15 Best Zillow Equivalent Alternatives For Europe 2023

Best Zillow Equivalent Alternatives For Europe

In the US, Zillow is a well-known online real estate marketplace that offers consumers details about homes for sale, rent, and mortgage rates. The way individuals look for real estate properties in the US has been changed by this incredibly effective and user-friendly tool.

Particularly in European nations, websites like Fotocasa, Zoopla, and Idealista have gained popularity as Zillow substitutes. That being said, Rightmove is the best Zillow equivalent for Europe, given that it offers a wider variety of property types and covers a good region.

Why do you need a Zillow Equivalent Alternative for Europe?

Finding the ideal platform for buyers and renters can take time due to Europe’s diversified and dynamic real estate market.

There is a demand for a Zillow alternative for Europe, mainly because Zillow is restricted to the US and its territories.

Since this real estate platform is nation-specific, it cannot offer data on properties in other nations. For those looking to buy or rent properties across borders, a Zillow substitute that includes several European countries can be helpful.

Thankfully, several European alternatives provide the same or comparable services as Zillow. In this article, we will explore the top 15 Zillow equivalents for Europe.

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Best Zillow Equivalent Alternatives For Europe

1. Rightmove

Rightmove is a UK-based online real estate platform that was founded in 2000. Almost 90% of all UK estate agents advertise properties for sale or rent on the site, making it the largest property portal in the country.

The platform’s goal is to link renters, landlords, and property developers with buyers and tenants of real estate.

A home search engine on Rightmove lets customers look for properties based on location, cost, number of bedrooms, and other factors.

Also, users can view house listings and their images, floor plans, and virtual tours. They can also save the properties they like and sign up for notifications when new listings that meet their criteria become available.

Rightmove offers estate agents and property developers a variety of tools and services in addition to property searches, such as advertising packages, lead creation, and data analytics.

Property developers can use the platform to follow market trends and find new development prospects, while estate agents can advertise their properties to a broader audience.

Rightmove generates revenue by charging real estate agents and developers for lead generation and advertising services. The business also makes money by providing other services and performing data analytics.

Rightmove has a subscription-based business model to operate. Estate brokers and developers can advertise their properties on the website for a monthly fee and select from various advertising packages based on their needs and budget.

On the website, users can search for properties for free, but to use critical services, like saving favorite listings and getting alerts, they must register and create an account.

Similar to Zillow in the US, Rightmove is still the most popular real estate website in the UK.

2. Zoopla

Another online real estate marketplace in the UK is Zoopla, which offers buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants access to property listings, market analytics, and other relevant services.

Since its 2008 debut, the platform has expanded to rank among the top real estate websites in the UK, with millions of monthly visitors.

Property search, valuation, neighborhood details, property listings, and rental listings are just a few of Zoopla’s offerings.

Users can also access market trends and property data, such as average rentals, property prices, and other pertinent figures.

To provide current and accurate information about homes featured on its platform, Zoopla collects data from estate agents, property developers, and other sources.

The area, price range, home type, number of bedrooms, and other factors are just a few of the parameters that users can use to look for houses.

After choosing a property, customers can look at pictures, floor plans, and other information and contact the appropriate real estate agent or property owner.

In many ways, Zoopla and Zillow are similar. Both platforms rely on data from multiple sources to deliver reliable and up-to-date information to users through property listings, market insights, and other related services.

3. Idealista

Idealista is a Spanish-based real estate platform that provides users with various property listings and related services.

Since its establishment in 2000, the platform has expanded to rank among the top real estate search engines in Europe.

Users of Idealista have access to many options, including a search engine that enables them to narrow down properties based on location, cost, size, and other factors.

Also, users can save their preferred properties and sign up for alerts when new properties that meet their search criteria come on the market.

Idealista offers consumers various complementary services in addition to property listings, including mortgage calculators, property assessments, and legal and financial guidance. The platform users can also contact real estate brokers directly through the website.

Similar to Zillow, Idealista links agents, buyers, and sellers. Users can access a variety of real estate listings and related services on both platforms, including search tools and alerts.

Idealista is primarily focused on the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian markets.

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4. Fotocasa

Fotocasa is a popular online real estate marketplace that operates in Spain. Users can interact with real estate brokers, browse for homes for sale or rent, and access data on the Spanish housing market.

Like Zillow, users can use Fotocasa’s search filters to narrow their real estate search results based on various factors, including location, price, number of bedrooms, and property type.

Users also have the option of setting up alerts to get notifications when properties that fit their criteria become available.

Fotocasa has a map view that lets users locate properties on a map and better understand the neighborhood.

Real estate brokers and property owners can list their properties on the Fotocasa platform along with information like price, location, and images. Then, users may do property searches based on their preferences and contact owners or brokers directly to schedule viewings.

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5. SeLoger

SeLoger is a well-known French-based online real estate marketplace. Since its founding in 1992, it has grown to rank among the biggest real estate websites in the nation.

Users of SeLoger can look for homes, businesses, and other types of real estate to rent or buy in France.

SeLoger’s advanced search functionality, which enables users to narrow their search by various factors, including location, price, property type, number of rooms, and more, is one of its standout features.

Like Zillow, users can find tools such as a mortgage calculator, a tool for valuing properties, and a collection of guides and articles about the French real estate market on the website to assist them in finding their ideal property.

Property listings from a variety of French real estate firms make up SeLoger’s business model. Through the website or the SeLoger app, which is available for iOS and Android, users can conduct a direct property search.

Users can contact the listing agent directly through the website whenever they see a home they want to schedule a viewing or request more details.

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6. Immobiliare.it

Immobiliare.it is an online real estate marketplace in Italy that provides various services for buyers, sellers, and renters.

Users can search for properties using a variety of parameters, including location, size, price, and property type, using the platform’s property search feature. Customers can opt to be notified when new properties that meet their criteria come on the market.

Also, Immobiliare.it provides an extensive database of real estate listings that contains thorough details, including property features, floor plans, and pictures. These listings aid users in making wise choices regarding their real estate dealings.

The website allows sellers to list their property and connect with a large audience of potential purchasers. Real estate brokers can also use the site to interact with sellers.

Immobiliare.it has a property valuation tool that enables users to calculate their property’s value based on numerous characteristics like location, size, and condition.

Users can also obtain the most recent information and analysis on the Italian real estate market. Visitors can find helpful information about purchasing, selling, and renting real estate.

7. Imovirtual

Imovirtual is a Portuguese real estate platform that helps users to buy, sell, and rent properties in Portugal.

Established in 2001, Imovirtual has become very popular over the years.

The platform provides a wide range of tools, such as property search, sophisticated search filters, property alerts, virtual tours, and contact forms, to assist users in locating and getting in touch with real estate agents.

To assist users in determining the worth of their property, the portal also has a mortgage calculator and a property valuation tool.

Agents pay a subscription fee every month to list their properties, which is how the site is operated. It follows that Imovirtual is a trustworthy source for real estate listings because the vast majority of the properties posted there are from licensed real estate agents.

Imovirtual offers customers thorough information about properties, including photographs, descriptions, and amenities, much like Zillow does. Users can also create alerts for new postings and save properties. Imovirtual is concentrated on the Portuguese real estate industry, while Zillow is only active in the US.

8. Spotahome

Spotahome is an online platform that helps users find rental properties for mid-to-long-term stays. It provides many rental homes, including houses, apartments, and rooms, in more than 450 cities worldwide.

The ability to virtually tour properties using 360-degree movies, excellent photos, and thorough floor plans is one of Spotahome’s key advantages.

Users can utilize this to thoroughly understand the property before making a reservation, saving them time and money on pointless in-person visits.

A multilingual customer service team is also available on Spotahome to help users with their inquiries.

Like Zillow, Spotahome operates efficiently. Visitors can explore the listings on the platform and sort them according to criteria like location, cost, and kind of property.

When customers see a house they want, they may book it online and make a payment via a secure payment method on the website. By serving as a go-between for the landlord and the tenant, Spotahome makes sure the renting procedure is simple and hassle-free.

9. Badi

Badi is a mobile and web-based platform that facilitates the rental process for shared accommodation.

It is comparable to Zillow, except instead of concentrating on the whole rental market, it tackles the specialty of shared housing. Anyone looking for a roommate or a place to live can use Badi to find landlords and roommates.

Several nations, including Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, currently provide the platform.

One of the highlights of Badi is its user-friendly layout, which makes it simple to browse through the items that are available and filter them according to location, price, and other factors.

Users can register, fill out their profiles with images and descriptions, and search for ads according to their tastes.

Also, the platform provides a messaging service that enables users to interact with prospective roommates or landlords directly.

Users can build a profile on Badi and search for available listings. Also, landlords can register on the site, where they can list their rental homes.

Those who are interested in a property can use the message system to get in touch with the landlord or prospective roommate to set up a viewing or ask inquiries.

The fact that both sites strive to streamline the leasing process by giving consumers access to various rental listings is one of the main similarities between Badi and Zillow. Zillow concentrates on the broader rental market, whereas Badi focuses on shared housing.

10. Habitaclia

Habitaclia is a popular online real estate platform based in Spain that provides a comprehensive property search engine for buying, selling, and renting properties.

For the benefit of those looking for property and real estate professionals, the website provides a wealth of features.

A user-friendly design, sophisticated search filters, property alerts, and a map-based search feature are just a few of Habitaclia’s noteworthy features. Additionally, the website gives visitors access to property details, images, and virtual tours, making it simple to assess and contrast properties.

Additionally, Habitaclia provides a mobile application that enables customers to view properties while on the go and get instant alerts for new listings that meet their search criteria.

One of the main similarities between Habitaclia and Zillow is that both websites provide a wealth of tools for real estate agents and buyers.

These systems enable users to search for properties based on particular criteria such as location, price range, and property type and give them access to property information, images, and virtual tours.

Also, when new homes that meet their search criteria become available, members of Habitaclia and Zillow can sign up to get notifications and property alerts.

11. Century 21

Century 21 is a real estate company that operates in Europe and other continents, with headquarters in Madison, New Jersey.

Real estate services provided by Century 21 include purchasing and selling homes, commercial real estate, and rental properties.

Since the business operates on a franchise system, individual real estate brokers and agents can buy the right to use the Century 21 name and marketing materials.

The emphasis Century 21 places on technology and innovation in the real estate sector is one of its defining characteristics. A mobile app, online listings, and a virtual staging tool are just a few of the resources and tools the business has created for agents and purchasers.

The “Smarter. Bolder. Faster” program is another one that Century 21 provides to its agents to help them flourish in the cutthroat real estate industry.

This program gives participants access to a network of knowledgeable agents and brokers and ongoing professional development opportunities.

In terms of how it functions, Century 21 uses a commission-based business model, which means that each property an agent sells results in a commission being paid.

Additionally, the business charges each franchisee a franchise fee and royalties.

12. RE/MAX

RE/MAX is a global real estate franchise network founded in 1973 by Dave Liniger and Gail Main.

It is one of the biggest real estate brokerage companies in the world and has more than 130,000 agents working in more than 110 nations. Online presence and a variety of real estate services, such as purchasing, selling, and renting out homes, are provided by RE/MAX.

RE/MAX offers a variety of features, such as:

  • A worldwide network of knowledgeable local market experts in real estate
  • A comprehensive collection of homes available for purchase or rental
  • An easy-to-use website with sophisticated search criteria can assist consumers in identifying properties that are suitable for their particular requirements
  • A portable application that enables users to look for properties while on the go
  • Professional marketing and advertising solutions

RE/MAX gives real estate brokers a platform to communicate with buyers and sellers. Through the RE/MAX website and other internet directories, agents can post real estate listings for sale or rental.

13. Lux Residence

Lux Residence is a real estate platform that specializes in luxury properties.

While Zillow offers a database of real estate listings for buyers to search and for sellers to post their properties, Lux Residence sets itself apart by concentrating solely on luxury properties.

The carefully chosen collection of opulent homes that Lux Residence offers is one of its key selling points. With a focus on properties that are distinctive, fashionable, and provide a high level of luxury amenities, the website offers properties in popular areas all over the world.

Visitors can obtain information on the history, location, and close-by facilities of each property, as well as browse through images and in-depth descriptions of each one.

Also, Lux Residence provides both buyers and sellers with a variety of tools and information. The seller or the seller’s agent can be contacted directly by buyers, who can also set up alerts for new postings and store and monitor their preferred properties.

Sellers can use the platform to list their properties and have access to various marketing and advertising options to assist in showing off their properties to prospective buyers.

The way Lux Residence functions is as an online marketplace for wealthy homes. To book a viewing or submit an offer, buyers can do property searches based on location, cost, and other factors.

They can then get in touch with sellers or their agents. Sellers can use the platform to sell their homes and manage their listings via a dashboard.

14. Knight Frank

Knight Frank offers residential and commercial property sales, leasing, management, valuations, and research.

It operates in more than 60 countries and has over 19,000 employees worldwide.

The key advantages of Knight Frank include a sizable global network of real estate experts, access to a variety of real estate data and research, and a sizable portfolio of luxury and high-end properties.

The business, which serves high-net-worth individuals and foreign customers, is renowned for its competence in the prime and super-prime real estate markets.

15. Savills

Savills is a platform like Zillow that operates in over 70 countries, offering a wide range of services related to property sales, lettings, and management.

The business also provides specialized services, such as property auctions, rural real estate, healthcare, and educational property services.

Savills primarily does business as a brokerage firm, bringing together buyers and sellers of properties and facilitating transactions. Savills has a sizable staff of knowledgeable real estate experts collaborating with clients to provide individualized services.


For both estate agencies and private sellers, these platforms provide comprehensive databases of real estate that are available for purchase or rental, distinctive features, and cost-effective pricing structures.

These platforms offer a great place to start your property search, whether you’re looking for a new house, an investment property, or a holiday home.

I anticipate even greater competition and innovation in the European online real estate marketplace business in the future. These websites will be even more crucial for both buyers and sellers as technology develops and more people rely on them for their property searches.