12 Best 2 Player Gaming Apps To Play On Separate Mobile Devices

Multiplayer gaming apps allow you to connect with friends, family, or your romantic partner and have some fun at the same time.

These apps, which let both of you play from your own mobile devices, allow you to challenge each other and play against each other whether you are in the same room or in different locations.

While many gaming apps allow multiplayer mode, some require both players to use the same device.

That can be a bit complicated and inconvenient, as you have to stand on separate sides of the device, which can be tough if you have a small phone. The other option, which is passing the phone back and forth, takes away some of the fun of playing as well.

Today, we will be looking at the best gaming apps to play on separate mobile devices.

The short version: The best multiplayer games you can play on separate devices include Hearthstone, Words With Friends, Stop 2, Quintet, and Clash Royale. I also recommend checking out ScrabbleGO, Chess.com, Candy Crush Saga, and Spaceteam. Another favorite of mine is Plato, which features 45 different games in one app!

Read on for the full list.

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Best 2 Player Gaming Apps To Play On Separate Mobile Devices

1. Hearthstone (Android/iOS/Amazon)

Hearthstone is a strategy/battle card game that you can play against friends. You can choose from one of 20 hero classes, and your goal is to collect cards, which have special powers and features like spells and quests.

Using your cards, you can cast spells, send off minions to perform tasks, and more. Build a battle of minions to crush your enemies and outwit your opponents.

You can invite your friends to play with you. It’s always free to use, although you have the option of purchasing cards.

2. Words With Friends (Android/iOS/Amazon)

Words With Friends is a multiplayer word game that challenges you to unscramble letters and tests your vocabulary.

It features a variety of word games, such as crossword puzzles, that stimulate your brain and give you a chance to have fun while learning at the same time.

You can challenge friends or family members or even match with random opponents if you have nobody to play with. You can earn keys and collectibles and have lots of fun.

There is also a lightning mode that challenges you to think quickly when playing with others.

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3. Stop 2 – Word Trivia Game (Android/iOS)

Stop 2 is a trivia word game that you play with friends. You challenge each other to see who can best guess the correct words.

Featuring multiple gameplay modes, there are over 200 categories of questions to answer. The app features timers that let you end the round when you guess the answer before your friend does.

You can also collect skins and themed timers. When playing against friends, see who has the best skin.

There are player rankings and even an AI opponent you can play against when your friends are not available.

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4. Quintet (iOS)

Do you love space? Do you want to be the captain of your own spaceship while navigating the ether with your friends?

The Quintet game on iOS lets you do just that. There are five roles for each spaceship.

You can be the captain, while others are in charge of engineering, science, the tactical component, and the helm of the ship.

Don’t have four other friends to play with? That’s no problem at all, since there are gameplay modes that feature one, two, three, and four player ships.

You can play against other player ships or team up with them.

The game is best played with friends in the same room. You can play with your friends even if they don’t have an iPad, as they can use their desktops or laptops (it is also available on Steam).

Since it’s very graphics intensive, it’s best to have an iPhone 5 or a newer version.

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5. Clash Royale (Android/iOS)

Clash Royale is one of my top multiplayer gaming apps to play on separate mobile devices. Collect cards and use them in the battle arenas to defeat the enemy leaders.

The cards have different powers, such as defense and attack powers, and spells you can use to win battles. There are over 100 cards in Clash Royale.

When you win battles, you can advance to new battle arenas, so there is always something exciting to do.

You can pool your resources and share cards with friends. Starting a clan with others can help you win and is plenty of fun.

There are also seasonal items you can unlock, such as special magic powers.

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6. Chess.com (Android/iOS)

Chess.com is the most popular chess app. It allows you to play with a computer or real people, including both random people you are matched with online and friends.

There are different game modes available. For example, you can play blitz chess games, in which each player has only five minutes for the whole game.

If the five minutes are up, you automatically lose, even if you had a winning position. So, move as quickly as possible so you don’t run out of time before your opponent!

You can also choose longer game lengths, such as 10 or 30 minutes per player.

You can join tournaments with thousands of other players, make friends with random chess fans who are at your level (based on a unique Chess.com score), and try out different variations of the classic chess game, such as Chess960.

The app also features quizzes, lessons, and a lot more! There are over 500,000 puzzles with different goals and moves to keep you busy and test your skills.

There are also video lessons from masters, helping you refine your chess strategy and learn new tactics.

If you enjoy playing chess, you will never run out of fun times with this app. In case you get bored, you can spice things up with the different virtual boards and 2D/3D chess pieces.

It also supports offline mode, allowing you to play against a computer, with different skill levels available.

7. ScrabbleGO (Android/iOS)

If you enjoy word games or have ever played the physical game of Scrabble, you will enjoy ScrabbleGO, which is an online version of this classic game.

Connect your Facebook account to find your Facebook friends. When playing with friends, you can send them emojis and cute little text messages to keep things interesting.

The app features other kinds of word games as well. You can be matched with random players in the Duels and unlock prize chests, or you can play Tumbler if you like anagrams.

Alternatively, play in Arena Tournaments to challenge yourself and rise in the leaderboard.

You can even play against yourself in Rush mode. Alternatively, with practice mode, you can play against a computer and sharpen your skills.

Your gameplay results are tracked on your profile page, where you can see score averages, your best plays, and your longest words. You can also compare your scores against others by visiting their profile pages.

While ScrabbleGO is free to pay, there is the option to sign up for a Scrabble Club premium subscription, for which a free trial is available. It will give you perks such as an extra Arena ticket once a day, exclusive content, special rewards, and more!

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8. Mysterium (Android/iOS)

If you like mystery and anything psychic, you will like Mysterium, which is an online adaptation of the board game version.

It allows you to play with friends; multiplayer mode supports up to seven people. If you don’t have anyone to play with at any given time, you can play solo with an AI player.

The game requires you to solve a murder mystery using visual clues. You have to find the murderer, the murder weapon, and the location where the murder took place.

You can adopt one of two roles, though. You can be the psychic who solves the murder based on Vision Cards, or you can be the ghost who provides visual clues to the psychic trying to solve the murder case.

An internet connection is required for online multiplayer gameplay. However, an offline version is available.

If you want to play with friends on the same device as opposed to two separate devices, that is an option as well with the Pass and Play mode.

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9. 8 Ball Pool (Android/iOS)

8 Ball Pool is an online game of pool that you can play against friends from your separate mobile devices. It features 3D graphics that are designed to mimic a physical game of pool.

I have played it myself, and it is very engaging and fun to play. There are different pool tables you can choose from, which makes things more interesting and exciting.

There are also different types of balls available.

You can connect your Facebook account to discover which Facebook friends are on the app. It will tell you when each one has last been active, so you don’t bother with Facebook friends who signed up but haven’t used the app for years.

Then, you can send invitations to friends to play with you or accept invitations from others.

There are competitions that give you a chance to play with others on your level, and you can earn Pool Coins and buy items in the Pool Shop.

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10. Candy Crush Saga (Android/iOS/Amazon/Microsoft/Facebook)

Candy Crush Saga is a classic online game that you can play with friends. It’s a puzzle game that requires you to match three candies together in a row to crush them and earn points!

Some puzzles are easier than others, but you can use boosters to solve the really difficult ones. You can earn boosters by solving daily challenges or spinning the Daily Booster Wheel.

With different game modes like Collect the Ingredients and Clear the Jelly, this app offers plenty of fun. You can play with friends by connecting your Facebook account and sending invites, or you can play solo.

There is an offline mode for playing solo, but the multiplayer game mode and full features are only available with an internet connection. There are many levels to this game, so keep advancing as you get better.

11. Spaceteam (Android/iOS)

If you like shouting at friends, you will like Spaceteam. This game is designed for two to eight players, each one on separate devices.

Everyone is supposed to scream technobabble at each other until the ship explodes. It’s an interesting mix of teamwork, confusion, and disorientation, and it’s a lot of fun.

Each player gets a control panel. On the panel, there are sliders, switches, buttons, and other controls.

Instructions are sent to you and your teammates, and you have to work together to follow the instructions before time runs out. Time is really of the essence, as your ship is literally falling apart as you play.

Be sure to work together, because at any time, your ship can explode!

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12. Plato (Android/iOS/Windows)

Last on our list of the best gaming apps to play on separate mobile devices, we have Plato, which is actually a collection of multiplayer games. As they say, save the best for last!

With Plato, you can spend time online with your friends, texting each other in group chats and playing online multiplayer games. You can also meet new people and make new friends.

Public chat rooms are active as well, so if you’re ever bored and your usual chat mates are not online, you can join one of these public rooms.

In addition to group chats and public chat rooms, one on one conversations are supported.

The best part about Plato is that you do not need an email address or phone number to sign up. In fact, you don’t need to provide any personal information, which helps ensure your privacy.

You may wonder how you can connect with friends without an account. The answer is that you get a unique Plato ID when you sign up, which you can change in your profile.

You can connect with friends by entering their unique Plato IDs. Alternatively, you can send an invitation link to them directly.

However, an option for registering is available as well. That can help you stay connected if you need to sign in from another device.

So, which games are available in Plato? Bowling, pool, table soccer, Bingo, archery, mini golf, Ludo, basketball, cup pong, dominoes, chess, Go Fish, darts, and many others are available.

There are 45 free multiplayer games in total! You can access them all from the game tab at the bottom of the screen.

The public chat rooms include the Social Lounge, English Pub, Tiamat’s Tavern, Love Connection, and others.

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Wrapping It Up

Whether you want a brainy game like chess or Scrabble or a fun, casual game like Spaceteam or Candy Crush Saga, there are plenty of gaming apps to play on separate mobile devices.

Download a few games and see which ones you like best.

Most of the apps on this list are entirely free to use, so play around and have some fun!

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