Inventory Lab vs Jungle Scout – Which Is Better?

There are many software tools available to help Amazon sellers find better products and manage their inventory. Today, we’ll take a look at and compare two such products: Jungle Scout and InventoryLab.

Which one you will use depends on your needs, though it is possible to use both of them together.

Jungle Scout Overview

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that allows users to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. The tool also provides users with data-driven insights to help them make informed decisions about which products to sell.

Jungle Scout is a valuable resource for Amazon sellers, as it can help them find profitable products and avoid products that are likely to be unprofitable.

Jungle Scout consists of several useful tools and features including product database, keywords scout, sales analytics, supplier database, opportunity finder, product database, inventory manager, etc.

Jungle Scout extension is easy to use; type in a product name, and Jungle Scout will load all the information you need to make an informed decision about the product.

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Jungle Scout Sales Analytics provides you with data on sales, ranking, and revenue for selected products. Additionally, Jungle Scout offers guides for beginners to help them build their brands, get reviews, and make sales.

Jungle Scout is an online application that is designed to help you research and find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

There is also a Jungle Scout Chrome extension that you can use to find data about specific products.


Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension can be used on any Amazon page to find data about certain products.

If you are looking at a product on and wondering whether it would be worth selling, just launch the extension and you’ll get all the information you need.

For example, you will get access to information about the product’s average daily sales volume, average price, average number of reviews, and more.

You will also get a special “Opportunity Score” indicating how profitable this product will be, which is based on the product’s popularity and the amount of competition.

You will also get a list of which sellers are selling this product on Amazon and which brands are being sold, alongside detailed information about each individual listing.

You can also get information about the historical sales data of each listing or its Google search volume over time.

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension has the following product data and features:

  • Daily and monthly sales
  • Monthly revenue
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Rating and review tracking
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Web app integration
  • Sales profit calculator
  • Product weight and dimension data
  • FBA fee calculator
  • Historical data for prices, sales, and rank
  • Opportunity score

The Jungle Scout Web App

While the Jungle Scout Chrome extension will give you information about products that you are currently viewing on Amazon’s site, the web app actually helps you find the good products in the first place.

The web app has four key features that we will go through:

  1. Product Database
  2. Product Tracker
  3. Opportunity Finder
  4. Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Product Database

The Product Database is a large catalog of Amazon products. The benefit of using Jungle Scout’s Product Database over simply doing a manual search on is that with Jungle Scout, you have access to advanced filtering options that were designed to help sellers find the very best products available.

To use the Product Database, use the filters to narrow down products so that you find the ones that fit your needs. Here are just some of the filters available:

  • Category (examples: home improvement, jewelry, sports and outdoors, appliances, and so on)
  • Min and max price range
  • Min and max sales volume
  • Weight
  • Number of sellers
  • And much more
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Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

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After clicking the search button, you will be presented with a list of products that fit your filters.

You will also get data on each product, such as price, rating, etc. You can then add products to the Product Tracker tool or view them on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker Tool

Adding products to the Product Tracker tools allows you to continually get updated data on any product.

You’ll automatically be able to compare different products and their average price, sales, inventory quantity, and so on.

In addition, you will be able to access historical data to see how products fared over time.

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder Tool

If you are looking for profitable niches to invest in, you can use Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder tool to find them.

Like the Product Database tool, you can filter niches based on different metrics, such as competition size and average demand.

You’ll get access to many different niches and sub-niches that fit your filters, as well as important data about each niche.

For example, you’ll see estimated sales data for the top products in each niche or sub-niche.

Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout also has a reliable keyword tool called Keyword Scout. This keyword tool focuses on data from the Amazon search engine only.

You’ll get access to search volume data for both broad searches and exact match searches. You’ll also get a recommended PPC bid for advertising on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Customer Service & Resources

Jungle Scout does not have instant response handles, such as phone support and live chat features; hence all correspondence is by email support (, which is a slow means of correspondence.

Although you will get a fast response of sometimes less than 2 hours, that still cannot make up for the instant response offered by LiveChat and phone support.

Another means of quick issue resolution or inquiry is Jungle Scout’s FAQ page; the FAQ page is well organized into five categories which include Jungle Scout features, Extension, billing, and troubleshooting.

Unless you’re not able to get help using the FAQ resources, you will need to contact Jungle Scout support via their email handle.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout has three pricing plans, which include:

  • Basic – $49 per month when billed monthly, or $29 when billed annually
  • Suite – $69 per month when billed monthly, or $49 when billed annually
  • Professional – $129 per month when billed monthly, or $84 when billed annually

On the other hand, Jungle Scout also offers advanced training packages for both new and experienced Amazon merchants.

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Get Upto 40% OFF on Jungle Scout

Get the most trusted tools for finding, launching, and selling Amazon products. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout simplifies it all.

Save More Today with up to 40% OFF!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


  • It has several tools to help with Amazon product research and listing
  • Unlike other Jungle Scout alternatives, Jungle Scout has superior Amazon data analysis features
  • Jungle Scout has a browser extension for retail research
  • It presents users with the most accurate data
  • Their customer support team is highly responsive
  • Loads of learning resources


  • It is expensive
  • Basic membership features are quite limited
  • The web extension requires a lot of permission

InventoryLab Overview

InventoryLab is an inventory management tool that is ideal for research, product listing, sales, expense tracking, profit analysis, and many more functionalities that make it easy to manage your FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) business.

InventoryLab is another tool that is popular with Amazon sellers. The Stratify web app is for desktop users, while the Scoutify app is for mobile devices.

The Stratify web app can list the available products and create shipments. You can also track your costs, view pricing history, print product labels, and perform other day-to-day operations.

With Stratify, you can perform product research, bookkeeping, automatic ROI calculations, detailed reporting, and inventory management, including monitoring stocks, sales value, and more.

The Scoutify part of InventoryLab consists of the mobile scanner, an important feature of InventoryLab not common with competitors.

By using the app’s barcode scanner, entering the product’s name, or cost per unit, you can view its profitability and other product information. This includes Product Name, Number of offers, ASIN, buy box, current ranking, Amazon category, and the total product count in the category.

In addition, Scoutify will give a thumbs up or down for a specific product, which gives you a detailed impression before your buy decision.


InventoryLab Research Tool

Although InventoryLab does have a research feature, it is not nearly as comprehensive as Jungle Scout. It does give you basic important data, however, such as a product’s available offers (including new, used, and FBA) and its profitability.

The main purpose of InventoryLab is exactly what its name suggests: help you manage your inventory. Following are some of the top features that are offered.

Listing Tool

With the listing tool, you can easily list products on Amazon. You can search for listings that will make a fit for your own products by entering an ISBN, UPC, or ASIN code. You can also scan a barcode by using the Scoutify app.

You can then enter details about your product, such as the available quantity and the price per unit. You can choose FBA as your channel and update shipping information.

The cool part about this is you can actually choose to print out your own barcode labels through the InventoryLab tool if you don’t want Amazon to do it for you.

Not only that, but you can use InventoryLab to print out shipping labels.

InventoryLab Accounting

The accounting tool included in InventoryLab makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their sales and revenue. You can see a list of your available inventory, along with product and pricing data.

You can also see your overall and historical FBA or merchant sales data, along with data about refunds, shipping costs, and other expenses.

InventoryLab Reports

The reporting tool is also very useful, as it allows you to track your profitability. You can see your total profits and losses over specific periods of time.

You can also get information on what the profitability of specific suppliers, categories, or SKUs were. This will help you get an idea of what is actually contributing towards your bottom line.

InventoryLab Customer Service & Resources

InventoryLab’s support handles include a support portal consisting of video tutorials, user guides, troubleshooting, and articles, thereby serving as a resource base for new and existing users.

The community forum is where you meet with other InventoryLab users and customer support members willing to give you instant support. You can also link up with other Amazon sellers, share useful ideas, etc.

InventoryLab’s LiveChat feature is pretty basic, offering limited support. The LiveChat bot displays results that best fit your inquiries. If you’re not satisfied, you can fill in the online ‘Get in touch form’ and expect answers within 24 hours.

InventoryLab Pricing

InventoryLab offers a free trial, no credit card required. After the trial, it costs $49 per month when billed monthly. Alternatively, you can sign up for the yearly plan at $40 per month.

InventoryLab Pros and Cons


  • It has a simplistic user interface that makes navigation easy
  • You can print labels with InventoryLab
  • You can develop live batches for shipment with InventoryLab
  • Free scanner app included in InventoryLab subscription package
  • It is a perfect tool for product research, listing, and inventory.


  • Accounting formats and reports can be confusing sometimes
  • InventoryLab does not have a forums for users

InventoryLab vs Jungle Scout: Similarities And Differences


  • Both InventoryLab and Jungle Scout are third-party inventory and research management tools for Amazon dropshippers
  • Both tools have rich features that let users carry out product research and selection, analysis, listing, bookkeeping, and other common features
  • They both have simple user interfaces that are easy to navigate
  • With either InventoryLab or Jungle Scout, you are provided with good customer support service
  • They both have price auto-update features


  • Jungle Scout has a browser extension, while InventoryLab does not have any web browser extension.
  • Jungle Scout does not have a barcode scanner included in its subscription, while InventoryLab has a barcode app included in its subscription packages.
  • Jungle Scout has a user forum where users can get answers and share ideas, while InventoryLab does not have a user forum.

Conclusion – Jungle Scout vs InventoryLab

Jungle Scout and InventoryLab do exactly the same thing. If you are looking for a good research tool to help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon, Jungle Scout is for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a tool to help you list and manage your Amazon products, InventoryLab would be a good choice.

Of course, you can use both – Jungle Scout for research purposes and InventoryLab for inventory management purposes.

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