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30 Best Grinch Zoom Backgrounds 2022

Online meetings can be dull and unresponsive, especially when discussing boring graphs and statistics. Everyone gets tired of trying to grasp all the numbers and data presented.

It will make it hard to keep participants active for long. That’s why you need a distraction that’ll breathe some life into the meeting.

A Grinch zoom background will do the trick. Whether you and your Zoom meeting attendees feel grumpy or just need something to change the atmosphere, here are Grinch backgrounds to bring some cheer to everyone’s face.

Our Top 30 Picks of Grinch Zoom Backgrounds

1. Funny Grinch

The Grinch’s face represents humor. Don’t make your Zoom meeting all serious, as it might bore members, making them lose focus. It’s good to sneak in a joke or two.

Using this funny Grinch face as your background may just light up your team’s mood and capture their attention. Everyone may try to imagine you making that face, which makes it even funnier.

This face is relatable, especially if you are bored during a session probably because of the topic’s complexity or something else. This background may just break the monotony and encourage interaction during a virtual session.

2. The Grinch Having a Large Meal

In this picture, the Grinch is having a huge meal after realizing that he will always be alone. Whether the Grinch feels lonely, hungry, or stressed, this background sums it up; he’s treating himself to a large sumptuous meal and doesn’t care who might be looking.

After a lengthy Zoom meeting, one may need such a meal to feel better. Using this picture as your background will help to keep a smile on everyone’s face.

It may also make people look forward to the end of the meeting to grab something to eat. It’s a clever way to keep everyone focused knowing that a break is around the corner. This background might work well during Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday.

3. The Grinch Waking Up

This is almost everyone’s face every morning when the alarm rings. You are like, “Oh it’s a new day!” and mad at the same time that your sleep is cut short.

During the holidays, no one anticipates getting out of bed, especially to work. Using this as your background represents your mood.

While you are active in the meeting, all you want is to go back to bed because it’s a holiday. This is the time you feel very violated to work.

This backdrop will have you and your colleagues laughing as you relate to the picture. It helps keep the meeting lively.

4. Green Baby Grinch

Spicing up a Zoom meeting entails more than just conversations. The picture shows the sad-looking baby Grinch seated with an ugly stare.

The stare itself is frightening and may prompt some people in the meeting to get scared. It will bring tension as some scared people cannot stand giving it a second look.

It may just be the perfect distraction to bring about in a meeting; therefore, easing tension on the topic being discussed will give people mental breaks.

5. Wrecking the Classroom’s Decorations

After the Who children laugh at the Grinch for his inability to shave his face, it irritates him so much that he decides to smash the holiday decorations in a classroom. He also lifts a big Christmas tree and wants to throw it.

This background creates a fun vibe for everyone who looks at the picture. Mentally, it may help enhance the mood of the Zoom meeting. While some people may look at it and feel freaked out, others may laugh at the scared people, refreshing concentration.

6. Grinch with a Pillow Over His Head

The Grinch with a pillow over his head photo background can make people remember a nightmare they once had and cause them to freak out.

Use it in your Zoom meeting as your background to drive people crazy with wild spooky imaginations and memories.

The yellow eyes and the ugly face gesture can quickly instill fear and laughter in attendees. It can be the perfect tool to reduce the tension in a lengthy online meeting.

7. Talking to Grinch

If you want to turn a serious meeting into a fun and relaxed session, this Talking to Grinch background will not let you down. In the photo, you can see the Grinch moving close to Cindy Lou Who and trying to instill fear and create dominance over her.

You may be in a meeting with your work colleagues, friends, or even family. Placing this as your background photo will most likely make some of your meeting participants nervous.

It will bring up different emotions from many members present, making the meeting more lively when they express their feelings.

8. Grinch Chills in the Lair

If you want to turn a serious meeting into a fun and relaxed session, the Grinch Chills in the Lair background will not let you down. In the photo, you can observe the body language of the Grinch. He looks relaxed but attentive and ready to do something mischievous.

You may be in a meeting with your work colleagues, friends, or even family. Placing this as your background photo will most likely trigger an instinct from some members.

It will bring up different emotions from many members present, making the meeting more lively when they express their feelings.

9. Invader Alert

A meeting without some fun in the middle is boring. Spice up your Zoom meeting by using an invader alert photo as your background and have the meeting go wild.

The photo has a glowing light right below an intruder sign signifying someone has trespassed into that area. Trespassing into an area is a serious offense, and this will have people thinking of all kinds of mischief they can get into.

This image attracts everyone’s attention quickly. People might start wondering, who could be the intruder in today’s meeting? They might even start suspecting each other. It’s a powerful way to create some fun and instill alertness in an online group session.

10. Eating a Plate

One of the best possible ways to bring forth fun and break the monotony without opening your mouth is by using this image as a background photo. The photo has baby Grinch forcing an innocent look on his face after doing something he knew was wrong.

Some people may say he looks cute, while others may say he looks ugly, but you’ll have accomplished your mission of creating a distraction during the debate.

Try this background photo and you won’t be disappointed.

11. Shocked Grinch

The Grinch is obviously surprised in this picture. Is he watching a scene in a horror movie or just thinking about what someone told him earlier? Either way, the look on his face can surely cause a stir in your upcoming Zoom meeting.

You can prepare this for your team, especially when you intend to communicate something new. The background makes everyone curious to know what you might say next.

12. Shaving The Mayor’s Head

So, the Grinch decided to shave the mayor’s head in the town square. And not just that, he made sure he shaved it right down the middle… on Christmas Eve.

Shaving the mayor’s head is a backdrop you can use to drive your audience crazy with laughter. It can bring discussions to life after a good laugh. Sometimes you need a little humor to keep the ideas flowing.

Holding successful Zoom meetings can be challenging as many people will have already switched into the holiday mood. But with such a background, you can make them come back to work in a snap.

13. Grumpy Grinch

The Grinch is mostly judged for being grumpy, but his personality is relatable. The bulging eyes and the angry face are as scary as they are entertaining. Mr. Grinch looks cornered and clearly irritable.

This is the look you give when it’s your birthday or Christmas and you realize there’s a lot of incomplete work on your desk.

Use this as your background to make everyone’s day. Members might be left wondering whether this is how you were before the meeting or could there be something serious you want to communicate to them? The image will make everyone attentive and happy at the same time.

14. Christmas Dinner

It’s Christmas dinner and the turkey is ready. Who is serving? Mr. Grinch. But you aren’t at home.

That’s the feeling you get when Christmas finds you away from home. You miss the family reunion, the fun, and the sumptuous meals that mum and grandma make.

Using this Christmas dinner as a backdrop will help you express yourself and spread the feeling of the holidays to your audiences during the Grinch meeting.

15. Grinch Stealing Christmas Presents

When it’s Christmas, and you can’t be with your loved ones, it’s good to let them know that you share the festive spirit with them despite the distance.

As you deal with other matters away from home, you’ll need to talk to your family more often to catch up.

Why not lighten the mood with a Grinch Zoom backdrop showing the sneaky Mr. Grinch trying to sneak in on your Christmas presents. I bet everyone will forget your absence and join the laughter and celebration. This sneaky Grinch will turn the gloom into cheer in no time.

16. The Grinch Carving The Roast Beast

Isn’t turkey yummy? There is no festive party without good turkey. Imagine having a little party in the meeting room and you are the one serving the turkey.

The face made by the Grinch is priceless. It shows joy and anticipation to dig into the meat.

This background will have everyone glued to the screen until the end. The focus is all on the yummy turkey. No one will even notice as time goes by.

Use this background to capture your team’s concentration during virtual sessions. It’s a perfect backdrop during someone’s birthday or even during Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday. Everyone will be productive and the meeting will be a success.

17. Grinch Listening to Music

The Grinch listening to music through headphones is a rare spectacle. That’s why you should make it a background of your upcoming Zoom meeting. Looking at the way the Grinch has posed, immersing himself in the groove is the most hilarious part.

Nobody pictures you listening to music, especially if you have a leadership position at work. Then they see you addressing them over such a backdrop.

One look at their faces and you’ll figure out the kind of images they have about you – a cool background for the coolest team leader.

18. The Grinch Returns Christmas

The Grinch is known to steal Christmas, but here, he seems to have finally decided to return it. This picture instantly creates a festive mood.

Using this as your Zoom background creates a gifting atmosphere. It motivates you and your colleagues to be generous during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The size of the gift doesn’t matter but the gesture does. It is a sign to the people close to you that you love and appreciate them.

It makes it look like a Christmas season, reminding us of Santa’s gifts. This background will leave everyone feeling more generous.

19. The Grinch Appears Near a Christmas Parade

So far, we have witnessed many situations where the Grinch dislikes Christmas. But in this case, he looks interested in what’s going on and wants to be part of the Christmas parade. No one expects the Grinch to sit on a vehicle’s exterior and be near people on Christmas.

He appears to be waving at people or stopping someone from taking a photo of him. The shock on his face shows that he didn’t expect that.

A background of the Grinch dressed in a Christmas attire and a belt can send mixed feelings among the audience of a virtual meeting. Whatever people think of this background, it’ll leave them focused on the screen, ready to engage in any agenda of that day. It’s a mood booster as well.

20. What’s Mr. Grinch Up To Now?

A serious meeting held virtually can be tense if you don’t do something about it – like using this Grinch backdrop. Mr. Grinch is up to something here. See the devious smile on his face? Whatever it is, it’s not good.

This backdrop will make people laugh so hard that they’ll forget that they are in a meeting. It is one of the best ways to lift their spirits up, especially when they’re racking their brains to find a solution to a problem. A little laughter will stimulate their brains to come up with fresh ideas and solutions.

21. The Fridge Raid

This photo of the Grinch raiding the fridge is relatable whenever you get late-night hunger pains. There is something about opening an empty fridge and missing food during those cravings that can make you cry.

This Grinch photo can be used as a Zoom background during the holiday season. Your Zoom partner(s) will surely be left wondering what kind of Christmas finds the fridge looking that empty like in the image.

22. Christmas in Whoville

Whoville is a fictional town occupied by the Whos who cheerfully celebrate the Christmas holidays. See how the glowing lights are attached to almost all the structures. They indicate a festive mood all over the city.

It looks beautiful and most people wouldn’t mind spending Christmas there. If you want to brighten up a dull meeting, try this image as your background.

This Zoom background will bring about a festive vibe that will lighten up your audience’s mood.

23. His Heart Grows Three Sizes

You can use this Grinch background to create a stir during Zoom meetings during a festive Christmas season.

The Grinch is looking shocked as he lies down in the snow. Something’s not quite right. That’s how the Grinch acts before bursting out in tears. His heart grows three sizes and he doubles over in pain as he yells out crying.

This image of a perplexed Grinch as your background can cause a little confusion among colleagues and friends, adding more fun and excitement to the meeting.

24. A Brilliant Idea

The Grinch is annoyed at the growing festive cheer in Whoville. So he decides that he will steal Christmas. He thinks the idea is great and smiles in a devilish way as he plans his next move.

His smile indicates he’s up to no good. You can use this image as your background if you had agreed on something with someone but you feel like making them have doubts.

Also, using this image as your Zoom background may leave your audience wondering what it is that you are planning that they don’t know of. Simply put, it’ll make them attentive, waiting for you to break the news.

25. The Grinch Steals The Star Off Of The Tree

This iconic image captures the Grinch stealing the Christmas tree star topper ready to toss it into the bag and leave.

Christmas is all about sharing rather than stealing. Some people may be confused about your views on Christmas when you use this background during virtual meetings.

26. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

The Grinch appears to be talking to Cindy Lou Who in her house. He had earlier stolen the Christmas tree from Cindy and is now deceiving her that he’s going to fix its lights at the workshop.

The Grinch seems convincing, yet his intentions are not so nice. He makes Cindy Lou Who believe a lie and takes advantage of her.

This Zoom background may bring some nervous energy to a meeting as people will think you’re out to trick them. You can use it to get their attention.

27. Two Sizes Too Small

One reason the Grinch hates Whoville and all the Whos is that his heart is ‘’two sizes too small’’. You can say he has a bit less love than the rest of the people.

During a festive period when people show each other love, you can shift the mood by using this image as your Zoom background. Your audience may be bemused by your choice to reflect the Grinch’s tiny heart.

28. The Creepy Grinch

We know Mr. Grinch is a thief. This photo shows him walking like he’s up to one of his mischievous activities. He’s probably going to steal the Christmas tree.

If you want to cause a bit of distraction in your Zoom meeting, this may be the perfect background. It will make your colleagues or friends imagine creepy thoughts that will definitely unsettle them.

You can also pretend to be the Grinch on a secret mission to kill the holiday cheer in one of your online interactions. You’ll leave your audience to ask what you’re up to, thus sparking an interactive online discussion.

29. The Grinch Posing as Santa

The Grinch is always cunning and tricky. He also has a sour attitude, a wicked temper, and terrible judgment.

Here, he appears to be talking in a dramatic way with his hands fixed to the waist dressed as Santa Claus. He looks like he is convincing someone of something or narrating an ordeal.

In meetings where you look to plead with people on a topic, this image can be an interesting background to achieve that.

30. The Grinch Sets The Christmas Tree Ablaze

Ruining a good moment is second nature to the Grinch. In this photo, he is setting ablaze a perfectly decorated Christmas tree. It shows the level that he will go to just to make sure nobody enjoys Christmas.

If you want to turn a relaxed meeting into a wild and crazy session, this image of the Grinch setting a Christmas tree on fire won’t let you down.

In Conclusion

These Grinch Zoom backdrops can make your meetings productive and lively. Even when the atmosphere is tense, using them will help cool things down and lighten up the mood.

Sometimes participants need some motivation to turn things around for the better, and our backdrops can provide this and more.