15 Best Games Like Krunker 2024

If you love shooter games, you must have come across Krunker. Krunker is one of the market’s most popular first-person shooter games (FPS). The multiplayer game offers an exciting experience; in it, you’ll find various games and interesting maps.

There are many games like Krunker such as  AssaultCube, Karnage, Fan of Guns etc. But the best game like Krunker is Mini Royale: Nations. It’s free and can be played without creating any account. It also has an NFT marketplace which you won’t usually find in other games.

More about Krunker and why seek alternatives

Krunker allows you to alter the characters’ appearance, and each character has a set of weapons that have their characteristics too.

Class options in Krunker include Hunter, Commando, Rocketeer, and Bowman. You can play this game from your PC browser without downloading anything. Krunker might not be trendy as a browser game, but it’s easy to find and fun to play.

Krunker also features pixelated graphics with fast movements and shooter abilities, which you can master quickly and enjoy with friends.

While the game is charming and historically accurate, its main drawback is that its gameplays are short. The good news is that you can still find games like Krunker to enjoy. If you are looking for such games, consider some of the suggestions below:

Best Games Like Krunker

1. AssaultCube

AssaultCube is a multiplayer first shooter game like Krunker with an exciting history. The game started in 2004 when a small group from the Cube community developed a new version of the FPS, originally called Action Cube.

However, they had to quickly change the name to AssaultCube as Action Cube closely resonated with Action Quake. The game has several elements similar to Krunker, but the size of the maps is relatively smaller compared to AssaultCube.

According to the Cube engine, AssaultCube is one of the most interesting open-source games you can enjoy. The game takes place in realistic settings with fast and arcade gameplay that are highly addictive.

The game can even run over a 56 Kbps connection; if you use the correct settings, it can run on old hardware (Pentium III and above). AssaultCube is lightweight, weighing about 50 MB, and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Key Features

  • It is a low latency game that can run on a 56Kbps connection.
  • It has an inbuilt in-game editor map editor to help you edit maps and incorporate the edit mode in real-time with other players.
  • It allows you to record your game using the “demo” system.
  • It also features a single-player bot system.
  • It is pre-packaged with dozens of maps.

AssaultCube is free.

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2. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is one of the more popular games in the market. The free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game is arguably the most iconic game with a panoramic UI that drastically improves your gaming experience.

Counter-Strike was launched in 1999. The game features two teams competing against each other in multiple rounds to win enough rounds to win the game ultimately.

Unlike Krunker where you fight your opponents with various weapons, Counter-Strike’s standard mode features a bombing scenario, where teams either defend themselves or exploit a bomb site.

The bomb scenario mode is made of a maximum of 15 elimination styles, which last until one side wins most rounds. To determine your objective in the game, spawn either on the terrorist side (T) or the counter-terrorist side (CT)

Key Features 

  • Counter-Strike features characters, new maps, and weapons.
  • The game introduces new modes like Arms Race, Wingman, and Flying featuring competitive game groups and online matchmaking.
  • On the terrorists’ side, you need to plant a bomb at the marked bomb site on the map, while the counter-terrorist side must prevent terrorists from planting the bomb or diffuse it within five seconds before it explodes. The bomb countdown is 40 seconds.
  • Counter-Strike has maps with a couple of paths, clearly marked bomb sites, and features you can quickly identify and get up to speed.

Counter-Strike for PC is free.

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3. Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is another first-person shooter powered by Solana and fun to play. The game has a solid community behind it, and its developers still promise that many developments are yet to come.

Mini Royale: Nations allows players to compete in complete missions, tournaments, costumes, land, buildings, collect weapons, pets, and more.

Key Features

  • You can play the game from your browser without creating an account or downloading anything.
  • Its gameplay focuses on clan-based events, territory capture, and control.
  • Developers recommend using Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Brave browsers to play the game.
  • The game features rewards in the form of Orbs, a common currency in the game won when you complete missions.
  • It has an NFT marketplace.
  • You can convert your rewards into NFT and sell them on the marketplace.

Mini Royale: Nations is free to play.

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4. Fan of Guns

If you enjoy multiplayer shooter games like Krunker, you’ll enjoy Fan of Guns too. Unlike Krunker, web-based Fan of Guns is an app available on Google Play Store and App Store.

While Krunker gives you access to about 15 primary weapons, Fan of Guns gives access to over 40 weapons, including shotguns, machine guns, and snipers.

You can also get new weapon skins when you play the game for a long time and engage in zombie survival, AWP, or even capture the flag.

To start, you need to create your clan to enjoy the game with up to 10 people from different locations. You can rise in rank as you progress to play with more experienced opponents.

Fan of Guns has a dynamic team gameplay and is highly addictive. It also features bright 3D graphics that don’t require excessive device performance.

Key Features

  • The game has several maps and over 40 types of weapons and skins.
  • It has 12 combat modes.
  • You can trade or share weapon skins with other players.
  • Fan of Guns is designed for Android handsets with intuitive controls.

Fan of Guns is free.

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5. Venge

Venge is another excellent alternative to Krunker that puts you in a battle against other real players. The multiplayer shooter game was created in 2020.

What makes Venge better than Krunker is the great graphics. The game is also visually pleasing with an easy-to-use UI. You can play Venge on your computer or phone.

This game is memorable. Since its creation, it has been streamed on multiple platforms, including Twitch and YouTube.

Venge has four characters: Lillium, Echo, Shin, and Kulu. Your role in the game is to capture all territories with bright green spots within the shortest time possible. The four characters have several defensive or offensive weapons to spice up the game.

Unlike Krunker, Venge is available for download on a PC or phone.

Key Features

  • The game allows you to play in full-screen or windowed-screen modes.
  • There are no advertisements and it’s always up to date.
  • It features fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay.
  • It has clean 3D graphics to give you a smooth gaming experience.

Venge is free.

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6. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer video game best known for its fun gameplay. The multiplayer FPS game features egg characters, whereas as a player, you’ll take control of a violent egg armed with a shotgun.

It is a real-time game that lets you play against other players worldwide. Start the game by selecting your character, the egg type, and the game mode. Your task is to work hard and protect yourself against opposing eggs.

Shell Shockers is a cross-platform game. So log into your account from the website and use your favorite guns, hats, grenades, and stamps, or start the game with a fresh egg on your mobile phone.

Shell Shockers differs from Krunker, especially with its live feature that lets you stream the gameplay and become famous.

Key Features

  • Shell Shockers has cool weapons such as shotguns, drones, and spatulas.
  • You can choose to stream the gameplay live to stand a chance of becoming famous.
  • You can customize your egg in different hats, colors, loud outs, and stamps.
  • You can play it on your PC or mobile.

Shell Shockers is free.

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7. Repuls

Repuls is another excellent alternative to Krunker that allows you to enjoy the thrill of online game battles and explore the gaming world more. It’s best if you make hasty decisions to beat your opponents in the game.

Its core components are similar to Krunker, but the only setback to this game is that it only has one server in the USA and won’t work for gamers outside the US.

Repuls is, however, an excellent way to experience a thrilling battle with real players while exploring a world full of weapons and vehicles.

Key Features

  • Repuls is web-based, so there is no need for downloads.
  • You can use a variety of vehicles and weapons to destroy your enemies.
  • Its settings include quality graphics, key bindings, music, sound effects, look speeds, and hide or show scoreboard.

Repuls is free.

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8. Block Gun: FPS PvP War

If you enjoy playing Krunker, then you’ll enjoy Block Gun. This first-person shooter game allows you to fight critical battles and strike your enemies.

Play real-time, face your opponents in a blast mode, or check their ‘terrifying’ single-player mode. Just like Krunker, Block Gun features tight controls and stunning sounds.

The great news is that a new version of Block Gun with new and exciting features is coming, so keep the action going!

Key Features

  • It has over twenty different weapons to use in the multiplayer gameplay.
  • Expect fair matches with no system to upgrade guns.
  • It allows you to work with friends to annihilate your enemies using the team mode.
  • Block Gun has a smooth movement system that offers a console-like shooting experience.
  • Once you become the living dead after a successful battle with the team, go for a more thrilling single-player match without teammates.
  • You will get gifts, items, and quests whenever you log in daily.

Block Gun is available for free download.

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9. Karnage

Karnage is a browser-based first-person shooter game developed by Sidney. The 3-D game was first released on January 14, 2017, as an improved version of Krunker. Karnage is comprised of six classes: Triggerman, Hunter, Vince, Spray N Pray, and Mr. Ops.

The game was developed by the same people who created Krunker and has excellent features and exciting gameplay. Unlike Krunker, the game lacks the infinite ammo feature but it is still one of the best shooter games that allows you to play as a block-type character.

Key Features

  • It has a scoreboard where you can compare your performance to other players.
  • It is a lot more fun with a great internet connection.
  • You need to create an account to enjoy shopping and buying gear.
  • You don’t have to worry about performance; you can always lower the settings.

Karnage is free.

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10. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a fantastic substitute to Krunker, which is all about guns, bullets, and all shooting stuff. The game features a gunfight following a band of misfits looking to shoot, dodge, loot, and table-flip their way to reach the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure.

Enter the Gungeon features a sophisticated design and uses elements of one genre in the context of the other. While the game has more moving parts than Krunker, it appears to be more focused on getting you into the action and letting you stay there.

You will still see new implements of destruction even after 50 hours of play. Enter the Gungeon is a thrilling game that starts with a few characters that do not require you to have lucky guns or items to win.

Yours is to run through levels, dodging enemies shooting bullets at you, and avoid losing all three of your hearts.

Key Features

  • Enter the Gungeon features procedurally-generated levels where you fight enemies to acquire guns and other items.
  • Enter the Gungeon is a fast-paced game that offers fun with lots of bullets and blood flying high.
  • The story of Enter the Gungeon happens on a far island inhabited by strange creatures and living bullets.
  • As a player, you have to enter the fortress to obtain a hidden gun to kill your past.
  • The game has 2D pixel graphics that give the game an old-school touch that is perfect for the game storyline.

Enter the Gungeon is available for sale on Epic Games Store at a discounted price of $1.99 at this time of writing.

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11. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is an FPS game that sets you on a journey to slay countless demons across hellish dimensions. Doom Eternal is a single-player campaign with a multiplayer mode whose mission is to prevent the final destruction of humanity.

The game is fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled, and often gives you an unforgiving experience that may leave you breathless multiple times. Your role in the game is to shoot, slash, and blow up demons in ways you see fit throughout the game.

Doom Eternal is an improvement of the already existing Doom Iteration of 2016, which constantly teaches you to play smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

The game features an old-school and straightforward campaign but also leaves room for creativity as you can choose a slaying style and weapon you prefer.

Doom Eternal is more engaging than Krunker, thanks to its system that encourages forward momentum at all times.

Key Features 

  • The battle mode allows you to play either as a slayer or a demon and fight until either character wins.
  • The game has a new feature called the Fortress of Doom which you can visit between missions. The fortress has various rooms with upgrades and is gear-locked behind its doors.
  • The game lets you experience the ultimate combination of power and speed.

Doom Eternal’s price ranges from $19.99 to $69.99 depending on the edition.

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12. Combat Online

Combat Online is a follow-up to the original hit Combat Reloaded, created by NadGames. The game is full of new features that will make Combat Online even more exciting and engaging than before.

The new Combat game also features a new and updated look and feel; you can be sure to stay hooked on the game from the start. Combat Online is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter game that has improved its action-paced battles that will excite you.

Combat Online allows you to join various game modes, including FFA, Team Battle, and CTF. You can also enter multiple arenas where you face off against Combat Online players worldwide.

What makes Combat Online more interesting than Krunker is that you can create your arena in the map editor if you cannot find an arena that’s challenging. You can use machine guns, pistols, and sniper rifles, among other weapons, as you move towards winning.

Your task in this game is to get your team as many points as possible. Using the weapons of your choice, gun down your opponents and choose maps from the available multitude.

Key Features

  • Combat Online features action-packed battles with great graphics.
  • The game allows you to customize characters using various skills available for each class.
  • You can move back, forward, right, or left at a standard walking pace using Combat Online’s basic movement controls
  • Combat Online has excellent graphics and simple gameplay.

Combat Online is free to play.

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13. Rush Team

Rush Team is a solid FPS game that is objective-based. One reason to attract you to Rush Team is its traditional shooter experience.

Rush Team is a first-person shooter game rich in competitiveness and combat, where you’ll find common gameplay elements such as pistols, melee weapons, rifles, grenades, and more. Rush Team is more enjoyable if played in its team-based and objective-focused modes.

Key Features

  • Every player assumes the role of an infantryman, joins team 1 or 2, and attempts to complete a mission by eliminating the enemy team.
  • In selected game modes, once a player dies, they must wait for a round to end to respawn.
  • The game has cosmetic features only available for VIPs, but you can still enjoy it without them.

Rush Team is free to play.

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14. War Brokers

War Brokers uses blocky graphics like Krunker that focus on fun and tactical choices. The fast-paced first-person 3D shooter offers a variety of weapons, including rifles, snipers, mini-guns, and homing missiles, among others.

These weapon choices, plus a chance to drive vehicles, make War Brokers one of the best browser-based shooter games you can play now.

War Brokers has two game modes: Classic and Battle Royale. The Classic mode has several other game modes like Vehicle Escort and Team DeathMatch. The Battle Royale mode, on the other hand, is made of elements such as PUBG and H1Z1.

Drive a tank or an APC to stop the enemy from a moving armored fortress. You can also fly a jet or helicopter while raining terror down from the sky.

Key Features

  • The game allows you to customize characters by choosing your weapon and editing your appearance.
  • Players start on an equal footing with access to vehicles and all weapons.
  • Your job will be to fight up to 15 other players on one of War Broker’s nine unique maps.
  • You can choose from an arsenal of 17 weapons, which are carefully tuned to offer a different style and feel.

War Brokers is free to play.

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15. Superhot

Superhot is an exciting FPS game like Krunker developed and published by the Superhot Team. It is one of the games that allows you to stop and think, as every time you move, your enemies move together with their bullets, but when you stand still, so will time.

It will only take four hours to finish the game, and its clever time manipulation idea makes it a fulfilling challenge. It offers a unique set of puzzles complimented by high-contrast and sound design.

Key Features

  • Superhot is made of levels that are designed in a way that compliments trial and error and replayability. The levels are small and self-contained combat instances that would qualify to be tiny parts of levels in most FPS games.
  • Game difficulty increases throughout its 32 levels as the game introduces environments with less cover to hide behind and several entry points for enemies.
  • Every scenario offers a new challenge, and every level is worth playing.

You can play the Superhot prototype online for free on your PC. But you can still buy it for $24.99.

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Final Thoughts

If you are among gamers continually interested in online shooter games, I hope this review will help you.

I know how eager people are to find out what else is in store for them, and this is why I’ve made a list of these cool first-person shooter games that thousands of players are already enjoying.

If you are looking for a blend of fun and some aspects of NFT, then Mini Royale: Nations is the platform to pick.

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