30 Best Happy Birthday Zoom Backgrounds 2023

If you have to wish someone a happy birthday via zoom video call, there is no better way than to do it while having one of the best birthday backgrounds you can find.

Birthday Zoom backgrounds truly make the video call a birthday party. Suppose everyone gets a different birthday background, or perhaps everyone uses one background. In that case, the video call won’t only stand out but will improve the atmosphere and put everyone in a good mood.

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or creating a virtual birthday party for someone special, down below, you can find the 30 best birthday Zoom backgrounds that won’t disappoint!

Best Happy Birthday Zoom Backgrounds

With so many birthday Zoom backgrounds, the choice can be super hard. However, that’s why down below, you can find the best of the best, which will help you narrow down your choice.

1. Happy Birthday Kit Set

This background features a light blue background color that’s very gentle on the eyes and yet is full of colorful elements such as balloons, party hats, confetti, and a cake.

What’s interesting enough is that the “Happy Birthday” topper on the cake is photographed from the back, so when you put this background on Zoom and choose a reverse background option, you’ll get it to say Happy Birthday.

When you position yourself a bit to the right, you’ll be able to congratulate someone on their birthday by only adding this beautiful and classy background to your Zoom.

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2. Colorful Birthday Background Full of Elements

This background is based on a white background with an effect, and yet it is full of elements to the sides, which are very colorful.

This colorful birthday Zoom background is ideal for any virtual birthday celebration, from full two-story and three-story cakes, neatly wrapped gifts, cookies, balloons, party hats, and even candles.

All elements are wisely placed around the corners, so there’s a clear circle in the middle where you can position yourself, so you aren’t covering much of the background.

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3. Animal Birthday Background for Children

If you’re celebrating a children’s birthday, there’s no better birthday Zoom background than this one, as it features animal elements.

All elements in this background are hand-drawn, and you’ll get animals such as a bear, flamingo, elephant, deer, and others.

Along with the animals, you’ll get a pretty light blue sky background and colorful balloons that will make the party.

When you position yourself in the middle of this background, you won’t cover much of it, so this is an ideal birthday background where kids will love checking out what is hidden there.

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4. Realistic Small Cake Candles

This is an ideal birthday Zoom background if you’re looking for something simple yet colorful that represents a birthday.

It blurs the background, showing only blue and pink colors, while the focus is on the small cupcake full of colorful birthday candles.

This background is simple yet attractive and will make any Zoom birthday celebration a lot more wonderful as it brings a great vibe and colors. There’s also a lot of space on the left for you to position yourself, making this background very easy to use without covering too many elements.

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5. Happy Birthday Cake and Gifts

Even though this background is simple, it is super cheerful based on a light blue background.

You’ll have two wrapped gifts and a nicely done cake with a Happy Birthday candle topper from elements.

Its minimalism makes this background ideal for any birthday celebration, yet keep in mind that you might have to position yourself a bit to the left in the video for the cake on the right to be fully visible.

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6. Confetti Birthday Background

There’s nothing better than birthday confetti, and if you’re a big fan of birthday confetti, you’ll love this birthday Zoom background.

This background is based on the light blue vintage wood where the confetti is located at the top and a bit on the sides.

Therefore, you can position yourself right under the confetti and don’t have to worry about blocking any of the elements.

Even though this is a pretty simple and minimalistic yet colorful background, it still fits many different birthday celebrations.

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7. Birthday Balloons in the Sky

If you’re after a realistic birthday Zoom background that isn’t too much, and you can use it for almost any occasion, you’ll love this background.

This background is a high-quality photograph of birthday balloons in the sky where the sky is a background.

Therefore, there aren’t too many elements and there are plenty of colors ideal for any birthday celebration.

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8. Square Birthday Celebration Frame

If you’re celebrating your birthday or you’re looking for an ideal birthday Zoom background for someone whose birthday’s coming up, you’ll most likely enjoy this background.

This background is based on a simple silverish background color and yet has a white frame surrounded by silver and blue balloons. It’s all about keeping things minimalistic and classy yet providing everything a person celebrating their birthday would need.

It’s also wisely created so that when you use this as a Zoom background, you can position yourself to fit right into the frame.

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9. Black and White Balloon Birthday Background

Having a themed birthday party on Zoom is always a possibility, and this black and white birthday Zoom background might be a great fit for your needs.

The main elements of this background are balloons that come in different shades, and some of them are even sparkly, which is still visible.

Even though the background is black and white, birthday balloons still match the atmosphere of a birthday party, even if it’s only a virtual one.

You can position yourself fully to the left or in the middle, and you won’t block too many elements.

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10. Sparkling Gold Balloons

If you’re looking for a formal/festive birthday background, there’s no better birthday Zoom background than the sparkling gold balloons.

This background isn’t a photograph, yet it’s a high-quality graphic design that features gold balloons, bright yellow stars, and a lot of glitter.

The background is dark, yet the yellow/gold elements match well and bring out the festive celebration vibe that you’ll love to have on any Zoom birthday celebration.

This background is also wisely thought through since there’s a place left in the middle for you to position perfectly without blocking any of the festive elements.

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11. Zoomed In Birthday Balloon

Simple birthday Zoom backgrounds are a smart choice since they don’t distract anyone from the birthday party or from the person who’s celebrating the party (even if it’s only virtually). Yet, they are a great touch to the video call.

This background is a simple orange balloon with “Happy Birthday” written over it, which is the main focus of the background. However, further in the distance, you can also spot a birthday cake that has birthday candles lit.

The colors are very warm and you’ll fit in well with the background without blending into it for the virtual birthday celebration.

12. Birthday Cake with Birthday Candles

There is no better way to say happy birthday than by showing a colorful birthday cake with birthday candle toppers.

The background shades are dark, yet all the warmth is in focus, being the birthday cake full of yellow candles.

You can position yourself slightly to the left for the whole cake to be visible, but it’s unnecessary as you won’t cover too much of the cake in the background.

13. It’s My Birthday Background

There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday virtually (or let people know it’s your birthday) than showing up with an “it’s my birthday” Zoom background.

This background is super simple based on a light orangish/pinkish background full of confetti elements with a simple card in the top left corner saying, “it’s my birthday.”

Therefore, this is a subtle and yet great way of decorating your Zoom background on your birthday without attracting too much attention to yourself. Yet when you position yourself in the middle of this background, you’ll perfectly line up with the card and confetti, not blocking a single element.

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14. Disney World Birthday Balloons

If you know a big fan of Disney World or Mickey Mouse, this is an ideal birthday Zoom background you can use.

This background includes a real photograph of some of the best Disney World and Mickey Mouse balloons you can find.

The photograph was taken in the middle of the day, plus balloons and elements come in various colors, making this a bold and attractive birthday background.

However, the only thing to consider is wearing something that will make you stand out from the background on the Zoom call if you decide to use this background.

15. Colorful Confetti and Birthday Hats

This background is based on a light blue background color which makes it ideal for celebrating boys’ or men’s birthdays, while the main elements are confetti and birthday hats.

The confetti and birthday hats come in many different colors, making this background color, but if you have an eye for detail, you’ll appreciate that this photograph was taken at the same time there was both confetti on the ground and in the air.

16. Sophisticated Birthday Party Kit

When you’re not looking for anything flashy yet you’re looking for something simple, sophisticated, and yet a background that has all elements of a birthday party, this is the right pick.

This background is based on a visually appealing gray background, with elements such as a cut birthday cake, balloons in different colors, and a birthday hat.

Therefore, this background is ideal for everyone about to celebrate a birthday virtually; this background provides you with everything you might want to have at your birthday party!

17. Dog and Cat Birthday Surprise

When someone who is celebrating their birthday is an animal lover, there isn’t a better way to celebrate their birthday than to surprise them with this awesome birthday Zoom background.

This background features a dog and a cat ready to party and celebrate their birthday. There aren’t many other elements, yet when you position yourself in the middle, you’ll be surrounded by two of the best elements in this background, which is everything you’ll need!

18. Elegant Pink Birthday Background

When you’re looking for elegance, simplicity, and a few elements that will still look attractive and stand out, this is the birthday Zoom background you’re looking for.

It has pink elements, birthday balloons in various colors that match the general color of the background. The balloons are wisely placed so that you can fit in the middle without overshadowing any of the elements.

19. Birthday Party Cats

If you’re an animal lover or know someone who is, there isn’t a better way to surprise them than with a cat birthday Zoom background.

This is a very simple background based on the color white and has two cats ready to start the party with confetti and balloons.

You can position yourself in the middle to surround yourself with these party cats and show your awesome background to anyone participating in the virtual birthday celebration.

20. Classy Blue Glittery Birthday Background

If you’re looking for a very classy birthday background that you can use for any Zoom birthday celebration, this is probably one of the classiest ones you’ll come across.

This background is based on the beautiful blue background color, and it is very minimalistic as it features a couple of balloons on each side, along with gifts neatly wrapped.

You can fit right into the middle of the background, yet you won’t ever have to worry about blending into the background or blocking any elements.

21. Happy Birthday Banner Background

This is the perfect background if you need a simple happy birthday Zoom background that won’t be too flashy yet elegant and still feature all elements such as a birthday banner.

This background is based on the blue light wooden back with a colorful happy birthday banner and decoration.

You can position yourself to the right to ensure that the happy birthday banner is visible. Also, since this is a fairly minimalistic birthday Zoom background, you won’t have to think twice if this will be appropriate for a virtual birthday party.

22. Pink Balloons and Gifts

If you’re celebrating a woman’s birthday or you’d like to express your favorite color through the birthday Zoom background, this pink background makes a perfect choice.

It’s a very minimalistic and elegant background that looks like a photograph of an empty room, pink walls, a white wooden floor, and a couple of balloons and neatly wrapped gifts that go well with the color of the whole background.

You can position yourself slightly to the left not to block anything in the background as all elements are positioned on the right. On top of that, you won’t ever blend into such a birthday background which is another advantage!

23. Neon Balloon Birthday Background

Neon is always a great way to highlight something, and if you’re trying to highlight yourself at a birthday Zoom video party, this is the right background to use.

This background is based on lively colors that are pretty neutral but have shades of blue and pink.

Balloons of different shades surround the square where you can position yourself, so it is very neat even though this background is pretty minimalistic.

24. Blue Simple Balloon Circle Background

If you’re looking for something simple and yet still want to show that it’s your birthday, this is an ideal birthday Zoom background.

This background features a circle where you can place yourself in your Zoom videos. Yet, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful and simplistic balloons that won’t distract anyone in the video call and yet will give a great vibe to the virtual party.

25. Pink Simple Balloon Circle Background

Less is more, and this pink and simple background is ideal for everyone who wants to show up at the Zoom birthday celebration in style without attracting too much attention.

This is similar to the previous one, yet it is based on a pink background and colorful balloons around the circle that match the main color.

You also get to position yourself in the middle to be in the circle, surrounded by the elements.

26. Bright Orange Birthday Confetti

When you’re looking for a background that will help you stand out, perhaps come in your favorite color, and yet give away that it’s your birthday, there’s no better background than this one.

This background is bright and orange, and it comes with birthday elements all over the top and right side. The elements include colorful balloons, birthday hats, confetti, and a bit of candy that will set the mood for celebration, which applies even for virtual Zoom birthday celebrations.

27. Decorative Birthday Background

If you’re looking for an attractive background that will allow you to position yourself in the Zoom video celebration without blocking too many elements, this might be a good fit.

This birthday Zoom background is dark blue with colorful balloons, ribbons, and confetti. Such a combination will ensure that you show up to a birthday party in style or even subtly announce that it’s your birthday in any Zoom meeting.

28. Artistic Light Birthday Background

If you’re looking for a cartoon-like birthday background that will get you compliments on Zoom virtual birthday celebrations, this is the one you should use.

This artistic birthday background is very light and is full of elements such as a birthday cake, birthday hats, confetti, colorful balloons, and tiny details that won’t overwhelm anyone in the Zoom room yet will liven up the party.

You can wear darker-colored clothing to stand out since the background is fairly light, so that’s the only thing you should keep in mind.

29. Colorful Balloon Birthday Background

There are always balloons at birthday parties, and if you feel like you’ll be missing balloons for your virtual birthday celebration, there’s no better background than this one.

This is a background full of colorful balloons. It was photographed during the day on a balloon stand, and with so many colors in the background, you’ll have to be careful what you wear, so you don’t blend into the background.

Positioning yourself slightly to the right is also recommended so you cover the space where there are the fewest number of balloons.

30. Happy Birthday Text Background

There aren’t too many birthday Zoom backgrounds with text, so this background is unique.

This background comes with festive floral elements, a happy birthday note, and even an “enjoy your day” line.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a birthday background that will help you wish someone a happy birthday and remind them that it’s their day throughout the whole celebration.

Since the background is based on floral elements and it’s pretty colorful, you will have to be careful with what you wear, so you don’t blend into the background.

Other than that, this background will provide a great vibe without being too much in any Zoom birthday video meeting.


Showing up to a virtual birthday celebration without a birthday background is a big no-no, especially since it takes minutes to find an awesome birthday Zoom background.

These backgrounds are ideal for all types of birthday celebrations, they fit different genders, and they’re even a great fit for all ages.

Therefore, making this tiny bit of effort will come out great for the rest of the party.

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