AMZ One vs AMZ Tracker – Which Is Better?

An Amazon seller account offers only the basic tools you may need to manage both your products and offers. But in order to grow, you’ll need other stronger and better solutions.

This is where third-party tools for Amazon sellers come in handy.

These tools help to improve each aspect of selling on Amazon, from scouting for products that are profitable, to managing your inventory, and so much more.

AMZ One and AMZ Tracker are among the best tools you can use to become a successful Amazon seller.

Both are designed to help you drive higher sales and/or profits on Amazon, while improving overall efficiency.

But which one is better? Is it AMZ One or AMZ Tracker? Let’s find out.

What Is AMZ One?

AMZ One offers a way of not just tracking, but also marketing the items being sold in an efficient, yet easy way.

With it, sellers can track keyword rankings, see up to 30,000 products per category, launch their own products, view competitors’ sales, get notifications on negative reviews, analyze page quality based on SEO, and a lot more.

Getting Started

From the tool’s home page, simply click on Get Started For Free to get started. To sign up, you need to choose a plan although you can use the platform free for 14 days on trial before paying.

Nevertheless, you can register completely free but you’ll be limited to just 1 keyword, 1 sales tracking, 1 negative review tracking and 1 product.

To create an account with AMZ One, you only need to enter your email address and create a password. You can also enter a coupon code to get a discount on your subscription. Click on register and you’ll be redirected to your account dashboard.

AMZ One Features

Keyword Rank Tracking

This is a user-friendly tool that displays daily product rankings based on chosen keywords.

It is an all-encompassing SEO tool for both Kindle and Amazon sellers, and lets you know the keywords that generate the most traffic for your products, plus where you rank for each keyword.

Best Seller Ranking and Arbitrage

This is a great profit finding tool that allows sellers to bypass the competition, and look beyond the top 100 per category.

With it, you can find potential products not found anywhere else. Filter search results by rank, reviews, sales price, and more filters.

Similarly, the AMZ One system searches through hundreds of stores to find the best price for you, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Sales Tracking

AMZ One’s sales tracking tool allows you to track actual sales volume for any product on the Amazon platform.

Whether you are spying on the competition, or sourcing a new product, its accurate tool for inventory tracking offers available inventory, total revenue, and daily sales, plus much more information.

You can also see the kind of products you need to invest in, which competitors are doing it right, and who to emulate.

On Page Analyzer

Amazon is perhaps the largest go-to search engine for products by millions of buyers, compared to Google.

This means you need to optimize Amazon listings the same way you would for Google for your site search algorithms.

With the AMZ One tool, you get concrete tips to better move your stock, plus pointers on what you may have missed – like lack of features, incomplete product descriptions and/or images, and much more.

Negative Review Notifications

Before making a purchase, 70 percent of consumers check out reviews on various products.

With this in mind, AMZ One delivers notifications to you instantly when a negative review comes in so you can contact the buyer, handle the complaint, and have it removed.

Super URL SEO Tool

This helps improve your keyword rankings. Your listing gets a boost when someone types your keywords first in Amazon’s search bar, then scrolls through the search results, clicks on your product, and buys it.

Super URL mimics this process so that it appears to Amazon as if the buyer searched for that particular keyword.

It also lets you generate the keywords on-demand, with one click.

Email Notifications

With AMZ One, you can generate periodic email reports if you don’t want to keep visiting the site, or you just want to share information with clients.

The information gets to you and your clients professionally, with no effort through email notifications.

Keyword Research

If you want to do keyword research manually, or need auto-suggestions on your product, this tool makes it easy and fast.

AMZ One Customer Support

AMZ One users have access to 24/7 support. As a user, you can contact the customer support team by submitting a contact form via the Contact Us page. Simply enter your email address, message, and hit send. You’ll get a reply via email.

Aside from using the contact form, you can also send a direct email to Another way of reaching the customer team is via AMZ One official social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The link to these pages is on the contact page.

You can find help articles and answers to frequently asked questions via the AMZ One help center. There are over 70 articles in the help center.

AMZ One Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time tracking data
  • Helps improve product rankings
  • Supported on all Amazon sites


  • May be hard to understand for some sellers
  • Pricing may seem expensive
  • Some tools like Best Sellers Ranking are only available in specific marketplaces

AMZ One Pricing

  • Free version: $0, 7-day trial
  • Monthly: Basic: $20, Standard: $40, Advanced: $90, Professional: $180
  • Yearly: Basic: $15, Standard: $30, Advanced: $67, Professional: $135

What Is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is a suite of tools for Amazon that helps you grow rankings and keep them, by giving you crucial insight into keyword rankings to optimize your listings, and increase your sales.

It also offers information on the daily sales and the total revenue of your competitors.

AMZ Tracker follows a three-prong, 360-degree seller strategy that includes:

Offensive strategy, which thrives with Amazon’s A10 algorithm so you can reach first page rankings quickly via conversion rate optimization, promotions, and competitor analysis.

Defensive strategy, which handles negative reviews and malicious competitors so you can protect your rankings.

Recon strategy, via AMZ Tracker’s Intel Suite so you can get accurate data and read markets plus your competitors to have an edge.

Getting Started

AMZ Tracker is a premium platform so, from the onset, you have to select a pricing plan you intend to subscribe for. Nevertheless, you can sign up and use the platform free for 7 days before paying for a subscription.

Once you select a free trial, you have to enter your email and click verify. AMZ Tracker will send a verification code to your email. Simply copy and paste the verification code in the provided box and continue with signing up.

To finish up, you need to create a password and enter your phone number; the latter is optional. Once you click sign-up, you’ll be directed to your dashboard.

AMZ Tracker Features

Keyword Tracker

This tool allows you to know where your products rank for their keywords at a glance, while tracking competitor products so you can see any changes they make that work.

Keyword Research Tool

This tool lets you find phrases and words that customers are searching for, then find keywords your competitors may have missed out on.

Mine Longtails with Deepwords

Members of AMZ Tracker get access to the ultimate longtail keyword search engine for Amazon sellers – Deepwords. It helps sellers find super high converting keywords missed by most keyword tools.

Competitor Analysis

Unlike other Amazon product research tools, this tool helps find flaws in your competitors’ listings, while tracking their best seller rankings and sales, plus the changes they make and their effects on rankings.


Use Vipon to promote and launch products to millions of Amazon monthly shoppers, with several different ways available to increase your rankings at once, or drip-feed sales to your listings over time.

Increase Conversion Rates

Identify what brings down your conversion rate, and fix it.

Super URLs

Increase your rankings by bringing traffic off Amazon to your listings.

Negative Review Alerts

Get any alerts when customers leave reviews less than five stars, and respond immediately.

Hijack Alerts

Get alerts when sellers try hijacking your listing, and reclaim it before they get critical product and market data.

Account Performance

AMZ Tracker gives a bonus report on defensive strategies, so you can handle negative reviews, handle malicious competitors, and protect your rankings.

AMZ Tracker Customer Support

The primary means of contacting support as an AMZ Tracker user is via the contact form. Once you click on the Contact Us button, you get a contact form pop-up. Enter your name, email, select a subject, and type your message then submit.

AMZ Tracker features a LiveChat button but, customer service staff are not always on standby to answer at all times.

The other support options you have is the Help Desk and FAQ page. The Help Desk contains information about using the tool such as tracking rankings, tracking competitor sales, Vipon promotion, listing optimization, listing hijack alerts, and more.

AMZ Tracker Pros & Cons


  • Real-time tracking of data on your products and services and those of your competitors
  • Deep knowledge of pricing, product reviews/ratings/rankings, and more
  • Saves time
  • Helps you find areas of improvisation and profit areas
  • Compatible with all Amazon sites
  • Web-based
  • Helps increase conversion rates
  • Increases search rankings


  • Pricing may be high
  • Complicated dashboard
  • Not as user friendly

AMZ Tracker Pricing

  • Monthly: Basic $50, Professional $100, God Mode $200, Legend $400
  • Annually: Basic $41.70 per month, Professional $83.30 per month, God Mode $166.70 per month, Legend $333.30 per month

Note: Unlike some Amazon tools for FBA, Amazon offers a 7 day free trial for all its premium plans.

Similarities And Differences


  • Both AMZ Tracker and AMZ One are mainly premium tools
  • Both tools offer free trials
  • With either AMZ Tracker or AMZ One, you get support for Amazon product research
  • Both AMZ One and AMZ Tracker features hijacker alert


  • AMZ Tracker offers a 7-day trial while AMZ One offers a 14-day trial
  • AMZ One offers a free account but AMZ Tracker doesn’t
  • AMZ One has more affordable pricing than AMZ Tracker

Final Word – AMZ One vs AMZ Tracker

While AMZ One has some outstanding features, much of what it has to offer is included in AMZ Tracker. The latter, despite being more expensive, offers more powerful features.

If you need a simple tool for Amazon product tracking and marketing your products, AMZ One is your best bet. If you need a standalone rank tracking tool, AMZ Tracker works well, though it may be a bit of overkill.

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