Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives – 15 Best Picks of 2024

Gramhir, formerly known as Gramho, is an Instagram analysis and viewer tool that allows you to run analyses on different profiles. It allows you to check a profile’s popularity score, average likes and comments, time in between posts, and more.

While Gramhir is pretty good at what it does, there are many other alternatives to Gramhir like Path Social, Toolzu, Sweetagram, Social Monitor and others. The best Gramhir alternative is Inflact though. Besides offering first-rate analytics, Inflact is simple to use and offers useful features.

Not that Gramhir doesn’t have admirers, a good percentage of people use Gramhir to discover information about the posting activities of competitors who have been successful at growing their Instagram accounts.

The tool also helps analyzing your own profile. You can even browse profiles anonymously, without even having to create an Instagram account.

However, Gramhir isn’t always accurate – for example, it often doesn’t detect stories or videos a profile has posted, claiming the profile has no stories when it really does, making it less useful as an Instagram viewer tool.

Furthermore, while Gramhir has a tab for researching hashtags, it didn’t work – at least when I tried it. When entering a search term with a hashtag, like “#internetmarketing,” it just brought up a 404.

This is precisely why I chose to do this post. Let’s explore the alternatives to Gramhir I mentioned above, in detail. It will help us have more options at our disposal.

Best Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives

1. Inflact

The best alternative to Gramhir is Inflact. It offers a much broader range of information and data than Gramhir does.

Start by entering a username. You’ll first see basic information, such as the account’s number of posts, followers, and average user activity.

Average user activity is a metric that can help you determine how popular a profile really is and how much real engagement it gets. If a profile has a low user activity rate, it might have a lot of fake followers that it bought.

It also shows you the average number of posts the account publishes per day, week, and month. You’ll also see how those metrics have changed in the current month compared to previously.

There is a chart that shows the average number of posts that profile publishes based on weekday and time of day, and a similar chart that shows the average activity the account drives per weekday and time of day. Compare those two charts to see when the best times to post are.

There is another chart that displays the profile’s most popular post time and which days the account posts the most.

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Posting at the right time is critical for driving engagement, as it allows your post to be seen by more people. If you post at a time when fewer of your followers are online, you won’t get as much exposure.

However, the right post time depends on your target audience and niche. That’s why checking what successful influencers in your niche are doing and what time they are posting is so helpful.

You’ll see the top words the profile used in its captions in the last 100 posts, which you can copy if you are in a similar niche. You’ll also see the user’s top interests, based on matches in their captions and post descriptions.

Scroll down to see the user’s posts with the most comments. That allows you to see which posts drive the most engagement and interest.

Inflact’s Instagram Story Viewer shows you stories in real-time. Not only that, but there is a download button under each story.

Instagram itself doesn’t have an option to download stories. Furthermore, if you see a story, the person who posted it will be able to see that you have viewed their story.

Inflact’s tool allows for anonymous story viewing and story downloading.

The User Search tool is helpful for finding profiles. You can enter information such as:

  • A keyword
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

The tool will then bring up relevant profiles from businesses and regular people. You can filter your results by post count, follower count, gender, location, and category.

The User Search tool can be useful if you’re trying to do research and find the most popular influencers in a specific niche. You can then analyze each profile individually.

2. Path Social

Path Social has a free Instagram analysis tool that you can use to research any Instagram account. It offers basic information such as the number of followers and uploads the account has, but it also provides additional insights that Gramhir does not.

For example, it shows you the account’s top-used hashtags and caption words, which you can copy if you’re trying to drive similar engagement rates. It also shows you the profile’s most popular post time.

Path Social even gives you a graph showing the number of posts the account publishes throughout the course of a week.

Furthermore, Path Social has several other tools that make it more useful than Gramhir. The Instagram Viewer allows you to browse a profile anonymously, while its Fonts Generator allows you to choose from over 100 font styles to use on your Instagram to stand out, be unique, and catch people’s eye.

Finally, one of the most useful tools is its free hashtag generator and analysis tool. Simply enter a hashtag to discover:

  • The number of posts on Instagram currently using the hashtag
  • The number of new posts posted each day with the hashtag
  • The difficulty score, from 1-100, of ranking at the top of the Discovery page if you use that hashtag
  • A chart showing new post activity
  • Related hashtags that you can also use to drive engagement

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3. Bigbanggram

Bigbanggram has a free Instagram analyzer tool that allows you to research and compare different Instagram accounts. You’ll see how many posts they publish per day and week, along with graphs showing how the account’s average number of daily and weekly posts has changed over time.

You’ll also see when they publish the most posts based on time of day and week. Under that, it will show you the top hashtags, caption words, and interests of the Instagram account you’re researching.

The tool also shows you the most liked posts and the posts which gathered the most comments (based on the last 100 posts).

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4. Toolzu

Toolzu is yet another great alternative to Gramhir. Enter any profile to see the following data:

  • Number of uploads
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement and user activity
  • Number of posts based on weekday and time
  • Most popular post day
  • Most used hashtags
  • Most used words in captions
  • Top user interests
  • Top commented posts
  • Top liked posts

With more than 10 metrics, Toolzu will give you better insights into a user’s profile than Gramhir, which doesn’t give you that much extra information compared to what you would get when just using Instagram itself.

Toolzu has other tools that are also useful for growing your Instagram. For example, the Hashtag generator is extremely helpful for finding quality hashtags to target.

One of the things I like most about Toolzu’s hashtag generator is that it allows you to generate keywords based on either a keyword you enter, your website or blog post URL, or even a picture. Upload a picture, and the tool will analyze it and give you suggested hashtags.

The Hashtag Generator will not only give you a list of recommended hashtags, but it will also give you each one’s ranking difficulty score (low, medium, or high) and volume, allowing you to gauge popularity and whether it’s worth targeting the specific hashtag.

Toozlu also maintains a list of the top 100 instagram hashtags across all niches. However, it only recommends that you use 2-3 in your posts.

That’s because those hashtags are often generic and not niche-specific. People don’t usually follow or search for those hashtags, and even if they do, it’s hard to rank for them or target the right people.

There is also a list of the top keywords people use to drive likes, such as #like4like and #follow4like.

The Instagram Downloader tool from Toolzu is also pretty helpful. You can download pictures, videos, stories, IGTV reels, profile pictures, and even entire profiles.

Finally, there is a search tool that allows you to find the top profiles in specific niches. You can enter a keyword, select a category, and filter by follower count (minimum and maximum) and gender.

Toolzu has an app which you can use to generate hashtags on your mobile device, which is convenient as most people use Instagram on mobile.

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5. Sweetagram

Sweetagram is an Instagram analysis tool that’s a great alternative to Gramhir. One thing I like about it so much is that on the homepage, there are Editor’s Collections – collections of the top profiles in different categories, such as:

  • Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Comedians
  • Science
  • Fashion
  • Wildlife
  • Kids
  • Animals

Yes, it even features the top profiles of animals, mostly dogs, cats, and other pets. If you want to create a successful Instagram account for your dog, cat, ferret, lizard, or other animal, it helps to see what the top animal profiles are doing.

The same applies if you want to start a personal brand as a comedian or open an Instagram account for your kid.

However, you can also enter a specific profile you want to spy on. You’ll see their most-used hashtags and their most recent posts and captions.

Sweetagram also has a hashtag search tool that allows you to search for the top profiles that rank for a specific hashtag.

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6. Social Monitor

Social Monitor features an Instagram profile analyzer that is far more advanced than Gramhir’s. You will need to sign up and create an account, but you will get several credits for free.

The tool generates a report for each profile that includes:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes
  • Average comments
  • A historical graph showing the profile’s follower growth over time (you can select your own date range)
  • Another historical graph, this one showing data for how many accounts the profile is following
  • A chart showing 15 recent snapshots from the account, including the date and the number of followers and uploads the account had that day and by how many followers it increased since the previous snapshot
  • A historical graph showing the profile’s engagement rate over time
  • Future projections for how many followers and posts the account will have in the next 30 days, 60 days, three months, six months, etc. (up to two years) based on past historical data
  • Top mentions
  • Top hashtags
  • Average engagement rates across Instagram based on follower count and how the specific profile in question measures up to the average for its follower range
  • A summary of the last 10 posts, including dates posted, captions, likes, and comments
  • A historical chart showing likes, comments, and caption word count for recent posts

As you can see, that’s a lot of data! Not only that, but you can export the entire report as a PDF.

Furthermore, you can track profiles and get automated reports every month via email.

Another useful tool that Social Monitor has, which Gramhir and most other tools don’t, is the comparison analysis tool. It allows you to compare two different profiles side by side, although it doesn’t have as many metrics as the regular analysis tool.

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It allows you to compare the following metrics:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes
  • Average comments

It also has historical charts showing the engagement rates and follower growth for the two profiles over time.

In addition to Instagram, you can run analyses on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

Social Monitor also maintains a directory of top Instagram influencers. You can filter them based on follower count, engagement, keywords in bio, and more.

All in all, Social Monitor is an extremely useful tool, both for spying on competitors and for tracking your own Instagram metrics. You can do both; all of your reports will be accessible from your dashboard.

However, the downside is that it is not free. While you get three credits when signing up, that’s only good for three reports.

Fortunately, if you only want to analyze your own Instagram profile, the free account is good enough.

You can also top up your account balance. One credit usually costs $1, which makes Social Monitor a bit pricey, but check updated pricing here.

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7. inBeat

inBeat has a Fake Follower Checker that allows you to audit a profile’s account. Like Gramhir, though, it also displays data such as total followers, average likes, comments vs likes ratio, and more.

The tool checks the profile’s followers and gives you an estimate as to how many of those followers are real and how many are fake. For example, of Kim Kardashian’s followers, only an estimated 44% are real, with the other 187.7 million followers being inactive accounts.

It’s well-known that many influencers buy fake followers to boost their status and follower count.

The tool also gives you an audience score based on total engagement, likes, and comments and how they compare to industry averages. Kim Kardashian has an audience score of just 4.4 out of 10, which means her audience isn’t really engaging with her content, likely because most of her followers may be fake.

How does this information help you? Firstly, if you’re planning on running influencer marketing campaigns to increase your exposure, you’re going to need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and not paying more for an account that has a lot of fake followers.

In addition, it helps you get an idea of which competitors are truly worth copying.

Let’s say you’re researching what competitors are doing to try to emulate their success. However, if their large follower counts are from buying fake followers, that also means their followers are not due to the specific hashtags they’re using or the time of day they are posting.

Finally, if you bought an Instagram account or are planning to buy one, whether you’re buying just the account or the account that comes with a website or brand, it’s worth checking if its followers are genuine.

inBeat also has a QuickSearch Influencer Search Engine, which allows you to quickly find influencers to follow and analyze. You can filter by gender, location, follower count, engagement rate, and language.

You can then add influencers to your research list, either individually or in bulk. Once you do that, you can run an analysis on each influencer, discovering data such as:

  • Contact details
  • Average engagement
  • Average likes
  • Average comments
  • Influencer progression
  • Sponsored post statistics

You can also use the DeepSearch tool to find many similar Instagram influencer profiles and their contact details.

Start by entering your search parameters, such as follower count, location, gender, etc. The tool will then give you thousands of similar profiles.

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8. Analisa

Analisa is a free Instagram analysis tool that gives you more in-depth information than Gramhir. Enter any username to see the following data:

  • Engagement rate
  • Like rate
  • Comment rate
  • Average total engagement per post
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post
  • Total posts
  • Average number of posts per day, week, and month
  • Words most used in captions

While all that information is free, Analisa also offers even more in-depth information if you’re willing to pay a premium. Analisa Pro Analytics shows data such as:

  • Follower demographics (age, gender, and location)
  • Follower authenticity
  • Total video views
  • Tags and mentions
  • Types of posts
  • Posting activity
  • Locations tagged
  • Average engagement rates

In addition to running profile reports, you can also run hashtag reports. You can export either type of report as a PDF for free, as long as you sign up for an account (you don’t need an account to run the actual report, though).

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9. Not Just Analytics

Not Just Analytics has a free analysis tool that aims to help you determine the true power of your followers. It allows you to export your report as a PDF, unlike Gramhir, and it also gives you a lot more information.

Not only can you see follower count and average likes and comments, but you can also see average video views.

Furthermore, it gives you a quick snapshot for the week and month, showing you how many new followers you have gained, the average number of followers you gained per day, and how your posts and following count has changed since the previous week/month.

You’ll also see how your engagement rate compares to the average. There is a chart showing follower growth over time, which can help you detect unnatural spikes in follower counts, and other data such as the most-used hashtags.

Unlike Gramhir, Not Just Analytics allows you to create a list of profiles you want to monitor, whether they are competitors or profiles of your own brands and businesses.

While Not Just Analytics is free to use, upgrading will allow you to access additional data, such as a video performance analysis chart. It will also give you insights into your past posts and predict how your future posts will perform.

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10. Instagram Insights

Finally, we have Instagram’s own analytics. You can access those analytics in the app, without having to use an external website like Gramhir.

However, it’s only available for your own profile, meaning you can’t use it to research competitors. Furthermore, you need a business account to access analytics; personal Instagram accounts don’t qualify.

Fortunately, you can easily switch your personal Instagram account to a business account for free in the app. Simply go to your settings, click on “Account,” scroll all the way down to the bottom, and click on “Switch to professional account.”

Instagram Insights show you data such as which countries your followers are from, what age ranges they fall in, and more.

It will also show you engagement rates, the number of accounts you’ve reached, how many followers you have, the percentage of engagement you’re getting from followers vs non-followers, and more.

The Content Reach section will help you determine which types of content (reels or posts) are getting the most engagement. You’ll also get a breakdown of your top stories, IGTV videos, reels, and more.

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Wrapping It Up

To me, the best alternative to Gramhir is Inflact, due to its ease of use, top-notch analytics, and other useful tools like the hashtag research tool.

However, there are many other free Gramhir alternatives listed above that you can try as well. Most of them are good at what they do.

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