There are many maps on Geoguessr that allow you to test your geography knowledge. For example, some maps might ask you to identify famous landmarks, while others will ask you to identify places in a specific country, such as Japan.

In this article, I will be reviewing the best maps to play on Geoguessr.

The short version: The best maps include Geoguessr World, United States, European Union, and Flags of the World. However, there are many other interesting ones as well, such as Creepy, Funny, Weird, and Unique World.

Read on to see all of them!

Best Geoguessr Maps

1. World

Geoguessr World is one of the best games to play on Geoguessr. It takes you all around the globe.

With over a million locations on this map, you will never get tired of it no matter how many times you play. It will always be a challenging game.

It has a moderate difficulty level, with an average score of just over 10,000 points per game. Geoguessr games have five rounds, with 5,000 points available per round for a total of 25,000 points per game.

You can play World in single player mode or challenge a friend to play against you.

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2. Famous Places

Geoguessr Famous Places also takes you around the world, but this map focuses exclusively on famous places. Those include landmarks, statues, museums, famous buildings, archeological and historical sites, and other famous tourist attractions.

There are over 250 locations on this map. Some are well-known and easy to guess, while others aren’t.

Famous Places has a moderate difficulty level.

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3. United States

This is an official map by Geoguessr that features Google Street View captures from around the United States. The United States is massive, and even if you’re from New York, like me, or anywhere else in the United States, I am sure you will find this map challenging.

It includes all kinds of places from across the US, including from all 50 states. So, start playing and enrich your knowledge of US geography!

With over 50,000 locations on this map, you can play it many times over without ever getting bored.

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4. European Union

There are a lot of country-specific maps released by Geoguessr. Geoguessr has released official maps for over 100 countries and territories, by my count.

There are simply too many to list.

However, one map that I really like is the European Union map, which focuses on EU countries in particular. It has over 1,000 locations from the 27 countries in the European Union.

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5. Flags of the World

Flags of the World is one of my favorite games, simply because I love national flags. I find most of them beautiful, and I enjoy learning about the history behind the designs and colors of each flag.

The Flags of the World game has spots on Google Street View that show national flags. There are over 250 locations in the game.

You might wonder how that’s possible when there are fewer than that many countries in the world, and each flag is not featured more than once. The answer is that it also lists territories, protectorates, and regions that have their own flags and identities.

Those territories may or may not have claimed independence. If they have, they may not be recognized by the UN or by all member countries of the UN.

Or, they may simply be territories that don’t have any aspirations to become independent but still retain their own flag, national identity, ethnic culture, and perhaps language.

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6. I Saw the Sign

I Saw the Sign is a fun game in which you will be shown a Google Street View location with a sign. However, just because there is a sign doesn’t mean it’s easy to figure out where in the world the place is.

For example, can you immediately figure out which country the bus terminal in the above screenshot is located?

Of course, you can cheat by opening Google Maps and typing the place listed on the sign into Google Maps, but that would be cheating and would take all the fun out of the game.

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7. The 198 Capitals of the World

Do you know every capital in the world? This map shows you locations from 198 capitals from different countries, including Somaliland.

Somaliland is officially recognized as a part of Somalia. However, it is a de facto independent state, with the central government in Somalia having no say whatsoever over the decisions made by the Somaliland government.

Somaliland has its own currency, national identity, airports, and army. It controls its own borders with Somalia and elsewhere. The capital of Somaliland is Hargeisa, while the capital of Somalia is Mogadishu.

The fact that the map includes capitals from every country is actually an impressive feat, because a lot of countries have very little to no Google Street View available.

8. Interesting Photospheres in Obscure Countries

This game shows you photospheres in obscure countries that have no official Google Street View coverage.

Therefore, official maps released by Geoguessr won’t take you to these countries.

It has over 1,000 locations on the map, with a moderate difficulty level. Some spots are really easy to figure out, while others are a lot more difficult.

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9. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This map shows you famous places from around the world. Specifically, it focuses on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

These are spots that were designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations. They are protected with special status under a convention from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

There are over 500 spots on the map, although there are over 1,000 World Heritage Sites in total, according to UNESCO. Therefore, it seems like not all the World Heritage Sites are included on the map.

10. Bird’s-Eye View – Drone View of the World (1630+ Locations)

This map provides you with views taken from the sky, by drones or planes. There are over 1,600 locations on this map.

These types of pictures can make the game either easier or harder. On the one hand, you might be able to better identify a certain city due to famous buildings that are easily viewable from the sky.

On the other hand, you will be missing out on the chance to see other clues you would normally get from a Google Street View, such as road markings and the language on street signs.

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11. A Complete World

A like this map because it includes every single country in the world. That means it includes countries that don’t have official Google Street View coverage and may not be shown in the standard World game.

It will include photospheres from countries in which there is no Google Street View coverage. So, you will get a chance to guess spots from every country in the world and truly test your world geography knowledge.

It has over 10,000 locations to guess from.

12. MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL Stadiums

Are you a sports fan? If you are, you might like this map, which only features baseball, football, basketball, and hockey stadiums.

There are just over 50 locations in the game, so it’s limited with regard to how many times you can play it. Still, it’s pretty fun, and since there are five rounds per game on Geoguessr, you can play it over 10 times without necessarily seeing repeated locations.

This game is easy, with the average score being over 21,000. If you are a sports fan and follow the above-mentioned sports, you are probably familiar with these stadiums and have seen them while watching games.

It might even show the name of the stadium in the image, as in the screenshot above (Hard Rock Stadium). What remains is then for you to know in which city the stadium is located.

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13. European Stadiums

If you’re more of a European sports fan and like to watch soccer or other sports popular in Europe, why not try out the European Stadiums map? It has over 500 locations, so around 10x as many locations as the previous game I just listed.

It focuses mostly on soccer stadiums (what Europeans call football). All European/UEFA countries are represented, and soccer stadiums are not the only stadiums included.

Most of the pictures are taken from inside the stadiums, although some have outdoor coverage. It is more difficult than the previous map.

14. Football Stadiums (HARD)

If you like soccer, you will also like the Football Stadiums (HARD) map. It will give you a bit of a challenge, and it’s not designed to be easy.

It has over 250 locations, so you can play it repeatedly without getting bored.

The creator is a YouTuber who is an avid sports fan and publishes interesting content related to soccer – check out his channel.

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15. Football Stadiums of the World (2500+)

If the previous maps are not enough for you, try out Football Stadiums of the World, which has over 2500 soccer stadiums to guess from. The author of the game made sure that in every starting position there will be some sort of clue as to the whereabouts of the stadium.

That clue might be something obvious such as the name of the stadium itself or something more subtle such as a badge or logo displaying a soccer club or team. These clues make the game exciting, but they also decrease the difficulty level, which is why this game is classified as Easy.

16. Out of Place

Most of the entries on this list so far have been moderately difficult. Therefore, if you are looking for a bit of a challenge, I would recommend trying out the map called Out of Place.

Out of Place is a map that includes all kinds of tricky Street View locations. They are designed to be misleading to give you wrong clues, which is why you will have to think hard and not immediately jump to conclusions about the place you see.

With a Hard difficulty level, it has an average score of less than 10,000 points per game.

17. Unexplored World

Another particularly difficult map is Unexplored World. It is also an excellent choice if you like learning about lesser known countries that don’t get a lot of visitors, as it features 111 countries, including those that do not have official Google coverage.

Here are some of the countries that it includes:

  • Yemen
  • Sudan
  • DR Congo
  • Mali
  • Angola
  • Vietnam

The stated difficulty level is Hard. The average score is less than 10,000 points per game.

18. Border Control – Land, Rail, Sea, and Air

Do you want to virtually travel and cross borders? If so, the Border Control – Land, Rail, Sea, and Air map might be fun.

This map features Street Views from borders around the world. It is classified as Easy, which makes sense.

Most borders have flags or signs that make them easily identifiable. It is also super easy to find them on a map, because you just have to have a general knowledge of where the two countries featured in the Street View are and head to the border between them.

Therefore, it has a high average score.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not always super easy. Some borders might only have signs, and they may be in foreign languages that you can’t make out.

Even if you figure out which language it is, the country that speaks that language may share a border with multiple countries, so you would have to navigate to the other side of the border (using Google Street View) and figure out what the other country is.

19. Abandoned Places

Do you have a love for abandoned buildings? There are a lot of YouTube channels dedicated to exploring abandoned structures and places, and if you watch those types of videos, you might do well with this map.

This map features over 2,400 abandoned churches, cemeteries, factories, and more. It’s a lot of fun and sometimes spooky!

20. International Airports From All Around the World

This map features around 250 airports from around the world. These airports are located in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and other places.

You will have to guess where these airports are. Sometimes, it might be easy, especially if there are signs that include the name of the city in the airport name.

At other times, there might be a national flag, but you might not know in which city the airport is located.

21. Creepy, Funny, Weird, and Unique World

Have you ever seen those memes showing Google Street View glitches that just seem weird and creepy?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is an article listing 10 creepy findings on Google Street View. I don’t know if any of those specific sightings are on this map, but that’s the general idea of what we’re dealing with here.

This particular map has over 1,700 of those creepy, odd, and unique findings on Google Street View from over 195 countries. It’s not exclusively weird and creepy places, though, as it also has a lot of unique spots that are just hard to identify.

The difficulty level of this map is Hard. The average score is just around 8,250 points per game.

22. Perfect Detective Map

This is quite an easy map. Despite being designed for it to be used without any moving and navigating around on Google Street View, it is incredibly easy, with the average score being over 20,000 per game.

That’s because it always includes helpful clues in the first image you see. It has 850 locations, and it doesn’t include street signs, for the most part.

A lot of maps rely on you using street signs as clues, but if you find that boring, this map is a good alternative.

23. Dumb Test for Smart People

This is actually an interesting one. It includes 39 famous landmarks and 39 lookalike landmarks.

I don’t know if this particular one is included in the game, as I haven’t gone through all locations, but what immediately comes to mind are the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the lookalike Patuxai Monument in Vientiane, Laos.

So, try the game and see if you can differentiate the true, original landmarks/historical sites from their copycats.

24. You Will Never Guess Any of These Locations

Finally, we come to the final map on this list, which is titled simply, “You will never guess any of these locations’ – and there are only five locations on this map!

The difficulty rating is Expert, which means it is extremely hard. In fact, the average score is just around 4,250, which is the lowest we have seen so far on this list – and a lot of those points were probably earned by chance through lucky guesses.

The scenes are literally in the middle of nowhere, with no obvious clues as far as I can tell.

Wrapping It Up

These are my personal favorites, but there are many other awesome maps on Geoguessr that you can play.

Start by checking out the official classic maps released by Geoguessr, which mostly focus on specific countries, territories, or cities. You can also check out these popular maps created by individuals.

The more you play different kinds of maps, the better you will get at Geoguessr.

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