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10 Best Print Sites Like Print Aura

Print on demand is a huge, booming industry, what with the introduction of apps that ease your work, and automate your business fully, relieving you of storage and shipping worries.

With this comes the challenge of picking out the best print site for you so you can make higher profits at a larger scale.

Among these is Print Aura, a great print site especially for startups, newbies, and individuals running print-on-demand (POD) businesses that want to maintain a low-investment model.

What Is Print Aura?

Print Aura is a direct-to-garment printing and fulfilment company serving thousands of online stores.

Customers using the print site develop their own products, including designs that meet the site’s requirements, and order the products from Print Aura, who then ship them to their customers.

Just like other POD print sites, Print Aura has some slight differences in usability, though it works for all types of store owners.

The white-label dropshipping solution leverages your creativity, converting it into an asset for you to make profitable gains from your print business.

If you want to focus on developing designs while printing, shipping, and inventory tracking and management are taken care of, then Print Aura will do this for you.

It takes away the stress and hassle of dealing with fulfillment of your customers’ orders, as it specializes in print and shipment of custom items for both small or big businesses.

Located in New York, Print Aura offers over 100 white label products you can choose from, and you need not keep any inventory; you also only pay for items that you sell.

Unlike other POD services, the print site has no membership or minimum fees, and your orders are printed and shipped straight to your clients, just as if you shipped them yourself.

Print Aura Features

Large Product Selection

Print Aura is known for its huge product selection offering eco-friendly, organic product options made in the USA.

This POD company also offers products of all sizes and shapes, with more than 100 items including, but not limited to, t-shirts, pillows, hats, tote bags, cell phone cases, mugs, posters, and more.

All these are included with big brands like Next Level, American Apparel, LAT, Bella Canvas, Royal Apparel, and many others.

Branding Options

With Print Aura, your items are shipped out under your own brand, not the print site’s brand. There are several branding options you can choose from to make sure your brand stands out.

It is a white label print site, so your customers will never know who prints or ships items to them, and they look genuine. You can use some of their paid services like hang tag, neck label removal, stickers, individual bagging, or business cards in your products.

No minimums or membership fees

As stated earlier, Print Aura eliminates the hassle of stock issues, minimums, or membership fees.

They print and ship your orders as customers make them, and you only pay for what you sell. There is also no minimum number of orders, so you can order one or more items without set up costs.

Latest printing technology

Print Aura’s robust printing is done using the latest technology for an effective and attractive-looking design.

The cost isn’t much in terms of orders, so all you do is send your design to them, and they’ll handle everything else. Additionally, they have a large printing capacity, so there’s no limit to the number of designs you send to them.

Product mockup tool

This helps you edit your products and customize your designs, through a high-quality tool. It also shows the product list of where you want your design to be placed, with options to select colors and brands you want to sell. You can also add text or images to products.

Shipping turnaround

Print Aura’s shipping turnaround is fast, with up to 3-5 business days for delivery to customers, and 48 hours for urgent deliveries.

They also ship products globally, as they’re US-based, with costs varying from one location to another. You can also track orders, and either add your own address on the shipment, or a US address.

Product guarantee

With risks like product defects or malfunctions, Print Aura handles these by ensuring your products are delivered directly to customers defect-free.


Print Aura integrates with a variety of ecommerce stores, and installs directly to these stores for free. Among them are:

  • Shopify: you not only get all tools to modify your store, but you can install the Shopify app on your Print Aura account and sell
  • WooCommerce: requires hosting from external hosting service providers, and then install it to WordPress and Print Aura
  • Etsy: this requires approval for the manufacturing list before you begin, and the Etsy API is used with Print Aura so you need an API key for installation
  • OpenCart: this doesn’t need any permissions for you to install in Print Aura
  • Storenvy: you can sell clothing items and other Print Aura products on your Storenvy eCommerce store.

Customer support

Print Aura’s customer service is fantastic. They do everything in their power to help your business thrive and succeed.

The company stands behind its print technology and product quality. If you have any queries, complaints, or problems with customer orders, contact them for a resolution to your problem.

How Print Aura Works

Here are the steps to take to use the Print Aura site:

  • Go to Print Aura and sign up
  • Fill in your details including your name, the name of your business, and corresponding website
  • Once you register, install the shopping apps you’d like to run your store from (OpenCart, Shopify, Storenvy, WooCommerce, etc.). There are installation guides for each app.
  • You can choose to create custom designs using the Product Mockup tool or create a new one and upload it to the tool – then preview the product. Also, image guides can be set for the printable images
  • Your selected products will be added to your store together with the printed product
  • You can now pay for your order. This is done in two ways: when an order is placed, or you can deposit the money and it’ll be automatically deducted once an order comes in.


Print Aura uses a Pricing Wizard to estimate the cost of a printed product.

Default base price estimates listed on the wizard don’t include shipping, but actual pricing varies based on your selected options like color and sizes, among others. An extra cost will be charged for printing on both sides of a product.

Adding your own images also attracts a cost, especially if the image is of higher resolution. If you want to change your branding options, paid services costs may also increase.

Print Aura accepts Stripe and PayPal, and you can either pay through:

  • Automatic payments, where you get billed when orders are sent to you
  • Deposit funds in your Print Aura account and pay for orders placed, or hold a balance

Print Aura Pros and Cons


  • Integration with ecommerce apps (WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, and more)
  • Large product selection
  • No membership fees
  • No setup costs
  • No monthly charges
  • API for custom solutions
  • Product mockup tool creates products and mockup images easily
  • Option for direct manual ordering
  • No minimum order limits
  • Affordable
  • Simple interface
  • Helpful resources and FAQs


  • No international tracking outside US
  • No screen printing
  • Ordering process isn’t as slick as other platforms
  • May be pricey for sellers at the lower-end market

10 Best Print Aura Alternatives

1. Printful

Located in California, Printful is a print site that offers high-tech, sophisticated printing services known as all-over sublimation, direct-to-garment, screen printing, and embroidery.

Its main advantage is its app integration, which translates to a fully automated service, huge product selection, and no minimum order limits. Like Print Aura, this service integrates with ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce among others, so it’s very convenient to work with.

Other services offered include design services, warehousing fulfilment, and ecommerce photography.

The items are printed in Los Angeles, and then dropshipped to wherever your customers are located. With its Profit Calculator, you can see the earnings you can make with every successful purchase out of your orders.

In terms of customer support, you can read their guides and FAQ section or view tutorials on YouTube.

The downside with Printful is the products and shipping are expensive, and there’s no direct integration with Amazon or Etsy, except through ShipStation (a paid service).

Is Printful Better Than Print Aura?

If we consider the features of both Printful and Print Aura, it becomes evident that Printful is better than Print Aura. Not to mention, Printful has more third-party integrations than Print Aura.

Printful - #1 Print-on-demand platform

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2. Printify

This is a print site whose headquarters are in the USA and UK.

Printify has an easy to use interface so you can seamlessly manage your designs, and is a fully-integrated Shopify app.

The print site connects its customers to manufacturers who create your products, and you can create as many as you want from one design you upload to the site.

Additionally, you can add several different layers to bring out variants of your product, and create them as you imagine them to be.

With Printify, you can reduce your costs, like shipping, as you select which manufacturer to work with. It also lets you have a print shop that’s closer to your target audience, so they get more for less, and much faster.

There are no monthly fees, plus you pay for every order that’s fulfilled, which also means you can pick the items you want to sell based on price, location, and quality.

Print providers are in different locations including the USA, UK, and China.

Is Printify Better Than Print Aura?

If there is one outstanding edge that Printify has over Print Aura, it is their diversified print providers.

Customers get to make the choice of providers that handle their fine art print. Usually, it will be the closest manufacturer. This helps customers save costs and have a faster turn-around time. So, Printify is better than Print Aura.

Printify | Your Print-On-Demand Partner Of Choice

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3. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is a print site that lets you upload your designs, and they’re later printed on more than 35 different items, which your customers order from your online store.

It is exclusively made for Shopify, and has 14 production facilities globally, in countries like Canada, USA, UK, and Australia, but can serve globally.

Unlike Print Aura and Printful, Teelaunch doesn’t have video tutorials to help you, except for a few guidelines.

Also, you can’t brand your items, but you can upload artwork directly to Shopify.

Is Teelaunch Better Than Print Aura?

Just like Printify, Teelaunch is a fulfillment company with a robust production system located in several countries across the world.

However, Teelaunch only integrates with Etsy and Shopify, unlike Print Aura that facilitates more third-party integrations. Hence, Print Aura gets the nod here.

4. CustomCat

This print on demand company is located in Corktown, Detroit, and offers embroidery, direct-to-garment, and dye sublimation decoration services for more than 500 products.

CustomCat has been in the business for quite some time, and has one of the most productive production and fulfilment systems.

It seamlessly connects with WooCommerce and Shopify, and its pricing is quite low compared to other print sites. Items are produced and shipped in about 2-3 business days on average, with less than a week for them to arrive in domestic destinations. International destinations take up to two weeks.

The catalog comprises several product varieties from hoodies, t-shirts, dog leashes, smartphone cases, and laptop sleeves, plus more.

An active and resourceful Facebook group helps you when you need support or to check something.

You also get a bulk import option if you have several designs going on the same colors or products, saving you hours of work.

The downside with CustomCat is its monthly costs, doesn’t have sublimation t-shirt printing, and the interface and ordering process aren’t as good as those of other print sites like Print Aura.

Is CustomCat Better Than Print Aura?

No doubt, CustomCat is one of the finest print providers and POD sites around. The only downside with CustomCat is its monthly charges which have the tendency to impact your profit margin on your preferred eCommerce platform.

Conversely, it matches Print Aura toe to toe when it comes to delivery times..

Nevertheless, CustomCat still has to take a second position when placed alongside Print Aura. Why? It’s the monthly fee.

5. Gooten

This POD and dropshipping company has a catalog of 100+ products, with an ideal dropshipping service for online stores, especially the niche types.

Gooten helps you save on costs of inventory, printing, and delivery, plus has a fantastic dashboard from which you can track orders and speed up delivery using its automated system.

You can upload your designs or existing products from your store, and there aren’t any limits on how much you can charge on products. This means you get great margins as well.

The service has no monthly or setup fees, but you only pay for manufacturing and shipping, with the latter varying based on location and customer’s chosen shipment method. But there are some flat shipping rates Gooten charges users.

Is Gooten Better Than Print Aura?

We cannot say clearly that Gooten outshines Print Aura because their services are closely similar and their delivery is not far apart.

6. Teespring

This print site offers superb quality products, and lets you design custom clothing, posters, household items, and more to sell on their site.

It handles everything from order fulfilment, to printing, shipping, and customer service, so all you do is develop unique designs that sell.

The platform is free to use, with a flat price charged on each product, but you select the selling price and keep the profits after the base price is deducted.

Teespring offers screen printing and direct-to-garment printing, all done with the highest quality, and the customer’s order details determine the method that’ll be used. The company guarantees high quality and satisfaction with both methods, and your design goes through a rigorous and thorough analysis before printing.

Unlike other print sites, you can’t install Teespring on Shopify as it is an individual platform from which you can sell your custom designs.

Is Teespring Better than Print Aura?

Teespring is a popular print on demand product site. It can help you make a huge profit margin as a designer.

However, the only reason why Teespring will not come up above Print Aura is that Teespring does not support integration with any notable eCommerce platform.

So, Print Aura is fairly better than Print Aura.

7. Zazzle

Zazzle allows you to create more than 1300 items and customize them further, with its unique customization capacity.

You can choose your own design, or that of another artist, and print products like buttons, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, business cards, holiday cards, kids’ items, and much more.

There are also tutorials and tips from its knowledge base you can learn from so as to improve your products.

Once you sign up as a designer, maker, or affiliate, you get different tools for the account you select, and Zazzle handles manufacturing, printing, and shipments.

You also get to sell anything on Zazzle marketplace, and profit from it.

Is Zazzle Better Than Print Aura?

Zazzle is one of the biggest POD suppliers in the industry. Its vast collection is only matched by a few print on demand fulfilment companies like Printful, Printify, and Redbubble. This does not imply that Print Aura is not up to standard, but Zazzle comes on top in all areas.

8. Redbubble

This online print site is a marketplace for several products, whose artwork is submitted from a large, diverse community of artists.

The site, which has a huge customer base, lets you print on t-shirts, duvet covers, scarves, hoodies, postcards, notebooks, stickers, and so much more.

Its interface is easy to use, and it’s free to join, plus you can set your own pricing or margins and start selling. The company works with a global, third-party printing and shipping network, which make and send customer orders directly to their doorsteps.

Is Redbubble Better Than Print Aura?

Redbubble is another established POD demand and fulfillment company. Its large customer base and its timely fulfilment delivery to all parts of the world certainly makes its services top-notch.

So, Redbubble is better than Print Aura.

9. Society6

This print site works with artists across the globe who upload and sell their works, and it’s not limited by geographical boundaries.

Its niche is art prints, which makes the site unique, but they also offer a product selection with items like gifts, apparels, and furnishings, or framed art prints and stretched canvases.

You can set your selling margin and print on lots of products. The downside is each item has different size specifications, so it may be a bit difficult to upload your artwork.

Is Society6 Better Than Print Aura?

Society6 is largely dedicated to art prints. So if art is your preferred POD product, you know where to go.

Nevertheless, Print Aura outshines Society6 in terms of available products. However, when we put the two side-by-side in terms of operation and global delivery, Society6 is popular with a large customer base.

The majority certainly carries the vote here. Society6 is the pick.

10. Threadless

Threadless offers artists from around the world a platform on which they can submit their designs and these are scored by the Threadless community.

The best designs are then printed and sold. Each week, new designs are chosen for print, and winning artists make handsome profits from their designs. Sometimes they even bag cash prizes from design challenges especially themed by Threadless.

Since 2000, Threadless has seen many artists get paid, gain recognition, and get to wear the coolest clothing, like t-shirts.

Artists get customizable shops that look really cool on desktop and mobile versions. You set your own pricing, and keep the profits (minus base cost) per item, and shipping is worldwide.

Is Threadless Better Than Print Aura?

Threadless is largely focused on clothing in all its forms. Nevertheless, Threadless further goes a step further by maintaining an active community through community voting on best designs and competitions that come with its gains.

However, Print Aura is diverse and efficient in its delivery. Likewise, the Print Aura products are sourced from some of the finest brands.

No clear winner here. It is a tie.

What Is The Best Quality Print On Demand Company For T-Shirt Business?

When it comes to picking the best print on demand company for t-shirt business, it is never an easy decision. For this reason, factors like customer support, print quality, printing technology, and diverse products should be the deciding factor.

Still, platforms like Printful and Printify have a strong edge over the rest because they are renowned for providing superior customer satisfaction.

Wrap Up

Picking out the best print site alternatives for Print Aura is dependent on several factors like quality, your budget and print needs, and location, among others. Check out different services to find out what works for you.

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