15 Best HackerRank Alternatives In 2024

HackerRank has been in business for over ten years now and it’s certainly one of the most highly-sought after platforms, by employers and developers alike.

The platform is well-known for providing a wide variety of coding resources, assessments, and challenges, but many people don’t like its user interface for coding tests.

HackerRank provides you with solutions for hiring and screening developers. It allows employers and companies to send technical test invites to potential talent. But, these tests are usually hard to create, use, and administer.

Fortunately, there are many other great platforms available that can provide you with what HackerRank can, and even sometimes a lot more. This article will look at some of the best HackerRank alternatives available.

Below are some other options you can try out if you want to use something other than HackerRank.

Best HackerRank Alternatives

1. CodinGame

Looking to reliably and objectively benchmark software developers while offering great candidate experiences, and do this without the help of HackerRank? Then CodinGame is what you really need to be strongly considering.

Founded slightly over a decade ago, this platform provides technical assessment services that let employers and companies quickly and easily validate the technical skill sets of different candidates for several different technical roles.

People who don’t have any technical expertise like how it’s so easy to evaluate coding skills. However, those who’ve got technical skills, adore that you can level things up with shared live code editor capabilities and custom questions.

One of the most interesting features of this platform is its intuitive integrated question editor. The platform makes it easy for users to set up tests that recruiters and employers can use to come up with personalized screening assessments and coding challenges in several different languages.

Unlike HackerRank, this software does technical screening via a gamified approach, which is also one of the most unique features of the app.

Their development team, which is filled with employees who used to work in the video game space, uses their knowledge and expertise to build creative and innovative coding tests that excite developers and are very tech-friendly.

2. Codility

Codility has been there for over a decade now and it’s one of the most resilient alternatives to HackerRank. This platform is designed for big organizations that need robust compliance and for hiring teams with little technical experience.

Like HackerRank, you can use this platform to create your own assessments or pick from the template test available. It also has great features to help curb cheating, which include going online and scanning for possible plagiarism.

One of the main differences between HackerRank and Codility is that the latter presents itself as a place where you can hire senior managers, which means you might need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for young and fresh developers.

Another major drawback concerning Codility is that even though they have customizable tests, some developers still think that the assessments on this platform fail to offer accurate and relevant overviews of what roles require.

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3. Triplebyte

This is a fast-growing tech screening and recruitment platform similar to HackerRank which was founded over half a decade ago. It provides growing companies with tech-oriented solutions and lets programmers and developers showcase their capabilities and skills.

Although medium or small-sized business operations can use this platform, the services it offers are better suited for big businesses with a lot of resources.

Triplebyte market claims it’s a hiring marketplace but says it’s different from HackerRank and other setups because it provides intensive and comprehensive technical screening assessments that get rid of inexperienced or unqualified applicants.

Unlike platforms like HackerRank, not just anyone can gain access to Triplebyte. Instead, the hiring managers’ screening processes include online coding challenges, phone screening, and online quizzing.

The system and networking design queries guarantee that only qualified potential candidates reach the final stages of recruitment. Companies and businesses can register and find all the talent they need, like DevOps, back-end or front-end developers, or iOS software professionals.

4. TestDome

Launched in 2013, TestDome provides its users with cloud-based technical skill evaluation solutions for companies and businesses. Like HackerRank, this platform can screen candidates and help with the whole recruitment process.

This pre-employment testing platform uses evidence-based employment recruitment to improve the hiring process. Hiring managers can use templated assessments that cover everything from general knowledge to coding.

Some of the interesting features of TestDome include comprehensive reports, batch invitations, multi-user accounts, anti-cheating, and grading. However, that’s not all because the platform also offers API access so companies can integrate with other applicant tracking systems such as SmartRecruiters.

With that said, the one place TestDome falls short compared to HackerRank and many others, is that even though its assessment tests are generally short and sweet, they often lack thoroughness and are more like useful initial filters.

There’s a free trial option if you want to see what it’s like before you pay for services and there’s a free version as well if you’re content using a considerably limited account.

5. DevSkiller

Founded in 2013, DevSkiller, like HackerRank, is a candidate assessment platform that allows businesses and companies to make the recruitment process for talent easier.

This technical assessment program tests candidates’ knowledge and expertise of certain libraries and frameworks used by the company and their coding skills.

DevSkiller is designed for technical leaders and talent management teams and its tools allow hiring managers to easily identify their needs, create personalized tests, and pick preset exams that mirror the working environment of the company.

Applicants can finish the examinations on the platform itself, or by downloading the guidelines and completing them offline. Hiring managers can then view and grade these tests and decide which applicants will proceed to the recruitment process’ next stage.

Most features include advanced reporting, coding challenges, employee assessment, and talent management. This is the perfect platform for monitoring employee performance and boosting their morale while still being able to get information for technical skill management decisions.

However, one of the main differences between this platform and HackerRank, a difference which most would consider a drawback, is that it doesn’t have a very sleek and intuitive user interface.

6. LeetCode

This platform might just be one of the closest alternatives you will get to HackerRank, and it contains more than 1,500 technical assessment questions. With more than one million active users, it is also a famous destination for coders and programmers who want FAANG-level jobs.

The platform provides users access to 14 programming languages with coding environments that are feature-rich. Inside these coding playgrounds, users can run, write, test, and debug their code.

Some of the more interesting features and tools on the site include a wide array of questions and answers, company-specific questions, and debuggers that allow you to set breakpoints, unlimited coding playgrounds, and interview simulations.

If you want to just get access to some of the platform’s common questions, then the basic membership should do just fine for you. But, if you’ve got your heart set on landing a FAANG job, you may want to invest in the Premium subscription.

7. AlgoExpert.io

One of the most enjoyable alternatives to HackerRank for software developers who want to get FAANG jobs is AlgoExpert. However, unlike HackerRank, this platform doesn’t have user-submitted answers or leaderboards.

Instead, the platform gives you algorithmic coding challenges while at the same time learning about things like Big O notation. Half immersive coding playground, half learning platform, this program was made by a software engineer who used to work for Google and Facebook.

Users get the added flexibility of interactive IDEs and in-depth video explanations.

The coding surroundings provide four windows that serve as the user’s algorithm command center. The user will read and understand the coding question, run their solution, and the work they submit will need to pass the platform’s tests.

With over 150 questions, this platform offers you quality over quantity. The questions it provides fall into several different categories including heaps, dynamic programming, recursion, strings, famous algorithms, linked lists, sorting, graphs, arrays, binary search trees, searching, and stacks.

Clément Mihailescu, the company’s co-founder, also produced the solution videos. Additionally, you can also find solution files in nine different programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Swift, TypeScript, Kotlin, etc.

AlgoExpert is always releasing new features and updates. Some of the new additional sections include Coding Interview Assessment and Behavioural Interview Prep.

8. CodeWars

With CodeWars, the fun starts the moment you sign up. You can’t register an account until you solve the platform’s coding challenge in a programming language of your choice.

However, don’t fret too much. If you can’t answer the question, it’s so trivial that all you’ll need is a simple Google search to solve it. CodeWars is filled with features and tools for challenge-hungry software developers in search of great alternatives to HackerRank.

CodeWars has everything its HackerRank competitor does. Just like HackerRank, users have access to a wide variety of coding challenges, get rankings, and so much more.

This platform is most likely the most language-diverse here, and it lets you select from the popular Java, JavaScript, and Python to the more obscure options like PureScript and Idris.

9. Grokking the Coding Interview

If what you mainly want to do is pass FAANG software engineering tests, then this great alternative to HackerRank is what you should strongly be considering. A team of senior engineers and hiring managers who once worked for the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Lyft, and Google created this course.

Combined, these professionals have interviewed more than 300 software developers and engineers, and this program is a direct result of all the real-world experiences they’ve had. And, unlike HackerRank, this platform does not pit users against each other or show peer-based options.

Instead, the platform teaches users how to identify certain patterns to help them successfully solve all the coding problems they encounter during the interview.

Furthermore, instead of diving into hundreds of specific implementations and problems, Grokking the Coding Interview teaches 16 coding patterns that you can use to answer various coding questions.

After you’ve learned all the patterns, the platform will challenge you to solve different coding problems inside the course. Interactive and visual elements include 220 illustrations, 125 challenges, 1,000 code playgrounds, and 184 lessons.

Some of the patterns a user will learn include Graph (Topological Sort), Sliding Window, Subsets, Two Pointers, Merge Intervals, Tree Breadth First Search, Two Heaps, and Top ‘K’ Elements. And if you find you can’t solve the challenge, go to the solution snippet and get the correct answer.

All the coding playgrounds provide you with the option of either Python 3, C++, Java, or Javascript. You can also pay for an annual subscription, which will give you access to a wide course catalog of Educative.io.

10. CodeChef

CodeChef has coding challenges as well as coding contests. A winner can earn more than $600 per challenge.

It’s an alternative definitely worth exploring. There are several different coding and programming problems, a user submission area where one can see other peoples’ solutions, and several different coding languages ranging from Perl6 (Raku) to JavaScript and PHP to Fortran.

Additionally, out of all the great alternatives on this list, CodeChef might just be the most international-friendly of them all. For instance, users can read all the issue statements in Vietnamese, Bengali, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, and Hindi.

11. Coderbyte

Coderbyte provides you with free-of-charge company-specific interview preparation courses. Some of the free courses in their catalog include Microsoft Interview Prep, Facebook Interview Prep, and Google Interview Prep.

All these different courses have coding questions they will ask during the interview. Like HackerRank, and many of its other alternatives, you can submit your answers in your comments sections.

Furthermore, the free version has several different coding challenges. However, you will need to upgrade to the paid versions if you want to access all the more than 300 coding questions and solutions.

Lastly, it also has courses in coding and programming languages such as Ruby and Python. If you don’t want to use the free version, you can choose between one of the paid subscriptions.

12. CheckiO

CheckiO might just be the most whimsical alternative there is, and it focuses on only two languages – TypeScript and Python. Once on the site, you will be plunged into a gamer’s heaven that has coding your way off islands and robot Molluscs.

However, once you agree to take on the coding challenges, you’ll be guided into a very serious coding playground. The platform has points and badges, similar to what you’d find on HackerRank.

With that said, one of the best things about this platform is the hints it provides to users to help them solve coding problems without necessarily giving them access to the correct answer. This is one thing that sets it apart from a lot of the other coding platforms out there.

This helps engage users more and lets them get closer to the solution without directly revealing the correct answer or needing the assistance of a more experienced engineer or developer.

Another great thing about CheckiO is that it’s very easy to understand. The way the platform frames its questions is simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, though, sometimes questions will be presented in an obfuscated and complicated manner that doesn’t do anything to help the end user.

13. Rankk

Rankk has this mid-90s feel to it, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out. Unlike HackerRank, this platform is both a journey and a challenge.

On this site, you will be solving puzzles, so be prepared to use all your programming and logic skills, and Javascript knowledge and expertise will be especially helpful.

Examples of challenges include writing programs to crack passwords and writing programs that scrape images and process them (the image processing part needs to identify discrepancies in the images and produce results in less than 500 milliseconds).

Challenges are organized from easy to hard. Additionally, they are based on topics and titles ranging from mathematics to programming, hacking to cryptology, as well as stenography.

The app is free to use so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy all it has to offer.

14. CodeAbbey

Unlike HackerRank, CodeAbbey’s design is not modern-day, but behind that old-school exterior, there’s a platform with a lot of respectable coding tests. In addition to that, you will also get rankings and leaderboards, as well as explanation videos to some of the platform’s more than 200 questions.

The programming languages on CodeAbbey are diverse and range from PHP and JavaScript to Lua. Additionally, this platform also has active forums for all abilities. You can get problem translations in several different languages including Spanish, Arabic, and French.

This application, like HackerRank, is designed to offer short programming and coding problems for those looking to test one’s coding and programming skills. And to add a little fun and interest to the whole process, the platform encourages friendly competitions, offering rankings and leaderboards for its users.

Furthermore, besides offering simple problems based on programming and coding basics themselves, it also collects problems that show you how to use programming in music, electronics, physics, math, etc.

15. TestGorilla

This online platform similar to HackerRank is designed to help human resources departments select and train candidates to be hired in different roles.

TestGorilla is meant to facilitate and encourage the creation of coding and programming assessments and tests useful for verifying the skillsets of candidates.

The choices available are vast and one can find the tests and assessments that best suit their business. All you need to do is visit the platform’s library which has more than 115 validated tests and assessments.

In addition to evaluating a candidate’s specific skills, like those of coding, programming, or digital marketing, the platform also considers general skills and that’s why it conducts real personality tests as well.

The screening tests help make it possible to simplify and speed up the whole recruitment process, making the entire procedure free of prejudices.

Lastly, another great feature of this application is its ability to automate the entire recruitment process. It will be possible to avoid wasting time and abandon stress by simplifying and speeding up the choice of potential candidates you onboard.


Yes, HackerRank has more than seven million active users, however, this can be a curse just as much as it can be a blessing. More users will often lead to more subpar answers to the questions.

Additionally, it can also mean getting data that’s not applicable to your programming and coding journey and more distractions. Some of the best HackerRank alternatives will offer you equally, or even better, overall experiences.

However, the best alternative out of all of them is no doubt CodinGame. One of the main reasons for this is that it’s incredibly easy to evaluate programming and coding skill sets on this platform.

So if you’re looking for the closest thing you can get to HackerRank, then CodinGame is it. Hopefully, now you can finally try something other than HackerRank.

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