Real Geeks Website Examples [8 Best Picks Of 2023]

Considering using Real Geeks for your real estate website? Real Geeks is a real estate marketing solution that provides a variety of services to realtors.

If you are thinking about using its website building services, you might be interested in seeing some examples of websites built with Real Geeks.

Seeing such examples will give you a better idea of the quality of the website building service and whether it’s worth it over WordPress, Wix, or any other website builder.

Today, I will be showing you 8 Real Geeks website examples that you can take inspiration from.

The short version: Real Geeks websites tend to be clean and easy to navigate, but they have certain similarities that you should aim to overcome through customization. Continue reading to see the website examples, along with screenshots!

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What Is Real Geeks?

First, though, I thought it’s important to better understand what Real Geeks is, the services it offers, and how it can help you build your business.

Real Geeks is a full-service real estate management solution. The company offers three main services to real estate agents in the United States who are looking to streamline their business, attract more clients, and get more sales.

Those services are:

  • Website building
  • CRM
  • Lead generation

Let’s discuss these various services before hopping into examples of websites built with Real Geeks.

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Website Builder

The main focus of this article is Real Geeks’ website building service. Using Real Geeks, you can build an IDX website.

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange, and an IDX website is one that real estate agents use to display properties from the MLS (Multiples Listing Services) database.

That allows them to reach buyers more easily, as buyers (and agents representing buyers) can browse these listings online at their leisure.

IDX websites by Real Geeks offer the following features:

  • Agent landing pages
  • Lead capture forms
  • Coming soon pages for upcoming listings
  • And more

IDX websites are updated every 15 minutes with data from the MLS database, so your potential buyers will always have access to the latest, most updated listings. The custom design editor makes it easy for agents to customize their websites, and there are a variety of widgets agents can add to their websites.

For example, the home valuation widget allows potential buyers to find out the prices of their homes by simply entering their addresses. This creates a lead for you to follow up on – even if the user doesn’t sign up, you will still get their address.

You can embed this widget in any page, but it is automatically embedded in market report pages, which are great for collecting leads.

Another widget is the search widget, which allows potential buyers to search for properties.

There are many templates to choose from when building your customizable site.

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Real Geeks offers a CRM that allows you to track your leads and manage the clients you are talking to. This is, perhaps, one of the most powerful tools in the real estate marketing industry, and together with your Real Geeks website, it gives you a powerful system for following up with clients.

The app gives you real-time insights into your leads and allows you to filter leads based on location, properties viewed, and more.

However, what really makes the CRM powerful is the email and SMS followup system. First of all, agents are notified via email and SMS when new leads are collected.

In addition, there is an email drip system that allows you to follow up with leads automatically, organized by lead source. The SMS followup system is perhaps even more powerful, as a lot of people don’t open promotional emails due to having clogged inboxes.

The CRM also includes a built-in Facebook ad creation and marketing tool to optimize your social media campaigns.

Using the CRM, you can schedule appointments and get reminders. You can also quickly view the status of your leads, broken down by their position in your pipeline, at the top of your dashboard.

Geeks AI is a new tool integrated into the CRM that allows you to respond to potential leads at any time of the day or night. That allows them to get personalized responses without any immediate input from you.

While Geeks AI runs on automation, it also tells you when to jump in and provide human assistance. The AI tool allows you to increase your productivity drastically.

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Lead Generation

Real Geeks offers a lead generation service called Real Leads. It includes Facebook and Google PPC management.

To attract targeted leads, Real Geeks will create a personalized campaign for your target area.

It also includes continuous optimization and integrates with other Real Geeks services.

Other Services

While those are the main services offered by Real Geeks, here are some other ones you might find useful:

  • Real Leads University is a series of short courses that show you how to optimize your lead generation campaigns and get more leads for your realtor business.
  • Brand Boost is a done-for-you advertising service in which Real Geeks will create customized ads for your company with your logo, branding, and more. It will run on ad networks like Google and Meta and retarget buyers from your database (or an in-market audience if you don’t have a database of leads to target).
  • There is a branded mobile app that you can set up for your clients. That allows them to search for properties from their phone, so they don’t try other solutions like Zillow when they want to search for properties on the go.

Real Geeks also integrates with various platforms, which allow you to manage leads collected from other sources. Check out the integrations here.


Real Geeks Website Examples [8 Best Picks]

Now that you have a better understanding of Real Geeks and what it is, let’s check out some examples of websites built using Real Geeks.

1. Chatman Realty Group

Chatman Realty Group serves the Greater Fort Worth area. As you can see on the homepage, it has many of the tools we already mentioned earlier in this article.

For example, there is a search bar smack in the middle of the front page, which allows people to search for properties they are interested in.

Users can enter an address or landmark to find nearby properties, along with information such as the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, square feet, and price.

Potential leads could then request more information about a listing or save it to their list of favorites.

There is also a property valuation tool on the homepage (courtesy of Real Geeks), market reports, a book call option, and more.

Scrolling down, users get the option to search by area or property type, including:

  • Three-car garage
  • Four-bedroom
  • Homes without an HOA
  • Homes with a swimming pool
  • And more

Further down, there is a map so that users can see where homes are for sale on a map.

Overall, the website has a modern look, is easy to navigate, and has nice visual effects when scrolling.


2. Kayla Campbell (Illustrated Properties)

Kayla Campbell is a real estate agent operating in Southeast Florida. She has chosen slightly different widgets for her homepage compared to the previous example.

There is a link to a property valuation tool, and there are also links for buyers and sellers who wish to sell their home. Under that, there is the search widget I talked about.

The search widget allows customers to select their county, city, price range, number of beds and baths, and property type. An advanced search option is also available.

Scrolling down, you will see the option to view properties by location and property type. There is also more information about the agent, including her affiliations and a short bio.

Overall, it’s a nice and simple website with plenty of white space, making it easy to navigate.

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3. Dallas Homes Realty

Dallas Homes Realty is another website built with Real Geeks and owned by Todd Tramonte, a real estate agent in Fort Worth. Like many other realtors using Real Geeks, he includes a link to a home valuation tool on the homepage.

Remember, the home valuation tool is a powerful lead generation tool. Anyone who is interested in selling their home, regardless of which step of the process they are at, would be interested in learning more about how much they can get from their home if they make a successful sale.

As you can see, Todd has also placed a property search widget on the homepage, which is very similar to the one featured on the previous site.

Users can search by location, property type, and more or select “Advanced Search” if they want to conduct a more thorough search.

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4. Marite Homes

The next Real Geeks website example on our list is Marite Homes, which operates in San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley out of California.

Like all the other ones we’ve seen so far, it includes a link to a home valuation tool on the homepage, but it also includes a link to a map search and market reports.

There is also a property search widget, similar to the ones in the previous examples I showed you. As you may have noticed by now, the property search widget is customizable – it comes in different styles, and you can have different options for property type filters.

Another widget on the homepage, which we have seen before, is the map search widget, which highlights available properties right on a map.

Marite Homes has a sleek and clean website, with a white background that makes it easy to scroll and navigate. The font is clear and easy to read, and the top and bottom menus have all the links a potential lead might be interested in.


5. Island Real Estate

Island Real Estate of Hilton Head is another good example. Unlike many of the other websites created with Real Geeks, Island Real estate chose not to put any links in the center of the homepage, but rather in the header menu at the top of the page.

That leaves the homepage with less clutter, featuring only the property search widget. However, that has a minimalist design as well, with fewer options than the ones featured in the above examples (an Advanced Search option is still available).

Another thing Island Real Estate does differently is it lists its latest listings in a news feed on the homepage. It also has a mortgage calculator widget that allows people to calculate their monthly mortgage payments by inputting the loan amount, interest rate, and number of years to pay off the mortgage.

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6. Brombacher and Co Properties

Brombacer and Co Properties, or Houston Neighborhoods, is a Houston-based real estate agency. The homepage features an animated splash page showing fancy real estate properties, while there is a property search widget that allows visitors to find their ideal real estate property for purchase.

Like many of the other sites we’ve seen, there is a home valuation tool, although I like the clean font and white background on Brombacher and Co Properties.

There is a slider at the bottom displaying testimonials from different customers. Overall, it’s an excellent example of the kind of clean website you can build with Real Geeks.

7. Coldwell Banker (Move Me 2 Boston) is another example of a Real Geeks website that I like. This website was actually created using Real Geeks by a web design company called Blue Dream Creative, as indicated at the bottom of the site.

There is an animated photograph on the homepage along with an embedded property search widget. Scrolling down, you will see options for a market report, home valuation tool, and more.

You can browse homes by community – I liked the map that allows users to explore different areas of Boston.

It is perfect for people who don’t know the different neighborhoods of Boston well – people who are living in other cities and considering relocating to Boston, which seems to be the target audience of the company (hence the name MoveMe2Boston).

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8. San Diego HomeSales

The final website we will be looking at is San Diego HomeSales. It has a beautiful homepage with a minimalist design, featuring a search bar in the middle that visitors can use, whether they want to find or sell a home.

I like how it placed certain widgets, such as the home valuation widget and the map search widget, in the right sidebar. That allows users to easily access them and increases engagement while avoiding clutter.

The website is clean and simple, but I felt like the homepage had too much text. It was obvious that the site creators were trying to target different keywords in the different subheadings on the homepage, such as “San Diego relocation services” and “San Diego short sales.”

The weather widget in the sidebar felt a bit unnecessary, but perhaps it serves to attract people who are thinking of relocating to San Diego. Promises of excellent weather (San Diego is known for its good climate) might spur them on to further check out the listings.

Key Takeaways: Real Geeks Website Reviews

Overall, Real Geeks offers excellent tools for real estate agents. The websites, though, are a bit cookie-cutter, in my opinion – as you may have noticed, there is a lot of similarity between the different examples I have shown.

While they offer a lot of customization and flexibility, a lot of the websites look kind of the same. I’m not saying that Real Geeks is bad, I am just saying that you might have a hard time standing out unless you customize your website a bit further.

As a real estate agent, you don’t want a cookie-cutter website that looks like every other real estate agent’s website in your area. You want to be different.

In the examples, you may have also noticed the Real Geeks logo in the footer of the page. Most visitors won’t notice that, and it may be possible to remove, so I wouldn’t say it’s a big deal.

Nevertheless, combined with the CRM and lead generation tools, Real Geeks offers a powerful solution that any realtor could benefit from. The text messaging, client management, and email marketing features can really transform your business.

I would say that the main reason to use Real Geeks is not for the websites themselves, which are just okay. Instead, the real offering of Real Geeks is what comes with the website: The CRM and marketing tools.

Another benefit, of course, is the AI tool, which will help streamline relationships and communication with clients.

The updated MLS listings (which are refreshed every 15 minutes, as I mentioned) is another benefit you wouldn’t get out of the box with a standard website builder like WordPress or Wix.


I hope these Real Geeks website examples give you a better idea of what your Real Geeks website might look like if you decide to use their services.

The websites tend to be clean and simple, but they also come with powerful marketing tools and a robust CRM.

These tools will reduce stress and help you be more productive in your real estate business. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount of clients you have and the workload you have to deal with, consider using Real Geeks to lessen the burden.