Unicorn Smasher Review

When starting out as a seller on Amazon, one of the first things you need to keep in mind and do is find your specific niche.

Your business will do well if you sell something you’re interested in, but also something that you can source and sell.

Niche product research can be an uphill task if you don’t have the right tools at hand to help you get everything, including data, in one platform to help you make some of the major decisions for your online business.

Among the many and most popular tools to do this is Unicorn Smasher. This Chrome browser extension includes a whole host of features.

Plus, it is simple to use and freely available, so you can easily get all the information you need while browsing on Amazon.

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Some of the data you can dig up using Unicorn Smasher include sales and revenue estimates for any product.

You also get to have number of reviews in a niche, canonical product URLs, variations on each product, and so much more as you’ll later see in this review.

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Unicorn Smasher Overview & Benefits

Unicorn Smasher, a tool built by AMZtracker, is the perfect product to start dominating on Amazon as it takes out all the guesswork because Amazon research can be daunting.

If you remember how you spent days creating a giant spreadsheet to fit in all your data, then you’re going to love Unicorn Smasher, because it gives you all your data in one click, right in your browser.

The dashboard keeps all of your research in one organized place where you can store your favorites, get a deep dive on variants, export to a CSV file and get valuable feedback.

Once you download Unicorn Smasher, a little icon comes up on your browser, which you can use while on Amazon. Just click on the icon, then type in your search term on Amazon.

Once you find the product you want, then go over to any dropshipping site, for example Alibaba.com, and check out the product you’d like to sell on your own site.

Unicorn Smasher naturally seems to dominate Amazon because it’s free, so sellers and buyers are able to conduct their product research without any hassles.

The extension has some great features built into it that ease the users’ search and ability to select the exact product that will raise their online store’s profile and profits, ultimately.

Among the main benefits you can derive from Unicorn Smasher include:

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1. Taking the guesswork out of product selection

Unicorn Smasher makes all the difference in your business as the data-driven sales estimates show you what is selling fast on Amazon, plus the detailed information ensures you are setting yourself up for success.

2. Saves you weeks of tedious research

Compared to using a spreadsheet to locate data, the Unicorn Smasher tool just takes a few seconds to bring up the metrics you need right in your browser.

This way, you save time that would have been wasted creating spreadsheets that end up going nowhere, plus you can navigate from one niche to another until you find the right opportunity for your business.

3. Allows you to manage your research without overwhelming you

If you are getting overwhelmed with all of the data you already have on products and you’ve yet to start analyzing each of them, you’re better off allowing Unicorn Smasher to do it all for you.

This tool lets you manage your research in a clean, comprehensive, simple and easy to use format so you can save time, effort, and move to the next step in your business.

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4. Gives you an inside edge on other sellers

For AMZtracker subscribers, it is easier to gain an inside edge on business opportunities compared to other sellers.

Once you enter your potential competitors’ listings in the On-Page Analyzer, it quickly shows you whether they’re optimized and you can find data on their exact daily sales through the Sales Tracker.

This could help you find a high-selling niche with unoptimized listings, thus you can take that opportunity and go up the ranks in your own category.

Unicorn Smasher Features

Unicorn Smasher actually delivers on what it says it will do for its users. Some of the tools within the extension that make the product research work easier include:

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  • Real-time seller and/or buyer request processing
  • Overview on pricing, bestselling ranks and reviews
  • Sales and revenue projections and estimations based on data from thousands of products on Amazon
  • A smart and organized dashboard that organizes your activities over the huge voluminous data
  • A restrained sharing feature so that your data is easily shareable without revealing the privacy of your products

However, the chrome browser extension tool only presents and visualizes the financial and capital information, unlike its rival, Jungle Scout, which analyzes and offers recommendations to the user.

Additionally, Unicorn Smasher needs an AMZtracker integration in order to get an inside edge on finding profitable and beneficial opportunities.

Specifically, Unicorn Smasher offers the following features:

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  • Comprehensive data with an inside look on prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales and much more on any product found on Amazon
  • Full dashboard so you can manage all your research in one place with all the information on money-making products
  • Accurate sales estimates based on real figures from thousands of live products, with projections on profitability of any niche with confidence
  • Canonical URLs so you can check how optimized a product’s canonical URL is
  • Variation statistics that give accurate metrics for each of a product’s child variations
  • Export tool so you can download your research data in CSV format
  • In browser analysis to view sales and PPC (pay per click) metrics in your browser as you search Amazon
  • Revenue estimates so you can accurately discover the money made in any niche
  • AMZtracker integration to help you find market gaps with the Sales Tracker and On-Page Analyzer
  • Fulfillment details so you can know who you’re up against – FBA, FBM or AMZ
  • Multiple seller counter which gives each product seller an account
  • Favorite items to help you save your favorite product searches for quick access.
  • Discreet sharing tool so you can share your Amazon product research without disclosing the niche or the item.
  • Revenue estimates allow you to get accurate information about the money being made in a specific niche.
  • Quick links which gives you quick access to the Amazon product’s listing from the user dashboard.
  • Chrome extension which allows you to run your Amazon product research activities from your Chromium-based web browser.
  • A full help center and customer support

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Unicorn Smasher Customer Service & Resources

Unicorn Smasher offers a live chat option on their website which is accessible during business hours. To contact their customer care, you can send them an email or reach them via their social media handles.

Additionally, Unicorn Smasher has a knowledge base with a few FAQs articles to help users with their issues.

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Unicorn Smasher facilitates product research for regional Amazon sites in France, Canada, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Nevertheless, they have three pricing plans that are flexible according to the needs and budgets of the user, including:

  • Basic – $49.99

1 main account

  • Professional – $99.00

1 main account + 2 sub accounts

  • Suite – $159.00

1 main account + 4 sub accounts

Note: All their pricing options are for a lifetime usage

Unicorn Smasher Pros And Cons

Unicorn Smasher Pros

  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It incorporates a wide range of Amazon product research features
  • Accurate sales forecast, reviews, and estimated sales for any Amazon product
  • Revenue and sales estimates are derived from data obtained via active Amazon listings
  • A comprehensive user dashboard that helps you to manage your Amazon research activity
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Accessible customer support team

Unicorn Smasher Cons

  • Unlike other Amazon research tools like Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher has limited features
  • Their revenue and sales estimations are inaccurate sometimes
  • You can only access their customer service via social media and email. Also, their customer service is slow while LiveChat is unavailable during weekends.
  • Their knowledge base has limited articles.
  • This tool does not provide actionable insights to make good decisions
  • They support only the France, Canada, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, and Germany Amazon markets
  • No free trial

Unicorn Smasher Ratings

Now, for this Unicorn Smasher review, let us rate it according to the following criteria:


All the Unicorn Smasher features combine to provide you with a dependable tool for Amazon product research.

Not to mention, Unicorn Smasher also comes with a Chrome extension that allows you to utilize its features from your Chromium-based web browser.

So, for features, I give Unicorn Smasher a 4/5.

Ease of use

Unicorn Smasher is not hard to use. In fact, it is ideal for newbies that want to sell products on Amazon.

Although it does not have advanced features like other tools such as Viral Launch, Unicorn Smasher is relatively easy to use. My score here would be 4/5.


Unicorn Smasher operates a lifetime license pricing scheme. Also, it has a starting price of $49 which makes it an affordable Amazon tool.

In terms of pricing, I will give Unicorn Smasher a rating of 5/5.

Customer Service

Unicorn Smasher operates a limited support system. You cannot access their live chat during weekends or outside business hours. Also, they have a limited knowledge base with few articles.

For customer service, I give it a smashing of 1/5.

2 Best Unicorn Smasher Alternatives

1. Jungle Scout

Unlike Unicorn Smasher, Jungle Scout is an advanced Amazon research tool. It allows you to navigate through Amazon products in a very user-friendly manner.

Its database provides you with all the information you need in real-time. It also monitors your competition on a daily basis and provides detailed insights on sales trends, transactions, and traceable fluctuations.

The best part? Jungle Scout has several customer resources and tools that can help you to ignite your Amazon selling business. Conversely, it has pricing plans starting from $29 per month.

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2. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another noteworthy Unicorn Smasher alternative.

Although Unicorn Smasher is quite affordable, it lacks the features you need for scaling your business. Conversely, Viral Launch has flexible pricing plans starting from $58 per month.

Besides, Unicorn Smasher only offers a basic product research tool. However, Viral Launch is designed for both new and experienced sellers due to its superior features.

With Viral Launch, you can quickly find and optimize high-performing products, improve your product listing, and upgrade your Amazon SEO.

You’ll also get access to a live chat support center that’s available to help you with any queries or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Unicorn Smasher Safe?

There is no clear answer as to whether or not Unicorn Smasher is a safe Amazon product research tool. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to use Unicorn Smasher, and to use it responsibly.

Is Unicorn Smasher Free?

Unicorn Smasher is not free. It has three pricing plans: Basic, Professional, and Suite. The Basic plan is $49.99, the Professional plan is $99, and the Suite plan is $159. Notably, their pricing plans is for lifetime usage.

Is Unicorn Smasher Accurate?

No, Unicorn Smasher is not an accurate Amazon product research tool like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. For instance, on Chrome Webstore, it had a positive review, there were also some concerns about its accuracy and potential for misuse.

Is Unicorn Smasher Legit?

Yes, Unicorn Smasher is a legitimate Amazon selling tool. It is a useful tool for those looking to do market research on Amazon products.


Overall, Unicorn Smasher works the same way as its rival, Jungle Scout, the only difference being that the latter has even more features that are advanced and deliver effective and efficient output.

Unicorn Smasher’s competitive advantage, though, is that it is free to both download and install, plus it lets users navigate quickly between product niches to get insights on price, ranking, reviews and ratings, among other features.

It is a great tool for those starting out in Amazon selling and need a simple and free tool to elevate their business.

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