15 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Are you an Amazon seller?

As you know, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. From setting up, to managing where your shipped stuff will live on Amazon, there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.

While there’s almost certainly a lot on your plate, make sure you spend enough time on product research.


First and foremost, although millions of new sellers join the platform every day, it turns out that the buying patterns are not evenly distributed amongst all products.

Sure, Amazon ships around 1.6 million packages every day to its customers, but a higher fraction of the profit went to a relatively small percentage of sellers.

Let’s face it, even though the Amazon market is bound to grow in the coming years, the most profits will still go to only a small fraction of sellers.

Undoubtedly, researching products before you list them on Amazon will determine your market success over the long haul.

By doing so, up front, you will not only find the most ideal items to list on Amazon, but you will also have a clearer idea of the market and customers’ behavior, which will help you shape your business to maximize profit.

There are a couple of product research tools that you can use to get effective results, irrespective of your Amazon niche. One of the most popular ones is Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is a product research tool that combs through a number of aspects to determine the market potential of products.

It comes in web app and Google Chrome extension formats, both of which work based on similar concepts to deliver different results.

Jungle Scout is great and all, but are there other product research tools that are just as good?

The answer is yes.

In fact, in this article, we will be exploring 15 Jungle Scout alternatives that you can adapt to your business.

Here it goes:

Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

1. Amzscout

If you are looking for a product research tool that looks and feels like Jungle Scout, then Amzscout will be a good place to start.

How so?

For starters, just like Jungle Scout, Amzscout has a web app version and a Chrome extension.

As a bonus, it has four free valuable tools, which include a Sales Estimator, Amazon to eBay Price Comparator, Amazon Inventory Spy, and FBA Fee Calculator.

Amzscout is also available in the nine countries where you will find Jungle Scout – the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada.

The Chrome extension makes it easier for you to navigate through data obtained from the product, just as you browse through your Amazon page.

However, if you want to see a more detailed report and metrics about the products you are researching, then the web app will be your preferred choice.

And it’s not only product search that Amzscout covers. The tool also caters for tracking, sales, and profit estimation.

As you search with the tool, you will be able to filter your query to show results using period-based variables.

Some of its other features include:

  • Instant rating on other products
  • Historical data of products
  • Listing quality score based on the number of reviews, the number of product images, product description, brand, name length, etc.
  • Keyword research tool
  • Details on FBA
  • Google trend analysis

Amzscout is a pretty amazing tool, except for the part where the Chrome version is not as fast as Jungle Scout. In addition, it’s also heavy, which takes its toll on the RAM of your computer.


If you are getting started with the Amzscout Seller Package plan, you can pay $49.99 each month, $349.99 annually, or $1,499 for lifetime access.

AMZScout - #1 Product Research Tool For Amazon Sellers

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2. Scope

Is there any free product research software that can put you on the right path to Amazon success?

If you are just starting out as a seller on Amazon, you may need to address this question sooner rather than later, especially if you are running on a tight budget.

By now, we have already established that focusing on the right products will put you on the right path to Amazon success.

Conversely, using the wrong product research tool can put you behind the eight ball and have you needing a do-over in the future.

And free tools are ‘substandard’ tools, right?


The truth is, there are quite a lot of free tools that can perform just as good as premium ones, and Scope is a good example of such.

Think of Scope as Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension, but free!

However, there’s only so much that the extension can do, so If you want more functionalities, you will have to switch to the web app.

Some of the things it can do include:

  • Product rank tracking
  • Monitor historical fluctuations in reviews, sales, and price
  • Rank sales
  • Estimate revenues and calculate profit
  • Keywords research

Sadly, the list of Scope’s web app capability is not nearly as long as that of Jungle Scout, but for the price, I’d say it’s a good bargain.

Scope works like a free version of Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension, which means that it is just as fast and efficient, but there’s one problem:

You cannot use it in any of the secondary Amazon marketplaces.

What that means is that, if you plan on using Scope on any marketplace other than Amazon’s U.S. Site, amazon.com, it’s a no go.


Unlike its Chrome extension, Scope’s web app isn’t free.

Notably, Scope operates a flexible pricing scheme which depends on your annual Amazon sales.

For up to $50,000 annual sales on Amazon, you will be spending only $49 per month for the monthly subscription and $39 per month for the annual plan, to get a taste of the ‘Jungle Scout’ experience.

3. Amachete

Jungle Scout is an awesome research tool, but it doesn’t cover every single thing you need.

In fact, there’s a small list of things that Jungle Scout cannot do for you as a seller:

  • Work in Amazon’s Japan marketplace
  • Notify you about your product review
  • Track sales from your mobile device
  • Accurately rank all the product factors
  • Scan for Hijackers

But guess which research tool can do all these things – Amachete.

Amachete goes a step further to have three versions – One for Chrome, a web app, and an iOS mobile app.

Other than the fact that Amachete supports all ten Marketplaces, the developers built the system to generate reports every day so as to minimize error when ranking products.

Unfortunately, Amachete isn’t without its fair share of cons.

The system is pretty much basic. It doesn’t even give the number of sellers for each product and you will not get any other robust details that Jungle Scout provides.


It is priced in three tiers:

The Professional Plan costs $30 per month, the Globe Plan will cost you $52.50 per month, and the Empire is priced at $75 per month.

Note: At the moment, Amachete is not accepting new users.

4. Bqool

Bqool (formerly known as Big Tracker) may not be as popular as Jungle Scout and company, but it surely deserves a mention on this list.

It offers some exclusive features that you won’t find elsewhere, including:

  • Tracking competitors’ promotions
  • Brand tracker to follow-up on the performance of your competitor’s promotions
  • Custom email alerts
  • Amazon top 100 bestsellers

One of the major drawbacks of Bqool is that it is limited to the US, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Japan Marketplaces.


It is available at $25, $50, and $100 per month for the basic plan, the mid-range plan, and the most provisioned package, respectively.

5. SixLeaf Phoenix

Another mention on our list is ASINspector, which has been merged with SixLeaf. It is now know as Phoenix.

This one comes in handy for sellers who wish to seek out listings on Alibaba, eBay, AliExpress, and even Walmart, something Jungle Scout doesn’t do.

With the SixLeaf Phoenix, you can get a list of keywords and their ranking for your products, as well as calculate your profits in a matter of clicks.


Its monthly pricing starts from $47 per month, after the 7-day trial period.

6. SEMRush SellZone

SEMRush is a popular hub of SEO and marketing tools. Seller Zone is one of the tools in the platform’s arsenal.

The tool is useful for Amazon SEO, listing optimization, product research, growth hacking, and listing alerts.

Among the features are traffic insights, listing quality check, PPC optimizer, split testing, and listing quality check tools. You can easily find high-demand products from fresh data using smart filters.

SellZone features an advanced reverse ASIN tool for competitor spying. With prescriptive analytics, you can scale up your Amazon business and the instant alerts ensure you miss nothing.


SellZone is a paid Jungle Scout alternative. However, there’s a free plan to start with. The paid plans, Growth and Pro, cost $50 and $85 per month respectively.

7. ZonBase

ZonBase is an Amazon product research and PPC tool. It’s a platform for both new and expert Amazon sellers with 14 seller tools.

The platform features an extensive database with more than 20 million products.

You can easily find products to sell from the Hot Products list. A major advantage of using ZonBase, however, is the One on One Mentorship.


ZonBase’s pricing is a little cheaper than Jungle Scout’s. Also, you have the option to pay monthly or annually. You can save more than $750 when you pay annually. Pricing starts at $47 per month for the standard plan – annual payment costs $37 per month ($444 per year).

8. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a platform for both Amazon and Walmart sellers. It features tools to help anyone easily manage and grow their eCommerce store.

Product research using Helium 10 is fast and powerful. The platform has a database of about 450 million products each with insightful analytics including profit estimates and seasonal trends.

It’s easy thanks to multiple keyword search options including single-word search, reverse ASIN search, and more.


Jungle Scout and Helium 10 feature similar pricing plans. Helium 10 Starter Plan costs $39 per month; the highest plan, Diamond Plan, costs $209 per month. Paying annually gives you a 25 percent discount but note that pricing changes from time to time.

9. Keepa

Here’s one of the popular free Amazon seller tool for tracking product prices. It supports price tracking across multiple Amazon markets including the USA, UK, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, and a few others.

Keepa lets you find profitable products, import & export product lists, access best seller & top seller lists and set up price increase alerts. You can also set up price drops and availability alerts.

You can use Keepa on your computer by installing the browser extension. The browser extension is available for Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

In addition, Keepa features mobile apps for Android and iPhone.


Keepa is free.

10. Viral Launch

If you need an advanced Jungle Scout alternative, Viral Launch is an ideal option. Viral Launch Amazon seller tools help you source, launch, and dominate the market.

The tools include an Amazon product researcher, competitor tracker, keyword researcher, advertising & PPC tool, and a keyword tracker. Jungle Scout seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms; automation options make it an easy-to-use tool.


As an advanced tool, you’ll pay more to use Viral Launch compared to Jungle Scout. Viral Launch pricing starts at $69 per month for the Essentials Plan; $58 if you pay per year. The most popular plan, however, is the Pro Plan which costs $99 per month; $83 if you pay per year.

11. AMZBase

AMZBase is a tool for Amazon product research. It’s a free Jungle Scout alternative and is available as a Chrome extension.

With AMZBase, you can easily find ASINs and product titles, and descriptions of Amazon listings. You obtain a product ASIN by just hovering over the product image.

Notably, this tool integrates with other Amazon seller tools and eCommerce platforms including CamelCamelCamel, Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, and Google Search.

Furthermore, AMZBase comes with an FBA calculator for calculating potential profits.


AMZBase is a free Jungle Scout replacement.

12. AmaSuite 5

This is an advanced version of the AmaSuite tool. It’s useful to uncover profitable Amazon products and keywords with some powerful features.

Notably, this advanced version includes 5 new research desktop apps.

The apps include:

  • Ama Top Product Analyzer
  • Ama Search Analyzer
  • Ama Keyword Generator
  • Ama Review Analyzer
  • Ali Inspector 2

The last app is a bonus and extends the platform’s functionality to AliExpress. You can search keywords, analyze top sellers, and find best selling products on AliExpress with it.


AmaSuite is a premium Amazon tool but unlike Jungle Scout, you pay a one-time fee and not recurring subscriptions. Hence, it’s an ideal Amazon tool to help you save money. The suite costs $197 but prices change often; currently, you can get it at a special discount for just $67.

13. Sellics Sonar

Sellics is an advertising automation software. It features several free tools and Sonar, an Amazon Keyword Research tool, is one of them.

With Sonar, you can search for profitable Amazon keywords using phrases and ASINs. The tool works with a database of more than 180 million Amazon keywords sourced from real Amazon buyers.

Also, Sonar supports reverse ASIN lookup and there are keywords in different languages.

To use Sonar, simply visit the website and start searching; you don’t need to register an account. The keywords are sorted according to search volume on the results page. Sonar supports Amazon US and Amazon EU – DE, UK, FR, ES, IT.


Sellics Sonar is free.

14. AmazeOwl

More than 4,000 new Amazon sellers make use of AmazeOwl every month.

It’s a popular platform with several Amazon product research tools.

With more than 600 million products, AmazeOwl has an extensive product database; more extensive than Jungle Scout.


You can use AmazeOwl for free with the Starter plan. For more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan – Growth or Established plan.

Notably, you pay less for AmazeOwl compared to Jungle Scout. The paid plans start at $19.99 per month and there’s a 33% discount if you pay annually.

15. ShopKeeper

Last, but not least, ShopKeeper provides an intuitive business dashboard for Amazon sellers. It’s an ideal Jungle Scout alternative if your focus is on profit and expenses.

In addition to the business dashboard, ShopKeeper features an exclusive profit tracker, inventory forecast, and lots of learning resources. You can track every Amazon expense – fees, costs, taxes.

The platform is easy to use thanks to the UI and you can easily sort expenses, compare side by side, and switch between currencies.

Notably, ShopKeeper supports 20 different Amazon markets across North/South America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

ShopKeeper works on desktop via web or mobile with the Android or iOS app.


You have four pricing plans to choose from with ShopKeeper; there’s no free option. The starter plan – Novice Plan – costs $20 per month while the Master Plan costs $90 per month.


So there you have it, the 15 best Jungle Scout alternatives.

Remember, if you must make it as an Amazon seller, there’s nothing more important than your dedication, and investing in the best tools for your trade.

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