– 15 Best Alternatives in 2024 is a website that generates random fake faces of people using AI who don’t actually exist. The site uses generative adversarial networks (GANs), a type of AI algorithm, to create realistic-looking faces.

There are similar platforms to ThisPersonDoesNotExist that offer better features. ArtBreeder, DeepArt, Rosebud AI to name a few. The best alternative to ThisPersonDoesNotExist is Generated Photos API. A huge library of images along with a flexible pricing plan is what makes it stand out of the rest.

About and the need to explore alternatives

ThisPersonDoesNotExist is easy to use. You only need to press the refresh button and a new portrait will appear. It’s a true testament to the power of AI and machine learning. The AI face generator is powered by StyleGAN, a neural network from Nvidia developed in 2018.

The fun part is that it is not only human faces that can be generated, but also cats, dogs, and other animals.

That said, it has become a viral phenomenon, with many asking for alternatives to explore different versions of the same concept.

Moreover, the site is somewhat bland, so besides refreshing the page to see a new face, there is not much more that can be done.

Fortunately, as mentioned above, there are plenty of other websites that generate similar AI-generated images of fake & non-existent people. It can provide users with an interesting way to explore the potential of AI.

Here are 15 alternatives to that you can check out for yourself:

Best ThisPersonDoesNotExist Alternatives For AI-Generated Fake Faces

1. Generated Photos API

Generated Photos API is an alternative to This Person Does Not Exist that offers a comprehensive, comprehensive library of images generated from Generated Photos’ proprietary AI-based technology.

With millions of unique combinations of people, animals, and objects available, the API can be used in a variety of ways such as creating illustrations for stories or creating avatars or logos.

The API also offers a customizable human photo generator that can be used to generate realistic portraits with just a few clicks.

Additionally, Generated Photos API provides access to their extensive library of AI-generated faces that can be used for facial recognition purposes and other applications requiring unique facial images.

In addition to photos, the API allows users to create 3D assets such as 3D models and textures. Furthermore, this service offers a range of pricing options for different needs, making it an attractive option for those who are looking for high-quality images at an affordable price.

2. ArtBreeder

ArtBreeder is another alternative to ThisPersonDoesNotExist that makes use of generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create realistic images.

This service provides a web-based UI that allows users to explore a wide range of creative possibilities by blending and manipulating AI-generated photos.

With ArtBreeder, users can combine different facial features and objects to create custom avatars or logos as well as generate original artwork.

Additionally, the service also allows users to upload their own images and blend them with AI-generated ones.

ArtBreeder is free to use but also offers a premium plan that increases the resolution of generated images and provides access to additional features.

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3. DeepArt

DeepArt is an image generation platform based on neural networks that provides realistic, high-quality photos generated from a range of datasets.

The platform can be used to generate faces and objects with realistic textures, colors, and features.

Additionally, DeepArt also offers a portfolio builder feature where users can create collections of images that can then be shared with the community or used for business purposes such as creating promotional material.

The service is free to use but also offers a premium plan that provides access to additional features.

4. Rosebud AI

Rosebud AI is a powerful and convenient tool for generating AI-generated fake people. With Rosebud AI, you can quickly create photos of realistic humans with just a few clicks.

Plus, its online library is filled with a variety of user-generated images to choose from. The process is easy and fast – simply select an image from the library or upload your own to generate a realistic-looking person.

Rosebud AI also provides an impressive set of features, such as customizable hair and skin tones, clothing styles, and facial expressions.

With its diverse range of options, you can customize your AI-generated people to fit any project or website’s needs.

Additionally, Rosebud AI offers a wide array of editing tools and tutorials to help you create the perfect photo.

With its easy-to-use interface and advanced AI technology, Rosebud AI is a great alternative for those looking for realistic images without the hassle of traditional image development.

5. Night Cafe Face Generator

Night Cafe Face Generator is a great alternative to This Person Does Not Exist. It offers a variety of realistic faces, along with the ability to customize features like skin tone, hairstyle, and more.

This face generator also allows users to toggle between genders and create an infinite number of human-like faces with just one click.

This tool lets you quickly generate real-life faces with a wide range of different features.

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6. AI Portrait Generator

Another great alternative to This Person Does Not Exist is AI Portrait Generator. This tool uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic human portraits in just seconds.

With its simple user interface, users can customize the faces they generate by selecting from a variety of hairstyles and skin tones.

AI Portrait Generator also offers a range of facial expressions, giving you the ability to create a wide array of human-like faces with just one click.

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7. FaceHub Live

FaceHub Live is a pretty recent addition to the world of AI-generated faces. It offers a wide selection of realistic, lifelike faces that can be used for various purposes such as social media avatars, business profiles, and even product design mockups.

In addition to that, FaceHub Live also offers many customization options allowing users to adjust facial features like eyes, nose, mouth, and skin color to create a more personalized look.

This makes it one of the best alternatives to ThisPersonDoesNotExist for those who want realistic faces that can also be customized.

8. Fotor

Fotor is a great option for anyone looking to create realistic images of people who don’t exist, and it can also be used to touch up existing photos.

With its simple drag-and-drop interface, users can apply effects, add borders and frames, adjust brightness and contrast levels, and rotate and resize images with just a few clicks.

Fotor also comes with a face-generator tool, which can help you create a realistic image of someone who doesn’t exist. Fotor is free to use and available on both desktop and mobile devices.

This This Person Does Not Exist alternative makes it easy to quickly create unique images of people who don’t exist, and the results are quite convincing.

The AI-powered technology can generate realistic images in a few seconds, and you can tweak them further with Fotor’s tools. It is an excellent option for those looking to make their own original artwork.

9. UI Faces

Talk about an online platform that is great for finding people’s faces for your projects or content! UI Faces has a wide range of choices and tools to choose from.

The website also offers an API that you can use to easily add new faces to your project without having to manually search the site.

With more than 12,000 users on the platform, UI Faces offers a wide range of faces for any project. Plus, you can also sort the results by gender, age, and ethnicity, which is ideal for users who are uncomfortable with the fact that the This Person Does Not Exist site hardly presents a black person.

UI Faces make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in a face. It’s easy to navigate and use.

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10. Marketing Tool

The Marketing Tool random face generator offers a variety of faces for different use cases. It can generate profiles for your website, ads, and social media campaigns.

The generated photos are all unique and you can adjust the gender, age, and ethnicity ratio to match your target audience.

It also features AI-driven software that allows you to customize facial expressions such as eye shape, mouth movement, and facial width.

This will allow you to better target your audience with the right visuals that fit their preferences. With Marketing Tool, you can create realistic and diverse faces without having to resort to stock photos or creating custom images from scratch.

11. BoredHumans

BoredHumans is an AI-generated image platform that provides a variety of different images. It has a vast library of more than six million unique faces that are all created by artificial intelligence and have no human counterparts.

The photos are diverse and realistic, ideal for any creative project. In addition to this, the user can filter faces according to age, gender, ethnicity, and expression.

This makes it easy to find the perfect image for any purpose. With BoredHumans, you can create a realistic digital world populated by AI-generated people without relying on real ones.

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12. Meragor

Meragor is a great option for anyone looking for an AI-generated face that is high in quality and realistic.

It offers numerous benefits, including the ability to generate a wide variety of faces with diverse ethnicities, genders, and ages.

Additionally, Meragor’s AI-generated images are free to use in commercial applications and can even be used to populate digital marketing campaigns.

Meragor also offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to adjust the lighting, contrast, and color of their images for added realism.

For those who are looking for a sophisticated AI-generated face that looks incredibly realistic, Meragor is an excellent choice.

13. Adityar Random Face Generator

It is great to see Git repositories sharing their information and collaborating with each other, which is why we love the Adityar Random Face Generator.

This open-source software allows users to generate random realistic faces with just a few clicks.

The generator leverages machine learning models to create photorealistic images in seconds while providing control over facial features such as age, gender, skin color, and more.

It can also be used to generate avatars for online use or create facial animations for game development, making it a great tool for digital artists.

Best of all, Adityar is free and easy to use!

14. VanceAI

VanceAI offers a wide range of AI-based photo editing tools perfect for creating unique and realistic faces.

Using the VanceAI Face Generator, you can create human-like face images in no time without any hassle.

VanceAI also offers an array of manual tools to help you fine-tune the generated image from basic makeup adjustments to skin smoothening or other sophisticated effects.

VanceAI’s Auto Face Relighting tool further allows you to tweak the shadows and highlights of your generated images for a more realistic look.

The platform also offers facial recognition algorithms that can detect human faces in photos and videos.

You can even pick up certain features such as age, gender, or emotion from the detected face and use them to generate a realistic human face image.

VanceAI is perfect for generating realistic images that can be used in magazines, advertisements, or any other commercial applications. It can also be used by game developers to generate game characters and models.

On top of all this, VanceAI offers easy-to-use editing tools to help you create life-like generated images with ease. So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable tool to generate realistic human faces, look no further than VanceAI.

15. Prototypr

Prototypr is an AI-driven platform for prototyping and creating products.

It allows users to easily create interactive prototypes of their ideas quickly, without writing code or needing expensive tools.

Prototypr uses AI to generate realistic images from user inputs like sketches and video references, allowing designers to move quickly into the design process without spending time on modeling and data processing.

The platform also provides powerful tools for collaboration, versioning, and sharing of prototypes.

Prototypr is a great tool for designers who want to quickly create prototypes and test their ideas with their clients or colleagues. It can help them accelerate product development cycles and make sure they are building the right product.

Unlike This Person Does Not Exist, Prototypr also focuses on product development, not only generating realistic images.

It is perfect for designers who want to prototype and test ideas quickly without the need to write code or use expensive tools.

The AI-driven platform gives users a fast and affordable way to create interactive prototypes of their ideas with its powerful collaboration tools, versioning, and sharing capabilities.

Reasons why you Should use a Tool like ThisPersonDoesNotExist

AI Fake Face Generators like This ThisPersonDoesNotExist are becoming increasingly popular for creating realistic images of faces and people. These tools offer a range of benefits, including:

1. Faster Results – AI Face Generators usually generate results faster than traditional methods such as photoshopping or drawing by hand. This makes them ideal for situations where you need a high-quality image quickly.

2. Cost Savings – AI Face Generators are often cheaper than getting professional photoshoots or hiring an artist to draw a portrait. This makes them especially appealing for businesses or individuals on a budget who need realistic images of people in their projects.

3. Customization Options – You can customize an AI Face Generator to generate images with a specific age, gender, facial expression, and more. This allows you to get the exact image you’re looking for without having to compromise on quality or accuracy.

4. Accessibility – Unlike professional photoshoots or hiring an artist, AI Face Generators are accessible to anyone with internet access. This makes them a great tool for anyone who needs realistic images of people without having to go through the hassle or expense of getting professional-grade images.

5. Ethical – AI Face Generators are not only cost-effective and convenient, but they are also ethical. With these tools, you don’t have to worry about exploiting or exploiting anyone’s image. Over the years, legal issues have arisen over the use of real people’s images without permission, so AI Face Generators are a great way to avoid this.

6. Variety – AI Face Generators have a wide variety of different faces to choose from. This makes it easier to get the right image for your project without having to worry about finding the perfect person or photoshoot.

7. Safety – AI Face Generators don’t require you to be in physical contact with anyone, which makes them a much safer option than hiring real people for photoshoots.

ThisPersonDoesNotExist Alternatives – Final Words

As much as ThisPersonDoesNotExist has offered us a unique and impressive way to generate realistic human faces, there are many other fake face AI-generated alternatives that can offer similar results.

From online generators of humans and animals with the help of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to 3D character creators from the gaming industry, there is no shortage of tools that can help us create realistic images.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best ThisPersonDoesNotExist alternatives for you to explore and take advantage of.

Whether you use them for character design or as a source of inspiration, these tools are sure to give you some unique results. So go ahead and see what you can make with them.

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