BeMob Review, Pricing & Promo Code

BeMob Review, Pricing & Promo Code

Digital advertising is currently one of the best ways of promoting and drawing attention to a business, content, event, etc. on the internet.

People advertise on different platforms, including websites, blogs, applications, and social media platforms. Statistics show that total digital advertising annual spend is expected to exceed $646 billion by the year 2024.

Advertising is quite simple; you place paid content on online platforms to create awareness. However, to get the most out of your advertising campaigns you need to track, monitor, and analyze all your campaigns.

Launching ads on the internet without tracking them is like going on a journey without a travel guide. Fortunately, you can make use of an ad tracking software like BeMob.

This BeMob review will show you how it works, its features, pricing plans, promo codes, and some alternatives.

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What Is BeMob?

BeMob is an ad tracking platform that enables digital advertisers to create ads that meet their advertising goals.

It is owned and was founded by Adweb Media, a renowned digital marketing company based in the Czech Republic. The platform was founded in 2015 and has since then attracted thousands of users.

With the BeMob ad tracking software, you can manage your ad campaigns across top online traffic sources. The aim is that advertisers can boost their profits using the detailed reports generated.

Also, BeMob is ideal for performance marketing, as it features several traffic managing parameters.

Some of BeMob’s key features include real-time data reporting, live monitoring of ad campaigns, and quick landing page testing to rate ad performances.

Another exciting perk about BeMob is its data security feature, which prevents your competitors from spying on you. With BeMob’s cloud-based technologies, you get to experience top speed with reliable servers.

Specifically, BeMob uses a sixth sense technology, which makes the software more automated. With their sixth sense technology, it monitors ads to discover the most profitable ones for users.

Who Is BeMob For? Who Can Benefit?

As an ad tracking software, BeMob is not limited to any specific set of users because anyone can advertise on the internet. However, the following users can benefit the most from BeMob:

  • Online businesses: If you run a product or store online, you need ads to reach your target customers.
  • Digital marketers: Digital marketers are tasked with generating leads and building brand awareness; hence, they need a safe affiliate tracking software like BeMob.
  • Organizations: Government, NGO, and non-profit organizations that run ads to reach a target audience.
  • Entertainers: Musicians, artists, and other entertainers who wish to draw attention to their works via digital advertising can benefit from using BeMob.
  • Influencers: For influencers, a real-time tracking tool like BeMob will help them to analyze their outreach potential.

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How BeMob Works?

BeMob is an automated platform that requires minimal human efforts. It features preconfigured ad sources. All you have to do is to choose the ad source you wish to track and then edit the preconfigured settings based on your preferences.

If the ad source you wish to track is not listed among the preconfigured ones, you can manually add it yourself or contact the BeMob support team to do so. They’ll get it done within 10 minutes.

Once your ad sources are set up with the right parameters, you can start tracking your ad campaigns. All the features are laid out as tabs on the dashboard menu.

How To Get Started With BeMob?

Like other ad tracking software, the first step of setting up your BeMob account is getting registered. BeMob features a 2-step registration process; the first requires entering your personal details while the second requires setting up your account currency and connecting to your social media handles.

Although you can start with a free trial, you are required to enter your billing info, which can either be a credit card or PayPal information. After registration is done, you will be directed to your account dashboard.

From your dashboard, you can set up ad traffic sources, affiliate networks, landing pages, and offers to track. You can create ad campaigns from the Campaigns tab in the dashboard menu.

Traffic Targeting With BeMob

To maximize the profits from your advertising campaigns, you can use BeMob to traffic-target a specific audience. As you set up your traffic sources – using preconfigured templates or manually – you can traffic-target using paths.

You can set up two different types of traffic targeting paths on BeMob, including the default path and a rule-based path. Of the two, the rule-based path is the best for traffic targeting.

Rules need to be set for this function to be active. For each rule, there are various targeting conditions including device type, browser type, country, region, city, language, day, mobile carrier, IP address, and more.

Tracking Traffic With BeMob

BeMob allows you to track several ad events. Events, in this case, refers to clicks, views, etc. You can also track impressions though they are not counted as events.

By default, BeMob automatically tracks your ad events; hence, you don’t have to configure the settings. But for impressions, you have to check the Track Impressions checkbox when you create your campaigns.

For conversion tracking, the insights you get depends entirely on the traffic source as different traffic sources require different conversion tracking methods.

Notably, BeMob supports Tracking Pixels. This is a cookie-based tracking option for traffic sources that only supports client-side pixel conversion tracking.

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BeMob Templates

As mentioned earlier, BeMob features several preconfigured ad source templates. There’s a template for every ad source that is incorporated on the BeMob platform.

You can access these templates from your account dashboard by clicking on the Traffic Sources tab and then select New Template.

Browse through the list to locate your ideal ad source or enter a keyword to search. On the next page, you’ll find the template settings. The templates settings are divided into two sections; Postback settings and Parameter settings.

Each preconfigured template comes with correct preconfigured settings, so you don’t have to reset them. After saving the template, it appears on your template list, and you can add it when creating new campaigns.

BeMob Domains & Servers

BeMob utilizes 11 ultra-fast Amazon data centers across the world to ensure that no traffic is lost.

As an active user, you get a default tracking domain which is free but shared with other users. However, there’s a high risk of your campaigns being flagged down by traffic sources.

Moreover, traffic sources may view the custom tracking domain as malicious because the traffic is affected by every user sharing the domain. To avoid this, you’ll need a custom domain.

To connect a custom domain to BeMob servers for tracking, all you have to do is to add it as a subdomain or a subdirectory. Of the two, the subdomain method is more comfortable and recommended.


There are three available modes of redirecting on BeMob, which include: Meta redirects, Double Meta redirects, and 302 redirects. The modes work differently and depend on the campaign destination point.

Meta redirects will redirect visitors to a different page whose URL is included in the <head> tag of the HTML of the page, which is loaded initially.

Double Meta redirects just like the Meta redirects only that it is executed twice; it is ideal for hiding traffic sources. However, it can be prolonged as the browser will reload twice before reaching the destination page.

302 redirects are the standard model for directing visitors to a particular landing page. As you create tracking Flows, you can set any of these redirects from the Flow settings.

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BeMob Bot Blacklisting

To avoid getting traffic from bot sources, it is ideal that you blacklist bot traffic on the BeMob platform.

Interestingly, BeMob can automatically detect and classify bot traffic separately in its generated reports. It separates bot impressions, bot visits, and bot clicks from the unique ones.

However, some bots have been designed to act like humans so that they may bypass the automatic bot blacklisting feature. Thankfully, BeMob features a Manual Bot Blacklisting tool for you to block suspected bot traffic manually.

This is done by using blocking filters, including IP addresses, referrers, user agents, etc.

BeMob Split Testing

With BeMob, you can carry out conversion tests or postback tests on your campaigns. To do so, you should create a new traffic source template for a particular ad source and then copy the postback URL.

Next, you head over to your ad source publisher account to install the BeMob postback URL and then copy the generated tracking URL.

From your BeMob dashboard, visit the offers tab and create a new offer by entering the tracking URL and BeMob’s click ID. Finally, create a campaign with the new offer, and you’ll get the conversion report from the Reports tab.

By carrying out the same procedure for a different ad source template or same template with different settings, you can compare both conversions to see which comes out on top. The process is a bit lengthy, but it gives worthwhile results.

BeMob Notifications And Updates

For real-time notification, BeMob features an email notification feature that ensures that you do not miss any significant changes or trends during your advertising campaigns.

Additionally, BeMob provides timely updates to keep the software up to date. In fact, BeMob developers make improvements almost every week to increase productivity. The updates are automatically installed.

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BeMob Landing Pages

You can make use of Landing Pages on BeMob for redirecting traffic. However, BeMob does not feature any hosting solution at the moment, so you’ll have to host your landing pages externally.

After creating your landing page with an external host, you can add it to your BeMob dashboard for tracking. To add landing pages, click on the Landings tab from the menu, and select New.

Next, you should enter the landing page name and set the country if you wish to track a specific audience. If not, the target country is global by default.

If you have to add many Landing pages, you can skip using the New Landing Page feature and use the Landing Import feature. This Import feature is also accessible from the Landings section.

You can enter the Landing page name and URL using the specified format and then click on Import. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of landing pages you can import.

BeMob Security

For account security, BeMob features a two-factor (2FA) authentication security protocol. This can be activated from the Security menu under the Settings section from your BeMob dashboard.

The 2FA security protocol works with Google Authenticator, so you must install the Google Authenticator mobile application on your device.

Backup codes are generated for emergency purposes, and you should copy and store these codes somewhere safe.

A free SSL certificate is issued for all custom domains connected to BeMob so that you can serve your pages in HTTPS. It is an automatic process that is activated within one hour after adding the custom domain.

If you subscribe to the Professional, Business, or Enterprise Plan, you can utilize the Multi-User access to add other admin accounts.

BeMob Reports

Delivering detailed reports is one of the vital BeMob features. From your dashboard, you get a visual report of your advertising campaigns.

The top section provides reports on visits, clicks, conversions, revenue, cost, profit, and ROI. Likewise, the ad campaigns are listed under the Statistics section, while the ad sources are listed in the Traffic Sources tab.

You can filter the reports using the Filter panel featured at the top-right corner. Plus, you can filter reports by time range, currency, and active/inactive campaigns.

However, these are joint reports for all your campaigns. To see reports for individual campaigns, you have to navigate to the Campaigns section.

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BeMob Third-party Integrations

BeMob integrates with several ad traffic sources. They include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Taboola Ads, AdsKeeper, ClickAdilla, Propeller Ads, ActiveRevenue, Clickadu, NoviClick, PopAds, and more.

In fact, these traffic sources are accessible as templates. That way, you can easily add any traffic source to your tracking campaigns provided you have an approved account.

For developers, BeMob features a REST API. This API uses access and secret keys to identify users, and all responses are in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. You can connect BeMob with your custom software solution or other third-party platforms to create campaigns, track ad campaigns, generate reports, and more.

BeMob Customer Support & Resources

BeMob provides several resources to assist users, such as a blog and help center. On the blog, you can get news and updates on every new action that BeMob takes. There are also user guides on several digital advertising strategies.

Their help center features more comprehensive guides on using the ad tracking software, software documentation, and discussion among BeMob users.

For direct support from the BeMob customer service team, you can reach them via email or live chat. Alternatively, you can submit a contact form. You can also write and send them a physical mail to their office address in the Czech Republic. Help can even be gotten on social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

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BeMob Pricing

There are four pricing plans available on BeMob, which include:

Basic Plan

The BeMob Basic Plan is free and attracts no payment. It is ideal for you if you are starting and you have a few advertising events to track.

Features of the Basic Plan include:

  • Three months of data retention
  • 100,000 events per month
  • $0.6 charge for over-limit per 1k events

Professional Plan

This plan costs $49 per month. It is the most affordable of all BeMob’s paid plans.

Here are features of the Professional Plan:

  • Six-month data retention
  • 1,000,000 events per month
  • $0.025 charge for over-limit per 1k events

Business Plan

BeMob Business Plan incorporates features that are suitable for medium and large scale businesses. It costs $249 per month.

Here are its features:

  • Nine-month data retention
  • 10,000,000 events per month
  • $0.013 charge for over-limit per 1k events

Enterprise Plan

This is the highest pricing plan on BeMob. It is ideal if you want all the platform has to offer. The Enterprise Plan costs $499 per month.

Here are the features of the Enterprise Plan:

  • 12-month data retention
  • 30,000,000 events per month
  • $0.01 charge for over-limit per 1k events

Note: With these various pricing plans, you can easily find one that suits your budget. However, pricing plans can change at any time. You can try BeMob for free for a limited period of 30 days before paying for a premium subscription.

As seen from each plan’s features, there is an overage charge for extra events and this charge, unlike the subscription plans, is to be paid by month-end.

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BeMob Promo Code

With a BeMob promo code, you can get a discount for a premium subscription payment. While registering a BeMob account, a field for Promo Code is typically displayed. So, you can simply insert your promo code for an automatic discount.

Here are some BeMob promo codes that you can use:

MobIdea BeMob Coupon Exclusive 25 Percent Discount

  • Promo Code: MOBIDEA

AffiliateWeapons BeMob 25 Percent Discount Coupon

  • Promo Code: AW25

CouponBirds BeMob $50 Bonus

  • Promo Code: ACTIVEREVENUE50

AffCoupon Avail 40% Discount Coupon

  • Promo Code: ACBEMOB

BeMob Ratings

Ease of Use

As an automated software with clearly laid out section menus, BeMob is easy to use. Some users argue that some of its section dashboards should have been better structured, so it is a 4 star out of 5 for it.


BeMob has all the necessary features for ad tracking. It only misses out on a few like a campaign split test tool and landing page builder. In this regard, BeMob receives 4.5 stars out of 5 on features.

Customer Service

Customer Service on BeMob is reliable, and you can get instant support with their live chat feature. Besides, the customer support service is very professional as their team comprises experts who are versatile regarding the workings of the BeMob software. It is 5 stars out of 5 here.

Value for Money

With the free version, you can enjoy BeMob without paying any money. This makes the software suitable for saving money, but if you’re going to run many advertising campaigns, you will surely need to use a paid plan. Hence, BeMob is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 for the value of money.

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BeMob Pros & Cons

BeMob Pros

  • Automated platform
  • Fast servers
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Preconfigured ad traffic sources templates
  • Reliable customer support and resources
  • Free account and 30-days free trial
  • Manual Bot Blacklister
  • Notifications and updates
  • Good security
  • Third-Party integration with ad traffic sources
  • BeMob API

BeMob Cons

  • Cannot be used to create landing pages
  • No phone support
  • Shared default domains
  • No direct split testing tool

Is BeMob Legit?

Several prospective users typically ask the question – is BeMob legit? To answer this question, we need to consider the BeMob company location and reliability.

In essence, BeMob is owned by Adweb Media, a company based in the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, BeMob has not been accused of illegal activities since its establishment in the year 2015.

To further answer the question – is BeMob legit? You should consider that thousands of people rely heavily on BeMob for ad tracking. Moreover, it is reliable software with efficient features.

BeMob Alternatives

Other similar platforms like BeMob out there include:

1. Voluum

Voluum is described as the all-in-one affiliate marketing software. You can use the platform to track, optimize, and automate your online advertising channels. The platform integrates with over 40 advertising networks.

This includes top networks like GoogleAds, Facebook Ads, Taboola, OutBrain, exoclick, and Propeller. Voluum is a one-stop solution because you control everything from one place.

It offers real-time tracking and you can track over 30 metrics at a time thanks to the superfast reporting feature. Furthermore, there’s an Advanced Traffic Distribution System with AI and Anti-Fraud Kit; all of these make Voluum a safe tracking software.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

2. RedTrack

You can use RedTrack as an alternative to BeMob if you’re a media buyer or affiliate. It supports tracking, managing, and optimizing not just on multiple channels, but also across devices and platforms.

Thanks to the in-depth reports you get from RedTrack, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rates, and optimize the right aspects of your funnel stages.

RedTrack is great if you value multi-user access. The platform allows you to easily share your results with other team members and vice versa; fostering collaboration.

This BeMob alternative integrates with a wide range of traffic management tools amongst others; you can connect them with just one click.

3. FunnelFlux

Thousands of successful affiliate marketers currently make use of the FunnelFlux platform. You can use the platform as a self-hosted tracker or cloud-hosted tracker. FunnelFlux aims to make the complexities of tracking easier.

Some of FunnelFlux’s selling features include blazing-fast redirects, flexible funnels and flows, limitless reporting, industry-leading JavaScript tracking, and useful integrations.

If you’re an advertising agency, you can take advantage of the multi-user access, full API, lifetime value tracking.

FunnelFlux is a great tool for performance marketing as the reports don’t leave any stone unturned. You can drill-down its reports using any metric as you’d like.

4. LeadDyno

LeadDyno has the tools you need to launch and grow affiliate marketing programs. It’s very easy to set up and use; you won’t need to employ any developer or programmer.

From your LeadDyno dashboard, you can easily track the campaign performance of your affiliates and you can employ automatic actions to boost your sales.

LeadDyno features simple and fast tools so you can effectively save time. Notably, the platform natively supports PayPal Mass Pay which makes it a lot easier for you to pay all your affiliates.

Furthermore, it integrates with some of the best eCommerce, email, and CRM tools.

5. Tune

Tune is a flexible SaaS solution you can use as an advertising network or as an affiliate. This BeMob alternative enables you to integrate and manage affiliates across the web.

Tune offers 99.9 percent uptime and with intuitive automation tools, you’ll always meet up your schedule.

It’s an excellent choice for server monitoring as you get customizable reports, dashboards, and exclusive interfaces for advertisers.

Wrap Up – BeMob Review

BeMob’s features and functionality boils down to three activities; track, analyze, and optimize. You can track your ad campaigns, analyze them, and use the generated reports to optimize the campaigns for increased profit.

Campaigns created on BeMob can be used to track ad traffic sources, affiliate networks, landing pages, and offers. Thanks to its automation technologies, the software is straightforward to use, and there are several pre-configured templates to apply.

Thankfully, you can use BeMob for free and monitor up to 100,000 events every month. If you decide to opt for a premium BeMob pricing plan, you can make use of any of the available promo codes that we mentioned earlier to get a discount.

Furthermore, BeMob provides security and protection, so your data cannot be breached by your competitors or cybercriminals.

To wrap up the BeMob review, it is an ideal platform for tracking your digital advertising campaigns.