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25 Best Cartoon Zoom Backgrounds 2022

A great thing about Zoom is that you can hide your background and replace it with a virtual background. This is ideal if you have to make Zoom video calls from the comfort of your home, and yet you don’t want your home to be visible to others.

In this post, you will find 25 of the best cartoon Zoom backgrounds that are easy to download and add to Zoom as your background.

Any of these backgrounds will fit a wide range of video call needs so you can set one in only minutes and join your next call without a hassle.

Best Cartoon Zoom Backgrounds

Cartoon backgrounds make a perfect choice for casual meetings, video conferences where you’ll be meeting kids, or calls where such a theme is a great fit.

And if that’s the occasion, any of these cartoon Zoom backgrounds will make the right choice, and it’s only up to you to find the one (or a couple) you like the most!

1. The Simpsons Living Room Background

The Simpsons is one of the most known cartoons worldwide, and if you’re looking to replace your actual background of a bedroom or a living room, this background of the Simpsons’ living room makes a great choice.

It comes with the cartoon’s elements that are easy to recognize to every Simpsons fan or even an occasional watcher. By positioning yourself in the middle, you will showcase most of the background and yet might even look like you’re sitting on the most famous couch from the cartoon.

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2. Family Guy Living Room Background

Family Guy is another famous cartoon, and if you’ve recognized this cartoon from the background image without reading the title, you’re a true fan.

The famous purple couch, a simple living room layout, and a TV in the corner are the elements that really make this background, and if you position yourself slightly to the right, you’ll be able to showcase most of them.

You might even look like you’re sitting on the couch, which will look pretty cool because you might look like you’re in a cartoon during your Zoom video call.

3. Winnie the Pooh Treehouse Background

If you’re a true Winnie the Pooh cartoon fan, there’s no better background to use on your Zoom video calls than this one.

In this background, you can see Winnie Pooh’s treehouse represented in a very artistic way that’s pleasant to the eye and yet won’t be a distraction during the video calls.

You also can position yourself anywhere without blocking way too many elements since there aren’t many, yet elements are simple and repetitive. The colors are bright, so you won’t blend into the background as long as you wear something dark.

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4. Rick and Morty, Rick’s Garage Background

When you’re a true fan of Rick and Morty and you want a background that only other true fans will be able to recognize, you’re looking at the most suitable pick.

This background is Rick’s garage from the cartoon, and even though it looks like a mess with too many elements, it won’t cause too much of a distraction to others, and other Rick and Morty cartoon fans will appreciate it.

With so many smaller elements and darker colors, you can position yourself anywhere without worrying about blocking any of the important elements. Also, you get to look like you’re in Rick’s actual garage, which will always look cool when you show up in any Zoom video call.

5. Screaming Sun Background

Bright and colorful backgrounds are always one way to show your love for cartoons, and the Screaming Sun background from Rick and Morty’s cartoon is a great choice.

This background showcases many areas since it’s pictured in-depth, so you’ll feel and look like you’re outside in the valley wherever you position yourself.

Along with mountains, trees, and water, other important elements include the screaming sun and Rick and Morty cartoon characters. You might want to position yourself slightly to the right, so you don’t block the most important elements.

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6. Unicorn Background

Finding a simple cartoonish Zoom background that won’t draw too much attention to you and yet won’t be a distraction can be tricky, but if that’s what you’re looking for, this is one of the best picks if you are into unicorns.

This unicorn background features very few elements, yet it has a nice fade background color, clouds, and of course, the unicorn symbols.

Keeping yourself to the right or left will help you showcase all background elements and yet still stand out from the background, no matter what you’re wearing.

7. Bobs Burgers Background

Bobs Burgers’ background features the elements of a famous burger restaurant from the cartoon, with the main characters displayed.

This is one of the rare backgrounds where you can position yourself in the middle without blocking any important elements. This background won’t be a distraction with bright and colorful elements, but it will be a great attraction to every Zoom video call you join.

Even though you will look like you’re in the middle of a restaurant, all of the elements won’t be a distraction, and you’ll get plenty of attention and comments whenever you join a Zoom video call. You also get to wear any color without being afraid of blending into the background.

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8. Rick and Morty House Background

Since Rick and Morty is one of the most well-known cartoons, it’s needless to say that if you show up with Rick and Morty’s house as your background on Zoom, every true fan will recognize it.

This background showcases the house, with the garage door open and the character standing in the front yard. If you position yourself slightly to the left, you’ll be able to showcase all elements, and the background won’t be a distraction to anyone in the video call.

Since the background is full of bright colors, you can easily stand out from the background by wearing darker colors.

9. Office Cartoon Background

If you’re looking for any cartoon background to replace your current room background, this is one of the most iconic backgrounds you can use.

In this background, you’ll find yourself in the standard office that includes office elements such as a whiteboard, a desk with a laptop, an office chair, office supplies, furniture, and others.

Wherever you position yourself, you won’t be blocking too many elements, and since the background is based on a darker color palette, you won’t have to worry about it being too overwhelming for others in the Zoom call.

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10. Sunny Island Background

Cartoon backgrounds come in all types and colors and if you’re looking for an overly positive and relaxing cartoon background, this might be the right choice.

This cartoon background is based on a sunny island vibe where only a couple of colors are used to portray the sky with no clouds, sun, sea, beach, palm trees, and other elements.

The best thing about this theme is that you can position yourself anywhere without overly worrying about blocking too much of it, and it is a great fit for any type of Zoom video meeting. However, with so many bright colors, keep in mind that wearing darker clothes works better for this background.

11. Skyscraper Office Background

Simple cartoon backgrounds are often the best choice to have a ready background for any type of video meeting, and this is one such background.

Here, you will find an office that’s up high in the skyscraper and even though there aren’t too many elements in the background, everyone can tell you’re in an office.

There are plenty of windows with a darker color scheme inside the office including elements such as a desk, office chair, couch, and a chair that really create a great contrast.

So you can position yourself anywhere in the theme and you can almost wear clothing of any color without worrying about blending into the background.

12. Cartoon Bathroom Background

Funny cartoon backgrounds always make a great choice for a casual Zoom video meeting and if that’s what you’re looking for, this is one of the backgrounds that would be a perfect fit.

On this background, you’ll find elements such as tiles, a toilet seat, a bathtub, curtains, a mirror, and a couple of other elements that will give you the idea of being in a fancy bathroom.

With the right choice of vivid colors, you’ll be a fun addition to any Zoom meeting you show up for and you won’t have to worry about positioning yourself correctly since the background is pretty versatile.

13. Rocket on the Moon Background

If you’re a big fan of space, the moon, rocket ships, and the galaxy, you’ll love this background since it’s based on a moon theme in a cartoon version.

Therefore, you’ll find really detailed elements such as the moon, a rocket that has landed on the moon, the Earth in the distance, stars, galaxies, and other planets.

Since this background is based on darker colors, you won’t be a distraction even if you show up for Zoom meetings late at night. Yet thanks to the simplicity of the background, you can position yourself right in the middle of the background to fit in well.

14. Candy Background

Candy makes an ideal cartoon Zoom background because candy is often colorful, comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s pretty to just look at.

That’s exactly what you will get with this background as it includes plenty of different candy elements that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. And when you look at the background for a bit longer, you’ll notice that this is actually a field full of candy.

Beware that this theme might make you or anyone in the Zoom meeting crave something sweet, yet you won’t have to worry about positioning yourself since you won’t be blocking too many elements.

15. City Background

Loving the feel of a city can be easily translated into a cartoon city background that won’t distract or attract too much attention on Zoom calls, yet will still look pretty.

This city background features elements of a street, sidewalk, a bridge, lots of buildings in the distance, trees, a van, and other smaller elements. All of these represent some of the things you can find in any city so even though it’s not representing a specific city, it can be any city in your mind.

With the light gray color scheme being the main color, you can wear almost anything without blending into the background, and you can position yourself anywhere without blocking too many elements.

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16. Park in a City Background

Parks are always one of the most peaceful places you can go in a busy city where you can still get the best of both worlds, a piece of quietness, and yet still look at the city. That’s exactly what this theme is representing.

With elements of grass, trees, and a city line of buildings in the distance, you can feel and see yourself being in the park facing the city the moment you put this background on your Zoom.

There are vivid colors that are matched well so there won’t be any distractions in your Zoom video calls.

17. Building Site Background

Being at the building site can pump your creative juices since you get to be one of the first to see how everything comes together, and that’s exactly what this cartoon building site background represents.

It’s a background where you are placed in the middle of the building site with constructions around, dust and sand, tools, equipment, a crane, and other elements that mean work in progress.

The city line of the building is further in the distance so wherever you place yourself, you’ll feel and look like a part of the building site, which will always make you the one with the most interesting background on your Zoom calls.

18. Simple Space Background

When you’re looking for the simplest and cutest cartoon background, this space Zoom background is a great choice.

Here, you can see a background that’s pictured in space, with planets in the distance, surrounded by stars, and a purple night color theme.

You can place yourself anywhere without blocking anything from the background and yet a combination of such warm colors won’t be a distraction, which makes this background suitable for any type of Zoom video meeting.

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19. Chill Park Background

There’s nothing more relaxing than being in the park, but if you can’t be in one because you have a Zoom video meeting, this background is the next best thing you can have.

This background is full of green-themed elements such as grass, trees, and a valley, where the city is visible in the distance. Combined with the sun, a nice small path, and a bench, you will feel and look as if you were in a park instead of a Zoom video call.

You also get to position yourself right in the middle of the background without blocking any of the elements.

20. Sponge Bob Underwater Cafe Background

One of the most famous cartoons is SpongeBob Squarepants and if you loved all scenes from the underwater cafe, this is the background for you.

In this background, you get to be inside the underwater cafe where you’re surrounded by all famous elements from the cartoon, including characters.

It’s a bit tricky positioning yourself in this background without blocking important elements, but you won’t have to worry about the blending in the theme since the color scheme is decent.

Almost everyone will be able to recognize this background and it won’t attract too much attention on its own.

21. Empty Lawn Background

Simple cartoon backgrounds are always a great choice if you are unsure what background to use for a certain Zoom video meeting, and that’s why this makes a perfect choice.

This is a background that features an empty lawn with a fence, tree, houses, a bit of sky, and lots of grass. With such a great color mix and the simplicity of the elements, you can position yourself anywhere and still have a relaxing background behind you that won’t grab attention.

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22. Beach Background

Another characteristic cartoon background of a beach provides plenty of vivid and warm colors that go well together, yet doesn’t make it hard for you to stand out in any of your Zoom video meetings.

Here, you will have elements of the sea, beach, coconut trees, surfboards, and a couple of others to match the relaxing and chill vibe, suitable for almost any type of Zoom call occasion.

You get to position yourself anywhere without having to worry about blocking much of the background since it’s wisely designed. However, wearing something darker will make a much better choice so you don’t blend into the colorful color scheme.

23. Beauty and the Beast Background

Beauty and the Beast is a very well-known cartoon and if it’s one of your favorite cartoons, this just might be the right background for your Zoom.

The Beauty and the Beast background showcases the famous staircase where you can see both Beauty and the Beast at the top of the stairs. By positioning yourself slightly to the left or right, you get to keep all of the important elements clear.

With a darker color scheme, you will easily stand out from the background and you won’t have to worry about distracting others in the Zoom video call.

24. The Little Mermaid Background

The Little Mermaid can make a great background for any Zoom video occasion since it’s very colorful, attractive, and yet even though it’s not distracting, it can help you get just the right amount of attention when you show up.

Elements such as the Little Mermaid herself, the rocks, and the rest of the background complete the look and will make you feel like you’re in the cartoon yourself.

The only downside is that you’ll need to position yourself strictly to the left or to the right if you want to keep the main character visible during your Zoom video call.

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25. SpongeBob SquarePants Background

When you aren’t sure which background to go with, and you like watching SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons, this might be the best option for you.

This background is based around Squidward and his restaurant, where you will find yourself in front of the restaurant with Squidward right next to you if you position yourself slightly to the right.

Many bright and vivid colors accurately represent the same style, restaurant, and character from the cartoon, which means you will attract eyes wherever you show up with this background.

However, keep in mind that wearing something darker would go much better with this background as it will help you stand out.

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With so many different and stylish cartoon backgrounds, it won’t be hard to find, not one, but a couple of backgrounds you could save to your computer and use whenever you wish.

Each of these cartoon Zoom backgrounds is unique and great, so since there’s no best choice, it’s up to you to choose the background you like and prefer the most.

Since you can’t go wrong, you can save as many as you wish and change between them even when you’re in a Zoom video call, as it only takes a few seconds.