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Wonderful Logo Sketches To Get You Inspired

Most logo designers begin with hand-drawn sketches. As many have said, no program comes close to the freedom of paper and pen.

A piece of paper and pen allows the designer to create tons of logo ideas that may have the same look but with different tweaks.

The Advantage of Sketching Logos

The various tools and technologies today made the traditional sketching forgotten. But here are some of the reasons why going back to the basics will take your design process to the next level.

It lets you dig deeper

When you are given a task to design a logo, typically you will have a bunch of ideas coming in and out of your head.

Oftentimes, you will be applying it on your design right there and then but just to end up that your logo looks quite familiar or pretty obvious.

For instance, if you are supposed to create a logo for an orange juice company, the most obvious design is to include the actual orange fruit on the design.

Although, the picture has something to do with the brand, still the design looks common and dreary. When you use the traditional sketching process, you will be able to present a new, fresh look of this orange that will actually capture the attention of the viewer’s eye.

You can take your designing everywhere

Most of the creative individuals tend to draw their inspiration somewhere or something else.

They might go to rivers and parks, or to museums and more rural areas to find a sense of inspiration. Although laptops and iPads can easily be taken to most places, still sketchbook and pen is even more convenient.

Sketching gets you more creative

It is a fact that there is something really about holding a pencil in your hand that gets you a lot more creative than holding a mouse.

When you sketch, and you sketch more, you will be able to enhance your creativity and eventually you can easily separate the good one from the bad one.

Expand your abilities and develop a skill

Even professional designers hit a mental block, which happens due to various reasons. Sometimes, too much time is spent on looking into a monitor.

That is why sketching is a favorite thing for many because they find it than pushing and pulling a mouse on a desk.

Moreover, sketching wouldn’t take up too much of your time obsessing over tiny details that are not even necessary during the early stage of the design process. Sketching allows you to present ideas quickly with all the thinking in between.

Know why you’re designing

Sketching creates an emotional attachment to your design. You will have a solid understanding of every lines and curves that go into your design.

When you get in touch with your design, you will be able to explain and defend thoroughly your design and the other elements on it to your client.

Top 10 Stunning Logo Sketches for Your Inspiration

LogoPack by Mike | Creative Mints


PopChicken Gourmet Express | Identity by IndustriaHED Branding


AppleJack Logo by Artua


The Fitness Lab by Matt Vergotis


Mission Oaks Café Sketchin by Mike Jones


Chalet Monticello by Jackson Alves


Ink & Paper by Alexandre Godreau


Logo Design by Eddie Lobanovskiy


Logotypes by Mike | Creative Mints


Logo by Gülsah Alcın



In this fast-paced world, it is always a pleasure to go back with the traditional ways of doing things. Sketching makes designing fast and easy.

You can start with a dot, a line, a circle, or a square and let your mind imagine and your hand wander with it.