15 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives 2024

YouTube Vanced is a popular alternative to the original YouTube platform. This Android app was created to give users an almost similar experience to YouTube but with fewer or no inconveniences.

In other words, the app is a modded version of the original YouTube platform. Some of the features it has that are unavailable on YouTube include a built-in ad blocker, true dark themes, background playback capability, gesture control, and time-stamped share links.

The good news is that there are several good alternatives to YouTube Vanced you can opt to use instead. Piped, FreeTube, SkyTube are a few among them. The best YouTube Vanced alternative is NewPipe. The app is free, and keeps user privacy on top of its priority list.

Why discover alternatives to YouTube Vanced?

A particular downside associated with YouTube Vanced is that it is only available on the Android platform. You cannot use it on other systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Additionally, YouTube Vanced was discontinued after its creators received a warning from Google over copyright issues. The app is, therefore, no longer available on the main web page and you won’t be able to download and install it on your device.

Of course, those who already have the app can continue using it, but it will eventually become obsolete as YouTube updates its original application.

The Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Below are some of the most popular alternatives to YouTube Vanced.

1. NewPipe

One of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced is NewPipe. This particular app was created to give users a similar experience of watching videos on YouTube without the annoying ads that seem to pop up all the time.

NewPipe is an open-source application, meaning that anyone can modify and share it as they please. It is a lightweight alternative that won’t take up much of your device’s internal memory.

Another positive aspect of this app is that it allows you to download videos for offline viewing. You can customize your downloads in such a way that you set a preferred title, select the most desirable file format, and pick the resolution you like. Additionally, you can choose between video, audio, or caption downloads.

When using any application, it is a good idea to consider data security. That is why the creators of NewPipe developed the app with privacy in mind. The app stores all information offline on your device and allows you to choose the information you wish to save.

There are also no proprietary Google APIs to worry about. Unlike YouTube Vanced, NewPipe is currently available for download and use. Other impressive features of the app include a background and popup player, bookmarking, and saved history.

Finally, it is important to note that NewPipe also supports other services including Bandcamp, SoundCloud, PeerTube, and media.ccc.de.

2. FreeTube

The next alternative to YouTube Vanced you should consider is FreeTube. This app was developed and launched in 2017 to ensure people can enjoy their favorite YouTube content without the fear of encountering privacy issues.

While YouTube Vanced is an Android app, FreeTube is designed in such a way that it can be compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. The app’s data is stored locally on your device and therefore you don’t have to worry about anyone having access to your private information.

You’ll be pleased to know that FreeTube does not track your viewing habits and does not resell your data to third-party entities. The FreeTube interface is built to look just like the YouTube interface and this makes it easy for users to transition from the original app to this one.

FreeTube allows you to watch different videos without encountering all the annoying ads. The app also supports different languages making it possible for people of different nationalities to enjoy its features conveniently.

FreeTube is an open-source application which is why you can modify or share it. The app is available for download on its website. Take note that downloading and using this app will cost you nothing.

3. SkyTube

Next on the list is SkyTube, which is also another open-source app that you can redistribute or modify under the terms of the General Public License. The app is developed for Android devices and will therefore not install on other systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

SkyTube is slightly different from YouTube Vanced because it does not support signing in with a Google or YouTube account. However, you can still enjoy all the features available on YouTube including subscribing to channels, reading through comments, using the built-in search bar, and sharing content.

A unique feature of this particular app is that it allows you to block videos that you do not like. It also offers uninterrupted playback thanks to its built-in adblocker. Another advantage of using this app is that you can download videos for offline viewing.

While on the app, you can filter videos by region or category depending on your preference. You can also filter videos with low views or those that feature significant dislikes.

Another positive aspect of using this app is that it supports gesture control. Finally, this particular app does not depend on Google Apps to run meaning that you can use it even without having the Google app installed on your device.

4. Piped

Piped is also an open-source application and can be an excellent alternative to YouTube Vanced. The app was developed to ensure that users enjoy some level of privacy when watching their favorite YouTube content.

One of its main advantages is that it is a lightweight app that won’t take up much space on your device. Its simple user interface makes it possible for you to navigate through various sections quickly.

Piped differs from YouTube Vanced because it does not have a lot of plugins or details that tend to cause lag. For that reason, you can be sure that the loading process will be exceptionally fast.

While many apps on this list feature built-in ad blockers, this particular app goes a step further to include SponsorBlock. That is an open-source platform that skips the sponsored segments of the video.

With SponsorBlock, the video playing will automatically fast forward whenever a message from a sponsor is announced. This is different from skipping through adverts that are superimposed on YouTube videos.

Another feature worth noting is that Piped can be self-hosted meaning all the information you input into the platform remains private at all times. The app is free to download and use.

5. Minitube

Minitube is another alternative you can download and install on your computer. And while YouTube Vanced seems to give a YouTube-like experience, this particular client is a bit different because it seeks to recreate a TV-like experience.

Minitube is built for computer systems including Windows, macOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. One of the main advantages of this app is that it is lightweight and will therefore take up little space and use up less of your CPU memory.

Another advantage is that it is an efficient energy consumer and will therefore not strain your laptop battery. The app has a simple user interface with minimal controls making it easy for anyone to use including kids.

It’s worth pointing out that it has a filtering feature that you can activate to ensure that children do not have access to inappropriate content. Once you play a video on Minitube, playback will continue from one video to the next automatically.

Another advantage this app has over YouTube Vanced is that it offers predictive searching which shortens the time you spend typing through your keyboard. Additionally, the app supports high-definition video streaming and full-screen mode.

6. SongTube

SongTube is another YouTube client you can use as an alternative to Vanced. It is also an open-source app available for anyone to download, redistribute, and modify.

In contrast to YouTube Vanced, users of SongTube get the option to either download videos or audio without the video. What’s more, you can choose what file format to download and pick the quality of video you wish to get.

The app allows you to download a single song or an entire playlist in the form of audio files only. Another unique feature of this particular app is that it features an equalizer making it possible for you to adjust audio settings for any song you may be listening to.

Like many apps on this list, SongTube features a built-in ad blocker to ensure your experience is not interrupted by annoying advertisements. The app does not utilize Google services meaning you won’t have to worry about getting tracked when listening to your favorite music tracks.

The app comes with different themes including light, dark, and black. You can also customize the user interface to get a more personal feel to it. This particular app is best suited for individuals who prefer better quality audio as compared to those who enjoy videos.

7. Snaptube

Another alternative to YouTube Vanced you might want to consider is Snaptube. This is an app designed for Android users and Chrome OS and may therefore not work on other computer systems.

This particular app doesn’t only let you enjoy watching and downloading YouTube videos, but it also makes it possible for you to download videos from other social sites including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

When using this app, you can download videos in different qualities including 144p, 360p, 480p, 760p, 1080p, and even 4k. The app also allows you to download multiple videos or pictures with one click of a button.

Another unique feature about this particular app is that it doubles up as a web browser. That means you can go ahead and surf through different sites, check your email, and log in to your favorite social media site to make updates.

The app’s interface is pretty simple and beautiful making it easy for users to move from one section to another quickly. This app is best suited for anyone that wants to download videos for offline viewing.

8. LibreTube

LibreTube is another YouTube Vanced alternative that allows you to stream videos seamlessly. The app features SponsorBlock which ensures you never have to sit through another annoying advert from the video’s sponsor.

LibreTube has an account signup option making it possible for you to log in and customize your viewing experience. On this platform, you can watch the latest video trends based on your region.

You can also create your playlists, making it possible to listen to your favorite songs without the need to keep pressing the skip button. The app’s search filter lets you narrow down searches to the most relevant videos.

While using this app, you can also subscribe to different channels. That means whenever your favorite channels upload new content, you’ll instantly get notified.

LibreTube is an open-source app giving you the freedom to make modifications and share with anyone you wish. The app is also free to download and use.

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9. SmartTubeNext

SmartTubeNext is a free premium app for individuals to download and install on their set-top boxes and Android-based televisions. However, it can also work on tablet devices.

A particular advantage of this app is that it does not require Google Services, and that means you can use it even when your device does not support the Google Play app.

Different from YouTube Vanced, this particular app is designed to enhance the television watching experience. It supports the external keyboard feature meaning you can easily make entries on your keyboard then sit back and enjoy.

It is equally important to note that SmartTubeNext supports 4k video quality, which tends to give an immersive experience in video entertainment. The app features a built-in ad blocker to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

Its user interface is fairly simple making it easy for just about anyone to operate. The controls allow you to select video quality, change playback speed, and skip through different videos on playlists.

10. VueTube

VueTube is a simple FOSS video streaming client you can opt to download and install on your device. Unlike YouTube Vanced, this particular alternative is compatible with different operating systems including Android and iPhone systems.

The app features a simplified, optimized user interface that lets you identify different sections easily. Its lightweight design means it takes up little space on your device’s internal memory but also ensures it loads exceptionally fast.

Another advantage of using this app is that you won’t have to worry about sitting through video sponsor messages. The app utilizes SponsorBlock which fast forwards parts of the video that have any commercial messages.

The app also incorporates the night mode feature for enjoyable nighttime streaming. You can also opt for the app’s dark theme, which most people find to be easy on their eyes.

Unlike many other apps, this particular YouTube Vanced alternative incorporates YouTube background listening. That means you can read through incoming text messages or emails without interrupting video playback.

Like most apps on this list, VueTube is an open-source client that does not track your activity. That makes it an excellent option for anyone that wishes to enjoy video streaming without having anyone intrude into their privacy.

11. ViewTube

ViewTube is another open-source YouTube client that can offer an exceptional video streaming experience. While YouTube Vanced instals on an Android device, ViewTube is a self-hosted, online service. That means you can use it on almost any device including Android and Windows systems.

ViewTube features a simple user interface that lets you browse through different sections easily. You can enter search queries on the search bar right at the top of the home page and results will appear accordingly.

The platform allows you to subscribe to channels and receive push notifications when channels publish new content. You can also read through user comments on different videos available on the platform.

Another advantage of using this particular client is that it is available online and will therefore not require any local system resources. You can either sign up to have a more personalized experience when watching videos on this platform or simply enjoy videos without logging in.

Like many YouTube Vanced alternatives on this list. ViewTube is built to ensure that users enjoy exceptional privacy. You do not have to worry about your streaming activities getting tracked.

12. Echoes Player

Echoes Player is the next option you can use to enjoy seamless video streaming. It is a self-hosted, online alternative to YouTube Vanced. That means you can use it on different platforms as long as you are connected to the internet.

Echoes Player has a simplified user interface that lets you browse through various sections quickly. It allows you to enjoy your viewing experience without the constant distractions characterized by trailer ads.

Another unique feature of this platform is that it does not include user comments. What’s more, it provides a local weather forecast to ensure you always know what kind of climate to expect.

When on this platform, you can choose to sign in to your YouTube account for a personalized experience or simply stream videos without signing in. This open-source YouTube client is free to use.

13. VidMate

VidMate is another Android-based alternative you can use to stream online videos. Unlike YouTube Vanced, VidMate allows you to also download videos from multiple social media websites, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

The app also supports over 1000 other sites meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to browsing through the different sites available. The particular app features a built-in video and music player meaning you can either stream videos or listen to audio tracks depending on your preference.

The app also avails various picture resources meaning you can browse through multiple platforms and download the images that you wish to keep. Users can also subscribe to channels in the app to ensure they always keep up to date with the latest in their fields of interest.

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14. Invidious

The next YouTube Vanced alternative you can consider is Invidious which is also open-source software. This particular app was developed with privacy in mind which is why it does not track any of your activities nor does it give Google access to your data.

The app allows you to subscribe to different YouTube channels without having to sign up. It also lets you create playlists without the need to open a YouTube account.

Like most apps on this list, Invidious features a built-in ad blocker and is supported by SponsorBlock. This app is also available in multiple languages making it easy for people of different nationalities to use it.

An advantage Invidious has over YouTube Vanced is that it is available for multiple systems including Mac, Linus, and online streaming. This app supports Reddit comments instead of YouTube comments.

15. YouTube Premium

If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube but hate the interruptions that come with the adverts, you might want to consider subscribing to the YouTube Premium service. This package unlocks many features and lets you enjoy video streaming without the ads.

Unlike YouTube Vanced, YouTube Premium is the original video-sharing platform and, therefore, offers an authentic experience. When using this service, you can sign up, create personal playlists and even upload videos of your own.

This service also allows you to download music videos and listen to them offline for up to 30 days. The YouTube Premium app also incorporates background play capability, meaning you can continue listening to your favorite YouTube songs while going through other apps on your device.

Final Word

To me, NewPipe is the best YouTube Vanced alternative. It is designed to ensure that users enjoy their favorite content without worrying about anyone accessing their information or tracking activity.

This app comes with a variety of features that make it easy to control playback and other streaming or downloading details.

What’s more, the app comes free of charge and supports other services, including Bandcamp, SoundCloud, PeerTube, and media.ccc.de.

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