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Quizalize is a platform that allows teachers to create games, quizzes, and more to make learning fun for students. It also provides teachers with in-depth reports and data to help them identify their students’ weak areas.

In this Quizalize review, I will be going over the different features of Quizalize. After reading this review, you will have a pretty good idea of what Quizalize can be used for, the pros and cons of Quizalize, and whether it’s right for you.

Let’s get into it.


Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Quizalize is more than just a quiz platform. It’s a gamified learning solution that you can use for free to make your classes fun and exciting for students.

You can assign homework or host live, in-class games and quizzes. You can also print quizzes as PDFs and align your quizzes to a specific state-sponsored curriculum.

Using the power of ChatGPT, you can instantly generate questions, complete with hints and answers, on any topic. Alternatively, you can create your own questions manually, complete with audio, images, and more.

There are also thousands of ready-made quizzes, slide decks, and videos created by professional educators, which you can import for your class.


  • There is a free option that gives you access to most features, including the ChatGPT integration, games, homework, and more.
  • The premium plans are affordably priced.
  • The ready-made quizzes and ChatGPT integration makes creating classroom materials easy.


  • You can only host up to 50 students on live games on the free plan.
  • You must use caution when using the ChatGPT integration, since it can make mistakes.
  • The free plan only gives you access to two live team games.

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Quizalize Features

AI-Generated Quizzes

Quizalize has integrated ChatGPT to allow teachers to instantly create quiz banks, complete with questions, answers, and hints, on any topic.

The questions come with hints to make it easier for students who are new to the subject to guess the answer but without giving away the answer entirely.

Of course, teachers can (and should) edit the questions, hints, and answers before publishing them. That’s because ChatGPT is not perfect and does make mistakes from time to time.

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So, how do the hints work?

If you have enabled the Smart Questions mode, students will have access to hints during the quiz.

These hints won’t appear automatically. Instead, if a student gets the wrong answer, a small avatar depicting you (the teacher) will pop up on the screen, asking the student if they want a hint.

With the Smart Review mode, hints and explanations appear at the end of the quiz.

Using the AI quiz generator is fairly easy and intuitive. All you have to do is type a topic or keyword into the search bar, such as “history” or “physics,” and choose a grade level.

Then, the tool will automatically generate a question bank with answers. You can import a question to your quiz by clicking on the plus sign.

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Classic Quizzes

In addition to Ai-generated quizzes, you can also create quizzes manually with the Classic Quiz Editor.

While it takes more time, you have more options.

For example, you can decide how long students will have to answer a question, from as little as five seconds to as long as five minutes.

You can also choose from multiple types of answers, including, but not limited to:

  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Type an answer
  • Choose the correct order

Let’s go over some other useful features you can take advantage of when using the Classic Quiz Editor:

  • Have the questions read aloud by the computer
  • Ensure that the answers are shown in the specific order you set (for multiple-choice questions)
  • Add audio and images to the questions
  • Add images to the answers
  • Add explanations

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You also have the option to assign the quiz to a certain topic or curriculum, such as the Alabama Course of Study Standards or the California Public School Standards.

Once you have created a question, you can save it to your library. You can also click on “Student Preview” in the top-right corner to see how this question will appear to your students.

Importing Questions

In addition to creating questions manually in the Classic Quiz Editor, you can import them from Quizlet or a spreadsheet.

Simply click on the “Play Quizzes From” option on the right of the screen in the “My Library” tab. You can choose to import questions from a Google Form as well.

Right under that, you will see the options to upload a PDF and to import URLs or YouTube videos.

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Free Lesson Resources

You don’t have to create your own quizzes. There are thousands of quizzes, videos, and slide decks covering dozens of topics.

You can find these under the “Find Resources” tab in your teacher dashboard.

For example, there are over 15,000 resources, including quizzes and slide decks, from the Oak National Academy of the UK.

Quizalize itself has published many free resources, and so have many individual teachers and educators.

You can easily search for a question set by using the search bar. Alternatively, you can filter for question sets based on grade level, curriculum, and topic, as shown in the screenshot below.

Assigning Work

Once you have created a question set or chosen one from the ready-made question sets, you can assign it to your students.

There are a few options here. You can create an in-class activity, assign it as homework, turn it into an exam, or generate a PDF which you can print out.

Before assigning a set to students, you can try it out as a student to see how it will appear.

All of these options are shown in the screenshot below.

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When assigning homework or creating in-class activities, you have two options. You can either assign a classic quiz or turn the quiz into a game.

For in-class games, there are two options. You can choose a team game that you play on a big screen, with all the students playing together, or you can choose on-device games, which students play solo.

On-device games can also be assigned as homework. Students can start the game at any time and play them solo.

There are four on-device games and eight big-screen team games currently available. Some of them are shown below.

When assigning a game or activity for your class, you can choose from several options. For example, you can display a timer for questions or turn it off.

You can decide to provide hints during the quiz or only after the quiz has ended.

Depending on whether it’s an in-class or solo homework game, you can assign start and end times, limit the number of attempts, turn on exam mode to prevent cheating, and allow students to see their own results.

Quizalize Pricing

Quizalize has several pricing plans. Let’s review the three pricing tiers, how much they cost, and what they include.

Quizalize Free

Quizalize offers a forever free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes. It gives you access to all solo games but only two team games.

Another limitation of the free plan is that only 50 students can participate in the live games at a time. You can also only create one class in your teacher dashboard.

Furthermore, while you do get reports, they will be limited. Certain features, like Mastery and Gradebook, are not available.

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Quizalize Lite

Quizalize Lite costs $2.49 per teacher per month, or $29.88 per teacher per year.

It gives you access to all games, full reporting features, and up to four classes. If you instruct multiple classes, it’s worth upgrading.

However, it only gives you access to five activities.

Quizalize Premium

Finally, there is Quizalize Premium. It costs $4.99/month per teacher or $59.88/year. It gives you access to unlimited activities and features like Gradebook and Mastery.

In addition, one of the biggest reasons to upgrade to Quizalize Premium is that it allows you to host up to 200 students in live games. Also, you can host unlimited classes, not just four as with Quizalize Lite.

Remember, since pricing is subject to change, you can check the pricing page for updated pricing information.

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Quizalize is great for learning. At first glance, you would think you can only create quizzes, but there are many games you can use as well.

Although the free plan doesn’t give you access to all games, there are enough to keep your students interested and engaged.

The ChatGPT integration is useful, but I would exercise caution when using it. I found the questions it generated a bit basic, so it really depends on how in-depth you want your questions to be.

Also, make sure to review any questions and answers generated by ChatGPT, especially if the topic is math or spelling. ChatGPT is not very good at those subjects; it does better with topics such as history.

Finally, Quizalize is free! If you don’t have more than 50 students, you might never find the need to upgrade.

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