Viral Launch Coupon Code & Review

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. It has a market value of over 1.2 trillion dollars and it is among the top five largest companies in the USA.

As an Amazon entrepreneur, you need tools to help you stand out in the sea of over six million sellers. One of the most critical of these Amazon marketing tools would be your product research tool.

You want customers to find your products online.

Viral Launch is a popular Amazon FBA tool that aims to help your business become the next Amazon success story. With features like

  • Market and competitor intelligence
  • Keyword research
  • Listing builder and analyzer
  • Keyword Manager

You’re sure to get value for your money.

Here’s a review of the Viral Launch platform, features, benefits, and resources. We’ll also share insights on how you can harness this tool to build and grow your Amazon business.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an Amazon seller and product management software that helps entrepreneurs succeed with their Amazon physical-product business. This software currently ranks as one of the best Amazon marketing and sales tools among Amazon sellers.

It has solutions for Amazon entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketing experts. More so, it’s suitable for small, medium, and large businesses and can help drive Amazon sales of over $8 billion.

Viral Launch offers Amazon Marketplace sellers a comprehensive suite of tools for sales, analytics, research, and listing.

Over the years, the Viral Launch team has partnered with many brands in the Amazon ecosystem. Plus, they have performed over 44,000 product launches and tracked over 225 million products. They have contributed to the growth of over 10,000 brands globally.

Casey Gauss founded Viral Launch in 2014. His mission is to empower sellers with solutions to thrive in the Amazon Marketplace. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, United States.

Viral Launch has garnered impressive track records, knowledge, and experience. Moreso, they are well-positioned to help grow thriving Amazon businesses time and time again. Let’s show you how to get started with Viral Launch.

Getting Started With Viral Launch

Viral Launch is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Thus, the software license is on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. You don’t need to download or install the software to use the service. You can access it through any web or mobile browser.

Viral Launch doesn’t offer a durational trial. However, they offer a free trial on some of their tools when you set up your free Viral Launch account.

Depending on your product of interest, you may subscribe to their scalable payment plans.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features you will find on Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Software

The Viral Launch software enables you to discover reliable products, valuable keywords, and monitor top competitors. We will review other solutions you can access from this software.

1. Kinetic PPC

The feature allows you to automate your Amazon pay-per-click campaigns, examine product performance, and track changes. Plus you can get more out of your PPC efforts, build profits, and save time.

You can manage your results by creating customized automation rules. And, you can set recurring actions you want the tool to perform.

You can tweak existing templates, or create your template. You may choose to manually approve each rule’s action or allow the rules to run automatically.

With this feature, you can analyze your campaigns to see how individual products perform across keywords and search terms. You can maximize profit by accessing essential data. Furthermore, you will see data on the impact of your ad spend on your business.

This tool will replace non-performing keywords with high converting keywords to help you achieve results faster and better.

In addition, you can add top keywords to your campaigns using an integrated research tool. Tracking ad effectiveness and keyword movement will help you boost sales and profits. This solution is a useful strategy implementation tool.

Viral Launch offers a free one-on-one setup call and first five automation with a trained expert.

2. Product Discovery

The Amazon product sourcing tool allows you to find the best products to sell on Amazon. Viral Launch has a robust database of successful Amazon products, brands, categories, markets, and sales data.

Moreover, with this tool’s filters, you can create a custom list of products and markets that match your business goals.

When you filter for specific results, You can research products faster. By inputting specific filters, you can view a list of products, brands, keywords, and categories that can help you edge competition.

This tool provides accurate sales estimates drawn from historical and real-time data from Amazon. It also offers faster research, smart sourcing, data-based accuracy, and customized results.

3. Market Intelligence

This feature provides market intelligence to help you make informed decisions on the right Amazon products to source.

You can rely on product trends and accurate sales data drawn from historical and real-time figures on Amazon to make informed decisions.

This tool helps you validate your product ideas and encourages customers to give a 5-star rating using a set of complex and custom algorithms. These complex algorithms are derived based on industry knowledge and experience.

It also provides real-time and historical sales, price, and product data. So it’ll help you understand market dynamics.

Leveraging this tool’s information on market trends helps you take advantage of its rewarding opportunities. Plus with the integrated Amazon sales estimates, you can also calculate upfront costs, investments, and potential profits.

Furthermore, you can access this tool through the Google Chrome extension or Viral Launchpad

4. Keyword Research

The keyword research feature will help you to improve your Amazon SEO. With this tool, you can find relevant keywords, optimize your Amazon holes, and create great Amazon SEO Listings.

With the reverse market lookup tool, you’ll find a comprehensive list of customer search terms and keywords linked to your product. Also, you’ll find updated search volume data from real Amazon data. This feature evaluates keyword potential and impact.

Sponsored ad bids and opportunity scores help you identify relevant and low-competition keywords. Besides, you’d see keywords that are gaining or losing popularity.

Integrating the keyword research tools with other Viral launch tools will provide more insights. You can filter for relevant keywords and search terms. Furthermore, you will find search volume for your products and markets of interest.

With this tool, You can access data on opportunity score to view keywords and markets with high search volumes and low ranked listings.

This tool allows you to leverage on low competition keywords to improve the listing rank and increase revenue. You can optimize your sponsored ads to see bid costs while using the keyword research tool. It also allows you to evaluate competition level for all the keywords on your list, select and copy terms to your clipboard, or download as CSV.

The free listing builder allows you to create incredible Amazon SEO listings.

5. Competitor Intelligence

This feature allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition. Using the advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool, you can gather valuable insight into your competitor performance.

With a simple product ASIN lookup, you can access a comprehensive list of their high performing and underused keywords. You can also evaluate and monitor


Search volumes

  • Sales
  • Prices
  • Reviews
  • Keyword rank
  • Sponsored ad ranks
  • Notifications

And more.

With this tool, you can find and use keywords your competitors are using to boost sales. For instance, you input an ASIN and filter for keywords with top ranking and up to 2,000 searches per month.

Besides, you can find and implement relevant keywords your competitors are not using to boost your sales. You can set your notification to alert you when your competitors adjust sales, prices, keywords, ad placements, reviews, and rankings.

This tool is vital for product and keyword research, list optimization, opportunity identification, and evaluation.

With this tool, you can frequently track top-selling products and monitor market changes. Also, you can find high performing keywords and use them to optimize your list. You can set notifications to help you quickly adjust your keyword, price, sales, and advertising strategy.

6. Keyword Manager

This feature allows you to track vital keyword analytics. You can access information and advanced insights on keyword performance and ranking.

The complete analytics dashboard provides data on index checks, ad rank tracking. It also includes information on organic ad tracking, search volume trends, rank change, and badge notifications, keyword scores, and ad bids.

This intuitive tool helps you organize your keyword bank to suit your needs. You can also add, edit, remove keywords to ensure you don’t miss out on relevant keyword searches. With this tool, you can track up to 2000 keywords, integrate with other tools, and structure your analytics.

7. Listing Analyzer

This feature will enable you to continuously learn advanced and innovative improvements you can make on your listing.

The Listing Analyzer frequently performs an automated SWOT analysis on your Amazons listings. It also reveals how your product ranks when compared to top competitors in your market or industry. It offers comparative analysis on price, revenue, sales, and reviews with the average top sellers.

Additionally, you will find practical suggestions to edge against the competition. With this information, you can take actionable steps you optimize your listings, increase visibility, and sales.

The automated keyword discovery tool helps you find essential keywords. It also uncovers profitable opportunities that can boost revenue.

The proprietary technology feeds from Amazon source-data. It evaluates more than 100,000 keywords to determine the most relevant keywords without human intervention. It also has features such as master reverse ASIN lookup and latent semantic indexing (LSI)

This tool also evaluates your content and compares it to your top competitors. You’ll receive a comprehensive list of strategies you can implement to start improving sales and conversions.

Other features include

  • Analysis of Photo Set
  • Measurement of search volume
  • Insights on character count
  • Optimization score

8. Listing Builder

The listing builder simplifies the listing creation process and allows you to create compelling Amazon SEO listings

This feature capitalizes on keyword ranking in Amazon search results. The List builder tool keeps records of your used and unused words. It has an inbuilt optimization score and displays helpful keyword metrics, including opportunity scores and search volume.

This tool has a collaborative keyword bank and allows integration with other tools.

9. Split Testing

This list testing feature allows you to test various components of your listings to improve listings for sales, profits, and sessions.

Viral Launch provides this feature through Listing Dojo, another of its companies.

This tool will enable you to determine the images, titles, product descriptions, price points, and elements that help you make the most sales and profits. You can test up to seven variations of your listings. And you will also receive a detailed report of the impact of each tested variation on clicks, conversions, units ordered, gross revenue, gross and net revenues.

Listing Dojo offers an automated list testing and mobile-friendly platform. The software is intuitive and easy to use. You can build your split test in a few minutes and allow your ads to run in the background without extra efforts.

This software helps you create compelling listings that achieve

  • The optimum number of clicks
  • Sessions
  • Conversions
  • Revenue

The beautifully displayed statistics and graphs help you identify the most viable options for each listing element.

You can create up to 150 active campaigns and access complete

  • Graphs and statistics,
  • Statistical insights
  • Customer service support

All for free.

Viral Launch Product Launch Service

Viral Launch provides a dedicated product launch service.

The product launch platform allows you to optimize your sales performance and drive traffic to your Amazon product listings. This service increases your brand awareness and exposure and shows your products to a large buyer-group of more than 350,000 Amazon shoppers.

Moreso, you can use schedule launches, offer coupon codes, discounted and promotional giveaways to get the sales you need. Additionally, you can set product launch parameters such as the number of coupons giveaways, the promotion duration, and the campaign URL.

This tool provides real-time analytics and campaign statistics on your launch status. It also shows you the number of product giveaways and campaign progress.

With a simple launch guide and technical support, you can implement your product launch in a few minutes.

Viral Launch PPC Management

This feature uses Kinetic, a specialized sales and ranking engine tool to automate your Amazon PPC campaign.

Kinetic Managed Services

This service helps you launch and manage your Amazon products. Additionally, the Viral Launch team will provide a custom-built Amazon SEO and PPC campaign design and strategy

The Kinetic Managed service also includes forecasting, Price point testing, and split testing and photography services. This feature will increase keyword ranking for your product and enable accurate PPC campaigns. Furthermore, you will increase your revenue and profit and maximize your return on investment.

You will receive updates and reports of your SEO and PPC campaigns, sales, and profits.

Viral Launch Pros & Cons


  • Software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Viral Launch offers Multiple tools designed for sellers with different experience levels.
  • Scalable pricing options
  • Access to multiple Amazon marketplaces
  • You can pick the features you need and use the tools individually.
  • Product research results are displayed in a simple format
  • Accurate real-time PPC analytics to help you make data-driven decisions
  • Excellent customer care and service support.
  • Extensive resource and knowledge base for users


Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch has a scalable pricing plan for the software, launches, listings, photos, and managed service.


1. Essentials plan for Amazon sellers launching their first product starts at $58 per month when billed annually, or $69 per month for monthly subscription. Users will access the product discovery tool, keyword search volume, web browser extension, Amazon product filtering, helpful guides, and global data.

2. Pro plan for growing brands starts at $83 per month for annual billing, or $99 per month for monthly subscription. Users can access

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword manager (tracks 2000 keywords daily)
  • Product finder
  • SEO List Builder and Listing Analyzer (50 products)
  • Market intelligence and competitor intelligence

3. The Pro Plus Ads plan starts at $166 per month for annual subscription or $199 per month for monthly subscription. This tool allows access to

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword manager (tracks 5000 keywords daily)
  • SEO List Builder and Listing Analyzer (100 products)
  • Product Discovery
  • Market intelligence and competitor intelligence tool
  • Comprehensive advertising analytics
  • Campaign automation
  • Real-time campaign monitoring


The US uber Launch plan costs $200, UK, German, and Canadian Uber launch costs $100. Furthermore, the Spanish, French, and Italian Uber launch cost $50. All prices are one-time fees.

Users will have access to one product and promotion, and all premium features.

On the other hand, the product launch plan for Amazon markets in Japan, India, and Mexico will be released very soon.

Viral Launch Support

The customer service at Viral Launch is top-notch.

Their customer support team helps you resolve customer, technical, and product-related issues. More so, they provide 24-hour coaching and guidance.

Viral Launch Resources

Viral Launch packs a ton of knowledgebase and resources to help entrepreneurs harness the benefits of selling on Amazon.

You will find resources, including:

  • Follow the Data, a podcast for eCommerce sellers. This podcast hosted by Casey Gauss, Amazon expert, and CEO of Viral Launch.
  • How to Launch products, a tutorial on Viral Launch Youtube channel
  • How to discover great products. This e-book covers how to find great products using three simple steps.
  • Product discovery use scenarios. This e-book provides products, keyword, brands, and category use cases.
  • The free Amazon FBA calculator. You can calculate your Amazon, estimates, revenue, and profits by inputting a product URL or ASIN.

The Viral Launch blog has incredible articles from seasoned Amazon FBA experts. You can gain valuable insight into the Amazon marketplace dynamics.

Viral Launch Ratings

1. Ease of Use

Getting started with Viral Launch is easy since users can sign up using their Facebook, Amazon, or Google accounts.

In addition, users can use the platform – with any of the plans – for free for 14 days although they must enter their payment details. Nevertheless, 14 days is double what most alternatives offer – 7 days.

When logged in, users simply need to add products, create a launch, and then monitor the analytics. Furthermore, the tool comes with a Chrome extension that makes usage more simpler.

Therefore, I rate Viral Launch 4.4 stars out of 5 for ease of use.

2. Features

Viral Launch is sold as a platform to help Amazon sellers make more profit and it sure has the features for that. Users get access to an Amazon product research tool, competitor tracking tool, keyword research tool, keyword tracking tool, and an advertising and PPC tool to name among others.

Each of these tools contribute their part in making Viral Launch one of the best Amazon Seller Suite. The feature most customers love is the search tools including the keyword and product research tools. Many confirm that finding brand products and the best keywords with Viral Launch is effortless.

In terms of features, I rate Viral Launch 4.7 stars out of 5.

3. Pricing

Pricing is where some customers have a problem with Viral Launch. For reference, Viral Launch has monthly and annual payment plans. The cheapest monthly plan, the Essentials, costs $69 per month. The same plan costs $58 per month when you pay annually.

Notably, some customers who signed up for the free trial complained of auto-renewal without their notice. Seemingly, Viral Launch won’t refund you if you forget to cancel your free trial after 14 days.

Nevertheless, if you won’t be using the tool, cancel your free trial on time and you should have no issues.

For pricing, I rate Viral Launch 3.7 stars out of 5.

4. Customer Support

Viral Launch offers a Live Chat which is only available during working hours. When the Live Chat is unavailable, users can drop a message for the support team and should get a reply when they’re back online. Aside from that, users can use the Help Center or Blog for self-support.

The Viral Launch website has an abundance of resources including E-books, free courses, how-to guides, and free tools. While Viral Launch is rich in resources, the direct support isn’t that effective. Hence, I rate the platform 4.1 stars out of 5 for customer support.

Final Words – Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch is an incredible tool. The software will help you find and sell products with high-profit potential. More so, the analytics provides valuable insights to help you make data-driven decisions.

The software’s creative features help you create campaigns that will get your business in front of shoppers. With this tool, you can create product listings that will drive traffic and increase sales.

So with these features, you can now build, grow, and sustain your Amazon business. We recommend that you give it a try.

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