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How To Remove Yourself From True People Search?

The internet has made it possible for people to communicate with others in different parts of the world. You can stay in the US and message someone in Europe instantly.

However, with this global interaction comes serious risk. Just as you can communicate with anyone anywhere, anybody can access your details on the internet.

For example, if you share an update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network, you’re literally updating the whole world since anyone can view it.

As a result, you’re leaving a digital trail on the internet that others can collect. Over time, they’ll have enough data to profile you. This is known as data mining.

A website like True People Search specializes in doing just this. The website gathers information from different sources on the internet to create people’s profiles. Your profile may be on the website without your knowledge.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove yourself from True People Search.

If you’re wondering how to do it, stay with me, but first, let’s get an overview of the platform and why you should remove yourself.

What Is True People Search?

True People Search is a data aggregator website. It sources data from public sources and puts them together to create profiles. According to information on the site, the aim is to help people get the details about people in their life.

If you look up a person on True People Search, you can get details such as their full name, home address, work address, phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, and other contact details.

You can also get intricate details like arrest records, marriage records, divorce records, traffic citations, and criminal convictions. It may seem like an exaggeration, but the website does feature these details for some profiles.

True People Search currently features hundreds of millions of records. Interestingly, you can look up profiles on the website for free.

You only need the person’s name, but you’ll get more related results if you know their state. You can also use the reverse phone number and reverse address search methods.

After entering the queries on True People Search and hitting the enter button, the website takes 5 to 10 seconds to scan through the public records. On the results page, it takes an additional 20 to 30 seconds to scan.

Before you can access the details, however, True People Search makes you answer some security questions. You must confirm that you won’t use the details for anything malicious, among other questions.

The process of uncovering a profile on True People Search takes time. In the end, you usually have to provide your email address. Then, you’ll get a detailed report on the person’s life history delivered to your inbox.

Why You Should Remove Yourself From True People Search?

Image by Thomas Vanhaecht via Pexels

Having your personal details on the internet for anyone to access is super risky. Basically, hackers and cybercriminals can steal your private information and do whatever they want with it.

A website like True People Search facilitates impersonation fraud, and the last thing you want is to be a victim of such fraud.

You become an easy target for phishing attacks with details such as your phone number and email address out in the open.

Some professional hackers can permutate your details and uncover passwords to your email and social media attacks. This is how most people lose access to their accounts.

Furthermore, there are many data aggregator websites on the internet, and they typically work hand in hand. This means that if your profile is on True People Search, it’s probably on hundreds of other data aggregator websites.

Away from the online world, anyone can look up your details on True People Search and get info about your family.

Social media kidnapping is a growing trend, and reports show that criminals use digital paper trails to locate and target victims.

There are many more reasons why you should remove yourself from a website like True People Search, but this should suffice. Let’s find out how you can do so.

How To Remove Yourself From True People Search?

Fortunately, True People Search makes it easy for anyone to remove themselves from the website. To do so, you simply need to visit the removal page – Removals – TruePeopleSearch.com.

On the page, you’ll find a list of instructions to follow. Primarily, you need to:

  • Accept the removal terms and conditions.
  • Search and locate your profile record on the website.
  • Select the “remove my record” option.

Hence, at the end of the page, you’ll find a box containing the removal terms and conditions. It basically needs you to confirm that the profile and information you want to be removed are indeed yours.

Next, complete the reCAPTCHA to confirm you’re not a robot, then click the “Begin Removal” button.

On the next page, you’ll get a search bar similar to the one on the website’s homepage. Enter and search for your name. You can also set a city or use the reverse phone number and address option.

Scan through the results until you find your profile. When you do, click on the “View All Details” button beside it. The website will redirect you to a page containing all your personal information.

It’s important to go through the details one after the other to confirm that the profile is indeed yours. If you’re convinced, click on the “Remove This Record” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s all. You’ll get a notification confirming that your removal request was accepted and that your record will be removed in a few hours. Hence, you should check the website later to confirm that your profile has been deleted.

Although the website says a few hours, you should wait around 24 to 48 hours to confirm the removal. It sometimes takes this long because the website sources data from many public records.

What Happens After You Delete Yourself From True People Search?

Image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay

After you delete your profile from True People Search, no one will be able to view the profile when they look up your name. However, this doesn’t mean the profile is off the internet.

True People Search didn’t create your profile on the website. It was sourced from other public record websites. As a result, your profile information will still exist on whatever website they got it from.

Hence, people can still view your private details on other websites. In addition, after deleting your profile, your name may still be connected with a different profile on the website.

For example, if your profile was linked to a relative’s profile – brother or sister, for example – it’ll remain on their profile unless they delete it.

Furthermore, it’s possible to have multiple profiles on True People Search since the website sources data randomly. You can remove all your profiles, but this will be stressful and take time.

Therefore, you should consider online tools to remove yourself from True People Search other than using the native option.

Best Tools To Remove Yourself From True People Search

There are many online tools available that you can use to remove yourself from True People Search and hundreds of other data aggregator websites. Here are the best ones.

1. DeleteMe

DeleteMe is a simple solution to delete your info from hundreds of data aggregator websites. The website explicitly targets those like True People Search that show up on Google and other search engines.

To use the website, you only need to submit your personal info. It sounds ironic, but it needs this info to match the info on the data aggregator websites to delete them.

After you submit your info, experts scan over 500 websites to remove your personal information. It’s a manual operation, so you can count on its efficiency.

It takes around seven days from the submission date for DeleteMe to complete the process. You’ll get a 10-page report detailing the websites where your info was removed and what was removed.

DeleteMe is available for individuals and businesses and is not a free solution. It costs $10.75 per month per user for one year. If you opt for the two-year option, you pay $8.71 per month.

2. OneRep

OneRep does three things: scan, delete, and monitor.

Hence, with the website, you can remove yourself from True People Search and other websites. It also checks every month to ensure your data hasn’t reappeared.

OneRep scans for your personal data on over 180 websites. You only need to enter your name and city or state. Afterward, browse through the found records to confirm they are yours.

When you activate the delete process, the website will contact the websites on your behalf, requesting that they delete your data. Hence, it’s faster and less stressful than the True People Search native removal feature.

OneRep will accurately request the removal of your data, no matter how complex the data aggregator websites are. You’ll constantly receive updates on which websites have deleted your data.

The service costs $8.33 per month per user, but you can save money with the six-people family plan, which costs $15 per month.

3. DataSeal

DataSeal offers immediate and continued protection of your data privacy. It facilitates bulk data removal, so you can remove multiple records on True People Search in one go.

You need to provide the website with some basic information to run scans. You get the scan results in real time, giving insights into what websites hold your private data.

DataSeal lets you initiate the removal process for websites individually or all at once.

To ensure it doesn’t happen again, DataSeal offers a data breach monitoring service. You can create and store your profile on DataSeal and get notifications whenever your data appears in a breach.

Having your data stored on DataSeal is risk-free as the website takes extra data protection measures.

To use DataSeal to remove yourself from True People Search and other websites, you pay $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

4. DeleteMyInfo

The description of this website says it all. It’s a privacy and data removal service that costs $9.99 per month per user.

DeleteMyInfo offers a fast service that will delete your personal data from True People Search, Google, and other data aggregator websites – more than 110.

Notably, the website is only available for users in the USA. This makes it ideal considering that True People Search is also only available in the USA.

After the removal, you can submit a report if you still find your info on any data aggregator website. DeleteMyInfo has live privacy experts on standby to custom remove your data from websites.

You get reports from time to time, keeping you updated on records reviewed, where your data was found, successful removals, and others.

5. Safe Shepherd

Like the other tools already mentioned, Safe Shepherd searches for your personal information online in private databases.

Once it detects your data on True People Search or other platforms, the website files an opt-out request on your behalf. Subsequently, your data will be deleted.

If a website refuses to remove your information following the request, you’ll get guidance on how to deal with the situation.

Furthermore, Safe Shepherd sends you email alerts in real time whenever it detects your information on a data aggregator website.

That way, you can request removal yourself, manually. If you need extra assistance, there are privacy experts ready to help. Using Safe Shepherd costs around $14 per month.

Bottom Line

True People Search is only one of the many data aggregator websites on the internet. In fact, aside from the truepeoplesearch.com website, there are many other websites known as True People Search.

As a result, while removing yourself from True People Search helps keep you safe, it’s not enough. You should refrain from sharing your personal details and activities on the internet, especially on social media.

If you must, make use of restriction features and settings to limit your posts to a particular audience – friends, families, acquaintances, etc. – rather than making them public.