Creative Fabrica vs Design Bundles – Which Is Better?

You probably have wondered how businesses get access to unique designs for their brand labels, cups, shirts, umbrellas, and more. Some web-based tools let you do much more with fonts, craft designs, and graphics.

Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles are popular online marketplaces where you can purchase quality design assets quickly. These websites will let you work on your design project without the sweat of creating fonts and art designs from scratch.

Exclusive Deals
Creative Fabrica - Exclusive Deals

Unlimited Fonts & Graphics — Get access to our ever growing library of fonts, graphics, crafts and more. Creative Fabrica offers access to a vast library for Cricut owners. Lowest price. Embroidery, Knitting.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Whether you are a brand, web, or graphic designer, buying ready-made assets will speed up your production rate and enliven your designs, while reducing overall costs.

Instead of paying for individual items, these websites offer subscription and membership plans that let you access numerous assets over a period of time.

Let’s discuss Creative Fabrica vs Design Bundles to find out which one suits your needs.

Interesting ComparisonCreative Fabrica vs Creative Market

What is Creative Fabrica?

Exclusive Deals
Creative Fabrica - Exclusive Deals

Unlimited Fonts & Graphics — Get access to our ever growing library of fonts, graphics, crafts and more. Creative Fabrica offers access to a vast library for Cricut owners. Lowest price. Embroidery, Knitting.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell graphics, fonts, and craft designs. The website has more than one million unique and perfect exclusive designs.

You can also access more than six million fonts, embroidery, and knitting resources to help you create new designs independently.

Creative Fabrica is ideal for art lovers who are very passionate about working with handmade fonts and crafts. They focus on making art available to everyone since each craft and font is the starting point for every design work.

As a creative hub, Creative Fabrica allows you to identify high-quality, unique resources for your next project. They aim to provide exceptional content at reasonable prices.

How Does Creative Fabrica Work?

Creative Fabrica lets you access high-quality design resources, such as fonts, graphics, crafts, and more, and use them in your design projects. Here’s how you can make the most of this platform:

Sign up for an account

The first step to using Creative Fabrica is to sign up for an account.

Explore the website

  • After creating an account, explore the website and browse through the various design resources available, including fonts, graphics, templates, crafts, bundles, and more.
  • You can even join sewing, quilting, or embroidery classes. If you’re a teacher, you can access a variety of teaching resources, such as Big Kids Tracing Workbook, I Spy Dinosaurs Activity Sheets, Pre-K + K Learning Bundle, and more.

Purchase design resources

  • You can purchase individual design resources or subscribe to Creative Fabrica’s subscription service, which provides access to a wide range of resources for $29/month (more on this later).
  • You can also find high-quality designs, embroidery, fonts, and graphics sold individually at discounted prices.
  • Besides, the platform gives you access to a Print On Demand (POD) store with at least 572,210 graphics. Remember, you can purchase a font or design with POD, for a one-time fee and have unlimited access to sell it on various POD sites.

Download design resources

  • Creative Fabrica has tons of design resources that you can download for use in your design projects.
  • The files are available in various formats, such as AI, PSD, PNG, and more.

Customize the design resources

  • You can customize them as needed using design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Creative Fabrica also offers a design tool called the Creative Fabrica 360, which lets you customize designs without any design software.
  • Use the customized designs for your personal or commercial projects.

What is Design Bundles?

Design Bundles is an online marketplace for graphic designers, crafters, web developers, business owners, and educators.

At Design Bundles, people buy and sell SVG files, graphics, sublimation designs, textures, illustrations, clipart, paper cutting templates, laser cutting designs, monogram, mockups, laser cutting templates, fonts, patterns, and more.

Most of their designs are compatible with cutting machines like Silhouette and Cricut and software like Procreate, Canva, Photoshop, Affinity, Illustrator, and Inkscape.

Design Bundles offers several deals on their products, including a 96% discount on their premium bundles.

All their premium and free products have Commercial Licensing, so you can create as many products as you want for sale or personal use.

They pride themselves as the go-to marketplace for affordable design products thanks to the excellent rating by Trustpilot.

How Does Design Bundles Work?

Design Bundles offers a wide variety of design resources, such as fonts, graphics, templates, and illustrations, that are created by independent designers from all over the world. Here’s how you can get the most from this platform:

Save More with Bundles

There are two types of bundles:

  • Big discount bundles – Elements come bundled together at massive discounts – up to 96%, letting you save big.
  • Designer bundles – The selection consists of various design resources in different categories, such as Christmas, Sarcastic, Family Quotes, The Crafter’s Dream, and more. You can use all these products for commercial projects; just be sure to read the licenses.

Grab Unbeatable Deals

Design Bundles has a Deals page with limited-time deals at interesting prices that the site claims you won’t find elsewhere.

Craft Designs

As a crafter, visit the craft designs page to access 79,000+ designs in one place categorized into:

  • Monogram designs
  • Embroidery designs
  • Crochet designs
  • Knitting designs
  • Sublimation designs
  • Craft mockups
  • Printable crafts
  • Digital stickers
  • And more!

Graphic Designs

Design Bundles has a collection of exquisite graphic elements for your project needs. Head over to their graphics page and download any of these graphics:

  • Backgrounds
  • Vectors
  • Icons
  • Clipart
  • Logos
  • Patterns
  • Graphic design bundles

Use Free Fonts and Designs

If you’re on a budget, your projects can still go on, thanks to the platform’s free fonts and designs.

  • Free fonts are available in many categories, including handwritten fonts, graffiti fonts, gothic fonts, tattoo fonts, and more.
  • Free designs include sublimation designs, embroidery designs, SVG files, and laser files.

Do More with Templates

Design Bundles offers over 140,000 free and premium templates for various design projects, such as invitations, business cards, social media graphics, and more. Professional designers create these templates and you can easily customize them to fit your needs.

Templates are available in various categories, such as social media, education, newsletter, brochures, resumes, coloring, and more.

Enjoy more with Plus Membership

The Plus Membership program gives you benefits, such as:

  • Instant access to over 228,818 exclusive designs and fonts
  • A seven-day free trial
  • A free design and font added to your account weekly.
  • Bonus points and rewards for completing simple daily tasks
  • Saving 15% on every purchase


Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica’s subscription formula allows you to pay a monthly price for unlimited downloads.

So, once you pay $29 per month, you can access all resources in their database and sell the products at your shop to clients worldwide. You can download up to 10 products with their free trial package.

The good thing is that you can continue selling your products even after canceling your subscription. For instance, you can continue selling the existing banners, quotes, shirts, and more that you created when your subscription was active.

You won’t be able to download new updates and files once your subscription ends. You will not be able to create new products with your downloaded files. However, you can continue selling and using the products you made when your subscription was active.

This rule makes it hard to keep track of the subscription and ensure it doesn’t expire while you are in the middle of a project. I encourage you to create a folder on your computer to keep track of your work and keep everything you download.

You can delete the folder once you cancel your subscription.

This website’s subscription gets you thinking of the time you require to work on your project every month and whether there will be value for your money.

In terms of licensing, they offer both commercial and Single Sale licenses for those who just visit to buy a single resource without making the premium subscription.

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Design Bundles

The subscription formula for Design Bundles is different from that of Creative Fabrica. Here, you buy the premium package through the Plus Membership.

The Plus Membership is set in three distinct levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and they are priced differently. Each category has a set number of Plus Credits monthly. You use these credits in the Plus Store when you want to purchase a resource.

Their Plus Membership will let you access many exclusively unique digital assets. They charge $1, $2, and $3 monthly for the bronze, silver, and gold plans respectively. Their premium bundles do not have trial versions. You can cancel your Plus Membership at any time.

You will, however, pay the full amount without the discount on your subsequent renewals.

The website compensates designers well for their contribution to the products in the Plus Store. Design Bundles owns these resources, exclusive to the Plus Store.

Unlike Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles gives you a license to continue using and selling these resources long after your membership ends, which is a plus!


In a nutshell, these two websites have packaged their premium subscriptions differently. Creative Fabrica isn’t a great deal since they don’t license you to use your resources after your subscription ends.

You must create time to concentrate on your project before your subscription expires. It is ideal for full-time designers.


Creative Fabrica

With Creative Fabrica, it is confusing to tell the source of a particular revenue that hits the designer’s account since the product sales, subscription revenue, and proceeds from affiliate marketing aren’t separated into different categories. The analytics do not clearly show the source of funds.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles has a better look at analytics when it comes to categorizing the source of revenue. The designer can easily tell the amount they earned from each votehead.


Design Bundles has clear and better-functioning analytics than those of Creative Fabrica.

Learning Curve

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica offers video tutorials from its website and YouTube Channel. As a beginner, you can gain access to these learning materials quickly to acquaint yourself with design skills. They offer classes in embroidery, quilting, sewing, and Cricut from their site.

They allow designers to create their videos by recording themselves as they work on a project, then uploading the videos on their website. Creative Fabrica pays designs for such videos a one-off upfront fee.

Once the designers are paid, the videos become the property of Creative Fabrica.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles prides itself on its easy-to-learn easy-to-use attributes. Their tools are straightforward and ideal for beginners or novice designers. Experienced crafters also find the website very useful.

They share their training materials on YouTube, Facebook pages, and websites where you can find tons of learning materials.

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Both websites offer training materials. However, Creative Fabrica’s approach is more dynamic since they empower their designers to create learning content.

Fans Website

Creative Fabrica

Exclusive Deals
Creative Fabrica - Exclusive Deals

Unlimited Fonts & Graphics — Get access to our ever growing library of fonts, graphics, crafts and more. Creative Fabrica offers access to a vast library for Cricut owners. Lowest price. Embroidery, Knitting.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Creative Fabrica has gone the extra mile of helping designers earn more by building a fans website akin to Patreon. So, just like Facebook, a designer can create a fan page where people can join and subscribe at a fee set by the designer.

Although this was a brilliant idea, traffic to the fansite isn’t much, as many clients are yet to learn of the platform.

But once traffic increases, it will be a sure way for designers on Creative Fabrica to make that extra buck! This is a sure tool to help designers maintain and build their portfolios as they interact closely with their clients.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles doesn’t have this feature. So all activities are done on their main website. Design Bundles handles clients on behalf of the designers.

It is about the buying and selling of the resources available in their Plus Store, with no direct interaction between designers and their clients.


The fan website is a unique thing that makes the market more dynamic. Designers can market their products further while on the fan base portal, so their clients can know the items to buy. This feature gives Creative Fabrica an edge over Design Bundles.

Affiliate Program

Creative Fabrica

Exclusive Deals
Creative Fabrica - Exclusive Deals

Unlimited Fonts & Graphics — Get access to our ever growing library of fonts, graphics, crafts and more. Creative Fabrica offers access to a vast library for Cricut owners. Lowest price. Embroidery, Knitting.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Creative Fabrica’s generous affiliate program allows you, as a seller, to embed your affiliate link as you promote your products.

When someone purchases an item through your affiliate link, you earn 25% of the value. The link expires in 90 days. Creative Fabrica has made becoming an affiliate a very lucrative venture.

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Design Bundles

To become an affiliate, you can email Design Bundles’ support team with links to your blog, social media handles, or website. They offer their affiliate agents a 25% commission on all sales.


It’s a tie. Both websites have affiliate programs, each paying a 25% commission on sales.

Help Guides

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica offers several comprehensive tutorials that will help you get started. You can learn how to do crafts for embroidery, die-cutting, and sewing machines.

Design Bundles

You can watch YouTube videos on their channel to understand a step-by-step way of getting started. The pre-recorded videos posted on their website also come in handy.

You can find help by searching their repository for a solution.


Both platforms have a clean head start. You can easily get up and running and start buying or selling your design assets.


How do designers earn from each of these websites?

Creative Fabrica

On Creative Fabrica, sellers make money in various ways. If their assets are bought, they get 50% of the proceeds.

Each file downloaded through the subscription service is assigned a point. So creators earn from these points at the end of a subscription period depending on the number of points they would have gathered.

Most items sold on Creative Fabrica have a commercial license, so you can create and sell at will without legal implications.

Design Bundles

Designers are paid for their artwork. You can sell your products as many times as you wish. So, even after your subscription expires, you can continue earning from your work. There’s no subscription point program.


Creative Fabrica is more lucrative since, in addition to the money one earns from the website, there are loyalty points that can be redeemed at the end of the subscription period.

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Customer Support

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica has an instant chat feature on their website, where their standby support team can address your issues promptly. On the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see the “support” button to click and start the conversation.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. However, should you find any challenges, their support team is on standby to handle your queries. The team is very friendly and helpful.

Their website doesn’t have a live chat feature. If you want to reach out to their team, you can do so through their socials.

You can subscribe to their mailing list and be notified whenever new freebies, offers, and promotions exist. The Creative Fabrica website doesn’t have this feature.


Creative Fabrica is more customer friendly than Design Bundles since users can reach their support team in just a few clicks and engage them live over a chat.

Creative Fabrica vs Design Bundles: Pros and Cons

Creative Fabrica

Exclusive Deals
Creative Fabrica - Exclusive Deals

Unlimited Fonts & Graphics — Get access to our ever growing library of fonts, graphics, crafts and more. Creative Fabrica offers access to a vast library for Cricut owners. Lowest price. Embroidery, Knitting.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Creative Fabrica handles all of the customer service questions on behalf of sellers.
  • You can access all resources on their website once you pay for the subscription.


  • Ownership of resources expires at the end of the subscription.

Design Bundles


  • Once you own a resource, it is yours forever.
  • Your Plus Membership only allows you to access services listed in your purchased package.
  • Tons of free fonts
  • Access to high-quality, customizable templates
  • Highly discounted design bundles


  • No live chat window for customer support

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Creative Fabrica vs Design Bundles: Similarities and Differences


  • Both offer curated resource bundles of assets.
  • Both are web-based digital marketplaces.
  • Both have free and premium versions.
  • Both websites offer previews of the resources before purchasing.
  • Both provide free assets with each bundle bought.
  • Both websites embed a business license on each product, so you can continue to sell to as many clients as you want.
  • Neither of the sites allows designers to sell or share design files on their own.
  • Both websites utilize sublimation printing to produce professional results on anything with a special polymer coating or 100% polyester. You can select from the sublimation designs and print professional items like tote bags or mags for your business. You can also print t-shirts for personal use.
  • Both have affiliate programs allowing designers to embed the affiliate links of their products to reach out to clients as they sell.
  • Their Paper Cut templates allow crafters and creative professionals to impress customers, loved ones, and design clients. You can create invites, paper flower decorations, and branded business cards.
  • On both sites, you can find professional and affordable Procreate Add Ons. You can download Procreate Brushes to make liquid acrylic, alcohol in brush strokes, or even dry oil quickly and easily without any mess.
  • Both sites offer video tutorials on YouTube, so you can follow them on their channel to learn how to do your first design.
  • Both don’t allow sharing of freebies. However, designers can tell their fellows the name of the freebies so that the latter can access the website and locate the resource.
  • Both use mockups as a perfect way for crafters to showcase their designs to clients in real-time without incurring additional production costs.
  • On both websites, you can use mockups to preview your artwork on mugs, stickers, accessories, and apparel. The mockups can help you create a professional product thumbnail suitable for your eCommerce outlet.


  • Creative Fabrica’s license to use the resources is temporary, while with Design Bundles, you can continue using the resources even after your membership expires. Design Bundles gives you a lifetime license.
  • With Creative Fabrica, once you subscribe, you can access all the resources on the website. Design Bundles limits you to resources you paid for during your Plus Membership registration.
  • Creative Fabrica requires designers to subscribe but are less compensated than designers on Design Bundles’ Plus Membership plan.
  • Creative Fabrica has a fansite where designers interact directly with their fans and earn an additional fee from their crafts and design sets. Design Bundles doesn’t have this feature.
  • Unlike the Design Bundles’ website, Creative Fabrica has an instant chat feature for customer support.
  • Design Bundles has more elaborate analytics than Creative Fabrica.

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Design Bundles is better than Creative Fabrica since once you register for their premium package, you own the resources forever.

You can continue selling long after your membership expires. Design Bundles has plenty of templates that you can personalize for your design needs.

Their heavily discounted bundles give more value to users. I also enjoyed browsing through and using their large collection of free fonts.

What’s more, Design Bundles has clear and elaborate analytics that show you how much you earned.

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