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iGPS Watch Review [Updated]

Children, usually between the age group of 3 -13yrs are in a life stage, where they are taught to do things independently or play & explore on their own, away from the watchful eyes of their parents and home.

This is generally done to prepare them for outside challenges early in life, which builds their overall confidence as an individual.

However, this doesn’t mean that we let them be completely by themselves without any supervision. A child should never feel that he/she is all alone, and if they sense any kind of danger or fear, they should always be in a position to call for help at once.

iGPS Watch helps the kids in such scenarios.

What Is iGPS Watch?

iGPS Watch is a safety gadget that helps the parents to keep a track of their children’s whereabouts. It uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) technologies to detect the location of the wearer in real time.

Just like a phone, the iGPS Watch uses a SIM card and has a two way calling system. There are numerous functions within the watch that can be used to send signals to the parents, in case the child faces any danger or moves out of the safety zone.

How Does iGPS Watch Work ?

The watch is tied around a child’s wrist when he/she is stepping away from his/her parents.

The parents can then monitor their child’s whereabouts either on their iGPS website account through a computer, or through a smartphone using an app called WeChat, which is available for free download.

The iGPS Watch has a Call button which can be set with eight contact numbers for its two way calling feature, along with an inbuilt mic & speaker for talking and listening to the caller.

It has an emergency call or SOS button too and if pressed, the watch will call all the programmed numbers immediately!

Safe zones can be set through it’s ‘Geo-Fencing’ feature, where the parents can set up to 6 safe perimeters for the child. The watch is also equipped with a ‘wearing sensor’ that alerts the parents immediately if the watch is removed or taken beyond these ‘safe areas’ It first sends a text alert, followed by an immediate call.

Parents can also choose between the ‘3 GPS tracking’ modes-

Power Saving mode 

They need to send a text command to the watch to access the location as and when needed

Normal mode

Retrieves the watch location every 10 minutes by default, but the time settings can be altered as desired

Real-time mode 

GPS signal is sent every 10 secs

Though the battery of the watch has 4 hours of Talktime with 120 hours of Standby, continuous real time monitoring will drain out the battery sooner.

A very special feature of the iGPS watch is that the parents can turn it into a listening device and eavesdrop by just sending a ‘silent’ text command. Very apt in case of strangers near the child.

Who Is iGPS Watch For?

iGPS Watch works for both – children and parents.

The calling and the SOS buttons give the children the much needed assurance that they can connect with their guardians whenever they want and would always be safe.

And at the same time, parents can ensure that they NEVER lose track of their little ones and present themselves immediately when they are needed the most. The gadget has many cautionary alerts to keep them informed about every out-of-the way activity.

What Makes iGPS Watch a Good Choice ?

iGPS watches are very good alternatives to cell phones and are easy to use. They are designed to be small and lightweight and come in vibrant colors which are suitable for little girls and boys.

The screen shows the digital clock, and it has a simple user interface for the kids to make regular or emergency calls, with just a press of a button. The watch can also receive calls and text messages (but cannot send a text message, due to its compact design).

Parents can relax and go about their work, knowing that the device will inform them immediately in case of any danger to their kids.

iGPS Watch Overall Assessment


  • Child stays connected to their parents all the times
  • Sends ample alerts for dangerous situations
  • Watch can be used as a listening device by the parent
  • Low power alert – notifies the parent before powering or turning off
  • Highly water resistant and Shockproof
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms


  • Short battery life
  • Expensive – $109.95 for each watch + $15.95 for monthly services

Best iGPS Watch Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to iGPS watch are The FiLIP 2, GizmoPal 2 or Tinitell
All of these trackers have more or less the same features as iGPS with minor variations in the way they function.

For example – FiLIP 2 has an intelligent emergency feature that requires the kid to hold the emergency call button for 4 secs to activate it. GizmoPal 2 has more entertainment features like fun sounds for the kids, while Tinitell can be used as a walkie talkie with another Tinitell watch.

The extra features may sound great, but it can dissolve the whole purpose of using it as a security device. However, it is up to you to research and figure what best suits your requirements and budget.

iGPS Watch – Final Verdict

In today’s world, emergency communications are the need of the hour, and with the advancement in the GPS technology, iGPS wristwatches come out as wonderful child safety gadgets for kids.

Simple and easy to use, along with the value added features, it is a must for every parent to keep a track and ensure the safety of their children, while they are out of their sight.