10 Best WPLocker Alternatives 2023

Best wplocker alternatives

WPLocker is a website where you can download premium WordPress themes, plugins, and scripts for free.

These WordPress themes normally cost money. If you downloaded one of those themes from the developer’s site, you would have to pay a fee to use it.

However, WPLocker provides them for free, using a loophole in the license of these themes.

Nevertheless, WPLocker is not the only site you can go to for nulled or free GPL WordPress themes and plugins. Indeed, there are many great WPLocker alternatives.

The main problem people have with WPLocker is that it seems a bit sketchy.

The site has a somewhat outdated design. Also, it is 100 percent free, which might seem nice at first but can be a red flag when it comes to nulled GPL themes and plugins, as I will explain at the end of this article.

WPLocker doesn’t seem to provide much in terms of active support, and it also focuses on WordPress themes and plugins, so you may need an alternative if you use Drupal or Joomla.

Furthermore, many of these alternatives have cleaner and more professional sites, with more advanced search functions or even a larger library overall.

Here are the 10 best WPLocker alternatives.

Best WPLocker Alternatives


The best alternative to WPLocker is GPLDL. GPLDL has well over 2,000 free WordPress themes and plugins, which are entirely free to use with a free GPLDL Club membership.

As part of the GPLDL repository, you will find WooCommerce extensions, making GPLDL a great way to build an awesome eCommerce store on a budget.

While you do need to be a GPLDL Club member to download items from the repository, membership is absolutely free. GPLDL is powered by donations, so you can donate if you want to help keep the project going.

Nevertheless, donations are never a requirement and remain optional.

There are special gifts available to premium members (those who have made donations). Once you have made a donation and upgraded your account to a premium one, you can enjoy those special gifts – 1,200+ additional WordPress plugins and themes.

The GPLDL site is easy to browse, with plugins divided into three categories: WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and WooCommerce extensions.

I thought the GPLDL Forum was very helpful, as it provides a way for users to get support from other members, something you can’t get on WPLocker. Some sections on the forum include:

  • Announcements and general information
  • WordPress themes troubleshooting
  • WordPress plugins troubleshooting
  • WooCommerce extensions troubleshooting
  • Feedback
  • Feature requests
  • WordPress items wishlist

The feature requests section is a great place to request a new feature on the GPLDL site. Meanwhile, the WordPress wishlist section is a great place to request the addition of specific WordPress plugins or themes you would like to see in the repository.

In addition to the forum, GPLDL provides support related to downloading items from the repository to your computer. You may also get updates for items you downloaded in the past, but you will need to upload those updates manually.

However, GPLDL provides no sort of technical theme or plugin support – that’s one of the drawbacks of using nulled themes in general.

As GPLDL is powered by donations, it seems a bit safer than other nulled libraries that are entirely free, such as WPLocker.

2. GPL Vault

GPL Vault is next on my list. Unlike WPLocker, it charges a small premium membership for access to the GPL themes and plugins, so you can expect it to be a bit safer.

Overall, the website looks a lot more professional and trustworthy than WPLocker.

However, because it does not offer a free membership option, it did not make it to #1 on my list.

Despite not being free, the savings you will get from using GPL Vault instead of paying for each WordPress plugin individually can be massive. GPL Vault has been around for over half a decade and claims to distribute only original files that it bought directly from the developers.

New plugins and themes are added all the time. When a plugin or theme listed in the repository gets an update, GPL Vault usually adds the update within two days.

You can keep track of recent updates by checking the Changelog.

So, how much does GPL Vault charge exactly? Right now, it is charging $14.97/month or $87/year – signing up for an annual plan will save you 50 percent.

Considering that many themes or plugins cost $80 by themselves, it’s a pretty good deal. You’ll be getting access to almost 4,000 plugins and themes, including hundreds of eCommerce extensions.

Check the subscribe page for updated pricing information.

3. Andy Sozot

One of the most trustworthy alternatives to WPLocker is Andy Sozot’s site. Andy Sozot is a WordPress enthusiast who decided to set up a membership site offering GPL themes and plugins at a super low price.

One of the reasons to choose Andy Sozot over WPLocker (besides it being more trustworthy) is that you can easily find some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

For example, on the bottom, you will find links to plugins and themes like:

  • BackupBuddy
  • WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
  • Gravity Forms

You may purchase plugins and themes individually, starting at just $10. However, I recommend signing up to the Andy Sozot Club at just $15/month, giving you access to his entire library.

Included in the membership are all AppThemes products and hundreds of WooCommerce themes. You can check updated pricing as well as the most popular plugins on this page.

You can also check out the Snippets blog, where Andy posts helpful technical tips to fix problems you may encounter while using plugins or themes downloaded from his site.

4. GPL Guru

Another awesome site that looks a lot cleaner, more professional, and more trustworthy than WPLocker is GPL Guru. It does charge a monthly membership fee, however, and even premium members have a daily download limit.

Nevertheless, most people won’t really be inconvenienced too much by these daily download limits.

One thing I really liked about GPL Guru is that the monthly subscription doesn’t come with automatic renewal. In other words, you can pay for one month and then forget about it – just download as many plugins as you want during that month (within your daily limit).

Then, when you need additional plugins some months down the line, you can pay again for a new monthly membership.

Furthermore, you are not required to sign up for a monthly subscription – you can also purchase single items starting at $8 or bundles starting at $18.

On the membership page, you can see updated pricing.

Right now, over 2,800 plugins and themes are available on GPL Guru, though new ones are added all the time.

5. Gplking

Another WPLocker alternative worth checking out is Gplking. It also looks a bit more professional than WPLocker, and it has premium membership options, which power the platform.

Thus, it may be a bit safer. Nevertheless, it does have a free membership option, which allows you to download 10 plugins or themes a day, for 10 days.

In addition to the monthly and yearly membership options, which give you access to unlimited downloads a day and the ability to request a new item that’s not yet in the repository, there is also a one-day membership option.

For just $30, you will get access to a Google Drive folder with the entire repository – for one day. You can download as many plugins or themes as you would like, to your heart’s content, without committing to recurring fees.

You can check updated pricing plans on the homepage.

6. GPL Downloads

GPL Downloads is a good alternative to WPLocker. It seems more trustworthy, being a paid site, but it also includes a budget plan for those who can’t afford to pay too much out of pocket.

Unlike WPLocker, it provides technical support via a support ticket system.

There are over 4,000 items in the GPL Downloads repository,

Pricing starts at just $9.75/month without recurring billing, allowing you to download three items a day throughout the month. Check out updated pricing here.

The site is clean and easy to navigate, unlike WPLocker, which can feel a bit cluttered at times. Furthermore, you can browse recent additions on the homepage.

7. WP Null

Another good alternative to WPLocker is WP Null. Unlike WPLocker, it is not entirely free – but that makes it more trustworthy.

Instead of requiring you to sign up for a membership plan, WP Null uses a unique points method. You can purchase points and then exchange them for plugins or themes.

Prices start at around $2.5 per plugin if you purchase 200 points at once. That’s less than the price of a coffee in many major cities in the United States!

If you purchase just 10 points at once, pricing is around $3.99/plugin, which is still very cheap.

Do check the points purchase page for updated pricing information.

While browsing the catalog, I noticed that WP Null provides better filtering options than WPLocker, making it easier to search for a specific plugin from a specific company.

You can also sort products from A to Z or vice versa.

8. CMS Market

One of the problems of WPLocker is that it focuses on WordPress themes and plugins (hence the “WP” in its name). If you are looking for nulled themes or plugins for Drupal, Joomla, or other content management systems, WPLocker won’t do much for you.

If that is a concern you have been facing, CMS Market is the WPLocker alternative for you. It features items for Joomla, Drupal, and OpenCart, and it even includes HTML items.

Of course, it includes plenty of WordPress themes as well.

CMS Market is entirely legal, but if you’re still worried about privacy, it allows you to purchase themes and plugins with Bitcoin, in addition to PayPal and Payoneer.

Themes on CMS Market start at just $4.

However, you can also join the CMS Market Club, with pricing starting at $44/year. You can also pay $29 for half a year of access or $14.90/month.

Regardless of which payment plan you choose, you will always get access to the entire basic library of 2,000+ themes and plugins.

However, there are also 3,500+ premium items that are not included, and signing up for a membership will give you a discount of 20-50 percent on them (depending on whether you are paying monthly, bi-annually, or annually).

Unlike WPLocker, CMS Market actually provides support, even when you need help installing a product. Of course, support is somewhat limited due to the fact that they are not the developers.

9. GPL Download

Next, we have GPL Download, which has a massive library of over 15,000 plugins and themes – that’s more than what WPLocker currently offers. Furthermore, it has both free and premium membership options.

GPL Download is not to be confused with GPL Downloads, which is a separate site mentioned above.

GPL Download has a page with all the top brands it features. From Themify to WP Rocket to AppThemes, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Pricing starts at $19.99/month. All premium plans give you access to the entire library; the difference is in how many downloads per day you get.

Always check the pricing page for updated information.

GPL Download gives you something that other GPL repositories don’t – the trust of a premium GPL membership site while having the chance to get free lifetime access to the platform!

If you sign up for a hosting plan with one of GPL Download’s partners and keep your hosting for at least 90 days, you will gain free access to the premium membership. Check out updated details here.

10. GPL Plugins Club

Finally, we have GPL Plugins Club. While it’s a premium site and safer than WPLocker, it allows you to get a one-month pass for less than $7.

Furthermore, many themes and plugins are available for purchase at just $1.97 apiece.

Not only that, but GPL Plugins club does daily “Name Your Own Price” offers, allowing you to grab awesome plugins while paying whatever you feel is right.

Click here for updated pricing.

FAQS About WPLocker & GPL Themes

What Is WPLocker & How Does It Work?

WPLocker is a provider of free GPL themes and plugins. These themes normally cost money – if you buy them from their developers.

However, they are released under the GPL license. That means that technically, anyone can use them for free or even edit or redistribute them.

So, even though the developers can charge a fee when they sell it to you for the support they provide, they can’t really stop websites like WPLocker from providing the script and code for free.

Are GPL Theme Sites Legal?

Surprisingly, yes. WordPress has only been able to turn into the success that it is because it bases itself on the GPL license.

GPL stands for General Public License.

As part of the WordPress framework, WordPress plugins and themes are usually released under the GPL license as well. That means that, technically, you can take them and give them away for free or resell them.

Sometimes, certain parts of a theme may not be released under the GPL license. Therefore, it’s important to download GPL themes and plugins from trustworthy repositories.

What Is a Nulled Theme Or Plugin?

Sometimes, you will see these free GPL items referred to as nulled themes or plugins. That’s because many plugins require a license key to work properly.

To get around that, the owners of GPL sites have to “null” the theme or plugin and create a bypass so that it works without a license or registration key. The plugin might still ask you for one, but it will still work, even if you don’t have one.

Are GPL Repositories Safe?

Not always. Many times, they are not safe at all.

You have to ask yourself why anyone would take the trouble to set up a GPL repository, buy plugins and themes from the original developers, and then give them away for free, without getting anything in return.

Nobody does that unless they get something out of it. If the GPL site is entirely free, the owner is probably cooking up something shady.

In those cases, the GPL repository site owner might have altered the code of the theme to insert malware, ads, or redirects. So, when you install the theme, it might steal your information, or it might show ads on your site without your permission.

That’s why it’s preferable to get these GPL themes and plugins from sites that charge a small fee for a membership or at least ask you for donations. That way, they get something in return for all their work without needing to rely on shady business practices, making them more trustworthy.

Otherwise, your site will be prone to viruses and malware. That’s why you need to stay away from sites that are entirely free, like WPLocker.

Finally, do be aware that when downloading GPL themes and plugins, you won’t be able to get any technical support from the developer, though the GPL repository may provide some sort of support. Some GPL sites provide updated versions of existing themes when new updates come out.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best WPLocker Alternative?

I recommend GPLDL, as it is mostly free but also makes money through donations. If you need something a bit more trustworthy, try an alternative like Andy Sozot.

At the end of the day, using nulled licenses always comes with some level of risk, so do be aware of those risks before deciding to use GPL plugins or themes.