Life Coach Website Examples (Top 10 Picks Of 2023)

As an aspiring life coach, you need inspiration to help you put the right foot forward. You must develop authority to succeed in the profession.

One of the most important factors that can make a huge difference to your chances is how you showcase your skills, portfolio, and other credentials.

In other words, having a solid website helps you create a strong foothold in the market and position yourself as a true professional in your field. A well-designed website also determines your trustworthiness and credibility.

In this article, I will share my top pick on the best life coach websites. This will help you to get that much-needed inspiration to get started.

So let us get straight to it.

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Life Coach Website Examples

1. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a familiar name within the coaching industry. She is one of the first life coaches to take the internet by storm, and it’s no doubt that her exemplary website must have contributed to her popularity and credibility.

Some of the winning traits on this website include photos and videos. The videos and images are clean and crisp.

Suppose you want to achieve such multimedia content. In that case, you must intentionally go for a photo shoot, carefully select the color of clothes to wear, and select a simple background to match the theme of your website.

Remember, Marie, works with a spectacular team of developers. So if you are doing it alone, be careful with video sizes, as they may slow down your site.

Another thing that stands out with this website is easy navigation. You need nothing more than the blog, courses, podcast, and MarieTV.

The internet is full of distractions, and people are more interested in simple websites. If you fear that such a website could leave out some of your information, you can use the footer for additional details.

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2. Modern Renaissance Man

Another inspiring life coach website worth your time is Modern Renaissance Man. Its black, white, and gold color scheme creates a luxurious vibe worth looking at.

You’ll enjoy scrolling through this website thanks to the scrolling emojis that make the experience exciting.

Modern Renaissance Man is all about a man on a journey to his most profound truth. The site emphasizes the importance of the leaders of tomorrow looking after themselves “Today” and ensuring that men are seen and heard more.

The multimedia content is explicit and relatable, while its integration with social media ensures that users don’t miss a thing. Navigation is also easy; you’ll get what you want with fewer than seven tabs.

I like how Modern Renaissance Man has a dedicated page of people sharing their experiences. And if your coaching practice involves occasional events, you can borrow a tip from this website and include a dedicated page featuring past and upcoming events.

The site puts a lot of emphasis on daily prompts, inspiration, exclusive content, and early bird offers to exclusive events.

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3. Ama La Vida

Another outstanding life coaching website that focuses on providing a positive user experience is ALV (Ama La Vida). Its layout is straightforward, allowing users to find the coaching service they are looking for easily.

Ama La Vida’s main objective is to help individuals become their best versions. The best part about ALV is that it has partnered with life coaches on different levels to walk with clients from all walks of life.

The inclusion of the Blog section ensures that users are fed with essential information plus more resources to keep them in check. The site also offers updates through newsletter sign-ups that reflect its dedication and commitment to its clients’ progress.

ALV also features customer reviews and partners, a good measure of trust and credibility among potential clients. Navigating the ALV website is easy, thanks to its side organizers that classify their services into different categories.

ALV is an excellent benchmark for a user-friendly and well-designed website focusing on personalized coaching services.

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4. Liz Goodchild

If you are looking for a life coaching website inspiration that is laid back, then look at the Liz Goodchild website. The homepage features the coach, Liz, with a caption that describes her target audience.

The website has an easy-to-use interface with a clean design and color to get you hooked. The call to action is highlighted in yellow. Other useful tabs include articles, testimonials, what I do, and contact, which get what you want in a click.

In addition to reviews from former clients, Liz highlights partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, further emphasizing its credibility and trust. The article section acts as a blog to provide further detailed information and updates on Liz Goodchild’s services.

Overall, the Liz Goodchild website is straightforward and minimalist yet effectively showcases Liz’s expertise, her past work, and appeals to potential clients. No need for unnecessary scrolling down as you get all you need in just two slides.


5. Gabby Berstein

Gabrielle Berstein is a renowned life coach specializing in one-on-one coaching. She also offers online courses and sells memberships, books, and other digital resources.

While you’d expect a busy website since she does several things, her website is a perfect example of a site that offers easy navigation. On the homepage, you meet a bubbly and smiley face showing much interest in what could have brought you there.

Since life coaching involves disclosing a lot of private information, Gabby saw it fit to ask her website users to consent to the site’s privacy policy at their first encounter.

Gabby’s website proves you can practice life coaching and still offer digital products. The tone throughout the website is conversational, while her choice of words portrays her as someone who cares.

I was fascinated by how she presented her homepage, and I hope you will be, too. Your About page can be an excellent platform to highlight your experiences, skillsets, or personal stories. Gabby leverages the About Page to the fullest.

She introduces herself on the page and throws a word or two about her personal story and some items you can buy to get to know her better. Everything is well organized. From the products and call to action, I am positive you will love it.

The website header is not bombarded with numerous tabs and Gabby’s welcoming smile is a hint that you can get all you need by scrolling down.

While the website looks like it accommodates everything, Gabby dedicates a page to talk about her app that offers users a quicker and more personalized experience.

Gabby Coaching app is rich in personal growth resources, including weekly lessons, guided meditation, and guides to enhance all areas of life.


6. Nick Hatter

Like any profession, positioning yourself as an authoritative leader is essential for your overall success as a life coach. Nick Hatter understands how crucial the first impression is and has made good use of his website’s homepage.

On the website homepage, we meet the smiling Nick Hatter, and right next to him is an outline of who he is, what he has done, and what he will do.

Below his outstanding image in black and white, Nick highlights some of the renowned media outlets that his profile and work have featured.

Nick Hatter’s website is visually appealing. The stunning design, striking color scheme, and font style and size will surely have you hooked.

Nick had quality leads in mind when designing this website, as from top to bottom, you can quickly tell that you are on a journey toward the solution you have been looking for for years.

The tone on the website is conversational, with a call to action after every explainer.

The headers on the website help you navigate quickly, while the footer highlights the site’s integration with Nick’s top social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

To further convince clients, Nick talks about the top-tier clients he has worked with, including celebrities, actors, influencers, and ex-military, among other high performers.

Overall, Nich Hatter’s website is an excellent example of a life coach website focused on delivering clients high-quality experiences.

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7. Melissa Ambrosini

The Melissa Ambrosini website is proof that you can establish deeper connections with your clients through virtual interactions.

Melissa introduces herself on the home page with her photo and gif side by side, representing what she is good at – author, coach, and speaker.

As mentioned earlier, this website illustrates effective connections with customers through links to useful resources, books, and social media platforms. But what stands out with this website is the integration with Facebook Messenger for easy communication.

People are more likely to call than text, so the Facebook Messenger integration can help you have an instant connection with potential clients, hence increasing conversion rates.

Another advantage of integrating your life caching website with tools such as Facebook Messenger is that you can automate responses, so you don’t have to be online 24/7.

Melissa’s website is user-friendly with a color blend that easily gets you hooked. The choice of images is also brilliant, as Melissa’s smile is consistent throughout the website.

Melissa also leverages the power of prominent faces in the coaching industry in her videos section, where video thumbnails are images of household names, including Jay Shetty, Marie Forleo, Marryanne Williamson, and Anthony William, among others.

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8. Cortney McDermott

When you know what your potential clients are looking for in you, you will learn how to effectively promote yourself using the most outstanding credentials. Cortney has mastered this art with her beautiful and intuitive website.

Her lovely photo on the homepage with some of the renowned media that her profile has been featured in will make you curious to learn more about her.

How her image leads you to click the video play button is incredible! Watching the video on YouTube unleashes the other side of Cortney as an excellent and engaging speaker.

Navigating through the website is seamless, which is essential. The organizations below her hero image also solidify her expertise and increase clients’ chances to work with her.

Cortney understands how vital the ‘About’ page is to a website. She beautifully combines words, images, and videos to increase your time on the site as she draws your interest in her offerings.

Every essential aspect of her profession is represented by a photo or video on the About page, and she also allows potential clients to connect with her personal life, where she highlights her hobbies, favorite foods, and fitness.

The website’s footer is a beautiful highlight of connecting with Cortney through email, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


9. Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a great example of someone who has identified her niche and is going all out to capitalize on it.

On her homepage, Denise clearly states she is a money mindset mentor and author for a new wave of entrepreneurs. Navigating this website is straightforward.

Immediately after her image, you’ll meet a more extended version of Denise. I like that she puts herself in her client’s shoes and offers essential resources to help them improve their relationship with money, earn more, and create a first-class life.

She also leverages the power of the call to action after every explainer to improve the quality of leads and get more paying customers. Denise foregoes the traditional drop-down menu to a simple scroll-down and outstanding headers and footers.

Her tone and choice of words throughout the website keep clients engaged and increases the chances of signing up. For instance, instead of reviews/testimonials, Denise labels them as “customer wins.”

You could probably be looking for hits such as partners or as seen in the media. Instead, Denise labels sources that have quoted her work as “praise for Denise.”

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10. The Heart Centered Leadership Institute

Last on my list of the best life coach websites worth emulating is Dr. Nore Salman’s site, The Heart Centered Leadership Institute. His website has a clean interface and is very attractive.

The background color of a hand holding a compass is also appealing, signifying the power to change the direction of your life is within your reach.

Dr. Salman also ditched the traditional drop-down menu. The website has an intuitive interface, so scrolling down is easy. I also like her choice of images and graphics, with subtle colors that beautifully blend with the white background.

While the header has all the key sections you’d wish to visit on the site, you’ll agree that scrolling down is more interesting than clicking on each tab on the header.

Dr. Salman also makes navigating her blog easy by combining some of the best reads and making them easily accessible.

Dr. Salman is also one of the few life coaching websites with an FAQ section that clears up some misconceptions about life coaching. The site offers a link to apply for coaching in three simple steps.

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Final Words

Whether you are just starting with your career or wish to revamp your existing website, these examples are a great source of inspiration and guidance for creating a website that stands out effectively.

But more than just learning the concepts behind a website, you need to borrow some lessons from the brains behind these websites.

My top pick is Marie Forleo’s website. The photographic presentation of the icons she has rubbed shoulders with gives you the urge to scroll on. The website is simple and intuitive, and a great inspiration for those planning to create a life coach website.