BuzzStream vs Pitchbox – Which Is Better?


According to a recent study by Collabstr, it is expected that the influencer marketing industry will hit about $15 billion before the end of the year.

Fortunately, there are several influencer outreach marketing tools like BuzzStream and Pitchbox, which can be used to automate the influencer outreach process.

With the perfect influencer outreach tool, businesses can reach out to potential influencers to promote their products or services, thereby achieving their business objectives.

In this post, we will compare BuzzStream and Pitchbox, their features, as well as our preferred choice.

What Is BuzzStream?

If you are looking for the perfect influencer outreach tool to promote your business, BuzzStream is suitable for that purpose.

With BuzzStream, you can easily manage outreach campaigns, acquire new business leads, and conduct personalized outreach for your business.

Just as its name suggests, BuzzStream simplifies outreach marketing processes, thereby allowing businesses to create a buzz about their products or services.

As an all-in-one marketing outreach tool, BuzzStream can be used to streamline your link building and outreach tasks from its unified control panel.

Any versatile digital marketer can maximize their link building skills by maintaining a stable relationship with influencers to increase their business awareness towards their targeted audiences.

Conversely, email marketers can increase their conversion rates with its Google Chrome add-on known as BuzzStream Buzzmaker. Not to mention, this tool allows you to manage and keep track of your outreach right from the Google Chrome web browser.

Another exciting perk about BuzzStream is its abundance of email marketing templates, which can be used for sending outreach messages to targeted influencers. This allows you to send personalized messages without going through the stress associated with sending personalized emails manually.

Nevertheless, BuzzStream allows you to keep track of your email outreach performance, and the best-performing email templates.

Also, you are provided with complete oversight, which allows you to monitor your outreach performance in real-time.

With BuzzStream, you can streamline your mundane marketing tasks, reach out to your relevant influencers, and drive more sales.

What Is Pitchbox?

Pitchbox is a powerful influencer outreach tool solely designed for businesses, bloggers, SEO agencies, and PR experts alike.

As a useful outreach tool, Pitchbox allows users to collect and manage email addresses, track their social media accounts, and also link up with influencers to promote their businesses by reaching target audiences.

With Pitchbox, marketers can save time and energy when carrying out vital marketing tasks such as market research, building influencer relationships, and sending personalized outreach emails.

Besides that, Pitchbox allows you to develop outreach campaigns that target only influencers and bloggers. This implies that you can promote your business effectively by targeting the right audience.

All you have to do is to enter the appropriate keywords in its search bar, while Pitchbox gathers the relevant influencers for you.

Apart from gathering influencer data, Pitchbox’s Tracker feature enables you to keep track of outreaches and the progress you have made so far, which gives you enough room for strategic marketing.

Fortunately, Pitchbox comes with a project management feature that allows you to create and manage projects right from its dashboard.

From the project outreach details entered onto the platform, Pitchbox sends automated personalized messages and follow-ups based on the recipient’s time zone and during the specified working hours.

Also, Pitchbox gives you the option of selecting team members that will have access to each outreach project. However, the default mode grants access to all users on your team.

By implementing Pitchbox as an in-house influencer marketer tool, businesses can streamline their entire marketing processes while achieving their goals in the long-run.

Ease Of Use


BuzzStream has an intuitive user-interface, which makes navigation quite easy for new users. Over the years, BuzzStream has evolved in terms of user setup and ease-of-use.

Unlike earlier versions, the current BuzzStream version is user-friendly. Not to mention, it also comes with an array of tools for quality link building.

As a first time user, you do not require any particular skill or the service of technical experts when setting up BuzzStream. Besides, the setup steps are easy to follow, which prevents any hassles.

Conversely, new users are advised to connect their Gmail account with BuzzStream for a faster setup process.


Setting up Pitchbox is a natural process for a newbie, and it takes only a few minutes before they can start using it. However, Pitchbox comes with a sophisticated user interface when compared with BuzzStream.

Due to Pitchbox’s feature-rich user interface, navigating across its platform is quite challenging for a new user.

Therefore, a new Pitchbox user hoping to enjoy its rich features should exercise patience when learning how to navigate its platform. Fortunately, Pitchbox has a smooth learning curve; hence, new users can familiarize themselves with the platform within a short time.

Another Pitchbox challenge you might encounter is when navigating back to view previous pages. Nevertheless, you have to navigate to the homepage to access the previous pages you visited.

On the other hand, consistent usage of the Pitchbox platform will ensure familiarity thereby making it a rewarding experience for new users.


Side by side, you’ll find BuzzStream much easier to use than Pitchbox. Although setting up both platforms isn’t difficult, BuzzStream’s interface is more user-friendly. On the other hand, Pitchbox has a feature-rich interface which has its advantages but it is complex to set up.

Lead Prospecting


BuzzStream comes with a lead prospecting tool that allows users to find new prospects from their marketing outreach and campaigns.

Fortunately, BuzzStream has a Google Chrome add-on, which makes lead prospecting a cakewalk process. Not to mention, the Buzzmarker add-on curates websites that match your search queries based on search engine result pages.

This allows you to virtually hunt for business prospects by reviewing websites one after the other, and also blacklisting sites you do not want to appear in future searches.


Pitchbox allows you to find leads and influencers by entering appropriate keywords, depending on your niche.

Besides that, you can either generate leads manually or let Pitchbox create leads for you.


BuzzStream features more options for lead prospecting. Hence, lead prospecting is more convenient and efficient using the BuzzStream platform than on Pitchbox. Nevertheless, Pitchbox auto lead generating is a big win for users.

Email Management


BuzzStream has a reliable email management feature, which stores your message history, thereby facilitating easy retrieval.

Notably, BuzzStream integrates with email marketing providers such as Yahoo Mail, MS Exchange Server, Gmail, AOL Mail, and other standard email servers. This allows you to streamline your mundane email management tasks.

For instance, BuzzStream’s previous versions allow you to send email messages by adding a BuzzStream email address to your BCC list.

Additionally, all sent messages are backed up automatically in your BuzzStream’s contact database. Therefore, users do not have to send a BCC copy to a BuzzStream email address.

Additionally, BuzzStream has an automated feature that enables automatic follow-up on prospective links. This feature, known as ‘Sequence,’ is a superb way of increasing your conversion rates without annoying off-target audiences.


Unlike other outreach marketing tools, Pitchbox allows you to connect your email account to the Pitchbox platform. Also, you can store and access your external emails from your dashboard.

Conversely, Pitchbox has an auto-connect feature, which automatically attempts to connect your email to Pitchbox. However, you need to link your email address with Pitchbox by using the appropriate IMAP/SMTP settings of the email address.

Furthermore, Pitchbox’s robust email management functionalities allow you to schedule email sending, automate follow-ups, connect with your email address and perform other mundane email management tasks without issues.


For influencer outreach tools, email management is one the basic features and this is true for Pitchbox and BuzzStream. Both platforms are more or less equivalent in terms of email management; they work with all major email service providers and support automation.

Customizable Email Templates


BuzzStream allows you to create customizable email outreach templates. Another exciting perk of the BuzzStream email outreach templates is that custom fields are auto-filled; hence, you can send automated personalized emails to your target audience.

Additionally, BuzzStream allows you to identify the email outreach templates with the highest conversion rates.


With Pitchbox, you can create customizable templates for sending personalized messages to your audience.

Also, you can make use of previously used templates or choose from the vast library of preloaded templates for easy customization.

Furthermore, you can enjoy a wide array of personalization options for personalized messages and even attach media files such as documents, spreadsheets, or PDF files to your outreach templates.


Again, there’s nothing to separate these two email outreach tools. Customizable email templates go hand in hand with email management. With BuzzStream, you can create your own templates or use already existing ones – you can do the same using Pitchbox.

Link Building


BuzzStream comes with a link monitoring functionality, which allows you to monitor backlinks i.e., websites that link to your site. That way, you can make good decisions by targeting sites with high domain authority.

Also, you can view websites you have included on your BuzzStream database.

Conversely, BuzzStream allows you to sort your audience by using parameters such as NoFollow, flagged words, outbound links, anchor text, websites, and more.

This allows you to build relationships with influencers that have connected with you effectively.

Aside from categorizing your audience, you can also use BuzzStream’s link monitoring tab to check for backlinks by clicking on the ‘Check Backlinks’ menu. Plus, you will receive an email report after the backlink check is complete.


Pitchbox seamlessly integrates with LinkResearchTools to facilitate backlinks building and management.

Conversely, websites with bad backlinks can get penalized by search engines, which can adversely affect their organic website traffic.

However, Pitchbox’s link management functionality allows you to remove bad links without having to contact the link sources or manually search for the webmaster’s contact information.

Besides, some webmasters can be inaccessible or unwilling to comply with your link takedown request.

Nevertheless, Pitchbox allows you to remove such unwanted links without issues easily, just like an SEO tool. That way, you can prioritize building higher quality links in your outreach process.

This makes Pitchbox the perfect tool for link building outreach and spammy link removal.


Link building is effective on both Pitchbox and BuzzStream. However, while BuzzStream features native link building tools, Pitchbox link building functionality is from an integration. This slight diversity gives BuzzStream a little edge over Pitchbox.

Lead Management


BuzzStream is known for its powerful lead management feature, which allows users to track and manage prospective customers until they make a purchase.

Also, BuzzStream’s lead management tool makes lead capture, sorting, and management a cakewalk process by eliminating the associated redundancies associated with the manual process.

Fortunately, BuzzStream has been proven effective for converting leads to sales. This implies that businesses can effectively increase their conversion rates.


Pitchbox comes with an outreach management tool that allows users to automate their entire outreach workflow.

With Pitchbox, you can create automated campaigns targeted at a specific audience such as bloggers, specified contacts, and influencers.

Conversely, Pitchbox allows you to generate business leads without wasting time and effort.


With either Pitchbox or BuzzStream, you can effectively manage your leads using their outreach management tool. In fact, their lead management functionality have similar processes.

Contact Management


BuzzStream has a contact management feature that allows you to track and manage your contacts’ information such as phone number, email address, Facebook and Twitter IDs, etc.

With its contact management functionality, you can manage your outreach audience by finding and adding new leads to your contact database.

Additionally, this feature scans websites automatically to find contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and contact pages. Afterward, the detected contact information is then automatically added to your BuzzStream database.

Besides that, you can import or export contacts from your email to the BuzzStream platform or vice versa for outreach purposes.


Pitchbox comes with a contact management functionality that allows you to track and manage your contacts conveniently.

With its contact management feature, you can add a new contact, update an already existing contact, and also remove unwanted contacts from your contact list.

Additionally, Pitchbox allows you to export contact lists from a specified campaign, which can then be utilized on external platforms.

Hence, users can build solid relationships with influencers either on the Pitchbox platform or other marketing tools.


As an influencer or digital marketing agent, you can manage your contacts by using either Pitchbox or BuzzStream without stress. However, the deal breaker is that the BuzzStream tool scans websites to find contact information. Hence, BuzzStream is the winner here as it doubles as a contact generator.

Scheduling & Follow-ups


Effective follow up after a successful outreach is quite challenging. Besides, it can result in loss of time and resources when done manually.

However, BuzzStream comes with a ‘Sequence’ feature, which allows you to send and schedule automated personalized follow-up emails as well as email reminders.

This means that you can save time, money, and energy while following up on potential leads. Besides, follow up is an effective method of increasing conversion rates.

Conversely, you can make use of BuzzStream’s ‘Sequence’ feature both on BuzzBar and the Buzzmarker extension.


Pitchbox comes with a scheduling tool that allows you to send scheduled email follow-ups to your contacts.

With Pitchbox’s automated follow-up feature, you can use behavioral triggers to send automated personalized follow-up emails to outreaches. Also, you can receive feedback information on the engagement rates.


Obviously, the better email outreach tool is Pitchbox. In fact, Pitchbox not only lets you schedule follow up emails, you can also set behavior triggers to know the best time to send. Furthermore, Pitchbox makes it easy to get feedback on your campaigns.



BuzzStream has a robust reporting feature that allows you to generate reports based on your data on its platform.

Fortunately, you can either use the default reports or create a custom report based on your preference. Conversely, its default reports include message insights, project insights, and team insights.

Additionally, BuzzStream comes with a ‘Projects Leaderboard’ report module, which provides a visual overview of high-performing projects.

However, the ‘Projects Leaderboard’ reporting module is absent on the BuzzStream Starter Plan; hence, you have to subscribe for higher plans to get this feature.


Pitchbox comes with a reporting feature known as ‘Reporting Customization’ that allows users to customize outgoing reports with their business information.

Conversely, Reporting Customization has a ‘Client Report’ functionality that allows your clients to see the time duration spent on given tasks.

Besides that, you can include or exclude the work done by deleted team members in your team’s performance report.


Generating reports is another basic feature for email outreach tools like Pitchbox and BuzzStream. Hence, once again, both influencer relationship management platforms are inseparable. However, it’s worth noting that not all reporting features are available for starter plans.

Third-Party Integrations


BuzzStream seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Twitter, Citation Labs, SEOmoz, MajesticSEO, and Google Chrome to provide users with a robust experience.

Thankfully, BuzzStream supports custom integrations through its provision of the BuzzStream API tool.

Therefore, developers can integrate the BuzzStream platform with their custom software applications without hassles.

However, BuzzStream’s API integration is subject to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Pitchbox integrates with Google Apps, Ahrefs, MS Office 365, Moz, MajesticSEO, LinkResearchTools, Slack, SEMRush, and Zapier, which provides users with dynamic functionalities.

Like BuzzStream, Pitchbox features an API system; it’s one of the newest features. Also, Pitchbox’s integration with Zapier allows users to connect the platform with more than 1000 web applications.


In terms of integrations, Pitchbox takes the crown. Pitchbox supports more native integrations than BuzzStream, with Zapier being the most prominent. Also Pitchbox features an API system for custom integrations.

Help & Support


BuzzStream has a responsive support team that can be reached via email. Also, they provide users with online support, blog, and webinars, which helps users to have a quicker learning process.


For technical assistance concerning the Pitchbox platform usage, their support team can be reached via email, live chat, and phone.

Additionally, Pitchbox provides users with online resources such as blog and knowledgebase.


They both have similar customer support. So, it’s a draw here.

Pitchbox vs BuzzStream: Pricing


BuzzStream is a great outreach marketing tool with various pricing plans that suits all kinds of budget needs. With as low as $24, you can enjoy BuzzStream’s array of features.

Starter Plan

This BuzzStream pricing plan costs $24 every month for one user and $24 per month for one additional user. Not to mention, the Starter Plan allows only 1000 contacts, albeit the features are limited.

However, this plan facilitates email templates, email scheduling, automated follow-ups, influencer metrics, Twitter conversation tracking, and email performance reports. Also, you can utilize the Buzzmarker Google Chrome extension.

Growth Plan

This pricing plan costs $124 per month for three users and an additional $40 for an additional user.

Additionally, this pricing plan covers only 25,000 contacts, although it boasts of more extensive features when compared with the Starter Plan.

For instance, users can send bulk emails, share email templates with other team members, generate reports for project performance and links. Not to mention, subscribers are provided with access to email and phone support.

Professional Plan

This plan is available at $299 per month for six users and $50 for an additional user.

Subscribers for this pricing plan can have up to 100,000 contacts. Also, they are provided with extensive features such as advanced analytics, extensive customizability, API integration, and dedicated support.

Custom Plan

As its name suggests, this BuzzStream pricing plan offers a complete solution tailored to the specific needs of your business. It starts at a cost of $999 per month for about 15 users.

Additionally, subscribers can access all Professional Plan features as well as an implementation plan for their custom solution. Plus, BuzzStream also facilitates onboarding for new team members.


Pitchbox is utilized by several top brands such as FreshBooks, MaxCDN, Skyscanner,, PointVisible, etc.

As an exclusive SEO outreach tool, Pitchbox does not display its pricing plans to the public. Instead, their pricing is based on custom requirements.

If you are interested in using Pitchbox, you can schedule a private demo to test out its features before subscribing.

Pros & Cons

BuzzStream Pros

  • BuzzStream saves you from the hassle of searching through emails and contact web pages for contact information by searching automatically on whitelisted websites.
  • BuzzStream allows you to keep track of email outreach. This enables you to have an accurate record of all relationships with influencers and bloggers without having to use spreadsheets.
  • With BuzzStream, you can send out emails to multiple contacts at a single click. Also, you can send automated personalized emails to individual contacts.
  • BuzzStream allows you to monitor your backlinks effectively.
  • BuzzStream integrates with reliable email service providers such as Gmail and Microsoft Office 365.

BuzzStream Cons

  • Unlike Pitchbox, BuzzStream is quite expensive for primary users. Its lowest cost is available at $195 per month when compared with other alternatives, which offer similar features at a lower price.
  • While searching for websites for contact information, BuzzStream can skip or miss human-readable information. For instance, BuzzStream cannot detect email addresses on images.
  • Users have reported their delayed customer service response for support issues.

Pitchbox Pros

  • Pitchbox allows you to keep track of responses from lead prospects. Also, it can send automated follow-up emails to reactive lead prospects.
  • You can search for leads and their contact information right from your Pitchbox dashboard without the use of third-party apps.
  • Pitchbox enables you to create several email templates for projects and outreaches. Also, you can use any email template of your choice for follow-ups.
  • Pitchbox allows you to send and receive emails on your Pitchbox account from connected webmail services.
  • Pitchbox allows you to track your outreach performance by checking whether the outreach email was opened or clicked on, as well as the outreach response rates.

Pitchbox Cons

  • Pitchbox usage requires an intermediate skill level in digital marketing and regular usage to get familiar with the platform’s navigation.
  • It is aimed at website scraping. This makes it difficult to correctly scrape influencer data from social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Pitchbox does not readily display its pricing on the website, therefore intending users have to book the Pitchbox private demo before they can access their plans and pricing.
  • Unlike BuzzStream, which supports a monthly subscription, Pitchbox requires a 12-month subscription. This makes it unattractive for users with no intention of a long-term commitment.


  • Both email outreach tools have easy signup process
  • They both have dependable leads prospecting functionalities
  • With either Pitchbox or BuzzStream, you are provided with dependable email management feature
  • Both platforms integrates with email service providers
  • They both provide customizable email templates
  • Users can generate standard outreach reports
  • Both BuzzStream and Pitchbox have RESTful APIs
  • They both have dependable customer support


  • BuzzStream has a more user-friendly interface than Pitchbox
  • Unlike BuzzStream, Pitchbox allows users to send email based on triggers
  • Pitchbox supports more integrations than BuzzStream

The Verdict – BuzzStream vs Pitchbox

Both BuzzStream and Pitchbox are suitable for marketers who value link building and influencer outreach.

Although they both share a lot of similar features, BuzzStream comes out on top over Pitchbox. This is primarily due to Pitchbox’s expensive pricing plans and sophisticated user interface.