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Quizizz Hack, Cheats, Answers 2023

If you’ve been using Quizizz, you’ll understand that it is almost impossible to get all the answers correctly.

Like with every quiz, this requires getting as many points as possible to rank high on the leadership board, and this can be nerve-wracking for many students.

Thankfully, there are hacks and cheats available to help you get the correct answers to your Quizizz questions and rank on the board.

In this article, we will discuss the different methods and steps involved before being able to easily get the correct Quizizz answers. We will talk about Quizizz hacks, cheats, and answers.

However, before delving into the main topic, it is first important to understand what Quizizz is all about.

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What Is Quizizz and How Does it Work?

Quizizz is a popular online learning platform that incorporates multiple tools and features to transform the traditional learning process.

It uses a gamification method that is almost like a question-and-answer page which allows teachers and students to create fun and engaging quizzes and collaborate on tasks together.

Quizizz works by allowing teachers to create new quizzes or choose from a large database of premade quizzes on any subject. The process starts with requiring the teacher to sign in using the school email, Gmail, or Microsoft account.

Once signed in, the teacher can then choose from several premade quizzes or create an entirely unique one. Quizizz lets for the addition of media files like images, gifs, stickers, and even memes for more engagement.

Once the quiz has been selected along with its deadline or timing, an access code is then set for students who simply need to join to start answering the questions.

The results are eventually put up for review and used to create a spreadsheet gauging students’ performance.

Overall, Quizizz is a friendly and efficient way of educating students while ensuring they stay actively involved in the process.

How to Get Answers On Quizizz?

Unless you’re a genius, answering all the questions on Quizizz is quite difficult.

However, you don’t have to worry about low scores as there are hacks and cheats you can always use to your advantage.

There are two main ways you can get the correct answers to your Quizizz questions and they will be discussed below.

Method 1 – Using GitHub

Although the most common option to get Quizizz cheats and answers is via third-party websites, GitHub is one of the fastest and most accurate methods to get the answer to your questions.

Before using GitHub for Quizizz cheats, you either have to create a new GitHub account or sign in to an existing account. Once that is done, type in ‘Quizizz answers hack’ and you’ll get a guide on how it works.

The GitHub hack basically involves using scripts to get Quizizz answers and there are three main ways this can be done

  1. Via Quizizz API
  2. Responding as another user
  3. Via Tampermonkey

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Step #1 – Via Quizizz API

To get the correct Quizizz answers using the GitHub hack, you first need to join an ongoing Quizizz page using the link https://quizizz.com/join on a web browser, preferably Google Chrome.

Once you start the quiz, right-click on any part of the screen and a drop-down menu will appear.

Click on INSPECT and then double-click on the CONSOLE option which will take you to the console tab.

When you’re there, you’ll find a box requiring you to paste a code in which you’ll have to paste the following GitHub script and click on ENTER:

Once that’s done, close the console tab and you’ll notice the code will be encrypted in the Quizizz website and automatically generate the correct answers.

These answers are then made visible to the user and are usually highlighted by the background’s opacity.

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Step #2 – Responding As Someone Else

This is another GitHub hack you can use as a cheat to get the correct answers on Quizizz. It is far more encroaching than the first step as it requires you to use another user’s identity.

To use this step, you have to join a quiz on the Quizizz website. Once you join, right-click on your screen and tap on INSPECT. You’ll find the console icon which you should click on.

On the console tab, you’ll find a box that requires pasting a script. Paste the following script into the provided box and click on ENTER:

Immediately, you’ll get a notification asking you to input the user ID of any other player. Once done, the script will be encrypted with the Quizizz site, and even when the user types in the correct answer, it will appear wrong.

As a response, Quizizz will send in the correct answer which will be visible to you.

That way, you can easily win high points and rank on the leadership board although this is to the detriment of the other user.

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Step #3 – Via Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is a tool mainly used to run small computer programs (also known as user scripts) capable of causing alterations to the content and functions of a website. Using Tampermonkey to get Quizizz cheats is quite technical, as you basically have to be a computer nerd.

To do this, simply download and install the Tampermonkey browser extension. After doing this, generate a new user script for Quizizz and then merge it with the following script: scripts/tampermonkey-alternative-method.js.

Once that’s been done successfully, the script will load automatically anytime you start your Quizizz test.

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Method 2 – Using Third-Party Websites

If using any of the GitHub hacks proves too tedious for you, then you can make use of third-party websites that work by simply pasting codes.

Although you may not get all the correct answers, these websites are fast and don’t require any script. Some of the most popular third-party websites to get Quizizz answers include:

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1. Cheat Network

Cheat Network is easily one of the most popular sites students visit to get cheats and win quizzes on Quizizz. It is a lightweight tool that is quite fast with a brilliant design and an intuitive user interface.

One thing to like about Cheat Network is that it is fast and doesn’t just work for Quizizz but other learning platforms like Kahoot, Wordwall, Gimkit, Edpuzzle, Quizlet, and a host of others.

Aside from finding the correct Quizizz answers, Cheat Network lets you interrupt other users’ screens, autoplay the game, unlock different cheats, end games, and even include powerups.

To use this website, you first have to join a quiz on the Quizizz website.

  1. Then, copy the Quiz’s link or PIN and then open Cheat Network on another tab.
  2. Once it has been opened, paste the link or PIN in the box provided for that.
  3. And click on ‘Get Answer’.

Immediately, the correct answers to the Quizizz questions will be displayed on your screen.

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2. School Cheats

School Cheats is another third-party website that ranks high for producing cheats to Quizizz questions. Described by its creators as a revolutionary platform, the platform has a very simple and user-friendly interface that’s very easy to use in just seconds.

It doesn’t just work for Quizizz but other online learning platforms like Classkick, Edpuzzle, Blooket, Quizlet, and even Kahoot.

School Cheats mainly uses Discord as its authorization platform which requires users to have an account before they can use the website.

There are two ways to use School Cheats to generate the correct answers to Quizizz questions. Using this third-party website to hack Quizizz and get answers is very easy and only involves very few steps which are as follows:

  1. You can use School Cheats by itself by simply opening Quizizz on a browser and joining a quiz.
  2. Open School Cheats on another tab and tap on ‘Get Quizizz Code’.
  3. Once the code appears on the Quizizz page, copy it and then paste it into the provided box on School Cheats and click on the ‘Get Answers’ button.

Immediately all of the answers to Quizizz questions will appear on your screen.

You can also use School Cheats alongside another tool known as EduNinja which works the same way as School Cheats, although you may need to sign in to your Discord account for authorization.

  1. Once logged in, you simply need to select the hack you want on the dashboard which in this case is Quizizz.
  2. Paste the code generated and then click on the box provided and click on ‘Get answer’.

Immediately, the answers would appear although they may not be in the order the questions are arranged on Quizizz.

To streamline your search, simply type a keyword from the question Quizizz and paste it on EduNinja or school cheats and you’ll automatically find the question and its corresponding answer.

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3. Quizit

Another versatile third-party platform that lets you hack the quizzes on Quizizz and get the correct answers seamlessly is Quizit. It features useful services like letting you view Quizizz answers, view other users’ responses, end other users’ games, and even earn power-ups to unlock more cheats.

Just like most of the other third-party websites discussed, Quizit also works for Kahoot, Brainly, Quizlet, and Testportal.

Using this tool is very simple and fast, especially as the interface is user-friendly.

  1. Simply join a quiz on Quizizz on one tab and copy the quiz code.
  2. After doing that, open another Quizit website on another tab and paste the quiz code in the provided box and click on ‘Get Answer.’

Once that is done, you’ll immediately get the Quizizz answers for each question and just like that, you can simply win and earn points to rank.

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4. Netlify

Netlify is relatively unknown but this is another great website for hacking Quizizz and getting the answers you need. I especially like this site because it works for Chrome, Safari, and Edge whether used on a mobile phone or desktop.

Netlify also works for Firefox although it only works for PC. It supports Quizizz questions with images and can even provide a bit of support for mathematical questions or equations.

The best part is that it is quite fast, compared to some sites that are not so responsive. However, using Netlify can be quite technical and is almost similar to using GitHub. Here’s a breakdown of how to generate Quizizz cheat answers with the platform:

  1. To start the hacking process, you have to first join a Quizizz room and start a quiz. Immediately after the quiz starts, right-click on the screen and tap on ‘Inspect’ or simply press the Ctrl + Shift + I command on your PC.
  2. A drop-down menu will display an array of options which you’ll then click on ‘Network’ and this will lead to a new tab where you’ll notice a filter search bar.
  3. Type ‘gamesummary’ in the search bar and a file will immediately appear.
  4. Right-click on the file icon and the link address will be revealed which you’ll have to copy.

The link address will contain your quiz pin or code at the end of the address. You simply need to copy this code and paste it on Quizit’s main website and then click ENTER.

Once done, all the answers to your Quizizz questions will appear on your screen although they would likely not appear as it was originally arranged on Quizizz.

However, just like with School Cheats, you can streamline your search by following the exact steps by pasting key terms into the box and getting the correct answer.

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Final Words

With these cheats, you no longer have to worry about having low scores after every quiz session.

Although we recommend trying to answer your questions yourself, these methods make the process less challenging and more fun.

These are some of the easiest ways to get the answers to your Quizizz quizzes. What’s more, all of these come for free.

Each method makes hacking easier and gets you on the leaderboard in no time!