15 Best iMovie Alternatives For Mac 2024

If you’re into movie making, you must know the best movie editing tools, including iMovie since it’s among the most popular movie editors available.

Developed by Apple, iMovie lets you edit videos fast on your iOS and Mac devices. You can easily turn your videos into stimulating movies with sounds and custom backgrounds.

You don’t need to reach the office or home to make your videos. Even on the go, work will go on as long as you have your iPhone or iPad with you.

The interface is simple and intuitive, with a pack of advanced video editing tools for magical editing. Beginner or professional, iMovie will never give you a hard time.

While iMovie is excellent at what it does, it also has its flaws. The modern information consumer looks for something more than just an edited video.

If you’re looking to catch their attention on trending social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you need to infuse some trendy filters, effects, and fun animations into your videos, which iMovie may not provide.

Your brand also needs to have customized, top-quality videos to earn it the credibility it deserves, and iMovie may not have the capability to back you up.

But there are iMovie alternatives for Mac that pack a punch with trendy features that help your videos create a buzz on any platform, especially social networks.

Read on to find out the best video editing tool for Mac for your unique needs.

Best iMovie Alternatives For Mac

1. InVideo

InVideo is a web-based video editor for beginners and pros. The software has no OS-based restrictions, and you can use it comfortably on your Mac-based PC or smartphone.

The iMovie alternative comes with a super-intuitive user interface, an extensive library with more than 5000 ready-to-use templates, and a wide selection of customization features that no other free tool offers.

In your free InVideo account, you have the liberty to utilize top-notch features to create responsive video projects.

This software is for creators in social media marketing, YouTube, and business owners. It covers all usage cases in any industry.

Unlike iMovie, this software is web-based. All you have to do is register for a free account and start video editing.

InVideo also gives you access to stock assets, including clips, fonts, colors, themes, images, natural-sounding voices, etc. It allows the flexibility to include your brand features in your projects.

Working on the platform includes automatically converting text to video with a single click, collaborating with teams, a drag-and-drop editor, instant support through live chat while working on your videos, and unlimited video editing.

The tool also offers automatic text to speech features, 100GB of cloud storage, a mobile app, video captioning, HD resolution, automated voice-overs, and speed adjustment.

InVideo has a free plan, a Business plan at $15/month, and an Unlimited plan at $30/month.

2. Lightworks

Do you remember LA Confidential or The Wolf of Wall Street? I bet you do. But what you probably don’t know is that these are just two of the many classic movies edited by Lightworks.

The software has been in operation for more than 25 years, editing the finest films in the industry. It has a neat interface that makes video editing a breeze using the timeline tool.

Lightworks video editing includes trimming clips, using transitions, adding special effects, and advanced color correction. It also offers real-time waveform, workflow, vectorscope, and project management features unavailable on iMovie.

There are various video and audio tracks to use when editing your video clips. The tool supports all import and export video formats. The tool will keep working on your project edits in the background while you continue with the other tasks. The whole process sequence will automatically be saved.

Lightworks has all the tools needed to bring videos to life. Import all types of media files to use in your videos. Once your videos are ready, you can export them to your social platforms.

The platform offers unrivaled performance and experience on Mac and other operating systems. You can also import frame rate files and play them at their original shape and resolutions.

The software can handle optimized proxy video files, including 4K, HD, and 8K. You can edit videos directly from the cloud storage by browsing and dropping clips in your timeline.

Lightworks offers multiple support, including Blackmagic Design, Matrix, and AJA hardware for SDI and HDMI.

It comes free, with a paid version costing $28.99 per user per month.

3. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express has plenty of useful tools to use when producing or editing videos. Besides the simple user interface, it has other features like the built-in voice recorder for natural voiceovers and an add-on store with customization options like split-screen masking, visual effects, and more.

This platform is built with a newbie-friendly editor with tools for animations, trimming, audio mixing, etc. It allows you to design cool particle systems and visual effects.

It’s a great performing software that works splendidly even when using a low-end laptop. The color grading tools and LUTs help you to give your videos a new, stunning look.

It works great on macOS and is free to use. Its premium version costs $349

This software has an easy flow that enables you to set up multiple tabs, which you can easily switch between when working on different tasks. Customize the workstation by expanding or collapsing panels.

HitFilm lets you set up your export queue and export the videos and clips you have on your USB or external drive. Quickly color code shots, include 3D and 2D graphics, effects and presets, animations and transitions, and optimize the audio.

You also get to use unlimited tracks on the editor, unlike with iMovie, which lets you add only two tracks.

It supports vertical videos, and blurred versions of your videos will be available on the background frame for uploading on YouTube and other platforms.

HitFilm is also great for gamers looking to upload streams. It lets them upload videos with many streams of audio to use.

You can mix light streaks and lens flares, remove the digital grain, and add free-flowing motion to animate your graphics and images, mask your videos, etc. Their online support is top-notch too.

4. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora stimulates your imagination as you turn your beautiful memories and stories into stunning videos.

Its interface works great for newbies and professional editors. Its advanced features like sound compositions, special effects, and screen tools help to enhance your videos.

You can work with layers, templates, text customizations, animated elements, audio and visual effects, transitions, and overlays to make your videos super professional.

With Filmora, you can record videos using your webcam and include voiceovers before editing. This makes for a good editing suite offering end-to-end video production.

Its editing suite has GIF support, color correction, noise removal, an audio mixer, advanced text editor, filters, audio equalizer, titles, video stabilization, motion elements, silence detection, and noise detection tools.

You can perform multi-track editing and preview rendering since it comes with split-screen presets. Its advanced editing tools include video tracking, green screen, audio ducking, and keyframing.

Boost your online presence with multichannel marketing and social advertising inside Filmora’s editor. The platform also offers third-party integrations, including Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Unlike iMovie, this software supports multiple languages and has an AI Portrait tool that instantly removes backgrounds from videos to replace them with effects. Its AR stickers can react to facial emotions, making your videos fun and ready for social media posting.

Pricing includes a free trial, a monthly plan at $28.98, an annual plan at $68.98/mo, and a Perpetual plan at $1,167.95.

5. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is an iMovie alternative for Mac with basic editing tools for your videos. It allows you to import pictures, audio, and videos into your projects.

It features trimming, joining, cutting, clip rotating, and other functions. Once you drop your media files on the timeline, you can synchronize the audios and ready your projects for sharing.

The transitions, stickers, and special effects are pre-loaded in Movavi. You can edit and render your videos with or without video editing experience.

The interface is pretty easy to navigate and comes with powerful editing tools. Rendering videos on Movavi takes little time compared to when using iMovie.

It allows you to rotate and add clips, effects, and filters, including chromatic balance, brightness, contrast, noise blur, and invert to your projects. Its multiple language support lets you produce your films in a language of your choice.

Movavi has a wide range of video editing tools at various prices. It also has a free plan.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo is an iMovie alternative with a multi-track video editing interface and features including screencasting, green screen editing, a graphics library, and voice-overs.

The platform integrates with DropBox, YouTube, Wista, and Vimeo. Educators and teachers mainly use it due to its wide variety of templates customized for assignments and school-related projects.

An educator can easily create newsletters, and video book reports for parents, podcasts, and vlogs using the various templates.

WeVideo allows you to import and export elements with fast processing times. With its cloud storage, you can save a lot of storage space on your device.

It comes with a vast library of templates and stock media. With multi-track editing, you can access advanced visual and audio effects like picture in picture effects and layering soundscapes.

Unlike iMovie, this software has an iOS and Android app.

Its pricing plans include the Power Subscription at $4/month, an Unlimited subscription at $7/month, a Professional subscription at $19/month, and a Business subscription at $36/month.

7. Camtasia

Camtasia is an excellent video editing and screen recording tool for Mac. It is popularly known for taking screen recordings and shots and turning them into screencasts in educational or teaching videos.

Camtasia has high-end video editing tools like cursor effects, callouts, transitions, video captioning, and conversion of PowerPoint presentations into quality videos.

Unlike iMovie, Camtasia lets you include a table of content and a quiz feature to assess audience understanding and receive feedback. It’s a great option for marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, and product teams who want to design instructional videos that need screen recording.

It comes with a drag-and-drop dashboard with track-based video editing. The screen recording tool lets you capture screens and record them from the webcam.

There’s high flexibility and customization of recordings with features like system audio on or off, toggle mic, the addition of effects like fade, trim, change speed, split, and more. The captioning and voiceover make your videos understandable and easy to follow to the end.

Camtasia supports up to 4K quality videos. Its interface is super easy to navigate. It has a collection of templates for various purposes, including lecture presentations, demo videos, and product demonstrations.

The tool provides voice control options, including adding audio points, noise reduction, pitch adjustment, and equalizing audio levels. It has a huge library of royalty-free assets like gestures, annotations, transitions, and music. The animations available include cursor animations, which help draw viewers’ attention to particular sections of the videos.

Camtasia has a 30-day free trial with a paid pricing plan for Indivividals at $224.99 per user.

Find out more Camtasia like tools.

8. Renderforest

Renderforest is another online video editor that produces broadcast-quality videos through an easy-to-use interface.

It has many templates and presets with quality animations and graphics to ensure captivating videos. It’s proficient in trimming, cutting, and adding voiceovers and music to videos.

Renderforest also offers branding solutions, including graphics, logos, and a website maker to help you boost your marketing.

Its customer support is top-notch and quick, letting you resolve your issues fast.

If you want to create thumb-stopping video content for your business’s social media accounts, Renderforest is the sure way to go. Its video presets and templates work exceptionally for presentations, vlog-style content, explainer videos, and promotional content.

The tool offers video editing, audio/voiceover editing, video recording, and branding features. Its library is full of templates, presets, and toolkits for various use cases. There’s also stock footage with an intuitive drag and drop editor.

The in-built wizard helps in fast editing by offering suggestions according to your content. iMovie doesn’t have a wizard to guide you. Renderforest offers fast video and audio sync too.

Once you’re done editing, you can publish your content directly to social platforms, including YouTube. It also comes with a dedicated iOS and Android app.

Renderforest has a free plan and various subscription plans, including a Lite version at $7.99/month, an Amateur version at $9.59, a Pro version at $11.99, and an Agency version at $39.99.

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9. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably among the popular video editing platforms social media influencers and Hollywood film producers use. It is designed for professionals who are used to creating advanced videos with VFX.

New users can also utilize its templates to deliver professional-looking videos to their viewers. It provides thousands of amazing templates (free and premium) to make the process easier for you.

Its advanced video editor lets you perform different functions to ensure your video content stands out. You can format and crop videos automatically to fit different social media platforms.

The Lumetri color tools enable you to color grade all your videos. Unlike iMovie, this tool has an Adobe Sensei AI that detects and suggests your video edits.

You can include animations, transitions, visual effects, openers, and more in your videos when editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud that comes with a free trial and a paid version at $24.14 per month.

10. Animoto

Animoto is another cloud-based video editing software you can use as iMovie’s alternative. The tool is designed for individuals and teams working on a budget. They can use it to convert videos and images into slide-like videos.

Its pre-made transitions and slides turn content into engaging videos. The tool is beginner-friendly, with a navigable drag and drop interface,

Compared to iMovie, Animoto comes equipped with multiple memory styles.

It has an extensive library of templates and other features to create promotional ads, birthday videos, social media posts, etc.

Its key features include unique video themes, marketing storyboards, beautiful fonts, and animated text options. It also has pre-made storyboards for marketing. Its stock library of videos and images comes from Getty Images. You’ll also be able to use its color customization tools effectively.

Animoto offers high flexibility for personal projects and brand marketing.

Besides the free version, Animoto has a Basic plan that costs $8/month, a Professional plan at $15/month, and a Professional Plus plan at $39/month.

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11. Final Cut Pro

Designed by Apple, Final Cut Pro x is a MacOS video editing tool for beginners and design specialists.

It offers advanced features, rendering, real-time playback, and accelerated performance for all content produced.

Its high performance and simplistic nature make it a great addition. It gives you full control to make changes to your videos with excellent use-case outcomes.

Final Cut Pro X has excellent support for multi-cam editing and third-party extensions. It is also compatible with Apple iMovie. You can edit your videos in 4K resolutions.

Unlike iMovie, this software offers multi-cam editing for your videos.

Final Cut Pro X will deliver quality results if you’re a professional film and video maker. Its video processing is fast, with the option for 360-degree video editing.

Final Cut Pro X offers a 90-day free trial and a one-time fee of $299.99.

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12. Promo.com

Promo.com is another online editor for all your promotional videos, video ads, and marketing videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Promo.com comes packed with promotional video templates for various industries, including digital marketing, real estate, travel, eCommerce, retail, and health & fitness. The templates will turn your videos into unique, striking content that your audience will love when used with creative fronts, media, and other customization features.

The software is for creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that need engaging ads and promotional videos for social media marketing.

It has customizable templates and related video editing tools, including media, text, resizing tools, music and stock media library, etc.

Compared to iMovie, Promo.com works online and is compatible with all operating systems.

Its straightforward user interface has a drag-and-drop editor for fast and easy editing. You’re also free to use the brand kit’s designs to customize your projects.

Promo.com has a large font library, video clips, and an array of animated text in different styles. The best part is that this tool has a minimal learning curve.

It lets you publish videos directly to Instagram and Facebook through a built-in social media calendar.

Promo.com integrates with Shopify and Hubspot, unlike iMovie, with no third-party integrations. It also supports multiple languages and has an app for iOS and Android.

The platform offers a free trial, an Annual Business Plan at $29/month, and an Annual Agency Plan at $99/month.

13. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Formerly known as Adobe Spark, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a robust tool offering customizable branded templates, tools for collaboration and sharing, a large font library, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is designed for storytelling and is ideal for marketers and individuals who need to create bite-sized videos for YouTube, Instagram, or story ads. Its intuitive user interface simplifies editing for beginners.

There are hundreds of templates for personal projects and brand marketing. You can add all your brand features to make your videos on-brand.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express syncs naturally across all devices, while iMovie is only iPhone and Mac-based.

Its mobile app lets you create videos on the go. It also offers tips and tutorials to use during the video editing process. You can also create a media library with your favorites to avoid repeating the process all the time.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a free version and a premium version at $9.99/month.

14. Biteable

Biteable is among the simplest online video makers available. You can use it to create motion graphics, explainer videos, and animated slideshows.

It provides templates for motion graphics, animated videos, and a selection of animated graphics. This software is user-friendly, especially if you’re new to video editing.

Biteable is best suited for agencies, marketers, businesses, and editing enthusiasts working on short projects.

While iMovie is for video editors, Biteable is designed for companies that need personalized and engaging videos to boost their marketing.

The templates are available for various use cases, including product launches, birthday and wedding invites, and HR onboarding content.

Its drag and drop interface ensures fast video editing processes. It also has a library of royalty-free music, ready-to-use animations, a library of fonts, thousands of templates, and millions of stock videos and images, including Claymation, live-action, and animated options.

The platform allows you to import photos, clips, and audio and pair them with its animated graphics and assets. Other features include collaboration tools, unlimited exports, and customizable branding.

You can import, edit, trim, and cut your videos for Instagram stories, TikTok, and advertising.

Biteable has a free plan, a Pro plan at $49, and a Teams plan at $249/month.


OFFEO is our last iMovie alternative on this list. It is a browser-based editing platform for marketing and branded videos designed specifically for social media marketing.

Its interface is simple, with a huge library of assets, animated graphics, and stock footage.

Unlike iMovie, OFFEO has an AI that automatically generates brand designs.

OFFEO focuses on promotional content, so it should be your choice if you need captivating video ads and promo videos for your events and products.

It comes with more than 100 dynamic templates in different niches and use cases.

Convert your images into showstopping social media video content in minutes. You’ll also get AI content recommendations for your branding.

Its templates are highly customizable, and you’ll access a wide selection of animated graphic assets to optimize your videos.

OFFEO offers a free trial and a Premium Plan at $12.42/month.

Final Thoughts

When considering user-friendliness, rich feature set, collaboration, and affordability for editing video for all use cases, InVideo checks all boxes.

The software is newbie friendly and free, so you can start working on your videos right away. For all use cases, it gives you full access to plenty of video editing tools, including thousands of templates, customization tools, and stock assets.

Plus, you can collaborate on your video projects with teams or stakeholders and receive instant support as you work on your videos. It also comes with a mobile app, so you are not left out when traveling.

While video processing is fast with InVideo, you also get cloud storage for your projects, which you can share directly to your social media networks.

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