15 Best Linktree Alternatives 2024

As an influencer, social media marketer, or blogger, you may have heard about Linktree and you probably use it to create a smart page for Instagram and other social pages.

Linktree creates a landing page where you can place multiple links. After that, you need to include the landing page URL in your Instagram bio so you can drive traffic to various pages on your website.

Depending on the subscription plan, you can customize the landing page in different ways, such as changing fonts, adding animated backgrounds, scheduling new links to go live, accessing analytics and more.

It’s easy to create a landing page; there’s a drag and drop editor to help you manage content. I like this tool because it’s private and safe; they don’t track your visitors’ personal data.

Although Linktree has a free plan and a Pro plan costing $6 a month, the free version has limited themes, features a Linktree logo on the landing page, doesn’t show detailed statistics, and lacks button and font style customization.

However, we’ve got Linktree alternatives with tons of better features to take your social media marketing a notch higher.

Here are the top ones:

Best Linktree Alternatives

1. Beacons

This tool lets you create a beautiful page within a minute, thanks to its AI capabilities. You only need to answer a few simple questions and the builtin AI technology will design a customized site for your needs.

Beacons is fully customizable, as it offers millions of colors, thousands of fonts, and numerous layouts. What makes Beacons an impressive Linktree alternative is that it consists of six monetization blocks that makes it easy to generate revenue from your offers.

The Appointments Block allows fans to book a session with you and pay for it. You can customize your session lengths, rates, and service offerings.

The Requests Block makes it easy for fans to submit requests and pay for it. The request could be in the form of a social media shoutout, direct message, TikTok duet, video message, one on one session, Q&A, or coaching.

The Store Block is where you can upload digital products for download, such as videos and eBooks for fans to buy.

Beyond selling downloadable products, you can use the Marketplace Block to connect with brands and promote their offers. You can earn commissions by doing this.

It gets crazy. Beacons also provides a TikTok Shopping Block that allows you to sell products via a shoppable TikTok feed. You simply need to add links to your TikTok videos and then use the drag and drop option to rearrange the videos and start selling your products.

Lastly, there’s a Support Block that allows fans to send you support in different forms, such money, coffee, and so on.

Beacons has two pricing plans: the Creator Plan that’s free and the Entrepreneur Plan that costs $10 per month. The free plan has incredible features, such as monetization blocks, analytics, video embed, link scheduling, music embed and more.

The paid (Entrepreneur) Plan offers priority support, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.

2. Milkshake

If you don’t have a website, but want to market products or services on Instagram, Milkshake might work for you. How does it work? Well, Milkshake converts your Instagram bio link into a free website.

Rather than use plain lists, the app uses cards to build a website. Cards refer to a web pages of your website, Milkshake lets you swipe between cards like you do in an Instagram story. You can add content by personalizing each card with images, text, blog posts, GIFs, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more.

You can customize the card’s look with fonts, images, brand colors, and logos. Next, publish the website in one tab and add the ‘link in bio’.

If you’ve got more than one Instagram account, you can create a Milkshake website for each of them. Further, the tool gives a daily and monthly breakdown of card views and link clicks so you can see which content converts best.

Milkshake is available on Google Play and App Store for free installation and use. It offers some in-app purchases, though. Linktree doesn’t have Android and iOS apps, which is why Milkshake is its powerful alternative.

3. Link in Profile

This Instagram marketing tool lets you tag links to various posts. After followers click on the app’s link in your Instagram bio, they’ll be redirected to a landing page. The landing page provides access to every post you linked to, alongside the title and description of the page.

At this point, followers may click on posts to see the content associated with it. Link in Profile allows you to generate traffic from your Instagram page to your website pages.

The platform’s key features include Shopify integration, which allows you to import items from Shopify or point followers to a store hosted on Shopify. It also integrates with Etsy, Amazon, Squarespace, and WordPress. Linktree doesn’t have such extensive integrations.

More importantly, the platform lets you measure Instagram’s impact on your bottomline. You can check the traffic sources and establish Link in Profile’s efficacy in quantitative terms.

The price is $9.99 per month and there’s a no risk free trial.

4. Shorby

This social media marketing app makes it easy to share multiple links with your followers. You can add as many links as you wish to the landing page.

You can also add blocks, such as Card or Button, Subtitle and Text, Countdown, and Dynamic Feed.

Shorby allows you to add links to various messenger platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. You can also add your Viber number, WhatsApp number, and email.

Their settings and style feature allows you to customize the landing page with different colors for the buttons and background.

Furthermore, you can add a bio link alias and a list of ad tracking pixels. On top of that, Shorby is user friendly with a drag and drop feature.

What I like about this tool is that it has a dynamic feed where I can add YouTube videos, Shopify categories, Apple podcasts, Etsy products, WordPress posts, and much more to my landing page. This functionality isn’t available in Linktree.

In terms of pricing, Shorby has three premium plans: Rocket at $12/month, Pro at $24/month, and Agency at $82/month.

5. Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio comes from Later, Instagram’s planning app. What differentiates this tool from Linktree and other competitors is the way it displays links on the landing page like an Instagram grid.

Think of this tool as a mini website created into your profile on Instagram where it turns your posts into images that your followers can click and make a purchase.

Linkin.bio has blocks for highlighting your top content to let fans locate your most valuable content at all times. The blocks come in the form of Buttons, Featured Media, and Linked Posts.

You can add several buttons at the Linkin.bio’s page to display your most important links. You can highlight what you consider to be the most important promotions, content, YouTube links, or news by adding them to the featured media so your audience can access it quicker.

The Linked Posts is the conventional social feed that shows your entire shoppable and linked posts at one spot.

Additionally, the tool offers URL customization, Google Analytics integration, Shopify integration, and more.

Linkin.bio has a free plan and four paid plans: Basics, Starter, Growth, and Advanced Plans that cost $8, $15, $25, and $40 per month respectively.

6. LeadPages

Most of the tools on this list allow you to create a landing page and link to it from the Instagram bio. That’s exactly what LeadPages allows you to achieve.

You can build a landing page with LeadPages, shorten its URL using a link shortening app, such as Rebrandly and connect the page to your social pages.

LeadPages is a strong landing page builder with lots of customizable templates. It’s mobile responsive, offers free hosting, real time analytics, and tracking through Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Creating a landing page with LeadPages Software couldn’t be easier. The drag and drop option means you can build a landing page fast and without any coding knowledge.

What sets LeadPages aside as the best Linktree alternative is its email marketing and CRM tools that make conversion hassle-free.

Conversion-optimized pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and A/B tests may help you get the most out of every piece of content you publish by converting web visitors into leads and customers. Easy-to-understand, with lots of room for design and personalization, the software is a joy to work with.

Moreover, Leadpages offers an excellent support service. They are constantly available via chat (during working hours) or email. Pro version users can access phone support.

The platform has a 14-day free trial and two paid plans. A Standard account goes for $15 per month and a Pro account for $30 per month.

7. Pallyy

Pallyy is the tool you need to drive traffic and sales from your Instagram bio to your site. It is an all in one tool with all the features you need to develop a powerful Instagram marketing strategy.

You can use the tool to build a customized landing page and connect it to the bio link. On the landing page, you can set up buttons to display products, embed YouTube videos and much more. Besides, you may create a drop down group for your blog posts.

As an added bonus, you can monitor the bio link analytics and know the links that generate more traffic to the website.

Pallyy gives you access to over 50 social media networks and allows you to share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and RSS feeds all from one central location.

Pallyy allows me to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, making it a powerful alternative to Linktree, which lacks the scheduling capabilities.

The pricing structure has two plans. There’s a free plan that lets you schedule up to 15 posts a month. The Premium Plan goes for $15/month and suits agencies working with several brands. This plan allows for unlimited posting for multiple brands. There’s a 14-day trial, too.

8. ContactInBio 

ContactInBio is an excellent tool for those of us that frequently update their Instagram profile links. With this tool, you can create your mini landing page effortlessly.

ContactInBio allows you to connect more pages to your bio on all social networks. Besides, you can customize the font type, color and size, the block size and color and all the other aesthetic features. With pre-built templates, customization is a walk in the park.

It helps in creating elements, pixel perfect blocks, and various other features. It also features SEO optimization, integrated forms, analytics, and domain customization.

With its free plan, you have a custom link in bio URL to customize with your brand or name. You also get to customize your links, text and buttons using your favorite styles and colors.

Other cool features include pre-designed themes, social media buttons, music services, contact forms, Whatsapp, and importing Linktree with a single click.

ContactInBio has a clean, user-friendly interface and a drag and drop editor. It also comes with pre-designed content blocks.

Unlike Linktree that only supports PayPal and debit or credit cards, ContactInBio lets you add a payment link for Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, Mastercard, Amazon Pay and 43 more online payment options.

The premium plan offers customization features including adding image carousel, background images, or video backgrounds. It also lets you remove the ContactInBio logo and branding and finetune your landing page as you prefer.

And you can also modify the favicon and update the title of the page.

Premium also offers MailChimp integration, email sign-up and collection so you can collect leads for marketing. Enjoy link thumbnails, Facebook pixel integration and Twitter card update with this plan too.

This platform shows you daily customer behavior, including how many people clicked your link in bio and the other links you included. It also has a vast feature set.

ContactInBio has three pricing plans including a free plan, a business plan that goes for $4.55 a month, and an agency plan at $18.2 a month.

9. Feedlink 

Feedlink not only offers solid support; it is a perfect solution if you need to create a clickable, single link Instagram landing page and display all your links.

To use Feedlink, you have to create an EmbedAlbum account and start generating Instagram feeds as albums from your posts. The tool allows you to tag each photo with a unique, clickable link.

You can direct these links to shoppable products in your store, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos and more to maximize your account’s capacity, making it a distribution channel from which you can boost conversion rates.

Unlike Linktree, Feedlink features survey forms, multiple options and layouts. It can increase your website traffic, capture more leads, and send visitors directly to your product page.

The platform loads quickly and you are allowed to change the feed page and it won’t affect your bio link. You can link to sources and create unlimited albums for free.

Feedlink pricing plan consists of a free plan, Pro Plan at $19 and Pro Plus Plan at $49 and a Premium Plan at $99/

10. Campsite.Bio 

Campsite lets you display multiple links on your landing page before connecting them to your Instagram bio and other networks. You may also post links to email accounts and social platforms.

Campsite is similar to Linktree, except that it includes thumbnails and images, in addition to links. It is easy to schedule links, embed images, and emphasize links using link animation.

It integrates with Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Canva, Google Sheets, Facebook Pixel and MailChimp.

You can make tweaks on fonts and colors of your landing page to represent your brand. Include your social accounts, use a custom domain, access Unsplash images on the go, schedule links to go live, hide the Campsite branding, control metadata, and connect with your instagram.

It comes with a free trial and Pro Plan that costs $7/month or $70 annually.

11. IGLinks

IGLinks is pretty straightforward to set up and customize. You can create your bio link from your smartphone in minutes.

This app allows you to sell directly from a social network profile you’re connected to. You can also get help creating a single link profile using a predesigned theme.

It has a “With Link” button to use when creating several link buttons. Other than scheduling clickable links, you may also include contacts and social media accounts. The links here are cloneable.

The good thing with IGLink is that it’s highly configurable and one can connect the company email or WhatsApp without any difficulty. It is SEO optimized and marketing friendly too. Furthermore, it comes in English and Malay.

The tool also enables you to change background color, customize links, and schedule link expiration.

Unlike Linktree, which only has a free and Pro Plan, IGLinks offers flexible pricing targeting individuals and enterprises. The Individual option features a free plan along with basic Plan ($5/month) and Pro Plan ($19/month).

Under Enterprise, we’ve got the Basic Plan that costs $999/month and Pro at $1899/month.

12. Hypage 

Hypage is quite unique. Besides offering the link in bio feature, it lets you sell digital products to your fans and followers, eliminating the need for Gumroad and other similar platforms.

With this application, you can accept requests and donations from followers, set up memberships on your link in bio, collect leads directly and integrate MailChimp and other marketing automation platforms.

Hypage lets you create powerful links by setting up content embeds, previews and other rich media. Use a custom domain for your link page to gain full control of your branding.

What also differentiates it from Linktree is that Hypage doesn’t use the drag and drop editor. It lets you choose the links to create before customizing the design. That’s why adding and designing links is simpler compared to using the drag and drop editor.

Hypage has a free plan and paid plans. However, it doesn’t charge anything on transactions.

The Pro Plan costs $19 a month and the Enterprise Plan goes at $39 a month.

13. LinkTube

LinkTube is the go to tool when looking to send quality traffic to your site using Instagram. It helps you design a stunning bio link which can help you send traffic.

Besides adding links, you can also include blog posts, embed YouTube videos, link to the contact form page, list products, add messengers and payment links, build an email list, add social media accounts and more.

LinkTube helps you to build an online portfolio to promote content. It will drive massive traffic, letting you connect with your audience anywhere.

The tool is fully customizable and will allow you complete control. It integrates well with third party platforms too – great for content creators, online businesses, influencers, freelancers, bloggers, and more.

LinkTube is a mobile optimized tool with an integrated newsletter sign up form. You also have Google Analytics for deeper insights into customer behavior. It has some of the most eye-catching animations too.

You have access to unlimited buttons, background images, products, text, style colors, QR code, social links, messenger buttons, and more. Your email list will be added to Google Sheets or Mailchimp in real time.

You can add a countdown for a schedule link to create scarcity and FOMO (fear of missing out), which ultimately increases the click through rate. I didn’t see a similar feature on Linktree.

LinkTube’s pricing includes a Lite Plan at $6/month, Pro Plan at $15/month, Premium Plan at 25/month, and an Agency Plan at $85/month.

14. Tapkit

Tapkit is a powerful tool with excellent inbuilt features to help you transform followers and fans into customers.

Tapkit lets you create up to 5 projects for free. With pre-built templates and buttons, you have everything needed to make your project standout.

It offers an in-app video tutorial, with customer support on standby in case of any problem. Besides, this tool is pretty easy to use.

Tapkit is perfect for QR, SMS and social campaigns. You can generate leads through collecting emails. The free account allows you to collect up to 100 emails, which contrasts with Linktree that doesn’t let free users collect emails.

Tapkit’s pricing includes a free plan, a Grow Plan at $19/month, and a Pro Plan at $48/month.

15. Everlinks

Everlinks is a social media management software. This Linktree alternative provides a link that you can branch out to videos, other links, text and embeddable custom code.

The process of embedding videos is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is paste the Vimeo or YouTube link to the editor and the tool will automatically embed it.

Everlinks offers a power link animation feature to make links stand out to attract the attention of your followers and increase the click through rate. This is a more advanced feature compared to the background animation feature in Linktree.

Some of its notable features include link scheduling, team management and link building. It has a friendly interface with plenty of features. It also looks incredible on all screens.

Besides its free plan, Everlinks also offers a Pro Plan at $7 every month and an Agency Plan at $17 each month.


All these are excellent Linktree alternatives, but from my perspective, Beacons wins the day. This tool uses AI to build a page in a snap and offers full customization with countless fonts, colors, and layouts.

Here’s the best part: the six monetization blocks. These tools make it easy to generate revenue from Instagram regardless of the service or product you’re offering.

Plus, its free version comes with excellent features that you may be required to pay for in other tools.

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