15 Best Zabasearch Alternatives 2024

Zabasearch is a valuable search tool that focuses on finding only data related to individual people (names, addresses, phone numbers). Documents such as yellow pages, local phone directories, and other public repositories are sources of this information.

There are many tools like Zabaseach that help finding people, and gathering information about them. InteliusSpokeo, PeopleFinders are some of the popular platforms. Though the best Zabasearch alternative is BeenVerified. This is simply because of the unique features on offer including unclaimed money search and vehicle lookup.

More about Zabasearch & Why do you need substitutes

Zabasearch is a handy tool for finding someone online for various reasons, like before going on a date, finding a long-lost friend or classmate, or verifying an address.

To search for someone on this site, enter the first and last name of the person you are looking for and the state if you know it. With that tidbit you’ve entered, your search results supply a variety of information, including address, phone number, verification of zip code, and date of birth, for free!

However, in 2008, Intelius bought Zabasearch, so if you want further information like a background check or verify an email address, you must subscribe to a paid service on Intelius.

As a result, many users have become dissatisfied with the service since the information you can access for free is limited. For instance, even features like “Reverse Number Lookup,” which used to be free, now require you to register and pay.

As it turns out, there are other tools out there that you can use to explore someone’s history or find people. Some of these options even offer more features. In this article, I review some of the top alternatives to Zabasearch.

Best Zabasearch Alternatives

1. Intelius

Let’s start with the company that acquired Zabasearch – Intelius.

Intelius is a leading background check and people search service that provides various research and investigation services.

Intelius features free people search and reverse number lookup like Zabaseasrch. However, it offers more. You can run a criminal records check, background check, public records search, and reverse address search. Intelius also offers identity protection services and employee screening on their sister site, Talent Wise.

To search for people on Intelius enter their name, address, and any other detail, and click search. The search result will list the relevant information such as the full name of the person and further details like phone number and address.

If you wish to access more information, you must provide your email, which Intelius says allows them to save your report. You will do the same for reverse phone lookup or any other service you wish to access.

Another impressive thing about Intelius is that they allow you to find multiple connections simultaneously. You can find more friends connected to your old college friend or high school buddy through the Intelius Connection engine.

The biggest drawback of Intelius is its sneaky pricing scheme. They charge you $0.95 for a three-day trial. But if you cancel within seven days, they will deduct $7.95.

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is another excellent alternative to Zabasearch. This website allows you to search for people online, reverse phone lookup, and email lookup. Been Verified takes it up with exciting features like username search, unclaimed money, and vehicle lookup.

The Username Search is a feature that allows you to find people through their usernames on different social networks. This feature can be valuable when searching for someone with a famous name.

For instance, Mary Smith is a common name. If you don’t have more to go than Mary Smith, a search result can overwhelm you with the numerous people who fit the bill. However, BeenVerified makes it possible to find Mary Smith through her username on various sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With the Unclaimed Money Search feature, BeenVerified searches publicly available databases and locates assets and accounts belonging to its users. BeenVerified will help you find the appropriate agency so that you can file a claim.

The vehicle or VIN Lookup features require only the vehicle’s identification number. You will be able to identify the manufacturer and the year the car was built, among other valuable data.

This information can be beneficial if you want to buy a used car and ensure that it is not stolen or otherwise.

BeenVerified will provide a list of basic information after you run a search. But to unlock the true potential of this platform, you must choose a membership plan.

BeenVerified is a perfect option if you need a people search engine that offers more impressive features than Zabasearch.

3. Spokeo

One significant thing I noticed when I tested Spokeo was the speed. In contrast to Zabasearch, Spokeo returns results faster.

Spokeo is a people search engine that lets you find individuals by their first and last names. Spokeo also makes public records available and enables you to conduct reverse phone, email, and address lookups.

Over 60 social networks are analyzed, photos and online profiles are presented, as well as profiles from dating sites. According to Spokeo, the company uses proprietary deep web technology to find results usually missed by search engines.

Another impressive thing about Spokeo is the layout of the website. It is clean and easy to navigate. There’s enough information on the homepage, but not too much overwhelms you.

Enter the details of the person you want to find, click “Search Now,” and your results will be displayed. Of course, like similar sites, you must select a membership plan to get the most out of Spokeo.

Spokeo membership plans are $22.95 for a month or $17.95 per month for three months.

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4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is another Zabasearch alternative. They specialize in people searches and provide a variety of services on this site: background check, people search by name and phone number, reverse address lookup, and email search.

PeopleFinders has been around for over three decades, during which time they have collected data on over 250 million Americans.

With PeopleFinders, you can also run background checks on anyone in the United States for a fee.

To search for someone on PeopleFinders, enter a first and last name or enter a first and last name, city, and state. The search results will return their names, aliases, ages, addresses (past and current), and relatives.

For a more detailed report that will show info like criminal records, nationwide court records, business records, social media records, speeding tickets, and more, you will upgrade to a membership plan starting at $9.95.

PeopleFinders is also faster and cheaper than Zabasearch.

5. Instant Checkmate

If you ever need to find someone incarcerated anywhere in the United States, Instant Checkmate can help.

With its Inmate Search feature, you can find people who may be in the federal prison system or serving time in a state prison or county jail. Simply enter the person’s first and last name and state for instant results. However, if you want to open the report, you will have to pay a fee.

Like Zabasearch, this site can help you find people and information online and through public records. You can also do reverse number lookups and check criminal records.

Using Instant Checkmate is pretty straightforward. To access the general info, enter the name of the person you want to find and click “Search.” The results are displayed immediately and sorted by relevance.

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6. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is an alternative to Zabasearch, providing background check and people search services. It offers similar features, too, such as people search and reverse phone lookup. However, this platform hosts its own background checks.

TruthFinder also provides the satellite image of the last known address of the people you’re searching for – which is just a neat feature.

In addition, one of the reasons this service is making waves, despite only starting in 2015, is the attention to detail in its reports.

With one click, you can search for anyone using their name, phone number, email address, or physical address. To begin a search, choose the type, enter the information, and click search.

A list of results follows. After clicking “Open Report,” you’ll see everything TruthFinder has discovered about the person, phone number, or address.

To the left of the screen is a menu you can use to get detailed information about anyone, or you can scroll down to see everything TruthFinder has found.

Before viewing reports, users must sign up for TruthFinder. There are two membership plans: $30 for one month, and $26 per month for a two-month membership.

7. Whitepages

Whitepages provides consumers and businesses with online directory services, fraud screening, background checks, and identity verification.

Unlike Zabasearch, Whitepages has a database. In fact, it has the most extensive database of contact information about US citizens.

Whitepages offers regular features like people, phone numbers, and address searches that you can find on similar sites. It also provides a business search feature, a yellow pages directory with over 25 million businesses in the United States.

Landlords in the US can use the Whitepages Tenant Check function to vet prospective tenants and prevent fraud.

The interface on Whitepage is clean and straightforward to navigate. The search results are displayed quickly, and it’s easy to narrow down results based on your needs.

A few basics, such as names, possible locations, and so on, are required to improve your chances of getting accurate results.

Whitepages membership plans start at $4.99 for premium contact info to $29.98 for an enhanced background report.

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8. US Search

Here’s another Zabasearch alternative that has been in existence for almost three decades – US Search.

Launched in 1994, US Search was one of the first in the marketplace to find and sell information about people via the web. Since then, the company has only gotten bigger and helped thousands of people with their background checks and search needs.

The services that US Search provides include people search, reverse phone lookup, email search, social network search, property records, criminal records, and advanced background check.

This service starts at $19.86 per month for unlimited people search. But you’d have to pay more if you want an advanced background check or criminal records.

I find that the most important aspect of using any service or digital product is the ease of use. And that means the website navigation, minimalistic design, and user-friendliness of the website architecture – finding information should be easy. And US Search does that well.

Also, US Search is faster than Zabasearch (and many of the platforms on this list, to be fair).

Once you land on the page, click the big blue button that reads “Get Started” to begin your search.

US Search checks a lot of boxes for me!

9. MyHeritage

Are you curious about your heritage? Do you want to know all the relatives you have? Then consider using MyHeritage.com. MyHeritage is a people search engine that makes it easy to discover your relatives and family history.

This platform’s only similarity with Zabasearch is it is also a people search medium. However, unlike Zabasearch, MyHeritage focuses on DNA testing and family tree building rather than offering people search services alone.

With MyHeritage, you can create your family tree, animate family photos, and run a DNA test to discover your heritage.

For instance, if your mother is Italian and your father is Canadian, you may wonder where your ancestors originated. Once you get a MyHeritage DNA test kit for $49, open the fancy box, and take a simple cheek swab.

Next, you mail it to their lab in an enclosed envelope for testing, and in four weeks, you will get your result online. So, you finally get the answers you seek.

A cynic might ask, “how reliable is this test?”

According to the MyHeritage website, they identify people with the same DNA as you: your relatives. Their DNA Matching Technology shows you how closely related you are to your matches based on the percentage of DNA you share.

Several reviews on their websites show users’ excitement over the results of their DNA tests.

MyHeritage provides you with a mobile app that allows you to perform searches right from your smartphone. So if you’re looking for any information on the go and don’t have a desktop or laptop handy, you can download the app and perform searches from your mobile device.

To use my MyHeritage, you must sign up via email or Facebook. After, you get a 14-day trial to decide if you want to subscribe to a plan starting at $79 a year.

10. FamilySearch

On the theme of family, FamilySearch is another good Zabasearch alternative because this site focuses on genealogy research, family records, and connecting with extended family.

This subsidiary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was launched in 1894 by founders Franklin D. Richards and A. Milton Musser.

Today FamilySearch hosts one of the most extensive online collections of genealogical sources worldwide and has over a billion records in its collection. With this site’s resources, you can trace your family roots back over centuries: billions of records covering four centuries and billions of names.

This platform also offers DNA testing options, which you can choose to take from different companies, including MyHeritage.

FamilySearch is an international non-profit corporation that operates on donations and volunteer efforts. Its website is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Tagalog.

However, to use FamilySearch, you must create an account for the free basic service, which allows you to view billions of historical records and connect with other relatives.

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11. AnyWho

AnyWho is a people search company that has been around since 1988. It provides people search services and access to public records – in just one search. And AnyWho also offers reverse phone search services – from landlines to cell phones.

Like Zabasearch, AnyWho is powered by Intelius, which means a search will provide a quick result of the person’s name, address, and phone number.

But If you want a detailed report, navigate to Intelius’ site, where you’d have to submit your email and select a subscription plan to access it.

One feature on AnyWho I found interesting is “Find Information By Area.” By entering an area code, you can see the associated cities, counties, states, and time zone.

The homepage is simple to navigate. All the information you need is easy to find if you have the correct details.

To search people, enter their first and last names on the left side of the page and hit “Find.” As a result, you’ll get a list of possible matches, which you can sort through to get a better result – i.e., names associated with the person you’re searching for.

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12. Search People FREE

If you are looking for a free Zabasearch alternative, Search People FREE is an excellent choice.

Search People FREE is really free…..for the most part.

It is a website that allows you to find people in the US in several ways, including their first and last names, city, state, email, and phone numbers.

What I discovered is that the search results this service provides are impressive. Unlike other platforms, the free results are detailed enough to help you get started.

For instance, along with the name, age, address, phone number, and associates/relatives of the person you are searching for, you also get the corporations or businesses with which they’re associated – and a recent satellite image of their current address.

If you want a more advanced background check, you need to go to another website offering a fee for background checks.

Interestingly, Search People FREE has only two language options: English and Spanish. I wonder why that is.

Overall, Search People FREE has a friendly UI and a simple search process that should deliver you the desired results.

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13. PeekYou

Sometimes you just need basic info about people. PeekYou is an easy-to-use platform that provides just that.

Like Zabasearch, PeekYou is a people search engine that helps you find people based on their full names and state. But with PeekYou, you can also find people with their usernames on different social networking sites.

This is another useful function if you can’t find a person by their full name. The site offers several ways to refine your search by usernames on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, Google Images, YouTube, and blogs or websites.

It is straightforward to use PeekYou. Simply enter the information you have about the person or business you need and press the search icon.

You are directed to another site for more detailed info and background checks.

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14. Background Checks

Background Checks is a service that helps small and mid-sized businesses vet new hires. Like Zabasearch, you can run background checks. But you cannot perform a reverse phone number lookup or find a people search service here.

Background Checks include over 650 million records and is updated daily. Criminal records are updated daily and sourced from local county criminal courts, state-wide sources, administrative office reports, department of corrections, offender registry, and much more.

What I love about Background Checks is the service offers education verification, employment verification, reference verification, professional license verification, drug report, and even credit report.

Background Checks operates three background check subscription services: INSTANT CRIMINAL+ for $33.15, INSTANT CRIMINAL+ LOCAL COUNTY for $49.95, and INSTANT CRIMINAL+ ALL COUNTIES for $69.95.

Those are fair prices to pay for vetting people you intend to hire.

Before accessing any reports or results, you must create an account and select a payment plan.

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15. Searchbug

If you are not a fan of creating accounts, Searchbug may not interest you. But with the number of solutions this service offers, you may just compromise.

Searchbug offers a people search service. It allows you to look up phone numbers and addresses. But unlike Zabasearch, Searchbug provides more! You can also carry out reverse IP address, area, and zip code lookups.

What’s more, Searchbug has a “Hire Investigator” feature where you can run background checks, bank account searches, find business EN, verify the place of employment, etc.

To use this service, you must create an account and provide the relevant details, including your industry. In several ways, it is similar to BackgroundChecks.

When you visit Searchbug.com, you find a comprehensive homepage but not so clumsy that you find it tricky to navigate. You have a search box where you can search people by name or phone number.

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Final Word

My choice for the best Zabasearch alternative is BeenVerified. First, I was impressed by the speed and layout of the website.

But more importantly, unique features like unclaimed money, which searches publicly available databases and locates assets and accounts belonging to its users, and vehicle lookup are pretty impressive.

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